Do All White People Think The Same About Race?

  • Опубликовано: 10 фев 2019
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Комментарии • 59 513

  • Hanna Hussein - Erindale SS (2322)
    Hanna Hussein - Erindale SS (2322) 47 минут назад

    Amanda’s comments hurt my head 😭💀

  • Deus 04
    Deus 04 3 часа назад +2

    You should’ve invited Ben Shapiro

  • Sary
    Sary 4 часа назад

    That guy that I believe is a British person seems really nice and reasonable ...!!! good job.. I like how you think and express yourself.

  • Sarah Alkahery
    Sarah Alkahery 7 часов назад

    Just cos you went through hard things doesnt mean white privilege foesnt exist, it means your problems are not cause of your skin color. I'm white and I can at least see that

    • Marlon  Moncrieffe
      Marlon Moncrieffe 5 часов назад +1

      +Sarah Alkahery
      They ALREADY have equal legal opportunities and platforms to voice their grievances.
      Most white people DO call out racism when they say it so what else can supposedly privileged White Person X do?

    • Sarah Alkahery
      Sarah Alkahery 5 часов назад

      +Marlon Moncrieffe the least we can do is acknowledge that it exist and fight it by talking about it, talking out when we see it acknowledge our white privilege , give those who are oppressed platforms and opportunities to talk about it and support POC by trying to give them equal opportunities

    • Marlon  Moncrieffe
      Marlon Moncrieffe 5 часов назад +1

      But what is White Person X supposed to do about someone else's racism?

  • Sarah Alkahery
    Sarah Alkahery 7 часов назад

    " Are they causing white people to say the N word" MA GAWD

  • Bella Doll
    Bella Doll 8 часов назад


  • Paris Whithead
    Paris Whithead 9 часов назад

    The proud to be white question surprised me

    • Zack Toole
      Zack Toole 8 часов назад +3

      +Paris Whithead
      See. We have to deal with this all the time. White European culture is beautiful and magnificent but detestable leftists insist we have done nothing of value. Even a Japanese thinktank established that Britain alone is responsible for a massive 43% of all important inventions.

    • Paris Whithead
      Paris Whithead 8 часов назад

      +Zack Toole you should should be embarrassed when you look back at your history because as a COLLECTIVE ( I put that in caps for a reason!) White people haven't done ANYTHING to change the world in a positive way I say again as a collective you people have only brought death to other countries an ethnicities on multiple levels on MANY occasions...

    • Zack Toole
      Zack Toole 9 часов назад +3

      Not me. There is so much anti-white brainwashing in the west. We are the only race that's encouraged to hate our own history and culture

  • Paris Whithead
    Paris Whithead 10 часов назад

    First of all she said she was raised around Mexicans so why would she say anything about black people that b**** is just racist😂🙌🏿🖕🏿

  • Paris Whithead
    Paris Whithead 10 часов назад

    They should have disabled the comments lmao especially for people like me 😂

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 14 часов назад +2

    1) Living a privileged life could be interpreted in many different ways such as how your parents treated you and if you were spoiled or not, I don’t think it’s okay that they all went to race
    2) you should be proud of who you are there’s nothing wrong with being white in and of its self the wrong doing comes from being ignorant and racist you but also you should not feel that to be proud you should be a different race

  • Ring Collector
    Ring Collector 15 часов назад +2

    White guilt smdh they aren’t proud to be white!!! White people have created the greatest country in the history of the world America and invented 97% of the conveniences in all our our lives I’m more proud to be 25% white than 75% mexican

  • Sheldon MItchell
    Sheldon MItchell 16 часов назад +2

    They mixed up ethnicity and culture

  • Timo Tato
    Timo Tato 17 часов назад

    1. White people can relate to each other because they’re not discriminated against. Just like black people can be for the opposite reason.
    2. 100 percent people can be racist against a white person. It is possible for black people to feel superior to white people like duh.
    3. Focusing on race is necessary right now, but we will get to a point that everyone will respect everyone’s cultures and we won’t have to fight for people who aren’t oppressed anymore.
    4. Yes cultural appropriation is real, but certain cultures shouldn’t be able to claim things like a hairstyle.
    5. Either no one say the N word or everyone say the N word. If you don’t want to be called something don’t call yourself it. Otherwise let everyone say it so it loses its power.
    6. Yeah everyone that lives in America lives a privileged life, white people even more so.
    7. This can be taken two ways either are you proud of your skin color or are you proud of your heritage. Skin color no I had no part in the picking of that, heritage and obstacles my ancestors have overcome? Yes and I assume that’s how most black people see that question it’s just the adversities they have to deal with their skin color so it often gets lumped together.

  • Jimmy Zhou
    Jimmy Zhou 18 часов назад +3

    It's funny how this video is the most "hated" out of all the other race videos.

    • Zack Toole
      Zack Toole 10 часов назад +2

      Other races aren't encouraged to hate themselves

  • Cueball 69
    Cueball 69 18 часов назад

    I'm sure this comment section will be full of intelligent, non controversial conversations...

  • Chicken Spheres
    Chicken Spheres 19 часов назад +2

    That two tone finger Licken leprechaun said “your skin color is wrong” lmao

  • Javon Marlatt
    Javon Marlatt 22 часа назад +2

    Reverse racism lol that is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. Racism is racism.

  • Jessie Lin
    Jessie Lin 22 часа назад

    love how asians werent mentioned at all lol

  • Mark Lyne
    Mark Lyne 22 часа назад

    The three who always choose disagree obviously suffer from a severe case of "White Guilt" and need to get over themselves and wake up to reality. That Faith, the amount of crap she comes out with is brain numbing, she the sort of person as soon as she opens her mouth and her liberal whining starts...."SLAM" door closes on her face lol

  • Abby Phillips
    Abby Phillips 22 часа назад

    I don’t think I’m underprivileged, but I’m less privileged than a lot of people. Yes I’m white, but I’m also a woman, bisexual and don’t have money to spare.

  • Abby Phillips
    Abby Phillips 22 часа назад +3

    It’s not reverse racism. Racism is racism.

  • AJrex007
    AJrex007 23 часа назад


  • Beebo! At the Disco
    Beebo! At the Disco 23 часа назад +2

    Why’s it called reverse racism though, racism is racism. Anyone can be racist towards any race.

  • Annoying try hard Please enjoy
    Annoying try hard Please enjoy День назад

    White people have been racist since the beginning

  • Art, Music,TØP and Stuff
    Art, Music,TØP and Stuff День назад +5

    “i’m hEllA irish.” lmao i’m irish and i’ve never heard any irish person say that.

  • De'Avionna Sanders
    De'Avionna Sanders День назад

    “White people can’t dance” is a stereotype 🤷🏾‍♀️ sorry

    • Marlon  Moncrieffe
      Marlon Moncrieffe 5 часов назад

      Yeah, a many of dance genres were founded by Europeans and further innovated by them.

  • Thiere Gamer
    Thiere Gamer День назад

    Do Libtards think the same ? Yes, they do.

  • bad cat
    bad cat День назад

    If you hate someone because of skin color is raced no matter what you say

  • Kraker Heya
    Kraker Heya День назад

    Does she even know what a Geisha is!?!?!

  • Ciara Jay
    Ciara Jay День назад

    Korbin is a smart man!

  • Nate Birdine
    Nate Birdine День назад

    Man homegirl in the gray slacks. 🙌🏾

  • Robert Illest
    Robert Illest День назад

    I’m brown and I’m extremely in love with Faith

  • Xavirea Smith
    Xavirea Smith День назад


  • Xavirea Smith
    Xavirea Smith День назад

    The N word needs to be abolished!!!!

  • El zorro del desierto
    El zorro del desierto День назад

    Why is the skin colour or the "privilege" thing so important in the US?

  • LiL JunkBear
    LiL JunkBear День назад

    Look man white people have a weird history .
    If they do anything relating to skin tone people are going to think ur racist .
    I think thats what white people culture is about .
    History is just weird

  • Dakota Valdes
    Dakota Valdes День назад

    Why is her favorite song the one filled with the n word

  • Dakota Valdes
    Dakota Valdes День назад

    Human race

  • Candace
    Candace День назад

    I mean, I'm white, but my background is Portuguese/Swedish/Ukrainian. I was raised Catholic, attended church spoken only in Portuguese (which has completely different traditions than regular Catholic churches), and learned traditional Portuguese folk dance and music (castanets being a primary tool when dancing). I was in school to learn Portuguese language. I was also raised Ukrainian, so I learned many of that cultures traditions; their forms of Easter, Christmas, ETC., and of course, learned to make hand-made pierogies and dance Ukrainian dances. I've really narrowed this long list down, but to say we don't have culture is absurd. My culture, of all three, spans back multiple centuries.

  • Dakota Valdes
    Dakota Valdes День назад

    Wtf the explanation of reverse racism sound assbackwards would reverse racism be being attracted in anyway to a specific race

  • Brenae Cotton
    Brenae Cotton День назад

    Do all black women think the same
    Do all dark skins think the same
    Do all lightskins think the same
    Do all men think the same

  • Jus Crowe
    Jus Crowe День назад

    The initial reaction to that last question literally brought me to tears. NO ONE should be made to be ashamed of the person they are, and most of us have embarrassing parts of our family history.
    This is something that needs to be fixed

  • Musicas Cover
    Musicas Cover День назад

    dear faith and korbin, i love you

  • Ellie Grace
    Ellie Grace День назад

    People make me feel that being white makes me useless and my opinion doesn’t matter because I’m white and I “wouldn’t understand”

  • Julia Gulia
    Julia Gulia День назад

    Thank god I’m not white

  • Kach 22
    Kach 22 День назад

    I think they're all too afraid, to tell the truth.

  • A Banana Milk
    A Banana Milk День назад

    The girl with the black jacket and the guy with the beard were actually educated.

  • Broken Angel
    Broken Angel День назад

    I like the video... should do black people next

  • Morgan Brown
    Morgan Brown День назад

    “There is no race” I- 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Catherine Aensland
    Catherine Aensland День назад

    But if the pirate were alive, like geisha are, they'd be taking action against it, and on no friendly terms either.

  • Jroc2k Beats
    Jroc2k Beats День назад

    I knew it was staged when he asked that question at 6:01, all white people say and use the N word, especially behind closed doors.

  • Alan Sands
    Alan Sands День назад +1

    The alternative to "Reverse Racism" not existing is to simply call it RACISM. But I realize some go by the definition "Prejudice plus Power". While I don't necessarily agree with that, the term "REVERSE-racism" is an attempt to acknowledge this very point. It's basically saying "Racism AGAINST whites is not quite the same thing as racism FROM whites, but still a THING nonetheless, so we're just going to modify it a little".
    But now they are trying to take away even THAT? Of all the people I've ever heard correcting someone's use of the word "Racism" against whites, none of them were simply giving a vocabulary lesson. It was ALWAYS in the name of diminishing their experiences and excusing (partially or entirely) the person or institution perpetrating the discrimination.

    • Marlon  Moncrieffe
      Marlon Moncrieffe 5 часов назад

      Yup! Everyone PLEASE read the last sentence!

  • Shark Lover
    Shark Lover День назад

    The Irish man, guy in the hat, and the girl in the plaid pants are the only ones who know what they are talking about

  • My World The Channel
    My World The Channel День назад

    The only race I was taught to see is human.

  • Ema Srnkova
    Ema Srnkova День назад

    "i think there's a difference between respecting the culrure and totally disrespecting the culture."

  • Be humble and Smile
    Be humble and Smile День назад

    The girl at 2:19 is that spoiled white girl who thinks that she’s special and different and nobody understands her

  • Gage and Anastasia Yandle
    Gage and Anastasia Yandle 2 дня назад +4

    words cannot describe how angry this video made me

  • Alexandra Richard
    Alexandra Richard 2 дня назад

    I actually think this is a must watch and they seem like really nice and reasonable people.

  • Hshsud Ydhdhs
    Hshsud Ydhdhs 2 дня назад

    I grew up with a native american family, my mom is full blooded Navajo and my father is full blooded Irish, I inherited the fairest skin in my entire family, when I say fairest I literally mean my skin is nearly transparent. so the last question kinda annoyed me, I have always wished for brown skin nearly my whole life, just because my whole family has brown skin, It would even go as far as me turning against my white genetics and completely slandering white people since a child, i used to even paint my skin darker, when I got to the age of 14 is when I started loving my skin and learning how much my skin was hated on, seeing that ALL of my friends were Native or Mexican. I noticed how much people wanted me to feel bad for my skin and even made me hate my own skin, I am now PROUD of my skin. Just because I was so sick and tired of hating my own and my other fair skinned peoples skin. Thats fucked up and it does get shoved down your throat that your skin is wrong or evil. So i strongly think that no matter your skin tone, you should be proud OF WHO YOU ARE. PLEASE.

  • AS W
    AS W 2 дня назад

    I hate the term Reversed racism. It implies that the Whites are the norm. As always. (I am White)

  • Jin Kahn
    Jin Kahn 2 дня назад

    Faith claims she had all black and Hispanic friends.... lyin ass lol
    Amanda is the realest out of all of em, but still, this whole convo was so white in nearly blind

  • Mashed Potato
    Mashed Potato 2 дня назад

    Reverse racism is not a thing

  • Elisa M
    Elisa M 2 дня назад

    I dont agree with the fact that they are comparing white to black. The question isnt what do you think of black people compared to white people.

  • ColdRod 1597
    ColdRod 1597 2 дня назад

    In my opinion white people in the United States do have a culture
    Country music, cars, guns, freedom, hotdogs, football, baseball, milkshakes, soda, capitalism, politics, coffee, movies, baseball caps, rock, beards, alcohol, oil, horses, fishing, hunting, tourism, and etc.

  • Sothbeachboy 21
    Sothbeachboy 21 2 дня назад

    Bunch of bots

  • Bearcat Fishing
    Bearcat Fishing 2 дня назад

    That was pretty hard to watch. There needs to be a different testing method and maybe more info on the topics or something. And put more than just white people in there. I understand what they were trying to accomplish but if you add in another race or two then things would be a lot more interesting.

  • The Last Feelbender
    The Last Feelbender 2 дня назад +2

    There's only one race. The human rac-

  • Roblox ASMR
    Roblox ASMR 2 дня назад

    Faith and Korbin seem like they are really fun to be around lol...………….

  • Gavin ASMR
    Gavin ASMR 2 дня назад

    That last question was well... I’m proud to be white because it’s well apart of who I am, your ethnicity is apart of your identity so I’m proud of who I am. I’m not proud of what people before me have done. But just because they’re also white doesn’t like well mean that I’m gonna be like that or that I’m saying I’m proud of said think.

  • feghali1203
    feghali1203 2 дня назад

    lol I remember Korbin from Vine

  • Wesley Almeida
    Wesley Almeida 2 дня назад

    The last question about being proud to be white, in my opinion they all should've stayed in the middle. When we say being proud of being black( or any other race but white ) is bc for years people have been hated on, misjudged solely bc of their skin color. In the days of slavery, black people were tortured, it wasn't a thing to be proud of being black, bc being white was synonymous of beauty, power and royalty. So white people shouldn't feel proud to be white but also NOT not be proud, because at the end of the day white folks have always been privileged, they were never made to feel inferior bc of their race. Again, when we say white people shouldn't be proud to be white, we're not saying " its a shame being white " or " you should hate yourself for being white ". It is just not a matter of question, because you never had to fight to be white, you were never made to feel ashamed or inferior for being white, so when you say "I'm proud to be white " it doesn't have the same connotation and weight compared to the other races because of WHITE PRIVILEGE

    • Gaston Gourmand
      Gaston Gourmand 2 дня назад

      No. You gon' have to come stronger than this liquor! Wanna take me home? Better be more convincing! It'll take more than that to get to me! More than that to get your way!

  • Mike Yuan
    Mike Yuan 2 дня назад


  • Random Youtube Comment
    Random Youtube Comment 2 дня назад +2

    I'm Asian. Props to the Lady with the curly hair floral dress. You can be fair also proud of who you are at the same time👍 To be honest most like around 90% White people I met are very nice and kind, some are exceptions racist and vile with backwards mentality. Evryone is individual I guess.

  • Default Skin
    Default Skin 2 дня назад +1

    “While people can’t dance and more hurtful things.” I think you mean stereotypes. That’s not racist. It’s like saying black people like watermelon. Cmon now.

  • Devin Dinh
    Devin Dinh 2 дня назад

    Cringe. They don’t know what they’re talking about.

  • Default Skin
    Default Skin 2 дня назад

    But y’all never been discriminated like us black people are. I’ve literally been denied buying a soda for being light skin black

  • Alan Sands
    Alan Sands 2 дня назад

    "Cultural Appropriation" is what we used to call "The melting pot". It's the reason the Irish and Italian and even Jewish people are now considered more White than "Other". But it looks like the melting stops here.
    And No I am not justifying ridiculing another culture. Walking around with a big cartoonish Indian headdress is not the same as wearing a simple yet elegant prom dress with Asian inspired patterns.

  • Pickle Jar
    Pickle Jar 2 дня назад +1

    The are all brainwashed by therapists media and liberlism

  • Magick Boo
    Magick Boo 2 дня назад

    Wow that was awful thanks

  • Pickle Jar
    Pickle Jar 2 дня назад +1

    Culture appropriation? She brainwashed by the media

  • Sara Dias
    Sara Dias 2 дня назад

    this video employs such an ethnocentric view of race....

  • Kj Watters
    Kj Watters 2 дня назад

    Shouts to them for literally stepping up to open this up more

  • Dead City Rebel
    Dead City Rebel 2 дня назад +5

    I'm not politically correct, or have much against people who are, but this seemed like everyone here was too politically correct.

  • Joram Ike
    Joram Ike 2 дня назад

    I haven't seen the whole video but one question should be "i agree with Donald Trump"

  • Wownanii Nicole
    Wownanii Nicole 2 дня назад

    Wow you guys are bashing on people for respecting the culture of others....the racism jumped out. And just Bc they are not proud to be a white American doesn’t mean they are not proud of themselves as individuals or their specific heritage.....

  • Praise Namjesus
    Praise Namjesus 2 дня назад +1

    But like reverse racism doesnt really exsist does it? Because the definition of racist is discriminating against a race. Not a specific race. Anyone can be racist towards any race so there really isnt any reverse racism.

  • Lesley Reyes
    Lesley Reyes 2 дня назад +1

    That one lady that said that rappers should stop putting the N word in there songs because they can make white people think they can say the word. Like come on you can't blame the rapper for making you think that you can say it like you know better than that

  • Mark Simmons
    Mark Simmons 2 дня назад

    I don't think 6 people who obviously lean to the same side of the political spectrum and are presumably from similar areas can represent an entire race of people

  • Fill
    Fill 2 дня назад

    Ok like wtf is wrong with them theyr low key not proud to be white jeez....not even worth watching till the end, fkn stand behind ur culture bcs for sure person of color wont do it for u but u would 100% do it for them...dont even try to lie to urself

  • cupidhitmewithprecision
    cupidhitmewithprecision 2 дня назад +1

    there’s only one race and it’s the human race
    ethnicity and culture are something else

    HOPE BARDE 2 дня назад

    the guy with the jean jacket seems to know and understand what he is saying.

    HOPE BARDE 2 дня назад +4

    They don't seem honest to me, almost as if they are trying to impress other people. it's okay to love your race, acknowledge the reality and also respect other people's race.

  • olayinka adeyemi
    olayinka adeyemi 2 дня назад +1

    It brings me to tears that they feel like they cannot be proud to be what they are.... It's really sad and unfair that they feel ashamed to take pride in their race😢 EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO TAKE PRIDE IN WHO THEY ARE. PERIOD. Just like they said who am I to tell them what not to say in their music? WHO AM I to say don't take pride in being White... You should be ashamed!!! Wtf?! Like that blows my mind.... Really unfortunate.... They looked scared to be proud 😢

  • eichiXfma
    eichiXfma 2 дня назад

    As european I don't even understand some questions. You should call this ep «white american»....

  • eichiXfma
    eichiXfma 2 дня назад

    Everytime Faith opens her mouth I want to slap her. Edit: and the Irish guy. He needs to chill out 😂

  • s a m i y a
    s a m i y a 2 дня назад

    I respect faith

  • Senleidara
    Senleidara 2 дня назад +1

    Bro.. these people are ridiculous... I'm so upset

    • Senleidara
      Senleidara День назад +1

      +Natasha Mansfield thank you man
      I appreciate you 😊

    • Natasha Mansfield
      Natasha Mansfield 2 дня назад +1

      Senleidara’re mad pretty

  • Senleidara
    Senleidara 2 дня назад

    Idk man.. I try to avoid these videos and today I got sucked in to watch this and now I'm upset.

  • Ani Diller
    Ani Diller 2 дня назад +1

    Any body else annoyed through the screen by the girl with the plaid pants on 💁‍♀️🙄

  • PEScharlie
    PEScharlie 2 дня назад

    Reverse racism is actually the opposite of racism. It means to not discriminate against anybody because of their race, not to discriminate against white people. Racism means to discriminate against someone because of their race, no matter which races are involved