Do All White People Think The Same About Race?

  • Published on Feb 10, 2019
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Comments • 53 031

  • IncrediblyMonette
    IncrediblyMonette 32 minutes ago

    This girl said white people come from Australia, South honey that's where you stopped for a permanent vacation.

  • Omar M
    Omar M 2 hours ago

    Crazy white people jk

  • Gee Parroting
    Gee Parroting 2 hours ago

    Honestly, this was just awkward...
    Cuz I kinda agreed but then I was like nah Man U can’t say that ish but then I was like why can’t they and then I was just like what is okay here???

  • Rayton Kiwi
    Rayton Kiwi 2 hours ago

    Racism is all racism, doesn’t matter who it’s against and who it is from. If everyone just pretends that white people arent ever discriminated against, it’s just going to push everyone away and such.

  • Maxidude Stimp
    Maxidude Stimp 3 hours ago +1

    These people tried so hard not to be racist, in the black people video they were all proud to be black and only one person is somewhat proud in this

  • TheGirlInTheRain
    TheGirlInTheRain 3 hours ago

    Is the guy with the beard single? Asking for a friend.

  • xBrooklynx
    xBrooklynx 4 hours ago

    White People don’t Have Culture! PERIODT! Trying different things in other cultures is not a culture. It’s just trying new things.

  • sateenma1
    sateenma1 5 hours ago

    Black t shirt and gray sweater are lost souls.

  • Lavinia
    Lavinia 5 hours ago

    1:22 imagine thinking black is the same as african american

  • Kkitten 101
    Kkitten 101 5 hours ago +2

    This video makes me so angry and I don't know why lol

  • HouseHoldAdventures
    HouseHoldAdventures 5 hours ago


  • HouseHoldAdventures
    HouseHoldAdventures 5 hours ago +1

    Jesus chirst they arnt proud to be white

  • Terry Ghast
    Terry Ghast 6 hours ago +1

    I really love that Laura is speaking out and doing some minor skirmishes with common ideas, and Faith is putting her voice out there, sure, I may disagree with some things said, but at least they're voicing out, I want another crowd with this.

  • OkaaxFN
    OkaaxFN 6 hours ago

    i would pay to never hear a white girl say the word “Gringa” again ☠️

  • Conor Fitzgerald
    Conor Fitzgerald 6 hours ago +1

    I strongly dislike that Faith girl it’s so obvious that her opinions are shaped by social media it’s sad and they all answered the questions based on what they thought was the correct answer instead of their personal opinions

  • Nadia
    Nadia 7 hours ago

    This video is a mess.

  • George Hennen
    George Hennen 7 hours ago +1

    Also, btw (this is coming from a jewish native american) we don't care if you dress up in a headdress, it's mostly for fun nowadays mainly because you are having a good time and feeling enlightened. ALSO my hispanic friends don't care about race, they make fun of each other by race and other ways in a joking way, no one cares as far as i am aware.

  • Luciphourus MS
    Luciphourus MS 8 hours ago

    Jane Elliot would disagree a lot

  • Lucas Rios
    Lucas Rios 9 hours ago

    Tell me why these were actually some of the most unintelligent people I’ve ever seen

  • Shawn M
    Shawn M 9 hours ago +1

    deff needs a redo. there wasent any intelligent white people represented.. just judgmental self hating timid liberals..

  • Musixchill Visuals
    Musixchill Visuals 9 hours ago

    I love how chill with each other they were after it was over

  • Megalodon Unlocked
    Megalodon Unlocked 9 hours ago

    White women are very good at covering up genocide but you're fooling no one.

  • Y’all hearsum?
    Y’all hearsum? 9 hours ago

    Yo I am screaming when she went to somewhat agree for the n word

  • Jesus Hernandez
    Jesus Hernandez 9 hours ago +1

    Why tf were they talkin like all black people are oppressed an are victims🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Manuel Jimenez
    Manuel Jimenez 10 hours ago


  • Jasmine Garrett
    Jasmine Garrett 11 hours ago

    seems about white... do teens.

    • Zack Toole
      Zack Toole 11 hours ago +1

      Good idea, white teens are much more openly proud of their race and culture than white millennials. At least, they are in Europe

  • Jasmine Garrett
    Jasmine Garrett 11 hours ago

    yas the girl w the plaid pants.

  • Stahlz_XI
    Stahlz_XI 11 hours ago

    She shouted out south africa for culture which is all cool but do we have a solid white culture here yes but theyve also branched off the uk and netherlands mainly amongst other countries

  • lia Gamer
    lia Gamer 13 hours ago

    What i dont like about some people of the black culture is that they make me feel as if there is some sort of criteria to be the race that i am. No. I am half african half american. That is who i am. Just because i apparently "talk white" does not make me a different race.

  • lia Gamer
    lia Gamer 13 hours ago

    Yes. People who are not black can say the N word. With an a. Its basically like "homie" or "friend" but not with an er. Even if you are black. Its not okay to call me a nigger.

  • Bob Tomgil
    Bob Tomgil 14 hours ago +3

    There's always that one person that gets on my nerves

  • bb boi
    bb boi 15 hours ago

    Bruh is that korbin lmao

  • Aaron Durocher
    Aaron Durocher 15 hours ago

    Ok here’s my opion on the whole “hard r” thing if you say the n word no matter how you mean to say it it is still the same word with the same meaning. Adding a to something doesn’t do anything like you don’t see Mexicans calling each other spica’s

  • OfficialTheplug
    OfficialTheplug 16 hours ago

    1:10 but it is..

  • Nathan McGaha
    Nathan McGaha 16 hours ago +4

    It's just racism not reverse racism

  • Isabella Diaz
    Isabella Diaz 17 hours ago +2

    Living in a first world country you are privileged there isn’t one degree of privileged everybody is always going to be more or less privileged than the other person I live in Canada I have a house I have a living family I have food access to clean water I am privileged even so I’m black I may not be more privileged than my white friend who has the same things as me but I am privileged for having all the things I have

  • Domino TTR
    Domino TTR 17 hours ago +5

    girl in the plaid is waaaaay too hung up on identity politics

  • Koudesu Boku wa Koudesu
    Koudesu Boku wa Koudesu 17 hours ago +3

    Too much white guilt.

  • Shemar Ivey
    Shemar Ivey 18 hours ago

    The proud to be white question was great. I think there’s nothing wrong with being proud to be Irish or German or any other European culture. However when someone says they’re proud to be white I believe it’s synonymous with hate and oppression.

  • Paraplegic French Man
    Paraplegic French Man 19 hours ago +4

    I'm sorry but did anyone notice that the girl in the plaid is wearing a Charles Manson pen on her jacket? I can't be the only one.

  • jbpt_ 205
    jbpt_ 205 19 hours ago +3

    8:05. It’s also not black peoples’ place to say what white people can and cannot use

  • eniayo osilaja
    eniayo osilaja 19 hours ago

    hella irish dude and faith are top tier in this video , dude with the hat is chilln

  • Jack Savard
    Jack Savard 19 hours ago

    fr where do you sign up to do thesr

  • Jack Savard
    Jack Savard 19 hours ago

    do all psychopaths think the same?

  • Piranha Plant
    Piranha Plant 20 hours ago +3

    I mean you can’t really do this type of thing with white people. They can’t actually say their feelings boldly without having to fear being called racist.

    LEGOLETTERS 20 hours ago

    I think that’s the issue a geisha is not a costume it’s a persons tradition like I get what she’s trying to say like you’re trying dress up because it’s cute but at the same time to someone else it’s not a costume you know

    LEGOLETTERS 20 hours ago

    It’s not racist for your Spanish neighbors to tell you that you can’t dance it will be recess if your Spanish neighbor said that you cannot play with their children because you are white it would be racist if your Spanish neighbor said you cannot ride the same school bus as my child because you are white

  • Notorious1503
    Notorious1503 22 hours ago +1

    Looks like sjws get the last say... as always

  • pie mane
    pie mane 22 hours ago +1

    i Literally just learned what white guilt was from this cringe cast. Mob Mentality at its best. One girl stood her ground at the end and was ridiculed about it? WhItE gUiLt

  • pie mane
    pie mane 22 hours ago +1

    Lets Redo this video. Ill come on and actually say what should have been said...?
    ooooo i am white and hate my culture oooooooo dont wana be called a rascist oooooooo

  • Notorious1503
    Notorious1503 22 hours ago +1

    The only thing worse than an sjw is a white sjw
    We dont need u!! We dont need a white savior us minorities r doing just fine we aren't victims

  • Notorious1503
    Notorious1503 22 hours ago

    Can u mutherfucker give us the uncut version

  • Notorious1503
    Notorious1503 22 hours ago +1

    Reverse racism is just racism-_-

  • Diniah Harris
    Diniah Harris 22 hours ago

    Topic suggestion for spectrum:
    Do all activists think the same
    do all police think the same
    Do all black men think the same

  • Aliya S
    Aliya S 23 hours ago +2

    Jubilee lowkey messy😂 (I’m joking)

  • Stázka
    Stázka 23 hours ago +4

    2:40 - Faith should understand that teasing semeone who Is your friend And get bullied from ppl who ar hostile to u Is different -_-

  • Maya Venkatesh
    Maya Venkatesh Day ago

    I understand how this only went into race but there is also differences between lifestyle between white and any other I am not white and I’m not judging white ppl but this only went into racism and not different lifestyles

  • Anthony H
    Anthony H Day ago +2

    Those people that disagree to the “proud to be white” have just been guilted into that answer of disagreement. I’m half white have Mexican but I’m proud to have been raised into predominantly “white culture”

  • Christian Lopez
    Christian Lopez Day ago +1

    did anyone else feel that those 3 were trying so hard not to be seen as racist while the others just showcase their own opinions without judgement. I felt like the others were really holding back, but who knows ???

  • stuart cuateco
    stuart cuateco Day ago +1

    Theirs only one race . . . The human race.


    Faith is woke just saying.

  • Peepee Train
    Peepee Train Day ago +1

    I’m Australian with a dad straight from England and my mum’s side Australian for 3 generations after coming from a Scottish clan. I’m proud to be white as an individual represents me with two different cultures colliding into a completely new thing in making me.
    Yes I’m proud to white, as my different cultures create me.
    Also white people have culture. So many in fact, let’s look at a small portion of white people’. The British isles. With thousands of years of history from the ancient druids and celts to the Roman Empire and the wars it took, from the Anglo saxons to the normans in 1066 and the Vikings raiding the instant for centuries, it has created so many cultures from Scottish clans and tribes, to Irish people and the welsh and the English. The Scandinavians have fought with each other and Central Europe with more cultures than North America. Saying white people have no culture is like saying African people have no culture, there Is no Chinese culture etc. Completely disregarding the Germans, the French, The Dutch, The brits, The scots, the Norwegians, The Swiss, the Swedish, The Finnish, the Russians, the polish, the Belgian, The Austrians, The Balkan states with soo many, the Ukrainians, The Slavs, The Czech people. And so many more like Australians, kiwis, Canadians and Americans.

  • Lily Corry
    Lily Corry Day ago +1

    “I’m hella Irish” , the fact you said hella your definitely not Irish.

  • Tasha Machele
    Tasha Machele Day ago +1

    Its ok if you're proud to be white, I'm black and I wouldnt choose to be anything else. You just don't like what comes with being whitw or black. Its like ok I didnt check this box to be oppressed or treated differently by everyone even my own people. Also white people didnt choose to check q box that being white comes,with being looked at as a racist for life or everything bas that comez along with it. We both have our burdens we bare when it comes to being who we are. This video made me sad seeing that there are white people out there that feel bad for something they never chose. If we could all be who we are and without the bad reputation of being,whitw or black, this world would be so amazing. ✌❤

  • zarah j
    zarah j Day ago

    The girl with the black t-shirt and jeans probably doesn’t know the definition of Racism.
    She said she lived in an nearly all Hispanic area and she was known as the the white girl who couldn’t dance.
    What has that go to do with race????
    If she wanted to “strongly agree” reverse racism existed she should have used a better point.
    Just saying 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Nicole Voorhies
    Nicole Voorhies Day ago

    Girl in the flower dress and plaid pants. We could probably be cool.

  • Nicole Voorhies
    Nicole Voorhies Day ago

    I would love to see a black cast. This would be extremely funny and educational.

  • bitchass
    bitchass Day ago

    1:15 KORBIN’S RESPONSE.👏👏👏

  • Maxwell
    Maxwell Day ago +2

    this is one of the worst episodes. everyone was trying to be pc and it was so annoying

  • Karamel
    Karamel Day ago

    Irish people were literally oppressed, a lot, you would be killed for just being irish in the east coast soooooooo

  • Karamel
    Karamel Day ago

    "You're not getting discriminated against because of your skin color" kinda sounds like belittling someone's views based purely off of the fact that they're white is discrimination

  • Animorph
    Animorph Day ago

    I think they pulled laura in last minute because she-

  • Noah Wahlstrøm
    Noah Wahlstrøm Day ago

    These were a lot of the same kind of people. They should have gotten some more proud white people that aren't afraid to be called racist, if they wanted real discussions.

  • PlushieBlushie
    PlushieBlushie Day ago +2

    I think they should have invited non American white people as well, because white people in America are shaped by different beliefs than white people outside of America

  • henrikzzon
    henrikzzon Day ago +1

    The thing is, white AMERICANS have little to no culture, just burgers and fried food whilst Europe, home to so many different types of people and culture, plus Europeans are white so people saying that "white people have no culture" are ignorant.

  • Adoring Fan
    Adoring Fan Day ago +1

    As a Mexican growing up the states, the notion that white people don't have culture is absolutely untrue. They have a culture so massive it's all around the world. It's called pop culture.

  • Codegurt
    Codegurt Day ago

    That girl in the front is a good example of Groupthink

  • HakunaMatata
    HakunaMatata Day ago +1

    Let me just say thank you to that girl in the dress who stood up for herself and said she is proud to be white. You are only in control of yourself you can't feel guilty for how other people feel or act. SMDH.

  • beautyintheskies

    i feel like they should have had older white ppl too, maybe? Or maybe just more diverse ages or backgrounds. These young ppl all seemed to be being a little too careful with their words. I am proud to be white. I come from a large french family where we sing French songs, eat and prepare french cuisine and speak french or franglais. I love being French and it means a lot that I was able to start learning the language and culture from a young age. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your heritage.

  • IHS_ Plays
    IHS_ Plays Day ago +1

    Can we all just acknowledge the fact that a true (native) American should have brown skin instead of white..........not trying to be racist just sayin

  • Summaya C
    Summaya C Day ago

    Do people of color see white privilege as the same?

  • Hairy Cabbage
    Hairy Cabbage Day ago

    This is a good test if you need to know who the morons in the room are.

  • zlandis23
    zlandis23 Day ago +2

    I bet there wont be an episode titled. "Do All Black People Think The Same About Race?" cause they want to make innocent white people look bad but wont show black americans side

  • Bunny Tube
    Bunny Tube Day ago

    That was awesome!!!!

  • - amahle
    - amahle Day ago +4

    I feel like this would be a little different if they got people who grew up in Europe. Especially slavic or germanic people, that would be one hell of a conversation. 😂

  • Dancer 1965
    Dancer 1965 Day ago

    Here are my thoughts; the girl with the plaid pants knew the most, the girl with the black top was infuriating, and overall this video needs to be redone with teens.

  • Káně Káňovič
    Káně Káňovič Day ago +2

    words belong to everyone, they can't be claimed

  • crash groovy
    crash groovy Day ago

    Such a ridiculous video.

  • - Jeids
    - Jeids Day ago +4

    In what world should white people not be proud to be themselves? And how is I’m proud to be white vs I’m proud to be black different?

    AADESH PAWAR Day ago

    Are we just gonna ignore korbin miles in there??

  • Hazel Poe
    Hazel Poe Day ago

    Y’all should do “Do All Student-Athletes Think The Same.” As an Athlete, I think it would be very interesting to hear what others think

  • King Rob
    King Rob Day ago +2

    For the word N-word I don't think it's wrong I'm not to bothered by it personally I do feel you should know you're crowed for your own safety

  • Ju Ju
    Ju Ju Day ago

    What is white culture

  • ashley scott
    ashley scott Day ago

    I love Faith and Korbin 💕

  • Jfarmer's watermelon

    Do another about white ppl but Europeans vs Americans plz

  • Aggernn1
    Aggernn1 Day ago +1

    1:27 how do you know that, stupido

  • kneev alienor
    kneev alienor Day ago +2

    what’s frustrated me about this is every other episode has people from a range of walks of life and ages, whereas this one only had millennials. such a waste especially on a heavily race centred topic, having people raised in a time of segregation as well as young people would’ve really opened up the dialogue

  • Felicity Gordon
    Felicity Gordon Day ago +1

    Just white guilt

  • Alexander Elsen
    Alexander Elsen Day ago

    people be moving after to where other people are, like even if you change your mind you shouldn't be able to change where you stand since it was more of an immediate reaction indication. Walking towards the consensus after seeing everyone disagrees with you, is just annoying. If you interpret a question differently you shouldn't feel like you have to interpret the question the same way as the majority.

  • Vito Shandy Sondratama

    Next time, invite some successful white or business people with millions of dollars collars instead of these bunch of baristas or artist wannabes. Don’t care bout the race, but only successful person that employees hundreds of employees and financially independent. These examples are the worst fit for a model, they don’t inspire anyone at all.