LaVar Ball react to David Griffin now listening to trade offers for Anthony Davis

  • Published on Jun 4, 2019
  • LaVar Ball react to David Griffin now listening to trade offers for Anthony Davis

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  • Marcus Merritt
    Marcus Merritt 3 months ago +1

    He needs to shut his mouth, he's gonna fuck his sons career up running his mouth... SHUT UP!!!

  • TheRealTJHOP
    TheRealTJHOP 3 months ago

    And Kuzma was the ONLY one that had dinner and the blessing from Kobe......

  • JeromeJdubbJackson
    JeromeJdubbJackson 3 months ago +2

    Lonzo I think would do better if his dad stops over rate him!!!!!!

  • Manny Paris
    Manny Paris 3 months ago


  • Camera Buff
    Camera Buff 3 months ago +1

    Lavar Ball: "Lonzo ain't going nowhere."

  • Cc117 cc117
    Cc117 cc117 3 months ago

    Ball is a scab

  • Gil Armenta
    Gil Armenta 3 months ago

    I'd rather have a quad on my team rather than having to deal with that delusional freak show!

  • Charles R
    Charles R 3 months ago

    Thank god lavar will be off national tv soon lol he doesn’t know shit he’s such a retard

  • Caleb bulko
    Caleb bulko 3 months ago

    This is the most biased interview of lavar I’ve ever seen

  • Frank Woodley
    Frank Woodley 3 months ago +1

    This man is delusional

  • Ryan Holloway
    Ryan Holloway 3 months ago +3

    Lavar just talking. He don't even know what he saying

  • Dan Serrano
    Dan Serrano 3 months ago

    Lavar Balls
    In Spanish Means
    Washing Balls 😂

  • SuperCushcush
    SuperCushcush 3 months ago

    Lavar been spitting truth since day 1.

  • philmedone
    philmedone 3 months ago

    Tell us all about what listening to your best friend does to your business Lavar.

  • philmedone
    philmedone 3 months ago

    "Lonzo ain't goin nowhere". Lolz. Dickhead

  • Lashon Smith
    Lashon Smith 3 months ago

    I actually thought magic Johnson would be forced out or resign in order for someone such as Rob pelinka to take credit for trade such as Rob pelinka what do you think just a theory?

  • Michael Owens
    Michael Owens 3 months ago

    Talk0 all that shit james don't have no brand james not the face of the team Lonzo aint going nowhere few days later laker will never win another ring 😆

  • Duke Stephenson
    Duke Stephenson 3 months ago

    When’s the 30/30 on the Ball family air?

    IN THIS DAY AND AGE 3 months ago

    Lonzo should of stayed in college and his boys should of stayed and gone to college and let their work there speak for it's self and leave them alone. sit in the stands and cheerer

  • Kareem Gray
    Kareem Gray 3 months ago

    Lonzo ain’t going nowhere lmaooooo

  • L T
    L T 3 months ago

    Don't know why no one seems to like LaVar??? wish I had a father like him. He just loves and believes in his kids nothing wrong with that.

  • Avery Campbell
    Avery Campbell 3 months ago

    Welcome LA AD !

  • Christian T
    Christian T 3 months ago +4

    Lonzo and Zion together? O don't know man but I like lonzo and I think he's going to be good with zion

  • Jason Johnson
    Jason Johnson 3 months ago

    The Ball family is Trash and the Dad needs to exit stage left and go away. I feel sorry for the city of New Orleans to have to put up with then. Quit riding your son's coat tails Dad. You're a worse Father than he is a teammate.

  • Georgie Suzuki
    Georgie Suzuki 3 months ago +1

    Please take Lavar with you to NOLA!

  • James Mcconnell
    James Mcconnell 3 months ago +1

    Lonzo ain t going nowhere lol, this guy is delusional adios big 🐕

  • Carlos Abeyta
    Carlos Abeyta 3 months ago +1

    I think this man is the most annoying father of the decade. He is the reason I don’t care if ball go somewhere else.

  • Benecia Thomas
    Benecia Thomas 3 months ago

    Triple B is a rap it’s nothing to brag about . LaVar is trying to save face & who wants all the Ball Bros lol!

  • Masa Senchi
    Masa Senchi 3 months ago +5

    Thx God dis mthrfckr is out of LA

  • Barry Frank
    Barry Frank 3 months ago +7

    So glad lavar and lonzo both will be gone. Feel sorry for the son because his father is a distraction. N.O. get ready for a big headache lavar is coming your way.

  • Deondrick Wilson
    Deondrick Wilson 3 months ago

    Triple B is really going to sell in New Orleans Big Baller Bran for everyone in New Orleans 53 percent off if you do Security then you get them for 76 percent off.

  • Nick Foxx
    Nick Foxx 3 months ago +9

    "Lonzo ain't going anywhere!"
    Enjoy New Orleans, LaVar!

  • David Henderson
    David Henderson 3 months ago +4

    Lonzo gone as of today speak that into existence Lavar lol 😂

  • mike white
    mike white 3 months ago

    This dude is a fucking retarded idiot

  • Memz 99
    Memz 99 3 months ago

    he said lebron doesn't wanna play point lol wtf are you talking about he's a point forward ..damn this mf is stupid ..all LeBron does most games is distribute the ball ...and im not even a LeBron fan..just facts

  • Airbus_2014
    Airbus_2014 3 months ago

    Be humble or else your brand could always be on 70% discount...

  • Alicia Martinez
    Alicia Martinez 3 months ago +1

    Now that lonzo is gone. Lonzo is injury prone and his gone and big mouth lavar. lavar dumbass need to watch his business Big Baller Brand instead of running his mouth.

  • Jeremy Harris
    Jeremy Harris 3 months ago +18

    Well Mr. Ball, y'all are moving to New Orleans.
    You kind of ruin it for your son.✋👋✋

  • coolmikedogg
    coolmikedogg 3 months ago +9

    LaVar- Lonzo ain't going nowhere. Rob Pelinka - Lonzo is gonzo.

  • asportsfreak23
    asportsfreak23 3 months ago +5

    Bye Lonzo!

  • Dean Evert
    Dean Evert 3 months ago +13

    bye bye Lonzo lol. AD just traded to Lakers. It doesn't matter what you want Lavar.

  • SKULFRAKproDukshunz
    SKULFRAKproDukshunz 3 months ago +2

    Heard what he say about LeBron right? Now watch

  • Keith Moody
    Keith Moody 3 months ago +4

    Lavar in Denial

  • Robert Wood
    Robert Wood 3 months ago

    Pels dont want ball bag because they get his idiot dad too..drama queen clown

  • Moe E
    Moe E 3 months ago +3

    Lavar? He's such a tool

    • motown 313
      motown 313 3 months ago

      Ilinformed bafoon perhaps

    • Mark Brown
      Mark Brown 3 months ago

      What do you mean by he's such a tool???

  • mote le TPLF
    mote le TPLF 3 months ago +3

    Lonzo is overrated

  • Mr Clean
    Mr Clean 3 months ago +1

    Two fools

  • Rene Randolph
    Rene Randolph 3 months ago +3

    Everybody knows King James.. Who's Alonzo ball.. What brand.. Nobody wears bby gear but the ball family... Ball is junk

  • Whitey O'Banion
    Whitey O'Banion 3 months ago

    Lakers should trade LeBron to NY for the 3rd pick and whichever player (if any) they like on their roster.

  • DeAndre Page
    DeAndre Page 3 months ago +2

    During a trade, players don't get to choose. 😀😀😀
    See this clown, LaVar Ball rocking New Orleans Pelicans gear after the NBA Draft.

  • DeAndre Page
    DeAndre Page 3 months ago +24

    Lonzo Ball about to be a FORMER LAKER. 😀😀

  • Justin Krajca
    Justin Krajca 3 months ago +1

    Can yall kick this douche off TV

  • Tyler James
    Tyler James 3 months ago +3

    Lonzo Not Even Good so how he suppose to make anybody better???? 🤔🤔🤔😭😭😭😭 LaVar a 🤡 Stop putting him on shows his kids are Ok basketball players but enough is enough already 🛑

  • Anzell Ford
    Anzell Ford 3 months ago +4

    Lavar ball is absolutely right to be running a franchise you cannot have no emotions

    • Gracia Jeanty
      Gracia Jeanty 3 months ago

      It's any type of buisness if you wanna make it

  • Gerard Denis
    Gerard Denis 3 months ago +2

    Lonzo ball is trash 🗑

  • NamisIll
    NamisIll 3 months ago +3

    Why do people even bother to interview this nobody?

  • JomoDaMusicMan
    JomoDaMusicMan 3 months ago

    The more LaVar talks about how good his son LonZo is, if he keeps talking, he's gonna convince the Pelicans that LonZo is a must for the trade package for AD. LeVar should keep quiet, WE DON'T WANT TO LOSE THIS KID, LONZO HAS IT ALL EXCEPT FOR THE OUTSIDE SHOT. HE CAN REB, AND HANDLE THE BALL, HE'S THE PERFECT PT GUARD, PLUS HE'S 6'7"

    • JomoDaMusicMan
      JomoDaMusicMan 2 months ago

      @Gerard Denis but most of u white folks think Bird is better the LeBron. And now the deal is over, THE PELICANS JUST MADE THE LAKERS SEND THEM LEVAR'S SON, JUST LIKE I SAID. IF LEVAR HAD KEPT QUIET, LONZO, MIGHT STILL BE ON THE LAKERS ROSTER

    • Gerard Denis
      Gerard Denis 2 months ago

      8 points is better then 3 points bro

    • JomoDaMusicMan
      JomoDaMusicMan 3 months ago

      @Gerard Denis i watched larry bird play if a final and he only scored 8 pts in one of the games. in other words u ain't saying SHIT, CUT OUT YOUR FOOLISHNESS

    • Gerard Denis
      Gerard Denis 3 months ago

      JomoDaMusicMan bro I was watching Lonzo playing a game and he only score 3 points in whole game bro. He trash. His dad hype hype him up.

    • JomoDaMusicMan
      JomoDaMusicMan 3 months ago


  • T Brown
    T Brown 3 months ago

    He has a lot to say now that Magic isn't in charge. Magic made this fool shut his mouth. Lonzo wants nothing to with this shitty BBB "Brand". Gelo is a fuck up who ruined his career in china. Now we have to listen to this idiot run his mouth.

  • Steve law
    Steve law 3 months ago +1

    Lakers gonna trade away they team because their fans are too impatient to let them grow just like they did Russell and look Stoopid when they go somewhere and turn into super stars Ball is right talent needs time to grow

    • Dan Serrano
      Dan Serrano 3 months ago

      Russell Was A Little Bitch For What He Did.
      No Room For Little Punks In L.A

  • david cone jr
    david cone jr 3 months ago

    The shop is just LBJ`s show to push his own narrative...which is a biased opinion and full of shit considering its LBJ`s show