I Stayed In Europe's Cheapest Hotel! 🇧🇾

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
  • 🇧🇾 Always wanted to travel to Europe but can't afford it? Well I've discovered a place everyone can afford. Whilst travelling through the provinces of Belarus I stumbled upon a hotel that wouldn't break anyone's budget. Welcome to what must be Europe's cheapest hotel.

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  • lilrosebush
    lilrosebush 20 hours ago

    What I've learned from this video.
    1. Bald is a cheapskate
    2. He enjoys the mundane on an almost childlike level
    I appericate this guy.

  • Marko Markovic
    Marko Markovic 2 days ago

    Looks like small apartment

  • Grownass Mannn
    Grownass Mannn 2 days ago

    Belakola vs Coca Cola. There is a video idea lol

  • Derk B
    Derk B 2 days ago

    My guess was 5 bucks lol

  • basil fawlty
    basil fawlty 5 days ago

    Seems like they are pretty much paying you to stay there

  • DeathOwesMEaBeer
    DeathOwesMEaBeer 6 days ago

    @5:30, Well I wasn't far off.. I figured we'd be using Euros after you said Europe's cheapest :(

  • DeathOwesMEaBeer
    DeathOwesMEaBeer 6 days ago

    @5:06 - I guess 4/5 Euro a night.

  • Jay Wade
    Jay Wade 7 days ago

    We got worse places in alabama, usa lol, that's not too bad of a hotel for cheap!

  • charlotte offen
    charlotte offen 7 days ago

    Better than any travel lodge I’ve been to

  • Green Machine
    Green Machine 9 days ago

    That's an awesome price .. just imagine here in the united states hotels for that price.

  • Linus Riesnert
    Linus Riesnert 9 days ago

    Barton Fink anybody?

  • cowpoke02
    cowpoke02 9 days ago

    most ukriane bed breakfasts are 10 bucks night , walk in and they don't try to rob the desperate trailer. haha . nice . maybe i'll move there . play stocks safely and live nice ..

  • Fear
    Fear 9 days ago

    I swear ive seen a porno shot there

  • AI Totem
    AI Totem 10 days ago

    Dang, I guessed 5 euros

  • Inferno
    Inferno 10 days ago

    the thing is that people wont make that much money there, you can stay one year with 2000$ there but they work over one year for 2000$

  • sanchesseli
    sanchesseli 11 days ago

    You can rent apartments there for $100 monthly + spend $100 per month for food.

  • Eye_of_Purg
    Eye_of_Purg 11 days ago

    poeople were escaping this shithole comunistic garbage and we shot in process - you show as it was some sort of fucking paridise

  • Eye_of_Purg
    Eye_of_Purg 11 days ago

    wait till police will beat you up for beening drunk - i spend my whole live i shitty comi land - those fuck killed many people for no reason

  • Brayan Pardo Perez
    Brayan Pardo Perez 11 days ago

    Even in Colombia (third world country) it's such a hard task to find a hotel so cheap and so nice.

  • Hamza Du Plessis
    Hamza Du Plessis 12 days ago

    Dude I love your videos. Seriously man you rock!

  • Andrew Ray
    Andrew Ray 12 days ago

    Hey bald I need your email to contact you. Thanks

  • Christian William
    Christian William 12 days ago

    How cheap are the hoes?
    Asking important question people*

  • darkknight8139
    darkknight8139 14 days ago +1

    I was going to guess 12 dollars, but when you said that you opted for the deluxe room, I was eager to up the ante to 13 dollars.
    I expected real cheap, but not this cheap. The room looks rather nice actually (the corridor doesn't).
    Here in The Netherlands, I think that the average price for a "cheap" hotel having only a bed in the room and shared bathrooms would be around 40-50 dollars... Not counting backpacker hostels, which are still 20-25 dollars a night, or less when you opt for a sleeping hall for 8 people.

  • Alex D.
    Alex D. 16 days ago +1

    surprised with the quality of this hotel, I would say the average Motel in America is significantly worse.

  • Slowmo
    Slowmo 17 days ago

    Where is it?

  • GreenLover
    GreenLover 19 days ago

    A hotel called ‘hotel’?? Hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

  • Abhishek Chaudhary
    Abhishek Chaudhary 20 days ago

    Wow what’s the name of this hotel

  • Sergio Domingues
    Sergio Domingues 20 days ago

    I've stayed in much worse than this, here in Portugal. Not hotels but rooms and apartments, and paying much more

  • Fr34kStyl3r
    Fr34kStyl3r 20 days ago

    My guess is 10 $. In New Orleans i payed 100 $ for a shitty room, which was horrible. The bad was hanging it's mattress was bad, the sealing was moldy so was the bathroom, the sink and shower was cloged and there was no refund. To top it all off i got sick, and had to stay an extra day... i could barely move it was horrid. This room you presented was better in every aspect!!!

  • Nitesh Lohia
    Nitesh Lohia 20 days ago

    "That's me. Hello" :)

  • Gav Columbo
    Gav Columbo 22 days ago

    Nicer than any hotel i've stayed in

  • Tom Kolbin
    Tom Kolbin 23 days ago

    One question - where do you see Europe here???

  • satrsmndri
    satrsmndri 24 days ago

    If I worked there remotely for a few years I would be rich

  • Reggaeman YO
    Reggaeman YO 25 days ago +1

    I feel like I stayed in a similar room in Dublin for $70 a night...

  • D
    D 25 days ago

    He should do a video on how much does he pay for European pussy after doing his videos

    3 dollars?

  • PW 7.08
    PW 7.08 26 days ago

    Wow that’s awesome .. hope you left a good tip 😉

  • Mick Angelhere's World

    Mate that’s one clean hotel great room I’ve stayed in so called posh hotels and the rooms were real basic and expensive 👍

  • Pearl Yeah
    Pearl Yeah 26 days ago +1


  • vcreativityx
    vcreativityx 27 days ago

    He makes the positive out the worst hats off

  • Karandeep Singh
    Karandeep Singh 27 days ago

    Where is this

  • James Brown
    James Brown 28 days ago

    Now I wonder about the price for some warm company for the night

  • Anthony N
    Anthony N 28 days ago

    Why are you so ironic.. Nobody forced you to go to the cheapest hotel

  • Zod of Heaven
    Zod of Heaven 28 days ago

    Looks like a giant granny's house - Even the paint and furniture says: 'tea and biscuits'. Love it!

  • F_adid
    F_adid 29 days ago

    This is much nicer compared to some other spots in croatia that i've been to, e.g. in Rijeka for example the hotel was in a full concrete building, looking to be some sort of mental health facility...
    (Im hungarian btw)

  • o justiceiro
    o justiceiro 29 days ago

    Who's going to Belarus during the winter? That's why is haunted

  • snurk agurk
    snurk agurk 29 days ago

    India: pathetic

  • mkrnkv
    mkrnkv 29 days ago

    Are you really excited about the whole thing? You look so, yeah, but I still can't believe it:) Is it the interior or the price you'r so excited about? I am a Ukrainian, and here we have a lot of stuff like this, in state facilities like hospitals and shops, and libraries, so to say A LOT. And for me this sucks. This poor USSR flovour. So outdated. I feel shocked looking at you being fascinated with all these things, literally I DO.

  • frisco
    frisco 29 days ago

    It's cheap, clean but totally empty. Is it off season or haunted? BTW--those green painted walls are actually beautiful in a nostalgic way

  • Dragan THEKING
    Dragan THEKING 29 days ago +1

    What a fantastic price for quite a decent room. I mean you could live there and it's cheaper than renting anywhere else in the world. Great stuff as always Bald. I love the old Soviet buildings it reminds me of Yugoslavia before it fell apart being an ex communist country and huge ally of Russia.

  • Hano Dodu
    Hano Dodu 29 days ago

    Should have brought mr100 rupees along

  • Vektori_Pektori LV
    Vektori_Pektori LV Month ago

    I got the same doors that is in that bathroom😅

  • Camel1991
    Camel1991 Month ago

    I was thinking it would be 2 GBP.

  • amar bibic
    amar bibic Month ago

    Go to Bosnia its way cheaper

  • kilogram
    kilogram Month ago +2

    I guessed 5 dollars was close but still amazed by the price.
    Shows you just how humble and good the people are they are not thieves like in some other countries where they ripp people off especially tourists

  • Don Kihot
    Don Kihot Month ago

    Did u like hookers?

  • Sweet Rebelión
    Sweet Rebelión Month ago

    were in belarus?

  • Hat Wearing Ghost
    Hat Wearing Ghost Month ago

    Hotel? Travgo

  • Mladen Milić
    Mladen Milić Month ago +2

    I live in Serbia.
    It is normal here to have nice room for 8€.
    Materials are cheap, but far from bad quality. People here are in general poor compared to rest of Europe, and the simply could not afford expensive stuff, so producers must compete with pricepoint while not reducing quality.
    So, you have the cheapest materials possible, but final product must be built as best as possible.
    The green in that hotel may be the cheapest color they found in local store, but they put their pride to pain every corner. Everything is clean.
    In Eastern Europe, labour is cheap, materials are expsensive.

  • Sluretje
    Sluretje Month ago +1

    Damn that's one HUGE fridge for a small room like that xD electricity must be cheap there?!

  • kaasirose24
    kaasirose24 Month ago

    It’s so cheap and definitely much cleaner than most cheap hotels anywhere in the world .