I Stayed In Europe's Cheapest Hotel! 🇧🇾

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
  • 🇧🇾 Always wanted to travel to Europe but can't afford it? Well I've discovered a place everyone can afford. Whilst travelling through the provinces of Belarus I stumbled upon a hotel that wouldn't break anyone's budget. Welcome to what must be Europe's cheapest hotel.

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    TGWO CLAN 2 hours ago

    Please someone tell me what camera he is using for the love of God 🙏❤️

  • Alfa Bravo Gaming
    Alfa Bravo Gaming 2 hours ago


  • TheTroposa
    TheTroposa 2 hours ago

    I'm curious if Baldy leaves a massive tip like $5

  • ye s
    ye s 2 hours ago

    I'd happily pay 25 for it, im a big fan of the strange look of the place

  • Nathan Jones
    Nathan Jones 3 hours ago

    After watching Hostel films I never trust these sort of places

  • Shammy Ib
    Shammy Ib 3 hours ago

    Hey bald faggot how about showing the nice places....
    I can go to your shithole overrun by immigrants country and show everyone what a shithole it is.
    Unfuck yourself you bald faggot and start to show a fair representstion you ugly english fuck.

  • Steinmetz K
    Steinmetz K 4 hours ago

    i would live there

  • Anastasia Falcon
    Anastasia Falcon 4 hours ago

    In Russia many places look like this or worse but are way more expensive. This one is good. I hope you left a TripAdvisor review for them.

  • Alderaan Nowicki
    Alderaan Nowicki 5 hours ago

    can i book this hotel in trivago??

  • maxi4492
    maxi4492 5 hours ago

    Jesus in Serbia I can get one big or two small burgers for that! That's ludicrously cheap!

  • Artur Piesiura
    Artur Piesiura 5 hours ago

    It shows how many hotels are overpayed by us.

  • darthnipple
    darthnipple 6 hours ago

    Was there any mold? It looked really clean. It amazes me that room is so clean; I stayed at a hotel that 20 pounds, but it had mold growing everywhere, and damp, broken wood shelves. However an online or remote student could stay there for $123/mo have every amenity they would need. It's sad that visas and employment schemes are the way they are.

  • killer of my enemies
    killer of my enemies 7 hours ago

    Were is the adress? I Really want visit it

  • Valerija
    Valerija 7 hours ago

    Thank you for showing us this lovely place. It's cheap, because it's in the province and very few people go to stay there. However it's tasteful and nice.

  • Ilya Melnichuk
    Ilya Melnichuk 9 hours ago

    Where is it? Witch city?

  • LuiDeca
    LuiDeca 9 hours ago

    this is so much better than any hotels I stayed in San Francisco..

  • Michael Booth
    Michael Booth 9 hours ago

    What good value for money. Fuck it. Selling up and moving to Belarus.

  • King Leonidas
    King Leonidas 9 hours ago

    The green reminds me of thunderpants

  • Die_Idiotie
    Die_Idiotie 9 hours ago

    Bloody awesome channel. Thank you so much for your insights. Keep going!

  • Cody Godin
    Cody Godin 12 hours ago

    Actually nice compared to the hotels in my town

  • Dan Que le citron
    Dan Que le citron 12 hours ago

    4:35 that's the type of corridor where you get murdered

  • kebman
    kebman 13 hours ago

    *гостиница,* does it mean something like "guest house"? I mean *гост* obviously means "guest", right? However I know there's a slav word called *улица* which means "street". So could it mean that it's a house for people _from the street?_ Meaning a sort of _public house,_ except more in the sense of a _hotel_ rather than the British meaning of the term? In Germanic you have the term *gasthaus* which translates literally to "guest house", meaning a small _inn._ Could that be the origin of the term?

  • Zsolt Papp
    Zsolt Papp 13 hours ago +2

    If you would not speak russian i bet you would have payed 5x more for the room...

  • Riksa
    Riksa 13 hours ago

    Really liking all the green

  • Paul.J
    Paul.J 14 hours ago

    You still got ripped off.

  • Shannon Foreman
    Shannon Foreman 14 hours ago

    I’ve seen many and far worse hotels in America. That actually looks peaceful and pleasant

  • Jim83 J
    Jim83 J 15 hours ago

    Serious Harry hill vibe in this one BB

  • Louis Frost
    Louis Frost 15 hours ago

    We've got much crappier hotels in Australia, at least it's clean

  • Nasher1805
    Nasher1805 16 hours ago

    Stopped at 5:05
    So after what I saw I would say it's around 20 bucks a night but after I saw the title my guess would be 5 bucks :D

  • sagich dirdochnicht
    sagich dirdochnicht 17 hours ago

    Damn. I've seen WAY worse. For ten times the price.

  • Ivin3690
    Ivin3690 19 hours ago +1

    I stayed in a hotel in Wellington, NZ for 3 nights and it cost me $24/night. And it was the second worst hotel I'd ever been in. I still get chills thinking about that dreadful place.

  • Doug M
    Doug M 20 hours ago

    $4!!! B&B you got ripped off. lol

    NOTO RIOUS 21 hour ago +4

    You could live there for only $124 a month , not bad rent!

    • Angela Kindness
      Angela Kindness 4 hours ago

      Byelarus' has low civil rights, and you need an extended visa to legally stay there

    • Louis Frost
      Louis Frost 15 hours ago

      I'm moving in Bro

  • Davtheboss :D
    Davtheboss :D Day ago

    That hotel and some countries give me an uncomfortable vibe. How that hotel was so empty with no people. Creepy vibe.

  • Egg Legg
    Egg Legg Day ago

    Very clean and home-y for its price. Honestly for the stuff you are getting and the quality, it is a very good deal!

  • Adamz678
    Adamz678 Day ago

    So 127 a month, shit you could live there cheaper than on the street lol

  • Cutie Pye
    Cutie Pye Day ago

    What type of camera is that and does the stick come with it? Will you profile Crimea? Any other countries on your list?

  • fyrtiotva
    fyrtiotva Day ago

    I think the floor is Lenlinoleum

  • Grimulkin
    Grimulkin Day ago

    Fucking hell, so that's like £3 a night. Banging deal mate

  • Ziolek2000
    Ziolek2000 Day ago

    I was thinking around a $1 or 2

  • Friend Chicken
    Friend Chicken Day ago

    Just 214 Philippine Pesos?? Wow. And it's decent.

  • The Roach
    The Roach Day ago

    I'm putting Belarus as my number one European destination.

  • banjo mcgrooder
    banjo mcgrooder Day ago

    I`ve been charged more for worse.

  • Bralph888
    Bralph888 Day ago

    32 bucks Canadian is my guess! Pleasant hotel.

  • Lil Guschi
    Lil Guschi Day ago

    Cheaper than rent

  • Its Me Racoon
    Its Me Racoon Day ago

    I think this has something to do with money laundering

  • Stian Andreassen

    I thought good about getting a nice hotel in Georgia for 15$ one night, but 4.10$, darn, thats hostel pricing (you could rent a bed for like 3.50$). Oddly enough, I've slept in places looking way worse in London,

  • Tom Sydney
    Tom Sydney Day ago

    About $1500 for the year can’t argue with that

  • gfhfhrthsefsehtjgngd

    I pay five and a half time as much for my apartment if you would add what it would cost in a month lol

  • #TeamKermitRacing

    For 4dollar dude ive been in hotels paying like a 100 that where more crap then this ! This even has more luxury look at that full size fridge !

  • Parker's NBA Videos

    Seriously, this place is a million times nicer than that "cheap" $50 NYC Chinatown room I saw on RU-clip. I wouldn't even mind living here for a few weeks or so.
    Of course, NYC gets tons more tourists hence, the prices.

  • jacklucien
    jacklucien Day ago

    I stayed in a hotel in Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad, Russia, for £2 (100 roubles) a night in 2007. With inflation, I guess it’s competition hehe

  • MGTOW Stan
    MGTOW Stan Day ago

    This is cheaper then owning a house in Sofia. Where is the address!

  • Ryan Grant
    Ryan Grant Day ago

    You're kinda condescending

  • silverback17 S
    silverback17 S Day ago

    I would insist on paying more haha

  • Duje Peričić
    Duje Peričić Day ago

    With 100$ you buy all rooms in hotel

  • Josef Wassermann

    I will just travel there just to save money and enjoy those beautiful surroundings.
    Thanks for sharing. Love your channel.

  • Flex tape Enthusiast

    I’m not gonna lie that’s about 75% of our Ozzie hotels
    Edit: I thought it was three

  • fanjapanischermusik

    i guessed 5 dollars. if you want more of that soviet vibe, visit a town hall or city hall or another building open to the public. they usually got that loooong cold hallways.

  • HappyQuails
    HappyQuails Day ago

    Are other people regarding you to be an "American Spy from The UK"? :)

  • HappyQuails
    HappyQuails Day ago

    Is toilet paper "extra" at the cheapest hotel room in Europe? :) It would have been interesting for you to carry a dosimeter set on vibrate only (no audio).

  • Shubham Swaraj
    Shubham Swaraj Day ago

    If you ever plan coming back to India, try Bokaro Steel City. It was planned by Soviets. You will find Soviet quaters for factory works. Nice City.

  • Smashface McBourbondick

    So am I missing something or is there no door out to the balcony?

  • Winston Churchill

    How much for a prostitute? If it’s a Tena I’m on my way

  • jeb brook
    jeb brook Day ago

    2 dollars

  • Jack Murry
    Jack Murry Day ago

    The film hostel comes to mind

  • EchtEenMilan
    EchtEenMilan Day ago

    wich city?

  • Lev Barnett
    Lev Barnett Day ago

    I have stayed in far cheaper hotel rooms in Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Thailand...

  • Wi Wa
    Wi Wa Day ago

    This brings me back to around 10 years ago when i stayed in a hotel at mae salong, thailand and it only cost me 30baht (less than a dollar) a night, place is basic but still clean and the people there were super nice. Good times indeed

  • l lree
    l lree Day ago

    u could live their for 500 bucks live for minths

    • Angela Kindness
      Angela Kindness 4 hours ago

      …with proper visa, yes; but Byelarus' has civil rights issues, too

  • steve leslie
    steve leslie Day ago

    I was wondering how many hours a day is the electricity turned on? Where are the lights?

  • LOVE Conquers All

    To stay at that hotel for a full year at that rate costs less than 1 months rent where I live 😭

  • W. H.
    W. H. Day ago

    That would cost around $59.00 in California

  • Curtis Bona
    Curtis Bona Day ago

    Cost less than rent man

  • Samsung McKone
    Samsung McKone Day ago

    I've stayed in many places that would make this place look like the Burj Khalifa. Nothing wrong with that place at all, what do you want for nothing? Rubber Biscuit?

  • Mr Hallman
    Mr Hallman 2 days ago

    $4.10 x 365 = $1496.50 an entire year for less than one month of my mortgage.

  • kim Dierichsen
    kim Dierichsen 2 days ago

    Got yourself a nice little chair here, he said and pointed at a table?

  • Simvit Travels
    Simvit Travels 2 days ago +3

    I once stayed at a hostel in Georgia for 3 nights and it cost $5 total 😂

    • Simvit Travels
      Simvit Travels 13 hours ago

      Nasher1805 nah it was the regular price for off season. Georgia the country, that is.

    • Nasher1805
      Nasher1805 16 hours ago

      Was it some sort of special price? I can't imagine it being that cheap

  • Yu Jin
    Yu Jin 2 days ago

    So, who's up for a trip to Belarus?

  • Element of Kindness
    Element of Kindness 2 days ago

    The corridors only missing lockers, and it would feel just like my old elementary school!!
    I guessed $20US. The room looks very decent, and for that price, an absolute steal! I leave tips for housekeeping bigger than that! LOL

  • Eily Bergin
    Eily Bergin 2 days ago

    I am watching the "Another Dirty Room" series of Dan Bell here on yt and these rooms are nasty dumps for 80-150 Dollars a night. Go watch it. It's fun but do not eat while watching. This hotel although is neat, clean and cheap. 👍

  • Andrew Enriquez
    Andrew Enriquez 2 days ago

    Anyone know what kind of camera he uses?

  • SainnQ
    SainnQ 2 days ago

    I've stayed in worst places in the damned USA for nearly 100$ a night. =l

  • ninjafireball
    ninjafireball 2 days ago

    4.10 USD is sure expensive to indian standards, let alone the poor countries in Asia or Africa. They can live a month off from what you have paid :/. Perhaps Greece = cheaper???

  • N A
    N A 2 days ago

    Place looks better than my fucking apartment lmao

  • Mario
    Mario 2 days ago

    Better than the apartment I rented in New York city for 60 dollars a night

  • Cuddly
    Cuddly 2 days ago

    What camera is that?

  • AAUBICH302mm
    AAUBICH302mm 2 days ago

    can smell these videos

  • Gautam Barman
    Gautam Barman 2 days ago

    Hotel price is so unimaginably cheap! Such exposure will certaily made all the budget tourist to flock in to Belarus..

  • Salmi Turgman
    Salmi Turgman 2 days ago

    It's not the cheapest even in Belarus you ain't seen nothin yet sweety

  • per min
    per min 2 days ago

    I wouldn't stayed in that hotel even if I received money for that, too depressive

  • betty boop
    betty boop 2 days ago

    You are mean, cynical, your pathetic attempt at humour is besides gratuitous, not even particularly witty. Ever tried working for a living? Go away with your patronising superiour crap british attitude.

  • Tomás Correia
    Tomás Correia 2 days ago

    Was he being ironic? I actually tough it has not that bad

  • Creepsington
    Creepsington 2 days ago

    i was a dollar and 10 cents off

  • bla bla
    bla bla 2 days ago +1

    Its alot cheaper than my rent and someone cleans it up for you every day XD

  • Brian W
    Brian W 2 days ago

    You could stay in that hotel for 30 years for only $44,895... that’s less than the interest payment on a home purchase.

    NATURAL GAMER 2 days ago

    I am from India here it's minimum 10$
    Worst than those

  • Ahnaf Muttaki Sakib
    Ahnaf Muttaki Sakib 2 days ago

    Wow! very clean and tidy. I wouldn't mind staying there if they had wifi.

    • Ahnaf Muttaki Sakib
      Ahnaf Muttaki Sakib Day ago

      bald and bankrupt That's nice! If you ever come back to South Asia, please visit Bangladesh too. Would love to watch your vlogs about Bangladesh.

    • bald and bankrupt
      bald and bankrupt  2 days ago +1

      It does in the lobby

  • Thor Fla
    Thor Fla 2 days ago

    Looks cozy. And clean. I would stay.

  • Juno Nismo
    Juno Nismo 2 days ago

    That is soooo....viet