Yale Graduate Takes The SAT As An Adult

  • Published on Feb 13, 2019
  • Ned challenged himself to take the SAT as an adult. Will he score as well as he did over a decade ago?
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Comments • 13 805

  • The Try Guys
    The Try Guys  5 months ago +20221

    B (Ned edited the video wrong lol 😂)

    • Sukkulents
      Sukkulents 22 days ago

      I was getting worked up over 'C' for the first question

    • Cara Oldham
      Cara Oldham 27 days ago

      The Try Guys I'm 12 and I managed to get 4/5

    • John Mark Corpuz
      John Mark Corpuz 27 days ago

      i was about to comment u got it wrong, then this comment pops up. :)

    • Andrea
      Andrea Month ago

      thank you i was so proud when i figured it out and then so mad when it appeared to be wrong lol

    • Matthew Relucio
      Matthew Relucio Month ago


  • Kim Friesen
    Kim Friesen 2 hours ago

    “Drinking is bad kids”
    Takes a shot

  • Viviana Louise
    Viviana Louise 10 hours ago

    It's not just kids that put pressure on themselves, it's mostly parents and peers

  • Jocef Jose
    Jocef Jose 13 hours ago

    Dear lord just watching this vid flashing the worded math problems made me wanna click the dislike button and take an aspirin or two. Im just glad i got through all that SAT thingamajoo in my life.

  • Schumi Chen
    Schumi Chen 19 hours ago

    *Grabs a bottle of alcohol beverage* "This is for studying"

  • WuselDusel
    WuselDusel Day ago

    So in the US you need to have a certain score in this test or you can never go to college? :O
    This is so fucked up. In germany we have 3 different tiers of high school. Usually only with graduating from the highest tier you are allowed to go to college.
    I went to the middle-tier high school (Realschule), but I still had the chance to go to specialized schools to get better grades and gain the right to go to college.
    So I went to a 2 year IT school where I learned multiple programming languages, network stuff, server stuff, databases and so on. I had really good grades there (on Realschule I had really bad grades and barely was able to graduate) and then gained the right to go to college.
    When I applied to college I also only used the report cards of the IT school and not of the Realschule.
    So this is not possible in the US? You fail your SAT and then you are fucked for life?

  • Khasm
    Khasm Day ago

    I've just gotta say y'all highschoolers that are taking the SAT now are lucky they did away with the writing section of the test

  • loc Nguyen
    loc Nguyen 2 days ago

    that is pretty good

  • Dylan Ruggeri
    Dylan Ruggeri 2 days ago

    that pan between stationary and beer is me

  • Beatrice Ehret
    Beatrice Ehret 2 days ago

    When I took my SAT I got a 1100 I'm so mad lmfao

  • kcmn00
    kcmn00 2 days ago

    He's really intelligent.

  • Nicole Xie
    Nicole Xie 3 days ago

    oh god..... yep can't even survive four hours of this

  • VK TGC
    VK TGC 3 days ago +1

    I got everything right in the SAT call me a genius or CALL ME A GENIUS

  • Patricia Magana
    Patricia Magana 4 days ago

    I dont think I passed mine lol I'm in community college so that should say something, and for some reason i wasnt able to log in into my account and I couldn't send my results

  • Ella Taylor
    Ella Taylor 4 days ago

    I’m from England and I’ve not a clue about any of this. Are SATs basically GCSEs (tests you take when you are 15/16)???? And why do you need specific pencils??? 💜💙💚💗

  • Michelle Despres
    Michelle Despres 4 days ago +2

    This was super fun to watch. Ned such a good dude

  • chewy pesto
    chewy pesto 4 days ago

    John Marshall HS - Go Barristers

  • The Kats Meow
    The Kats Meow 4 days ago

    @8:06 🤣🤣🤣

  • Deimos Jackson
    Deimos Jackson 6 days ago

    I went in dry and got a 1020 so that’s kinda bummy

  • LarsHeat
    LarsHeat 6 days ago +2

    I know this ain't the newest video but: As a non-American I have no clue what SATs exactly are?
    Is that like your finals in high school that somehow count for everything?

    • Agent69
      Agent69 5 days ago +2

      Pretty much man. They're required to get into college

  • Emily Xu
    Emily Xu 7 days ago +2

    "The SAT is not the only measure of intelligence" -- yeah there's also the ACT LMAO

  • Chris Blue
    Chris Blue 7 days ago

    lol who the fuck takes a test in business casual with dress shirt and shoes. The wedding ring doesn't help either. lololol

  • Naa Ashitey
    Naa Ashitey 8 days ago

    When Ned does better on standardized test after one night of drunk studying compared to me study for one year. I'm not hurt

  • Rachel Baier
    Rachel Baier 8 days ago

    Ned got a 1500 on the SAT hungover.. legend.

  • The expert الخبيرة

    I'm sure if Eugene tried this he would've crushed it

  • Sarah Kate
    Sarah Kate 10 days ago +1

    How can he be so smart but not realize that to divide 100 by 2.5 he literally just needs to divide 100 by 25, and then multiply the result by 10 :D Instead he does this weird guesstimation omg

    • Gasoline Girl
      Gasoline Girl 8 days ago

      Sarah Kate or you can divide 10 by 2,5 and then just multiply it back

  • Shelia Law
    Shelia Law 10 days ago

    What the total American sat score you have to get to get full marks?

  • Aubreeeeeyyyyy
    Aubreeeeeyyyyy 11 days ago

    Maybe I should study because without studying I got a 1230 😂

  • Yvonne Fang
    Yvonne Fang 12 days ago

    SATs is way easier than the NCEE in China... maybe next time you could try that

  • jeonjunkfood
    jeonjunkfood 12 days ago

    i don't really understand what sat is but i'm guessing he did really fuckin good so


  • Courtney Fairchild
    Courtney Fairchild 12 days ago

    I scored better than a Yale graduate in the reading section...? He creamed me in Math tho

  • Sakshi Shriyan
    Sakshi Shriyan 12 days ago

    SAT questions sound really fun! I wanna give it too now !

  • Natalie Vargas
    Natalie Vargas 13 days ago

    I studied for hours, I took a course that costed me $300+ and got a 1040, and this guy got a 1500. Man I’m stupid

  • Katie Merione
    Katie Merione 13 days ago

    I took my SAT six months ago and got a 1070. That's probably because I didn't study for it AT ALL tho

  • Viksha Dya
    Viksha Dya 14 days ago

    Ned gives me hope

  • quietone748
    quietone748 15 days ago

    I panicked when I got to the math part of my SAT in 1981. I thought I was going to die.... I dropped out of math courses after 10th grade because I had such a bad basic grasp of math. The reading comprehension part was a piece of cake during the test, though. I remember when I got done with the test, I was convinced I had utterly failed. I was surprised that I got a passing result. That meant that even though I didn't know half the math answers, I had guessed correctly on most of them. And I did get into the college of my choice :)

  • Alya Hesham
    Alya Hesham 15 days ago

    Where all ig students discover just how difficult their system actually is

  • kou so
    kou so 15 days ago

    I had to take a lot of tests to get into the Japanese university that I'm in now, including scoring110 on my TOEFL exam, I have to say the SATs is a lot easier than I thought. If we had money, I'd definitely apply for an American University.

  • Marlee Hauber
    Marlee Hauber 15 days ago

    Laughs in Canadian

  • KiraTsukimoto Gaming
    KiraTsukimoto Gaming 16 days ago +1

    I don't get this sort of exam.. In Australia you choose your subjects and ALLL of my exams besides math that I failed hard in... was all essays. All I remember from the HSC is that my hand died. A LOT

  • Su Di Wen
    Su Di Wen 16 days ago

    how did ned get a 1550 the last time he took the SATs if the syllabus only changed from 2400 to 1600 in 2016

    • Su Di Wen
      Su Di Wen 15 days ago

      @quietone748 oh wow I didn't know that! Thanks for clarifying :)

    • quietone748
      quietone748 15 days ago

      It was 1600 back in the early 80's when I took it, too.

  • Coffee Hime
    Coffee Hime 17 days ago +3

    I now panic because I didnt understand any of it and im supposed to be taking this test this year

  • Caitlyn Bolze
    Caitlyn Bolze 17 days ago

    As a Canadian I must say, what the fuck is with the SAT? We have diploma exams which are 3 hours, and are done by percentage. English and Social Studies are in 2 parts which is similar in theory to the Sat. But like dude that’s insane for 1 exam for ALL of your classes?

  • Maria21
    Maria21 17 days ago +1

    I am Greek and these are so much easier than the panellenic exams.. whyyy?

  • Jenna De
    Jenna De 18 days ago

    Would like to see Ned take the LSAT!

    KAY SAFONOV 18 days ago

    America explain. What is a good SAT score? I have no idea

      KAY SAFONOV 14 days ago

      @quietone748 thank your c:

    • quietone748
      quietone748 15 days ago +1

      the scores range from 400 - 1600 for the entire test, whereby each part has a score range of 200-800.

  • Kiyo
    Kiyo 18 days ago

    Wow I feel old... our SATs were out of 2400...

  • lindsay becker
    lindsay becker 19 days ago +1

    No no no, kids don’t put pressure on themselves when it comes to standardized texting, it’s the parents, teachers, and learning institutions that do that. We are taught to test, not the material, and then told to go to a good college to get a good job to make money or we fail our lives as a whole.

  • Samantha Ceccopieri
    Samantha Ceccopieri 19 days ago


  • Wyvern Blackbourne
    Wyvern Blackbourne 19 days ago

    "What the fuck is a radian?"
    -Ned 2019
    I laughed so hard at that😂😂

  • Amy Roche
    Amy Roche 19 days ago

    I’m doing year 10 maths in Australia and I’m proud to say that I actually know how to solve the radians question. Wow.

  • Jess Cao
    Jess Cao 19 days ago

    Woah Ned is so smart!!!

  • Samm
    Samm 20 days ago

    Ned...Ned, Ned, Ned. Mistake numero uno, you passed up on the Ticonderogas... 🧐 they are THE number 2 pencil, the pencil of all pencils...

  • Natalie Kendel
    Natalie Kendel 20 days ago +1

    The getting drunk element was dumb and unnecessary.

  • John Ivan Cunanan
    John Ivan Cunanan 20 days ago


  • Chloe Lim
    Chloe Lim 20 days ago

    yEs beAn

  • Michael Harper
    Michael Harper 21 day ago +6

    Congratulations Ned!! I'd definitely hug you. Plus when you shaved, you totally looked like a teen. Wow

  • Amanda G. Faller
    Amanda G. Faller 21 day ago

    i gave this test with minumun preparation and a really strong need to pee, it was sad really

  • Zion Rumble
    Zion Rumble 21 day ago +1

    The SAT stands for Stupid Ass Test

  • gogolaygo
    gogolaygo 21 day ago

    Wifey: “I think you’ve lost brain cells”

  • beautyfool
    beautyfool 21 day ago

    Wow! I’m old. No internet back when I went to school. Waited months for score. Definitely wasn’t anything near Ned score. But I still went to college.

  • L S
    L S 21 day ago

    So you don't have to do the writing anymore?

  • Raghav Agrawal
    Raghav Agrawal 21 day ago

    Damn sat is so much more easier than IIT's jee

  • Katie Owen
    Katie Owen 22 days ago

    The first time I took the SAT I scored like a 945 (which is a bad score) but I had absolutely nothing to compare it to so I was like “I did great!” And my friend at the time was like “Actually, dumbass,”

    • Katie Owen
      Katie Owen 22 days ago

      Ps the second time I took it I scored a 1400

  • pardn
    pardn 22 days ago +6

    I would love Ned to make some cool sciencey chemistry vids

  • Emma B
    Emma B 22 days ago +7

    ned: confused
    me, a nervous wreck of a high school student with crippling anxiety and stress levels because of these stupid tests: _exactly_

    NITIN CHANDRA 22 days ago +1


    • itsrain
      itsrain 22 days ago

      Check the pinned post. They said that it's wrong.

  • mellow jay
    mellow jay 22 days ago

    ok but the high school he went to is the one i’m at right now...

  • Basic Basics
    Basic Basics 22 days ago

    I got it

  • Sukkulents
    Sukkulents 22 days ago +40

    Out of the 2.13 million test-takers, 19533 scored the same or higher than you.

    Damn Ned, chill

  • Kpop Weeb
    Kpop Weeb 22 days ago

    wats some advise for the SAT bc im gonna take it in HS and im starting to take prep classes so i can get ahead

  • Mehek Jain
    Mehek Jain 22 days ago

    Wowowowow I take the sat and get a bad score. Wowowowowo smart smart!!😭😂

  • Laura Chute
    Laura Chute 23 days ago

    Every Canadian including myself:
    'the fuck is a good SAT score? what is an SAT?'
    Apparently 1600 is like.. the best you can get.
    Some kid in my class has to take them bc he might go to a US college for hockey or something, and I'm sitting here like 'you're going to fail-'

  • Unicorn Animations
    Unicorn Animations 23 days ago +1

    I’m nine and I’m learning about radiants

  • Jessica Driver
    Jessica Driver 23 days ago

    As a nursing student, id love to see him try to take the NCLEX 😂

  • rehder7
    rehder7 23 days ago

    What's with the married kid taking the SAT? He get held back?

  • Michelle Anne
    Michelle Anne 23 days ago +19

    weird flex, but Ned apparently went to my high school!

  • I'mSufferingFrom CoffeeWithdrawal

    Thank gosh we don't have SAT in the Philippines. Just by reading some online stuff about it gives me second hand stress

  • Halle W.K
    Halle W.K 24 days ago

    Proof- you don’t use half this shit as an adult. Highschool lied.

  • Ben Heinrich
    Ben Heinrich 24 days ago

    I took the SAT this year and was wondering why my friends were so upset that we got a similar score. I thought the score didn’t have much bearing on me and my decision but that isn’t the thought process of many kids in school in this day and age. And it’s kind of upsetting to think that a single score can cause such grief and tension in a persons life.
    But this begs the question am I crazy for not being invested enough to go back an improve or is everyone else crazy for caring to much about an arbitrary number and a stupid piece of paper?

  • N C
    N C 24 days ago

    Whats up with 2 no. Pencil

  • Aikah Natsume
    Aikah Natsume 25 days ago

    yall ned's too fuken smart, i be in my 30s but i dont fuken remember those math

  • Nevertoleave
    Nevertoleave 25 days ago +11

    Me with no understanding of SAT scoring: good job! 🙂
    Comment section with understanding of SAT scoring: OMG he’s so smart! 🤩
    Me now with a little understanding of SAT scoring: Oh!! Good job! 😃

    • Shelia Law
      Shelia Law 10 days ago

      Nevertoleave ikr. For me, o lvls is the one we used in my country. A lvls is those who decided to continue theory studies.

  • LM Carter
    LM Carter 25 days ago

    Try GCSEs Iittle longer than 1 4 hour test

  • gjmusic
    gjmusic 26 days ago

    Okay but I want to know what he’s get w/ the 20 hours refresher/studying, food sleep, and sober

  • MyInstagramIs keyfam2007

    OMG Eugene has a beard!!

  • Arwen Burgmans
    Arwen Burgmans 26 days ago +1

    I am fifteen and this is so much easier than my normal tests ??? I live in the Netherlands

  • Miss Poison
    Miss Poison 26 days ago

    I was that drunk stoner kid in highschool that didn't try and the fact I got a 1550 only 50 points more. Makes my small heart grow just a little.

  • ZephyrHusky
    ZephyrHusky 26 days ago

    In 10 years.... I’m gonna take the SAT again to see if I can get my same score, or higher

  • TheOneHandGo D
    TheOneHandGo D 26 days ago

    Why does Ned look like thing one and thing 2 😂😂😂😂

  • baby. sharonx
    baby. sharonx 27 days ago

    No lie , Ned legit ass took the SAT at my highschool if your wondering it’s John Marshall High School.

  • phantasystar88
    phantasystar88 27 days ago

    With Ned’s current score, he stills meets the requirements for Yale. Smart man.

  • BlendFlix Animation
    BlendFlix Animation 27 days ago +1

    Skip to 10:25 You're welcome

  • Interitous
    Interitous 27 days ago

    That's cute and all, but why dont you try GCE 'A' Levels? That shit will murder you

  • Samantha Yankocy
    Samantha Yankocy 27 days ago

    I went to a tutor for 3 months, studied everyday, and went to my test not hungover and he got 300 points better than me! 😡

  • Kathy Fan
    Kathy Fan 28 days ago

    4:23 Ned: What is she doing with all this milk?
    Me: she's feeding her baby 😂

  • Clara Allbright
    Clara Allbright 29 days ago

    We don’t take the sats in Canadaaaa

  • Shivam Patel
    Shivam Patel 29 days ago

    THe first question is not c

  • Richy Marco
    Richy Marco 29 days ago

    I barely passed highschool and this guy just passed a yales university test drunk

    • Sunday Girl
      Sunday Girl 25 days ago

      No, he wasn't taking a Yale university test. He WENT to Yale for university and took the SAT again as an adult.

  • Johnette Pace
    Johnette Pace 29 days ago

    He is an alcoholic