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  • Published on Mar 9, 2019
  • r/Choosingbeggars think they're entitled to everything you own, including your furniture and your house. So, you'd better hurry up and hand over all of your property... OR ELSE! There will be DIRE consequences for anyone who dares to separate a choosing beggar from "their" property. You can expect to get arrested if you don't give a choosing beggar what they deserve!
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  • rSlash
    rSlash  5 months ago +4583

    If you're reading this, paypal all of your money to rslashyt@gmail

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      Doritos Boi Month ago +1

      Maybe. If I feel like it

    • alpha
      alpha Month ago +1

      no, no don't think I willwww.reddit.com/r/freefolk/comments/bszxub/when_hbo_tell_us_to_stop_criticising_season_8/

    • Noah Souza
      Noah Souza Month ago +1

      How much would you like for that speaker $200 ok send that amount to my paypal it is used to cure my sons disease

    • Tw1nFlawless
      Tw1nFlawless Month ago

      Guys, he's joking he's mimicking the entitled people. XD I'm shocked to see how people didn't get it! XD

    • Barack Obama
      Barack Obama Month ago +1

      Sorry I'm broke I was wandering if you can do it for freeeeeee.you could be paid in exposure.

  • How not to Art
    How not to Art 13 hours ago

    I-I don't even have 5 thousand dollars...

  • Shiny Squirtle
    Shiny Squirtle 17 hours ago

    I’m not a robo....BATTERIES LOW CHARGE IMMEDIATELY... t I’m 100% human

  • Just a Pagan
    Just a Pagan 17 hours ago

    Im not gonna lie, my guy, as much cringe as some of these stories have given me, I no longer listen to music while showering or relaxing... Instead, I pop one of these videos on and laugh and laugh.
    This is pretty awesome to say the least.

  • dedude
    dedude 20 hours ago

    how dare you call me a robot, because of me you have a channel, BLOCKED.

  • gentlegiant6585
    gentlegiant6585 Day ago

    OMG I'm 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 over the couch story. Waht a STUPID bitch 😅👍😁!

  • The Animsassion
    The Animsassion Day ago

    I'll test to see if anyone here are robots with this poll:
    What Would You Choose
    A) A Flower from your Sweetie
    B) A Puppy
    C) A Large Formatted Data File

  • Behind The Curtain
    Behind The Curtain 3 days ago

    Beep boop please insert new update software

  • JoJo Loves Limes
    JoJo Loves Limes 3 days ago

    Free makes people crazy

  • SuperNovaXas
    SuperNovaXas 3 days ago

    i wount pay for a shit

  • Denise Lainez
    Denise Lainez 4 days ago +1

    Imma start charging for the amount of brain cells I have been losing looking at your vids.

    A new Sub 😄

  • Alana Mickens
    Alana Mickens 4 days ago

    Well I'm not paying you a dollar but I might give you a subscriber in place of the money

  • ChrisPhil Gaming
    ChrisPhil Gaming 5 days ago

    Give me your vital organs or I will sue you and make sure you get hit by a door

  • enos lagrimas
    enos lagrimas 5 days ago

    Wait 5 human watching ?
    What about me then ??

  • T1 Kattz
    T1 Kattz 5 days ago

    I'm one of the five humans apparently

  • hopfoxy music isae
    hopfoxy music isae 5 days ago

    6:27 to keep my spot for tomorrow

  • Thørn Wølf Bløød

    Wait I'm a robot, cool

  • Finley Clyburn
    Finley Clyburn 6 days ago

    shut up u hall

  • Pedro reyes
    Pedro reyes 6 days ago

    when i was listening the last story i was in other stuff in my pc so i just think it was a personal story from Rslash and i was like "Hum ironic...."

  • The D
    The D 6 days ago

    how **INHALE** DARE YOU

  • horse man gaming
    horse man gaming 6 days ago

    rslash: says butthole instead of asshole. Also rslash: DICK
    Me: EPIC

  • Amusing Kiwi
    Amusing Kiwi 7 days ago

    I havent gone on vacation my entire life...😞😭😂 lol

  • GabbiTheDancingDemon

    13:15 wait I'm a human

  • Shadow Memez
    Shadow Memez 8 days ago

    [sees EP] o h n o [Slowly walks away]

  • ValTheWeirdo
    ValTheWeirdo 8 days ago

    I demand your dog for 20 subscribers!I’ll give you lots of followers and subscribers from Instagram!!

  • Cody Helton
    Cody Helton 8 days ago +7

    My guy, what's your PayPal? I'll send over that $100 plus a $50 fee for being so late

  • That Thunder
    That Thunder 9 days ago

    13:03 peace ✌️

  • Sparkle the pupper
    Sparkle the pupper 9 days ago

    You should put me on r/madlads cus I ain't paying

  • RachelDuCote
    RachelDuCote 9 days ago

    I got some stories. How do I post ?

  • jannatul farduse
    jannatul farduse 10 days ago +1

    Apparently I am a robot

  • joshua Davis
    joshua Davis 10 days ago +1

    Pay for nothing. Lol

  • Jesus jiu-jitsu
    Jesus jiu-jitsu 10 days ago

    HAHAHAHA choosing beggars make me wanna die

  • Finnegan Long
    Finnegan Long 10 days ago +3

    And that kids...
    Is why you never put something up for free on Craig’s list.

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget 10 days ago +2

    I’m a robot? :/

  • Eoghan Jones
    Eoghan Jones 10 days ago +1

    0:56 wow that’s good

  • Jormugand
    Jormugand 10 days ago

    I wonder if the police officer went by the crazy lady's cell, told her that his brother loved "her" couches and was grateful she called the police,

  • The Sexiest Rat On Youtube

    i'm too rich i have 15 pounds

  • Owen C
    Owen C 10 days ago

    Well now you have 5 active viewers because I got my whole friends group to watch

  • Phillip Florea
    Phillip Florea 11 days ago

    Why are you becoming one with the cb

  • Paragon4Life
    Paragon4Life 11 days ago

    1 of 5 people lol

  • Jill Iliff Iliff
    Jill Iliff Iliff 11 days ago


  • Pastel Princess Gracie

    I swear it's the creative fields that get targeted for exposure from cooking to animation to anything else that requires you to be creative. Anything artsy is choosing beggar bait.

  • Genna W
    Genna W 12 days ago

    Make this into a sentence like ttyl or brb

    I will change it whenever someone replys if I am here

  • Evil Thanos
    Evil Thanos 12 days ago

    Apperantly choosing beggars are trash artists and are always the customer lmao

  • shadow play
    shadow play 12 days ago


  • Captain Killston Best Pirate of the Seas

    Defiantly not a human nope not me

  • Emilline
    Emilline 13 days ago

    The views:

  • Myah Espinosa
    Myah Espinosa 13 days ago

    Soooo um, I got my friends to subscribe to you, so give me like $500 for exposure or I'll sue you. Just saying

  • Jarosław Sobiński
    Jarosław Sobiński 13 days ago

    I love it how you say "blank" or replace swears with PG13 vocabulary.

  • The American Assassin
    The American Assassin 14 days ago

    What is with these people and blocking

  • InventorZahran 327
    InventorZahran 327 14 days ago +1

    You know you're in trouble when a customer says "HELLO!" more than once in a texting exchange.

  • King Glitchez
    King Glitchez 14 days ago

    hu men

  • Katia Cheri
    Katia Cheri 14 days ago

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    • Katia Cheri
      Katia Cheri 14 days ago

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  • Rachel Beach
    Rachel Beach 14 days ago

    I got a good story for entitled customer.

  • Aizawa Pillow Butterfly

    Every Choosing Beggar: GO KILL YOURSELF!
    Me, Trying to Make Art: Cool. I’ll go do that.
    My Boyfriend: BABE STFU. You no Die.
    Choosing Beggar: No one Wants You. He is Just Pretending To like you.
    Me: This Man Owns Me(not Really). he is My Boyfriend. We have Been Together for Months. Yet, He is Pretending? He is a Kind, Adorable, Young Guy.
    EP, Enters the Chat: Then He Doesn’t Deserve you, Ugly.
    Me, Crying: I-I’m not Ugly..
    My Army Of Friends and My Bf: **Rage Mode Activate**

  • Anime Magician
    Anime Magician 15 days ago

    I'm human

  • Munich Mapper
    Munich Mapper 15 days ago

    7:05 Graduatio

  • Ross Crisostomo
    Ross Crisostomo 15 days ago

    LoL i DoNt KnOw?osjwosisjwo lol pls end me

  • Bashfulbonnanza 21
    Bashfulbonnanza 21 15 days ago

    The moment one of the stories said "artists" I got a little upset.

  • PinkGamingHQ
    PinkGamingHQ 16 days ago

    i am a human...*calculating* i am late to this video *calculating* for around ERROR...
    Emergency Reboot Initiated...
    Hello I Am a human...*calculating* i am late to this video *calculating* for around ERROR...
    Emergency Reboot Initiated...

  • Khylar Nordquest
    Khylar Nordquest 16 days ago

    I'm a human and I only know englandest ok I need classes for other lange witch

  • Kaiden Carlson
    Kaiden Carlson 16 days ago

    Nah, ima stay

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith 16 days ago

    1:37 OK. But all I have is Zimbabwe dollars. I'll send out 5K ASAP.

  • Big Pancakes
    Big Pancakes 16 days ago +1

    i cannot believe you would make such a bad unfunny joke............ #NOTlol #minecraftgoodfortnitebad #fortnitebadminecraftgood alright, signing out....
    -mine good fort bad 😳😳😳😳😎😢⤵😌😗🚶😠

  • Lizzie 123
    Lizzie 123 16 days ago

    Rslash: and I will see you in court
    Me: is you dog coming? If he is then I will happily go I LOVE dogs 🐕 #puppybloopers

  • Sayan guria
    Sayan guria 16 days ago

    Here's your money for let us commenting💰💰💰💰

  • Ryeley Eckert
    Ryeley Eckert 17 days ago

    Nano's comment was actually pretty funny!

  • Jellytabby
    Jellytabby 17 days ago

    honestly though, what I don’t get at all, is like how tf do these people think they’re being reasonable? like 20$ speaker person, what must have gone so wrong that you rationally believe that the seller has to give you his speaker. how incredibly deluded do you have to be to think that it’s justified and that you’re logically in the right? I mean these people must know that their claims are ridiculous right?

  • ImAnInsaiyanNamek
    ImAnInsaiyanNamek 17 days ago

    Charge deez nutz bitch... Is what I would say if you were not being sarcastic

  • T. Lisen S. Ringdal
    T. Lisen S. Ringdal 17 days ago

    Yeah I am a furry, I know but for real, choosing beggars truly are another specie.

  • tiger movies
    tiger movies 18 days ago +1

    Hey i am sharing your videos with all of my friends so please give me 800$ thanks(-; nah just kidding

  • Exira the Otaku
    Exira the Otaku 18 days ago

    I loved when he turned "Namaste."
    Into "nah, ima stay." Lmao.

  • Deji Fanboi
    Deji Fanboi 18 days ago

    Did this man just call us Bots? *EP Rage kicks in*

  • Vboss
    Vboss 18 days ago +1

    I have found too many choosing Beggers in my 14 years + too many entitled parents

  • J. B.
    J. B. 18 days ago

    REAL HUMAN HERE! Anyone else?