Goliath (On-Ride) Six Flags Magic Mountain - Valencia, California

  • Published on Apr 26, 2012
  • Front Rider's Perspective on Goliath. Giovanola: Mega Coaster
    Length: 4500'
    Height: 235'
    Drop: 255'
    Inversions: 0
    Speed: 85 mph
    Max Vertical Angle: 61 Degrees #SharpProductions #ThemePark

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  • Erki Haljasmäe
    Erki Haljasmäe Day ago +1

    Even the winds where scared.

  • Eliot Roberts
    Eliot Roberts Day ago

    This rollercoaster is FAST

  • Chayenne Tikai
    Chayenne Tikai 2 days ago

    This gives me anxiety

  • G Garcia
    G Garcia 3 days ago

    I love six flags and will be going again soon but the crazy thing is that these rides go a lot faster in real life but still love heights 🤩🤩

  • Jaden Gill
    Jaden Gill 3 days ago +1

    This ride is really not bad. I got the weird stomach feeling the first time I rode it. But then I rode it again and I didn't feel it. It was really fun. I rode it 4 times.

  • Racha Dj
    Racha Dj 4 days ago


  • Shre k
    Shre k 4 days ago

    Look at the gp in the comments..

  • Michael Covel
    Michael Covel 4 days ago

    I just want a day pass to ride Goliath, X2, Luther Drop until the park closes.

  • Luis Silva
    Luis Silva 5 days ago

    Hola talbes noe entienden

  • Satria Ibrahimovic
    Satria Ibrahimovic 6 days ago


  • Football Player
    Football Player 6 days ago

    Dont get me wrong , its looks fun and awesome but I'll pass lol

  • kbenkyane
    kbenkyane 6 days ago

    My question is:HOW DO THEY MAKE THESE

  • elias samson
    elias samson 7 days ago

    Savage mister

  • elias samson
    elias samson 7 days ago


  • Chiako
    Chiako 7 days ago

    _Im so scared to actually go on this oh my g od-_

  • TNT Plumbing
    TNT Plumbing 7 days ago +1

    How were you that brave to go on an 85MPH RIDE!? Today I’m going on a 73mph ride. The ride of steel at Six Flags Darien Lake

  • Dirty Weedie
    Dirty Weedie 7 days ago

    Hoy fui al parque y me subí en el asiento de adelante, puedo asegurar que se ve peor de lo que se siente jaja

  • KaiKai Marie
    KaiKai Marie 7 days ago

    This was a little girls first roller coaster and she loved it. I cant even sit here watching it on a phone without my heart pounding and breathing stopping

  • Jaquan Hardy
    Jaquan Hardy 8 days ago

    Hahah the guy said make sure your 250 poundssss😂😂

  • SupremeGoat 24k
    SupremeGoat 24k 8 days ago +1

    Every time I hit a peak of the ride, I felt like I would rise off of my seat a little bit and stay there for like a second it was scary

    • strummy dummy
      strummy dummy 5 days ago +1

      It’s awesome 🤑

    • SupremeGoat 24k
      SupremeGoat 24k 5 days ago +1

      strummy dummy hell naw😂😂

    • strummy dummy
      strummy dummy 5 days ago +1

      It’s called airtime, I leave my harness a click or two high so I get even more of it.

  • Valerie Mares
    Valerie Mares 8 days ago

    i waited in line for about 2 hours for this ride, but it was definitely worth it. it’s scary but also super fun, you should ride this at night.

    SHOWLOVEPROMO 9 days ago

    I want to six flags

  • John Casenas
    John Casenas 9 days ago

    It’s kinda sad I rode American eagle screaming the whole ride while these people having fun on this ride

  • bassman686
    bassman686 9 days ago

    When the frame rate is such that it makes the track cross braces look like they're going away from you... 🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • Delilah Flores
    Delilah Flores 10 days ago

    After watching this I feel prepared

  • smashinghappydays
    smashinghappydays 11 days ago +2

    i love how theres no 'woooos' on the first drop, and then after people realise their 50% less likely to die they woo the 2nd drop lol

  • XxSmore's JewelxX
    XxSmore's JewelxX 11 days ago

    It looks tempting to go on but terrifying also 😣😬

  • Jocelyn Quintero
    Jocelyn Quintero 11 days ago

    In six Flags over Texas this is called the Titan and it’s fun but the curve at 1:55 is scary specially to the person on the left side .

  • Adrian Carey
    Adrian Carey 12 days ago

    This ride is so mediocre. The only thing this ride did was that it almost made me blackout towards the end of the ride. After riding twisted colossus, this drop literally feels like nothing (and I cannot emphasize this enough).

  • Ben Keppeler
    Ben Keppeler 13 days ago

    probably the scariest roller coaster i've ever been on.. other than the 'venom' roller coaster from the same park. i swear i almost slipped out of the restraints on that one cuz i sat by myself... Wonder if that one is still up and running

  • maddie moncada
    maddie moncada 14 days ago

    this ride is literally leviathan and behemoth at canada’s wonderland combined

  • Justin Lee Griffin
    Justin Lee Griffin 14 days ago

    Looks exactly like Titan at Six Flags Over Texas

  • Debra Smith
    Debra Smith 15 days ago

    Pooped my dacks

  • Jeffplay's
    Jeffplay's 15 days ago

    Everyone in this comment section are WIIIIIIIMPS!!!!

  • Maddie K
    Maddie K 15 days ago +1

    this is nothing compared to the one in dallas texas, the goliath in dallas texas has a 375 ft drop going 51 degrees down, the ride is insanely crazy but the best ride ever, california needs to step up their game!!!!!!!! hahahahahha

  • Zero Poison
    Zero Poison 16 days ago +1

    I recommend this ride it’s fun even if you don’t like roller coasters

  • Nneka Nation
    Nneka Nation 17 days ago

    Boii I would have died on this

  • d handler
    d handler 17 days ago

    This is just like titan in texas

  • Apples Boi
    Apples Boi 17 days ago +1

    When u see it on RU-clip: eh it’s not even that big
    In real life: oh heck nah

  • Claudia Epitacio
    Claudia Epitacio 17 days ago +4

    bruh when the drop was coming i started to regret every bad thing i did in life 😂

  • This and That
    This and That 18 days ago

    I got a headache.

  • Gacha Morgan
    Gacha Morgan 19 days ago

    This ain’t scary at least not for me cuz I went on it

  • ᐯᒪOᘜᔕ Morales
    ᐯᒪOᘜᔕ Morales 19 days ago

    Just like the titan

  • Purple Sensei
    Purple Sensei 20 days ago

    I dream to ride this one... just wait you goliath

  • Marjely Doran
    Marjely Doran 21 day ago +3

    At 1:20 there is no going back 😂😂

  • ShadowLord 8101
    ShadowLord 8101 21 day ago

    Any name for the white roller coaster next to it

  • Asha Erlenborn
    Asha Erlenborn 21 day ago

    I remember I went on this last year and it was really scary but it was also really fun.

  • Sandra Vargas
    Sandra Vargas 22 days ago

    When I went it was scary

  • mixdbeautea
    mixdbeautea 23 days ago +2

    That clicking noise gives me anxiety

  • Shaun Donate
    Shaun Donate 24 days ago

    so this is what tyler was talking about...

  • Perky G
    Perky G 25 days ago

    This is just like the raging bull

  • The Road to Cosplay and Comic Con

    Oh hell no

  • Fragger
    Fragger 26 days ago


  • Federal Bureau of Investigation

    It brought me memories of the intensive of Ghost Rider.

  • Piffi
    Piffi 27 days ago

    Me on this roller coaster: Nah this is even

  • Milleri Gacha
    Milleri Gacha 28 days ago

    Oh geez, someone help! My parents want to go to six flags (walibi) this summer and want to ride EVERYTHING
    here i am, having anxiety for some rides there o-o

  • Chris Hollandsworth
    Chris Hollandsworth 29 days ago

    That coaster is fast as fuck!! Fastest coaster ive been on

  • Dasia bourne
    Dasia bourne 29 days ago


  • Zna’s World of fun

    I’ve been on this ride I love it

  • Shea Moore
    Shea Moore Month ago

    went on it to it is awesome

  • jennifer aguilar
    jennifer aguilar Month ago +1

    The drop looks a bit scary but the rest of the ride looks fun

  • Brian Wega
    Brian Wega Month ago

    AWESOME RIDE, I rode it several times last week. The Helix towards the end of the ride is pretty awesome. I have heard of some people graying out a little on the helix. It is a ride that almost anyone can enjoy.

  • Grace's Toy Stories and Reviews

    holly molly what is that

  • A V
    A V Month ago

    My back hurts just watching this...

  • VidsWithRiah
    VidsWithRiah Month ago

    Goliath and titan have the same foot drop, and I went on the titan so I can handle this

  • Stonez
    Stonez Month ago +4

    I didn’t think watching a roller coaster video could bring me nostalgia lmao

  • 16 cygni Bb Gamer
    16 cygni Bb Gamer Month ago

    Anyone else noticed that the ride is a Titan rip off and the seats are the exactly the same except that in the front it says Goliath instead of Titan?

  • anonyaa
    anonyaa Month ago +6

    imagine dropping your phone. o.O

  • Theme Park UK
    Theme Park UK Month ago

    this ride is so bad

  • Saber ex1
    Saber ex1 Month ago

    This is literally The Titan at six flags over Texas Arlington same coaster

    • PapaGeorg10
      PapaGeorg10 Month ago

      These amusement parks often use the same coaster designs at different parks. It saves money

  • Twealfth Dread
    Twealfth Dread Month ago

    It’s all fun in games until last weeks dinner comes outa you

  • Hellacia
    Hellacia Month ago

    This coaster is pretty mediocre, really no air time and a forceless drop, plus the attrocius mid course brake run. Also I got stapled in

    ALAN ZARATE Month ago +1

    Omg This ride looks so crazy and intense and it's extremely fast😱😱😱

  • L.P. Entertainment
    L.P. Entertainment Month ago

    I’m scared to ride with my hands up in the tunnel because I’m too scared they will get cut off 😂

  • ああ
    ああ Month ago


  • Ava Stewart
    Ava Stewart Month ago

    Is anyone else like me and to chicken to go on

  • Stupidhead154
    Stupidhead154 Month ago

    So fucking annoyed cause I missed Goliath

  • اناقة فتى وكذا شهوودة


  • BingBing BongBong
    BingBing BongBong 2 months ago

    My dumb ex made me get on this. I had my eyes closed the whole way up. F*CK THAT!

  • Bruh ,
    Bruh , 2 months ago

    Reminds me of final destination 3

  • Paige Hilt
    Paige Hilt 2 months ago

    Isn't this literally just like the titan at sixflags over texas

    • Sharp Productions
      Sharp Productions  2 months ago

      There's an extra helix on Titan, but yeah they are basically the same. ru-clip.com/video/BykVcY-b4cU/video.html

  • tHiCc bUnny
    tHiCc bUnny 2 months ago +1

    Y’all flipped up going in that roper coaster

  • Madi’s World
    Madi’s World 2 months ago +9

    0:09 did that guy seriously put on sunglasses 🕶

  • yousmelllikecereal lol
    yousmelllikecereal lol 2 months ago

    Ok see, no, just no.

  • Versatile of Music
    Versatile of Music 2 months ago

    Billie Jean playing at the beginning makes it so much better lol

  • Miss Vee
    Miss Vee 2 months ago +4

    This was the first roller coaster I ever rode, there was a part where I thought for sure I was going to fly out of my seat.

  • Abigail Pinckney
    Abigail Pinckney 2 months ago

    I'm laughing and I'm not even really there.....I wish I was!

  • krista kisses
    krista kisses 2 months ago +1

    best ride out there

  • TTVToxicBot -_-
    TTVToxicBot -_- 2 months ago

    Nope never in my life

  • Rosanna Miranda
    Rosanna Miranda 2 months ago

    I close my eyes on the drop and I was holding on tight to the front seat the drop scarm me it made me have pantic attack my heart racing fast. I will never go this ride again or anything 6 flsgs rides again. :(

  • Rosanna Miranda
    Rosanna Miranda 2 months ago

    I gone on it and drop scard me i had panic attack when i got off this ride.
    I don't like hightest my friends told me go on it help get over fear of heights and rolller costers
    It dident help me witt my fear it kinda made it wrost

    I never go to 6 flags again :(

  • Míšš Hòñèÿbèè
    Míšš Hòñèÿbèè 2 months ago +1

    Worst nightmare ;-;

  • Lito Studios
    Lito Studios 2 months ago

    At Six Flags Over Texas this ride is called the “Titan” DIN DUN DUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!

  • j e s s
    j e s s 2 months ago +1

    I'm mean... Atleast it doesn't have a loop....

    • Trinity Suarez
      Trinity Suarez 2 months ago

      j e s s loops are better than extreme drops for me tbh

  • Tokki
    Tokki 2 months ago

    i went on this ride once and never again. the drop was somehow fine. the turns are what got me. i felt like i was gonna fall off

  • Elvrin Toram
    Elvrin Toram 2 months ago

    I remember riding this ride when I was little very scary but boy was it insaneee!

  • Princess Tayy Taylor
    Princess Tayy Taylor 2 months ago +1

    If you live in Georgia this is the ride that everyone must go on the drop is so so scary I swear

    • J Davis
      J Davis 2 months ago

      @Princess Tayy Taylor its scary when you feel weightless

    • Princess Tayy Taylor
      Princess Tayy Taylor 2 months ago

      J Davis lmao💀

    • J Davis
      J Davis 2 months ago +1

      Ik I call this one


  • Leandra Lopez
    Leandra Lopez 2 months ago

    This is nothing compared to the new galiath or the one in Texas

  • AetherGamer
    AetherGamer 2 months ago

    Six flags has a fetish with the name “Goliath”

  • Carley Wehrle
    Carley Wehrle 2 months ago

    I’ve rode the Goliath at six flags over Georgia and loved it, pretty much same coaster and same color