Casually Explained: Finding a Job

  • Published on Apr 18, 2016
  • What the heck guys.
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Comments • 2 808

  • rozukitsune
    rozukitsune 12 days ago

    Pretty much, though contrary to most of the comments section's belief... the solution to the problem is not make tuition free. You can have a Bachelors in almost anything and still be stuck at some crappy Entry level position that has nothing to do with what you majored in. The problem is that too many people got suckered by the notion of "be educated and you'll live better" mentality of the 60's-90's and took on student loans when they/their family couldn't/wouldn't pay the fees for them to attend, and now the market is over saturated with people who have the degrees that /were/ necessary for the higher paying jobs. The liberals of the world think that this somehow means higher education should be made free; since now you more or less /have/ to have one otherwise no one will hire you, even though the problem is that TOO MANY PEOPLE HAVE DEGREES. The solution to a problem of over abundance is not: Make the over abundance worse. The solution is usually: Find a way to reduce the amount of production of people with degrees (IE raise the university prices, or the GPA required to get a degree, or both) or find a way to increase the amount of jobs available. Well, the second has happened in the form least desired by the populace: now the lamest of crap-paying jobs require degrees because they can demand them and find people who have them and need a job. So that one isn't working out so hot for the people who took out loans without having a real plan in place for how to get their foot into places that'd pay them better.

  • Windows 8
    Windows 8 14 days ago

    How am I supposed to pay that? I dunno get a job :D. D:

  • Drew Rodgers
    Drew Rodgers 16 days ago

    And then you die.
    Cheers 🍻

  • Elijah Holland
    Elijah Holland 23 days ago

    Very relatable, I am so glad that I watch3d this vid30.

  • TheHoly Quail
    TheHoly Quail 27 days ago

    Hah, 10k, I wish

  • Luca Toffa
    Luca Toffa 27 days ago +1

    Painfully explained more than casually explained

  • BennyCriss12
    BennyCriss12 29 days ago

    I started working when I was 14🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Pansy Lad
    Pansy Lad Month ago

    I hate this video but I love this video

  • my first crappy video Billy

    Pretty much

  • walklikearobot
    walklikearobot Month ago

    fantasy role play, tonight's theme: paying rent

    tooooooo real

  • kungen kingen
    kungen kingen Month ago

    This is why i love to live in Sweden where we have free education

  • Bocktai5
    Bocktai5 Month ago

    "This is why just go into the trades! They will take you right out of school!" Nope, all the same. "Not enough experience". friggin saw a post on indeed "need 5 years exp building trains with 8 certs and 3 years as a manager and we paying you 8/hr" lmao

  • Angel of Darkness
    Angel of Darkness Month ago +1

    This is literally my life explained...

  • Texas Q. McPringleton

    it would funny if it didnt hurt inside

  • Regina Spas12
    Regina Spas12 Month ago

    U forgot the migration part

    Oh yeah that's just me

  • Mike Llerena
    Mike Llerena Month ago +1

    Yeah the video was cut short pretty much because after you get your degree borrowing money you don't have you're supposed to have 5 years of experience doing the qualified job you just got qualified for.

  • Flower Boy
    Flower Boy Month ago

    I'm a college student and I am STRUGGLING to get a job. I went to apply for hibbit sports and they said someone MORE QUALIFIED got the job than me😭😭 THEY SELL FUCKING SHOES

  • Derpington9821
    Derpington9821 2 months ago

    How a 2 min video gave me anxiety

  • SickPranks 58
    SickPranks 58 2 months ago

    Seems about right

  • Kartoffel Kamera
    Kartoffel Kamera 2 months ago

    In germany you pay no fees for studying :)

  • MegaDanio007
    MegaDanio007 2 months ago

    In Austria university is free and i get 220€ per month during that time 😂 well, guess it sucks to be american lol

  • Benjamin McLean
    Benjamin McLean 2 months ago

    If there was some way to do it then it would be nice if it was made illegal to put "entry level" on clearly non-entry-level jobs. That is just pure douchebag behavior from companies.

  • leonardotakhien
    leonardotakhien 2 months ago

    It be like that

  • dparnell97
    dparnell97 2 months ago


  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah 2 months ago

    Oh yeah yeah amazing video yeah

  • Natalie T
    Natalie T 2 months ago

    if it ain’t the truth

  • Generic Name jpg
    Generic Name jpg 2 months ago

    Y'all know he's lived this

  • Michael Asta
    Michael Asta 2 months ago

    Suddenly I feel more than privelaged to have spent 5 years in University on loans my dad cosigned. I can't even imagine how I would have payed to be here without his credit backing me.

  • HitzCritz
    HitzCritz 3 months ago +2

    "Sorry, but we require you to have prior work experience."
    *"tHaT's wHaT i'M hErE fOr"*

  • Samuel Nasta
    Samuel Nasta 3 months ago

    Oh, Murica!

  • Alex
    Alex 3 months ago

    Touch a boob lmao

  • Rubsi
    Rubsi 3 months ago +1

    ooh yeah

  • IEMK
    IEMK 3 months ago +1


  • Mank Demes
    Mank Demes 3 months ago +2

    In order to join this entry-level job you need to have worked in 3 other supervisor jobs.

  • Kartoshechka Free
    Kartoshechka Free 3 months ago

    "Make burger great again"

  • outdoorski
    outdoorski 3 months ago

    Casually explained the military

  • Garrett Donnelly
    Garrett Donnelly 3 months ago

    The use of silence in these videos is just so good. The end in this one is perfect

  • jcrowley1985
    jcrowley1985 3 months ago

    $10,000 per year. What are we in 1990?

  • Kalle Seppänen
    Kalle Seppänen 3 months ago

    Teemu is gay and pounded and also Pent's nail

  • Angel Pizano
    Angel Pizano 3 months ago

    This video awakened a primal rage inside of me because of how close this hits to home.

  • Kidz 257
    Kidz 257 3 months ago

    When you pay the system money so you can go work for them and make them money so that they can tax you and take your money

  • Vasilijan Nikolovski
    Vasilijan Nikolovski 3 months ago

    This is America.

  • Kameron Andres
    Kameron Andres 3 months ago

    Holy shit this is so accurate.

  • TheOneBadAssGamer
    TheOneBadAssGamer 3 months ago

    10k a year thats it geez i wish. for a four year degree?

  • The Steadfast Duelist
    The Steadfast Duelist 3 months ago +1

    *America in a nutshell*

  • Luiz___ MK
    Luiz___ MK 3 months ago

    PERFECT ending

  • Bleach
    Bleach 3 months ago

    10 Thousand + your text books a year??
    Sooo around 25k a year for American Universities o.o

  • Chortle Chortle Chortle

    You forgot the ending where he kills himself.

  • skatedoof
    skatedoof 4 months ago

    10k a year? I wish..

  • slashinglisa
    slashinglisa 4 months ago

    This is like the best channel.

  • ancient aliens are coming
    ancient aliens are coming 4 months ago +1


  • Steele
    Steele 4 months ago

    wait, is this NOT YSAC??

  • niggward
    niggward 4 months ago

  • Sam Watson
    Sam Watson 5 months ago

    Whenever I need a new job I take a stroll round my town wearing my best suit with my resumes in a nice folder, shake hands and look them in the eye. I have never struggled to find work, I have basically no high school qualifications and only did a year of college.

  • Bruce U
    Bruce U 5 months ago


  • Sridhar Poguluru
    Sridhar Poguluru 5 months ago

    Oh, ok, that makes sense.

  • Sridhar Poguluru
    Sridhar Poguluru 5 months ago +1

    Seriously Explained is a great University

  • SqueezY- tube
    SqueezY- tube 5 months ago +1


  • Stella
    Stella 5 months ago

    What about the echo sound ??

  • centipedeloaf
    centipedeloaf 6 months ago

    The accuracy of this is painful

  • Rocky Pingale
    Rocky Pingale 6 months ago

    Literally my life

  • Bart Van Riel
    Bart Van Riel 6 months ago

    How difficult is it to just google a local factory? They always have well paying applications with no experience needed

  • CoolMan Caravan
    CoolMan Caravan 6 months ago

    I know this video is a goof but there seriously are so many young people with this kind of "not my fault" mentality. Yes, you can get a job. No, it's not hard to find one.

  • Kelkiiii
    Kelkiiii 6 months ago

    lmao so fucking real it's frustrating.

  • Triton Geeves
    Triton Geeves 6 months ago

    Blath farejrtczq chthggouvmntw

  • Boynikcooldud Games
    Boynikcooldud Games 6 months ago

    it would funny if didnt hurt inside

  • JAG GWR Ra
    JAG GWR Ra 6 months ago

    Brilliant !

  • Jackie ._.
    Jackie ._. 6 months ago

    uhhh isn't the answer obvious?.....

    money laundering

  • MidnightFlower13
    MidnightFlower13 6 months ago

    I literally saw an advertisement for an "entry level position" at a gas station asking for:
    - someone with a bachelor's degree (in anything)
    - someone with a minimum of 10 years experience in similar jobs
    - someone 30 or under
    - someone willing to work more than 50 hours a week and "the occasional 24 hour shift"
    - all for 8.95 an hour
    I almost submitted an application with the name Fucker McFuckface and a resume that chewed out whatever cocksucker decided on these qualifications and pay, but someone had already beat me to it.

  • y05077
    y05077 6 months ago

    In my case it was go to University get one degree, go for job interviews "Yeah you've got no lab experience...oh yeah the university lab experience doesn't count"

  • Nordic Ferret
    Nordic Ferret 6 months ago

    Lmao why is this in the animation tab, it’s a PMV

  • BaconBitz
    BaconBitz 6 months ago

    “Hello I’d like a job”
    “Go fuck yourself, sir”

  • mousek801 Mousek801
    mousek801 Mousek801 7 months ago

    That hurt.

  • Sérgio Alves
    Sérgio Alves 7 months ago

    Baby boomers need to watch this and realize what it's like now for young people.
    Although there are still some good countries to work out there It's far from an exclusively american thing and college doesn't solve the problem. College kids take note: you really need to look into some internships or simply volunteering during the school holidays at whatever company remotely related to what you're studying will take you if you want to get a job when you finish your studies because companies nowadays aren't interested in getting young people fresh out of school with no experience and training them from the ground up while paying them a full salary on top.

  • rodolfo coronado
    rodolfo coronado 7 months ago

    That moment you realize a lot of his videos have subtle music in the background.

  • Kevin S
    Kevin S 7 months ago

    Almost had a heart attack from laughing on the last line.

  • mickaell07
    mickaell07 7 months ago

    That's real life right there in 2 minutes.

  • nachos
    nachos 7 months ago

    the best part is when you finish your degree and still cant get hired because you dont have that other thing they assume you somehow got but neither they nor your school ever told you about. multiple internships.

  • Gustavo Ramos
    Gustavo Ramos 7 months ago

    what does YSAC at 0:15 means?

  • like'em badbois
    like'em badbois 7 months ago

    This hits so close to home

  • BlindHobo
    BlindHobo 7 months ago

    It be like that sometimes


    This perfectly described my life😥😥😥😥😂💀💀💀

  • Shawn Seeley
    Shawn Seeley 7 months ago +1

    I just graduated from high school, this is very helpful lol

  • Infentie MK
    Infentie MK 7 months ago

    Yeah the German Jobmodell is way better for young people. A little bit more free market support by politicians and it would rock even more.

  • Angela West
    Angela West 7 months ago

    my tuition was 10k...for one semester.

  • Birdstar
    Birdstar 7 months ago

    fuckin me too

  • Kirxas
    Kirxas 7 months ago

    I once saw a job offer that required being under 24 and having at LEAST 10 years experience
    This should be illiegal

  • Justin Gregory
    Justin Gregory 7 months ago

    Just get a job LOOOOOOL 4HEader

  • QueenThoria
    QueenThoria 7 months ago

    Thank goodness for the new OSAP

  • theandykat
    theandykat 7 months ago

    What the heck guys.

  • Some random Guy
    Some random Guy 7 months ago

    Luckily I live in Denmark because it’s *F R E E* in Denmark

    • Some random Guy
      Some random Guy 7 months ago


    • Zealon
      Zealon 7 months ago

      Except you have to pay for it in taxes your whole life

    WTFxCRIM 7 months ago

    "make people think you're YSAC" so you're not YSAC thats what you're saying

  • Ronald Fun
    Ronald Fun 7 months ago

    That's crazy cheap college. All the ones around here are at least thirty grand a year.

  • Fernando Rodriguez
    Fernando Rodriguez 8 months ago

    American education at it's finest

  • jimmy sidhu
    jimmy sidhu 8 months ago

    Lol I totally feel this.

  • NICK
    NICK 8 months ago


  • John Macintosh
    John Macintosh 8 months ago +1

    Could not hAve put it better

  • KG7YTS
    KG7YTS 8 months ago +1

    Too real, but you forgot the online applications only part.

  • 123GO Studios
    123GO Studios 8 months ago


  • Wrenchguy
    Wrenchguy 8 months ago