Rs.3,00,000 Powerful Editing / Gaming PC BUILD India 2018 - Ultimate 2nd Gen AMD Threadripper build

  • Published on Oct 28, 2018
  • Ultimate Gaming PC build | India | 2018 | time lapse | How to build a Gaming PC | AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950x PC build | Editing PC build | Dream PC | GTX 1080 ti | Best gaming pc build with 1080 ti Threadripper | Indian PC build
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    In this Editing / Gaming PC build video, I use the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950x second generation model to build a powerful PC. Components used in the build are cooler master H500p mesh, MSI X399 gaming pro carbon AC mother board, cooler master 240L liquid cooler , corsair rm1000x 1000w PSU, corsair vengeance ddr4 ram, zotac 1080ti graphics card and more. Watch me on how to build a gaming or editing PC with good budget of 3 lakh rupees
    This gaming pc build 2018 video covers
    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950x
    Gaming PC build Timelapse

    Watch this completely to get the idea on how you can build a gaming pc in india
    Please do ask if any queries about this PC build and I will answer them
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  • Tech Shan
    Tech Shan  10 months ago +32


    • Venkatachalam Karuppusamy
      Venkatachalam Karuppusamy 10 months ago

      @joe For frequently used programs, u will get close to SSD speed, but not that much fast...

    • Melmelmax gomes
      Melmelmax gomes 10 months ago


    • joe
      joe 10 months ago

      I heard that Intel optane helps to achieve close to SSD speed with HDD itself is it true??

    • Sumit Ram
      Sumit Ram 10 months ago +1

      Enjoying... 💙

  • Sandhya Sahu
    Sandhya Sahu 5 months ago

    Awesome 🤩🤩

  • Praveen Kosariya
    Praveen Kosariya 5 months ago

    Ohhh my God your pc so power full

  • Biswo janty
    Biswo janty 5 months ago

    shan ! u r a graphic designer ?

  • Vaibhav Joshi
    Vaibhav Joshi 7 months ago

    What will be the cost if u use rtx 2080 and 320mm cooling bracket?

  • Siva mano
    Siva mano 8 months ago +1

    Bro like this do with Intel processor

  • Anubav Dutta
    Anubav Dutta 8 months ago

    Tech Shan your pc build amazing and I have shown all of your videos like if u like my comment lov your vids

    FRANK ;IN 8 months ago

    ahh just my cabinet its different m cabnet is from nzxt razer edition

  • Aliyawar Khan
    Aliyawar Khan 9 months ago +2

    But the question in my mind is can it run crysis 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • Rameez Ahmad
    Rameez Ahmad 9 months ago

    Shan bro .. I luv ur vdio .. ur PC build is truly awsm.. grt work Bhai.. just wanna say uh can uh plz make a vdio on budget PC build in between 20-30k .. if it's possible ... We'll mid-range gamer will luv to see it.. thanq n make lots of vdios .. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Bala Krishna
    Bala Krishna 10 months ago


  • CR7 Asif Ahmad
    CR7 Asif Ahmad 10 months ago

    Msi gpu is best

  • Sourav Pal
    Sourav Pal 10 months ago

    6:43 Wait, what 81K for processor 😲 Waiting for Setup tour...

  • Pushwinder Khaira
    Pushwinder Khaira 10 months ago

    Sir Isme optical drive ke liye jgha he kya.

  • Vikram .bharath
    Vikram .bharath 10 months ago

    bro is the motherboard and cabinet capable of dual 1080 ti graphic card setup?

  • Rakshith Prakash
    Rakshith Prakash 10 months ago +1

    But can I play super Mario !!?

  • Atif Editz
    Atif Editz 10 months ago

    gameplay pe bhi ek video banao

  • Mohammed yusuf
    Mohammed yusuf 10 months ago

    Why are you using two mem sticks in a quad channel supported CPU? Use 4 * 8GB to get maximum output

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  10 months ago

      Will be thinking abt upgrading down the line .

  • God of Gaming
    God of Gaming 10 months ago

    Awesome bro. Keep it up . but time has come to back in normal form... say Shazam ⚡

  • Kumar Ghatte
    Kumar Ghatte 10 months ago

    toooo much cool😍

  • Ajay Kshirsagar
    Ajay Kshirsagar 10 months ago

    Should have gone with the 2070......anyways good build

    • Wow hola Daw
      Wow hola Daw 10 months ago

      Nah bro , not necessarily , kai games abhi optimized nahi hai for the new rtx 2000s line up.
      Even Csgo doesn't run yet.
      In the upcoming drivers update these will be available , plus india mei release hua hai ki ni ?? Idk

  • Shubham khivanasara
    Shubham khivanasara 10 months ago

    👍👍 AWESOME build

  • Vijay
    Vijay 10 months ago

    what a beast ..superb..thanks for sharing

  • akshay kadam
    akshay kadam 10 months ago

    Came back straight to your channel after a break from using the internet & what do I see😵 A effin Beast of a PC build 🔥🔥🔥
    Man your are crazy 🙏 can't wait to see more from you ❤
    Have fun with the new one #HappyEditing & #HappyGaming

    • akshay kadam
      akshay kadam 10 months ago

      @Tech Shan Guess what...I watched it even before you asked for it 😉

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  10 months ago +1

      haha. cheers man. glad you loved the video.. ❤️checked out other videos you missed specially the previous one 😉

    KREZI JAGUAR 10 months ago

    i want a pc toooo...... :O

  • Maroof KHAN
    Maroof KHAN 10 months ago

    Amazing , the most powerful pc build i have ever seen till yet !
    But ohh my god very expensive too ₹281250 😯

  • Aadi Narayanan
    Aadi Narayanan 10 months ago

    Tech Shan can u help me out to check how much this build cost
    i7 8700k
    Gskill Trident Z or any RGB ram 16gb....
    Rog strix 390E gaming(supports 9th/8th gen )
    Rog strix1080ti 11gb
    CM 240L/Corsair H110i RGB Aio
    CM H500M case
    128gb ssd or m.2
    2-4 tb hard-disk
    CM/CORSAIR semi modular 800W power supply
    and original windows 10
    Rgb keyboard(membrane or mechanical) and rgb mouse of a good brand like Corsair or Logitech
    I asked becoz here in Trivandrum,Kerala i couldn't get the prices until i booked one...and the online prices are fluctuating...
    FINALLY: Did the prices of 10 series graphic cards drop after the launch of 20 series cards???
    Thanks and good content....👍

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  10 months ago

      you can chk local chennai prices here

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  10 months ago

      chk with . just google them as component prices go up and down every day. both online and offline its same fluctuations depending on market conditions. for example ram price has dropped by 1k today. it depends when u are planning to buy and that day prices. i bought a few in offline and a few online . yes they have dropped a bit as far as graphics goes.

    COPYRIGHT EVERYTHING 10 months ago +1

    I did the same but with a price tag of ₹6 lakhs.

  • Ankit Nirmal
    Ankit Nirmal 10 months ago

    why would you use cheap monitors for it? I mean atleast get a 144hz or a 240hz?

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  10 months ago

      my work is not with gaming. i am more into editing and have plans for 4k monitor down the line. for now will be using these.

  • Shanmuga Venkatesh
    Shanmuga Venkatesh 10 months ago

    Shan where you bought Acer RO series for that 8500 price in amazon showing over 11k

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  10 months ago

      flipkart during sale day

  • Computer Techs,Tricks And Games

    ram is cheap in this build ram must be 16gb of corsair vengeance rgb ram

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  10 months ago

      i didnt want rgb for the ram as enough lights already. mainly this is for my editing needs so.

  • Kunal Khattar
    Kunal Khattar 10 months ago

    Excellent part selection shaan 👍

  • Tech Programmer 940MX
    Tech Programmer 940MX 10 months ago

    Why didn't you add rtx 2080ti autos extreme edition?

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  10 months ago

      I have said why I didn’t choose rtx in the video . Also if u see rtx costs 1.1lakh

  • Tech Programmer 940MX
    Tech Programmer 940MX 10 months ago

    Can it run Mario?

  • Kratos Spartan
    Kratos Spartan 10 months ago

    Its like a dream for me which is not going to happen at least for 1 - 2 light years. Hahahahahh

    RED SKULL 10 months ago

    i7 8700k + rtx 2080ti

  • Nilesh
    Nilesh 10 months ago +1

    But can it run Minecraft ??
    I would have to sell one of my kidneys to afford that lol 😂

  • Sambit Sarkar
    Sambit Sarkar 10 months ago +1

    Ram selection could've been better. Instead you could have used Ram sticks with cl14 Samsung B die chips. Would have gained performance in gaming as well as editing.

  • Tejas Virkar
    Tejas Virkar 10 months ago

    Rtx Kyu nahi liya

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  10 months ago

      plz see the video fully. i have said why

  • Sciency India
    Sciency India 10 months ago


    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  10 months ago

      well just dont want to add way too many lights :) already enough lights

  • mayank verma
    mayank verma 10 months ago

    I like your video editing skill alot

  • Shubham Mishra
    Shubham Mishra 10 months ago

    3 lakh mein triple fan 2080ti nhi .......booooo

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  10 months ago

      2080ti is very expensive. doesnt come cheap .. and i dont see the need for 2080ti for now.. .

  • Abhishek Thakur
    Abhishek Thakur 10 months ago

    I'm playing PUBG with N3540 cpu and my youtube recommended to watch your video. What the joke??? 😂😂🤦 ☹️☹️☹️

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  10 months ago +1

      cheers man ! ❤️

    • Abhishek Thakur
      Abhishek Thakur 10 months ago

      @Tech Shan ha ha ha ha....By the way your build is amazing.👍

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  10 months ago +1

      😂 i dont see anything wrong in that. since it was a gaming related pc , youtube thought it might interest you !

  • saltireX
    saltireX 10 months ago

    Why pc is to expensive in India

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  10 months ago +1

      parts are expensive due to taxes

  • Vandit Sharma
    Vandit Sharma 10 months ago

    Don't you think that a Threadripper is a tad too overkill for a gaming pc??. Sick video otherwise.

    • Vandit Sharma
      Vandit Sharma 10 months ago

      @Tech Shan great. Nice video.

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  10 months ago +1

      For sure it is . But my use with it is more on the work side 👍🏻

  • ankit dutta
    ankit dutta 10 months ago

    Now that's something you call monster of a build ...!!!👌👌 Great video and waiting for the setup tour !! ✌

  • Is'nt it magic ?
    Is'nt it magic ? 10 months ago

    Drop that threadripper thing

  • Shubh Agarwal
    Shubh Agarwal 10 months ago

    How is this possible
    But you said you didn't interested in building gaming pc

    • Shubh Agarwal
      Shubh Agarwal 10 months ago

      @Tech Shan yaa why not🖒🖒🖒🖒

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  10 months ago

      ? i will be mainly using for editing but this is also a gaming pc why not game a bit :)

  • Manish Kanu
    Manish Kanu 10 months ago

    Bhai ,my specs
    Cpu- ryzen 5 1600
    Mobo-msi b450 pro m.2
    Ram -corsair 16 GB 3000mhz
    Gpu-msi gtx 1050 ti
    hdd-3tb wd
    Ssd-kingston 240 GB
    Cabinet -chiptronix gx 2000 with 4 red led fans ,so kya Vs 450 PSU enough Hoga kya ,I have 4 months old Vs 450 recently purchased ,but for my new pc I don't wanna by new one so plz answer this??

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  10 months ago


    • Manish Kanu
      Manish Kanu 10 months ago

      Tech Shan yaa this is Corsair vs450 should be fine or not

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  10 months ago

      U mean 450watt ? Should be fine as long as long it is a good brand. Or get 650

  • Explained By KiK
    Explained By KiK 10 months ago


    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  10 months ago

      lol. didnt watch the full video? WHY USE CAPS for unnecessary attention ??? please first watch the video fully before commenting, I had mentioned about it

  • Vivek Kumar
    Vivek Kumar 10 months ago

    Waiting for the next video

  • Vivek Kumar
    Vivek Kumar 10 months ago


  • Sajjad Anwer
    Sajjad Anwer 10 months ago

    R those monitors g sync ready?
    Btw when u gonna upload setup tour?

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  10 months ago

      no they are not.. i am making some upgrades still. once over itw ill be soon. stay tuned..

    JAGADISH BHATTA 10 months ago +1

    Congrats but you don't need a ryzen threadripper and 32GB RAM 16GB is enough also you could have opted for RGB RAMs but everything else is top-notch

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  10 months ago

      well ram i will be needing for my future work that i plan with this build. on the RGB enough lights inside and outside already haha , just want to keep them minimal so cut that out.. Glad you loved the build 😍❤️👍

  • Sunil Rajput Thakre
    Sunil Rajput Thakre 10 months ago


  • Subhas Nandi
    Subhas Nandi 10 months ago

    The 1080ti! Heart of a gaming pc❤️

  • Saket Pathak
    Saket Pathak 10 months ago

    Killer stuff Shan! Every gamer's dream! 😊

  • Niranjan MCky
    Niranjan MCky 10 months ago

    3 lakh 😭😭😭😭

  • Arnab Goswami
    Arnab Goswami 10 months ago

    Loved the Build! Specially that Cabinet , its sexy! I 1st show it in Nvidia's gamerconect ever since 💙

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  10 months ago

      Yeah it’s a good one from cooler master

  • Technical Chokro
    Technical Chokro 10 months ago

    Just say Fabulous bro n U doing impressive dam good Creativity