Project A: Riot’s Tactical FPS Announcement | Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition - League of Legends

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
  • Learn more about Riot Games’ upcoming character-based, first-person tactical shooter for PC, codenamed ‘Project A.’ Project A is a precise, competitive FPS in which unique character abilities create opportunities for your gunplay to shine.
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    THE REDSTONE MINETRAP 13 hours ago

    Clean and smooth

  • moscl
    moscl 19 hours ago

    Ahora si es riot "Games"

  • Crazy Bush
    Crazy Bush Day ago

    Как игра то назыввется

  • virtuosohun
    virtuosohun Day ago


  • Brawler DARK ;
    Brawler DARK ; Day ago


  • S1gnum
    S1gnum Day ago


  • Niclas Boeriis
    Niclas Boeriis Day ago

    Bad game

  • Ronin Randy
    Ronin Randy Day ago

    Beware of micro wave

  • Kentucky
    Kentucky Day ago

    Time to play the game that I always get angry, toxic players bragging me, more hacker ruined the game, and uninstalled this game if they add BR mode bullshit

  • sigh
    sigh Day ago

    The Overwatch Killer. I can't wait this looks amazing, blizzard is such a worthless trash company they deserve to be outshined and shown how it really should be done

  • 두유노유노?

    CSGO + OVERWATCH + SIEGE = ??????

  • Phúc Thọ Trần Hồ

    Counter Duty Watch: Global Siege Of Over BattleGrounds A

  • Markus
    Markus Day ago

    Что за ?? Выглядит круто

  • Fingo
    Fingo Day ago

    Things they cant do imo: 1 support: cant be op with heals, no tanks with more health and different weapons per charachters.

  • Quý Ngô
    Quý Ngô Day ago

    That dude won the game without a single reload.

  • Honaxox Honaxox
    Honaxox Honaxox Day ago

    mají ty zbraně spray patern?

  • Noel Fonyódi
    Noel Fonyódi 2 days ago

    Apex copy?

  • Kreedomz
    Kreedomz 2 days ago

    see ya later fornite!

  • qrizZ1337
    qrizZ1337 2 days ago

    Please be not like the Fallout 76 announcement "everything just works"

  • S K Y R 3 X
    S K Y R 3 X 2 days ago

    Counter fortress : paladins siege

  • christian
    christian 2 days ago

    The falm of oberwatch was the ultimates, they are ko akill needed, only pressin a q u change the course of a fight. Plz dont put ultimate, make powers and shits but no ultimate. The ultimates slow donw the cualitie of a fps game. Focus more in imitaye csgo and less overwacht......plzzzzzz make a epic game i am waiting whit all the poweer by the wsy inhave been playn 30yeras of fps games

  • nip nop
    nip nop 2 days ago


  • キッズタヒねw
    キッズタヒねw 3 days ago

    しょぼすぎ 絶対流行らない

  • Strict Rooster
    Strict Rooster 3 days ago


  • Maveriech
    Maveriech 3 days ago

    thisll be the worst AAA shooter game from the last 5 years and the next 5 going forward

  • BickieDitch
    BickieDitch 3 days ago

    so.. it's literally just paladins. great.

  • time tower
    time tower 3 days ago

    how donwland

  • iLike Pizza
    iLike Pizza 3 days ago

    Imagine playing against tryhards

  • kubus solec
    kubus solec 3 days ago

    Sorry riot but this look like paladins

    SAND MAN 3 days ago

    Im looking forward to this

  • BloonatoR
    BloonatoR 3 days ago +1

    Make it more csgo and r6 and remove completely overwatch and you will have good game. These special abilities like overwatch have it won't give you any good game.

  • Norbit
    Norbit 3 days ago

    Se ve buenaso ojala mi tostadora lo corra XD

  • Michał Jash
    Michał Jash 4 days ago

    I miss GITS:FA before 2.0 patch...

  • Byron T
    Byron T 4 days ago +1

    *when riot meet Apex, cs:go, halo and overwatch*
    riot : ok lets try something !
    finally... apex, cs:go, halo and overwatch in one game = project a

  • AbDeRRaHiMX-
    AbDeRRaHiMX- 4 days ago +1


  • youtube chi
    youtube chi 4 days ago

    this game really really cool

  • Nikita Samsonov
    Nikita Samsonov 4 days ago

    опять говношутер.

  • rubenBBX
    rubenBBX 4 days ago

    nice try hard btw

  • Влад Колганов

    Good by cs:go

  • Jerry Hill
    Jerry Hill 4 days ago

    another overwatch clone?

  • sid
    sid 4 days ago

    NO U

  • cherchil loprt
    cherchil loprt 4 days ago

    Looks like poor copy of khm khm....

  • Nocturnal Pyro
    Nocturnal Pyro 4 days ago

    1:48 Yeah I do believe they are critical to GeT_RiGhT

  • Platimous
    Platimous 4 days ago

    Yasuo's wind wall has changed to water wall 0:39

  • 박애용
    박애용 4 days ago

    블리자드 망하겠다 정말 이런식이면

  • Tremayne Yeah
    Tremayne Yeah 4 days ago

    Ok Overwatch

  • Minority Rick
    Minority Rick 4 days ago

    "Stewie2K sees a smoke grenade"
    also Stewie2K: "IMMA FCK SHT UP"

  • Austin Allen
    Austin Allen 4 days ago

    revert to season 2

  • swivel
    swivel 5 days ago

    Its just fucking cs:go + ow and siege. This is just a fucking sandwich with no originality or development, or ketchup. Still looks cool though, I guess we'll just wait and see...

  • Hazard Pay 35
    Hazard Pay 35 5 days ago

    That little emphesis on the S at the end lol

  • SharpTheDemon
    SharpTheDemon 5 days ago

    LMFAO, what the fuck is this?!

  • Frezkolada
    Frezkolada 5 days ago

    overfortress:global ofensive

  • Khalil Mejdi
    Khalil Mejdi 5 days ago

    Talk about cheat and the guy who's showing the game is a cheater, his hands aimbot

  • pomoyka fortnaytera
    pomoyka fortnaytera 5 days ago

    LETW1K3, не переходи туда, ты нам нужен

  • ayuhni
    ayuhni 5 days ago

    Paladins 2.0 Nice Riot

  • В И Н Т
    В И Н Т 5 days ago

    nice. it means free battle pass in fortnite)))00))0

  • В И Н Т
    В И Н Т 5 days ago

    nice. it means free battle pass in fortnite)))00))0

  • Damian_ai9
    Damian_ai9 5 days ago +1

    CS:GO with Overwatch

  • WhiteFreezz
    WhiteFreezz 5 days ago

    cross platform?

  • Исмаил Рамазанов

    Кто тоже пошел чекать эту игру после того как летвик сказал про нее??