10 ways Windows is just BETTER

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
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    Windows is the most popular desktop platform in the world, beating out Mac and Linux.
    We reached out to our community to find out what they liked most about Windows and why its just better then what Apple or Linux bring to the table.
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Comments • 7 803

  • Fortnite game play I
    Fortnite game play I 19 hours ago

    Change your channel name to Linux tech tips

  • Deaft shot
    Deaft shot 21 hour ago

    Windoes hardware is changeable
    Apple not really

  • kleash
    kleash Day ago

    OH come on. This whole video is sponsored by Microsoft.

  • IzunaGaiden
    IzunaGaiden Day ago

    Hate Windows so much that I love it.

  • Bernhard Ess
    Bernhard Ess Day ago

    I agree. After 25 years on Windows I switched to Mac and enjoy it, but it comes down mainly to a question of style and preference. Choose a platform of your liking and learn to know using it well.

    • Bernhard Ess
      Bernhard Ess 17 hours ago

      ​@Zentical Actually we are not going to start a brand war, right? I feel too old or that. I mean I worked many years on my Win 10PC that I built (and continually upgraded from time to time with RAM, HDs etc).
      I think the "too expensive" argument is not valid. This iMac 5k I bought was the 2017 model that cost me 1500 (remember, this includes he 5k screen plus the graphic card that drives it quite well), I added 2 SSDs to make it swift and landed at 2100 or so. But I have a quite fast computer that looks gorgeous, not at all like your typical office plastic box. My iPads are extremely well built, the first one is from 2011, still running, albeit a bit slow because of the slower processor, but not broken, even the battery is still good. So if you add it all up, not such a difference. I understand that some people dislike the image of the Apple brand, but this is mostly subjective judgements IMO...

    • Zentical
      Zentical 20 hours ago

      @Bernhard Ess Well, the ecosystem locks you deeply in to the Apple products and tries as hard as possible to lock out other brands (my experience). And top of that, the products cost a ton, they are stylish but at the end not worth the money compared to competitors. You basicly pay for the OS not the hardware even thought Mac OS is free. I can agree that Windows got its cons but the price-value ratio is usually much higher. If macs costed a reasonable price, I would give happily a try.
      If money is not an issue its at some level up to preference. I personally find iPhones kind of locking and you have less freedom.
      Tbh i would switch to Linux if software support would be as good as Windows.

    • Bernhard Ess
      Bernhard Ess 21 hour ago

      @Zentical Why? I have an iPad as well, it is the best tablet out there (less reflective screen than a Microsoft surface or Samsung tablet), and the integration of all devices for data exchange is good. Also the devices are all beautiful and pleasant to use. Maybe some feel this is somehow "elitist", but I have nothing against good style and design.

    • Zentical
      Zentical 22 hours ago

      As a Windows user, I don't hate mac, its OS is pretty decent. I hate Apple ecosystem.

  • Luke Beauchamp
    Luke Beauchamp 2 days ago +1

    Macbooks are more of a fashion accessory than a useful tool.

  • AutomatiCraft
    AutomatiCraft 2 days ago +1

    10 ways Linux is just BETTER needs to come next.

  • Fluffy Waffles
    Fluffy Waffles 2 days ago

    I have spent more time troubleshooting linux issues in 6 months than I have spent troubleshooting windows issues in my entire life. Don't get me wrong, Linux is amazing for being free, but trying to get linux to do anything besides web browsing pretty much requires a visit to Google for 99% of us, and that just isn't practical. I have a server running windows (after having dicked around with several linux distros over the course of a couple years), and I haven't looked back. Windows IS the superior OS.

  • Raven Dewey
    Raven Dewey 2 days ago

    Linus, all these reasons are futile in comparison to the pros Linux has to offer except for the gaming, but all that has nothing to do with the OS's capabilities but the fact that companies market towards Windows support. You'd think that someone named Linus would appreciate Linux more.... Mac however totally sucks. So, if this were a comparison between Win and Mac then I would agree.

  • BunnyFang
    BunnyFang 2 days ago

    Also, NTFS is down right stupid

  • BunnyFang
    BunnyFang 2 days ago

    How is shortcut keys a benefit, you can literally make any shortcut key on Linux.
    It's not confusing, just install on usb, not hard to choose

  • BunnyFang
    BunnyFang 2 days ago

    Okay, it's got more support, the only reason it's seen as better, basically they marketed it better because it's a corporation. Most of the other features that you include are available on linux - which is also more customizable and optimized.
    Lol, your points literally list features that are on most linux and even Mac os's.

  • Mauricio Leyzaola
    Mauricio Leyzaola 2 days ago +1

    "The classic CTRL+ALT+DEL when things go wrong..." Oh yeah, that's a classic for sure 😂

  • Shaheer ziya
    Shaheer ziya 2 days ago


  • 633K_4R1ND4M
    633K_4R1ND4M 3 days ago

    Yes reason windows is better...
    1. Cause everyone can't affroad mac but they need a pc...
    2. U can download pirated apps...
    3. U can also pirate windows OS
    4. U can fit any hardware depending on your budget
    5. U can play cracked games... No need to buy always like xbox or ps4
    These are the reason for so many people... But in one aspect windows is better that's no hardware monopoly like apple and not overly priced and gaming... For rest other cases mac is bullet...

  • Joe O Sullivan
    Joe O Sullivan 3 days ago

    I still have no idea what the x-box app does on windows 10. I've looked at it loads of times and googled it, and asked people, but it's just not sinking in..

  • Teh vICE
    Teh vICE 3 days ago

    I still don't know, why ppl have the taskbar at the bottom. Long time ago, we had the 4:3 monitors and it made sense, to put it at the bottom. Since we now have 16:9 for a very long time, try to put the taskbar to the side. It maybe takes a little more space overall, but it's so much better, if you have more space top to bottom. And now comes the main part, why i put it to the side. I often work with 10+ programs or sometimes 15+ windows open. If the taskbar is on the side, you will always have enough space, to read the first few letters. For example: Open up 10x windows explorer and go into different folders. If the taskbar is on the bottom, all the windows will be grouped. Or if you have grouping disabled, it will only show the symbol without anything in it. Since i have it sideways, i can open up windows explorer 28x times, go into different folders and at least see the drive letter and first letters of the folder i'm in. Not the best example, but if you work with many open windows, you will quickly notice all the advantages.

  • Adiii
    Adiii 4 days ago

    Mac Linux and LINUS... what a legend😂

  • PingingGorgon35 Gamer

    Minecraft :)

  • Otha Bojangles
    Otha Bojangles 4 days ago +2

    This is like a Russian guy in the USSR circa 1981 telling about how great it is in the Soviet Union telling me how lucky he is that he "choose" to be born there.

  • Meenit
    Meenit 4 days ago +1

    1. Windows Gaming is better, and graphic cards/new peripherals support Windows
    Eh, this is becoming less true by the minute. Most of what I do on my PC is gaming, and I had little to no trouble playing the games I had when I switched to Linux. ProtonDB can show you how many games are playable via Proton, many of them run perfectly. There are tons of native games as well, most indie games support Linux out of the box. And AAA games are having a surge in Linux ports thanks to porting companies like Feral Interactive. The games not playable in Linux, both natively and Proton, is usually because of DRM (which sucks anyway) or Anti-Cheat software (EAC, for example, which could have supported Linux thanks to Valve...but then Epic Games bought them.)
    Regarding peripherals and graphic cards, most new graphic cards end up working with Linux thanks to community-driven drivers or end up getting support not too long after their release.
    2. Customization
    I'm not even going to rebuttal this one. Linux is more customizable in EVERY single way, EVERY SINGLE FUCKING WAY. Like try to find an argument against this you won't. I'm not even gonna say anything. Check out r/unixporn, or just search it up. Also regedit fucking sucks and you can easily screw up your entire Windows install, and is super unintuitive. And Task Scheduler isn't good either. At least compared to the Linux alternatives.
    3. Users, better troubleshooting.
    Linux actually has a far better community, despite having less users. How? Well, most Linux users tend to be enthusiasts for their Linux distrubtiion, or just Linux in general and are usually really well-versed in what they do. The enthusiasm of using Linux and just the "cool" nature of using it causes users to generally interact more with the community more than their Windows counterpart. Most people just use Windows, and use it "just because". Most users don't interact with the community or spend time helping other people solve their Windows problems.
    4. Just works
    So does Linux, most laptops can use Linux without any tinkering. Just use Ubuntu, or PopOS.
    5. Shortcut keys
    I'm not going to rebutall this either, it's another stupid point. Use a tiling windows manager, or even something like KDE and it will have way more shortcuts. Tiling window managers are completely keyboard-driven, you don't even need a mouse.
    6. UI unity
    BAHAHAHAHA. Windows UI has the worst consistiency I have EVER seen. Decades of old UI still pop up, right clicking in different places have different menus, taskbars are all different, everything is so inconsistent. KDE or XFCE on the other hand are far better. MacOS, especially, has some of the greatest UI. Also most distros don't have "specialized use cases", the only ones that do that I can think of off the top of my head is Kali Linux which is for hacking.
    7. Taskbar and File System
    Are you fucking kidding me, every OS has or can have this. Linux file explorers are way more unified and streamlined, and same with MacOS. Also the UNIX file organization (Linux and MacOS) is arguably more organized and easier than the Windows one.
    8. Reliability
    Most of the points in this video are either:
    A) Already in all the other OSs (Linux, MacOS, EVEN BSD)
    B) Windows has more users
    C) Just completely wrong
    Literally the only partially true point is the first one, and maybe the fourth one.
    *I wrote this quickly so pardon the grammatical errors*

  • THEMenelouss
    THEMenelouss 4 days ago

    3:02 "Microsoft like Apple has made an os that (...) works out of the box." Linux pls :D This weekend I've installed fresh windows 10 on my PC, and started watching netflix (installed via Windows strow which has issues out of box and had to google to fix it) after like 2 h i got BSOD xD
    Apple's BSOD i've seen one when I installed shitty RAM modules.

  • Hsk Jwow
    Hsk Jwow 4 days ago +6

    Windows is okay,Linux is okay, Windows + Linux = nice
    ps. Mac is okay but Apple products are scam ^^

  • alex8thebest91
    alex8thebest91 4 days ago

    File explorer is much faster than finder in my opinion.
    In windows to move a folder I right click on the folder, search for the new position (that sometimes you don’t know where it is) and click paste.
    In macos i have to open to finder windows, one for the initial position and the second for the new directory, drag and drop with two finger.
    I feel really uncomfortable with finder, if someone can help me to cut and paste as fast as i do with windows I accept any tip.

  • 633K_4R1ND4M
    633K_4R1ND4M 4 days ago

    Windows for me only for gaming... Like who admits to same...

  • 633K_4R1ND4M
    633K_4R1ND4M 4 days ago

    Linus this video sucks... I would still prefer MacOS over windows for anything than gaming... Office softwares are available for mac too... Infact mac having own software with better user interface and easy to use... Performs lot better... If u go into engineering tools mac is gold u can run parallel deaktop to run windows inside mac it functions like app not a virtual machine... Much better than Windows vmware...

  • Anoraky Arjun
    Anoraky Arjun 4 days ago +1

    Really want a video on "LINUX PROS"

  • TopEvt
    TopEvt 4 days ago +2

    I think the best feature is windows 10 is just waiting to rename itself to skynite and we see it getting closer and closer every day. AI growth Live on your PC lol

  • Byron Joel
    Byron Joel 4 days ago

    It's also just easier to pirate software on Windows 🤷🏾‍♂️
    Don't crucify me, just saying 🙂

  • Vincent Levalois
    Vincent Levalois 5 days ago

    Dude that hair sticking off of your right ear is extremely distracting...

  • RectalDiscourse
    RectalDiscourse 5 days ago

    So how hard was it to add 9 fake reasons to your list?

  • Hunter Perrin
    Hunter Perrin 5 days ago

    I haven't used Windows regularly since XP, and now it seems so strange and foreign. It's very hard for me to get something done in Windows.

    • Hunter Perrin
      Hunter Perrin 5 days ago

      Plus I can run Unix software that was written in the 70s on Linux, so... about compatibility.

  • Rob Richard
    Rob Richard 5 days ago

    Windows management is soo much more intuitive and easier on windows than OS X Linux is good at some of that but it’s distro specific and tricky for less tech savvy people

  • []
    [] 5 days ago +6

    Things I love about Windows as a Mac fanboy:
    It. Run. Games.
    That’s enough for me to have at least one windows machine along side my Mac

    • 633K_4R1ND4M
      633K_4R1ND4M 2 days ago

      yeah arch I also used it's good for daily job but at the same time not so many commercial apps not available... and what's point in configuring something which will be same for everyone for developing purpose you need to config mac too... see windows has every ui mac having but windows things breaks, don't work or atleast don't work perfectly... people in daily life don't need to configure everything from scrath which is time-wasting unless you want to maintain super privacy... apart from that being unix based and apple backed mac is more stable than any linux. Now I can see downside of macOS all because of apple and shit ceo team cook... removed cuda environment of nvidia, devices are over priced and not so much video games are available if it would be steve jobs no-one could have stand beside it... today's macbook is all are work of steve jobs and his team...

    • RyukTheGodOfDeath
      RyukTheGodOfDeath 2 days ago

      @633K_4R1ND4M i think the reason is that mac is simple and it is easy to get work done as you don't need to configure anything. Btw I use arch for daily driver and windows for gaming 😎

    • RyukTheGodOfDeath
      RyukTheGodOfDeath 2 days ago

      @633K_4R1ND4M so the only reason is that they are used in companies

    • 633K_4R1ND4M
      633K_4R1ND4M 2 days ago

      @RyukTheGodOfDeath bro it's used in many companies and also developers for a reason... People aren't fool to pay more.. ofcourse apple charging more cause they having monopoly... I am not arguing with a fanboy I guess be logical... I use both windows pc for gaming and for other works macbook pro...

    • RyukTheGodOfDeath
      RyukTheGodOfDeath 2 days ago

      @633K_4R1ND4M what kind of half assed reason is that?

  • Felix Neumaier
    Felix Neumaier 5 days ago


  • Brandon
    Brandon 5 days ago

    Was that Skyrim with Thomas the Train replacing Alduin??

  • Roman Yeskov
    Roman Yeskov 5 days ago +1

    "Play old games", yep, sure, Fallout 3 and GTA4 still don't works on Win10 :C

  • Uncinematographable Screenshot Cinema

    would you say Windows had a 'plethora' of piñatas? Hey, nice captain's chair. Nice enterprise bridge. I have never seen that rgb neon bridge before.

  • jb888888888
    jb888888888 6 days ago

    Windows 1-2-3-4 also works on the Ubuntu-based distro I'm using to type this (Zorin).

  • Knugen
    Knugen 6 days ago


  • Akzork
    Akzork 6 days ago

    Why did I watch this whole video?

  • Skystrike70
    Skystrike70 7 days ago

    wait wait wait what is this fence thing at 4:05 I am doing this right now

    AARON 7 days ago +1

    This video is completely garbage you didn't even mention linux

  • Santino Joshua Torre
    Santino Joshua Torre 7 days ago +2

    "DOTA used to be a custom map in WarCraft 3"

    ...man, i'm old...

  • Ezaldden Almaghout
    Ezaldden Almaghout 7 days ago

    might agree on some points. but taskbar? this is old-fashioned and rubbish piece of the software. I hope they kill it one day

  • Moritz Poldrack
    Moritz Poldrack 7 days ago +16

    If I can sum it up: it has a lot of Users. Everything else: Linux got you Covered pretty much

    • Kamil Wiśniewski
      Kamil Wiśniewski 17 hours ago

      @Moritz Poldrack there's no such thing as a objective opinion. I didn't think I have to point that out. Of course my opinion is subjective

    • Moritz Poldrack
      Moritz Poldrack 19 hours ago

      @Kamil Wiśniewski Usability and ux are far from objective. I myself use Linux and hate the UX on windows.

    • Kamil Wiśniewski
      Kamil Wiśniewski 20 hours ago

      @Moritz Poldrack as a software engineer I can do my development in Windows + WSL, which effectively gives me the power of Linux and usability of Windows. UX wise - I found Windows superior to linux or even osX. OSX was great until they introduced the app's validation rendering most of them useless.

    • Melek Teknologi
      Melek Teknologi 20 hours ago

      linux users: linux linux linux linux linux you should use linux
      me using linux: *constantly changing DE for no reason because i am bored*. ok linux is overrated

    • Moritz Poldrack
      Moritz Poldrack 20 hours ago

      @Kamil Wiśniewski could you name the points you think are not covered?

  • ShadowYeeter
    ShadowYeeter 7 days ago

    bruh i think they used windows photo editor to use markers

  • debeeriz
    debeeriz 8 days ago

    as a linux user. i will admit win 10 is pretty dam good, but i still dont trust it not to get malware, so i wont use it for email and exploring the internet

  • Master Matthew
    Master Matthew 8 days ago

    Entire video: top 10 reasons windows is basically a monopoly in the legal definition.

  • Master Matthew
    Master Matthew 8 days ago

    Gaming on windows isn't better.
    They have the console argument, they have exclusivity. It's not that they're doing better, they're just holding titles hostage unless you buy their platform.

  • Mark Metzler
    Mark Metzler 8 days ago

    There aren’t any good reasons, Windows just plain, flat out sucks, end of excuse or story.

    • ThatNormalBunny
      ThatNormalBunny 8 days ago

      Good job showing how mad you are. It's not too late to uninstall Linux and move over to Windows

  • Stephen Pierce
    Stephen Pierce 8 days ago

    If I had the money for 2 computers my plan was to have my everyday computer be Linux and the other a gaming computer running windows. my every day apps just run better in linux, while gaming can be don in Linux its just better supported in windows.

    • Stephen Pierce
      Stephen Pierce 8 days ago

      @ThatNormalBunny that is what my current setup is. But if I could have 2 computers the Linux would be a powerful low power system, while the gaming would focus on gaming. You would not want to run a powerful gaming system 24/7, that's too much power to be constantly running unless it was in use.

    • ThatNormalBunny
      ThatNormalBunny 8 days ago

      Then why not go for a dual boot solution? To help with the size issue save up for like a 10TB hard drive and dedicate 5TB to each OS

  • Orion Hellraiser
    Orion Hellraiser 8 days ago

    But I have a big question....how about Professional work? one thing is high-end gaming, daily tasks and other completely different thing is Audio production, Video Editing, 3d Rendering where you need all the posible resources available to speed up your work and not being wasted on stupid background processes that you won't even need as a professional. I'm actually hating windows 10 for those reasons.
    One thing is having amazing technology cheap at our disposal and more available than ever, and other thing that the fact of having 32 gb of RAM doesn't mean that it should be wasted on senseless background processes

  • AlecMayhugh
    AlecMayhugh 8 days ago

    how are you gonna use shortcut keys like that isn't the backbone of mac os?

  • Luke-Antra
    Luke-Antra 8 days ago

    Windows Customization is garbage.

    • Luke-Antra
      Luke-Antra 8 days ago

      @ThatNormalBunny I'm talking in comparison to Linux.
      Sure, it can do a decent amount. But it a absolutely pales in comparison to Linux.

    • ThatNormalBunny
      ThatNormalBunny 8 days ago

      To someone who doesn't know what they are doing sure

  • MrGheller
    MrGheller 8 days ago

    After watching this video, I reconfirm why I left Windows after so many years for MacOS. Now, waiting for ChromeOS to "hopefully" be more complete and useful to leave MacOS. In the meantime, MacOS.

  • anthony frank
    anthony frank 8 days ago +4

    TBH, windows 10 is just an improved version of windows 7.

    • old school diablo
      old school diablo 6 days ago

      @alalauiwhiuwhiuw 43tuijhuiaw;leawgl;jg you are right even windows users will.agree that win7 was better than win10

    • old school diablo
      old school diablo 6 days ago

      @ThatNormalBunny lets see...windows spys on you sells.your personal data....under the hood. windows NT kernel kernel is.unstable. windows updates that rarange your drive letters. updates that brick peoples pc. thats just a few how about forced updates. check out barniclus channle he talkes about why windows 10 is bug as it is today. windows 10 is not an emproved version of windows 7. the other way around. most average win users will tell you win 7 is way better than win 10. win 7 nevet got in your way like win 10 does. i ditched windows because pf this. i want to boot up and not deal with updates. ajd just use my system. btw you do know windows 10 DOES NOT have an in house testing team. you the user are the tester now

    • Daddy Joe's Pizza
      Daddy Joe's Pizza 6 days ago +1

      In theory, yes.

    • some guy
      some guy 6 days ago +2

      Really!?? -_-

    • Resale Value
      Resale Value 7 days ago +1

      anthony frank That's what Windows 10 is supposed to be. Smh

  • Reap R
    Reap R 9 days ago


    • Reap R
      Reap R 7 days ago

      @alalauiwhiuwhiuw 43tuijhuiaw;leawgl;jg i checked. It can be read by the pc. Bu wont boot. Diskless client btw. And made sure RAM is installed properly

    • alalauiwhiuwhiuw 43tuijhuiaw;leawgl;jg
      alalauiwhiuwhiuw 43tuijhuiaw;leawgl;jg 8 days ago

      Reap R rams faulty or ram is not supporyed

  • Зараб Умаров

    Penis !1111111

  • Bleak - _ -
    Bleak - _ - 9 days ago

    I was going to dislike but that joke at the start redeemed it to a like. lol Windows update is trash and many other things are trash on W10