• Published on Dec 6, 2018
  • Who says cheap wigs can't look expensive? Here's every major synthetic wig hack I've come up with over the years.
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  • Brad Mondo
    Brad Mondo  5 months ago +14701

    Who out here is ballllinnnn on a budge?????

  • mILD Music
    mILD Music Hour ago


  • tom
    tom 4 hours ago

    I just ordered a 40 inch wavey dark lacefront as my first wig lol

  • LM D
    LM D 10 hours ago

    "you don't need to be perfectly straight"
    - Don't worry, I'm not.

  • Sophia Eclipse Rodriguez

    Brad: all real hair has Shortness the front
    Me: so is my hair not real, I ain't got any shortness

  • Lolo Avocado
    Lolo Avocado 14 hours ago

    You can still pluck synthetic
    Just gotta be careful 😭😭😭

  • Gabbi Durham
    Gabbi Durham Day ago

    *No one has hair this long.* I hAvE hAiR tHaT lOnG

  • Devon Elizabeth
    Devon Elizabeth Day ago


  • Kuroki-sama
    Kuroki-sama Day ago

    Lol that's what my hair looks like.....before brad fixed it👀

    But my hair is short tho

  • Autumn Anne
    Autumn Anne Day ago


  • Autumn Anne
    Autumn Anne Day ago

    Any other cosplayers in here?

  • Rogue Wolf
    Rogue Wolf 2 days ago

    Brad keeps saying “no one has hair that long”....me sitting over here with hair past my butt cut straight across. 🤨🤨🤔🤔
    Yes there are a lot of pieces of different lengths...but the majority of it is that long and thick. As in it takes 45 min to blow dry. 😂😂 (In my photo my hair was pulled back tight and partially wet as I had been to the gym) I have a LOT of hair but a lot of the hairs themselves aren’t super thick. So it can be worn really flat when wet or with oil OR tons of volume. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Chris Gucci
    Chris Gucci 2 days ago

    Bro. How can you say your hair stylist and you dont know to brush hair starting from the bottom.

  • Pam Jo
    Pam Jo 3 days ago +1

    You’re soooo pretty!

  • Paul Waterhouse
    Paul Waterhouse 3 days ago

    One pet peeve.. you always say "costed" when it's just "cost" lol

  • Caramel Delight
    Caramel Delight 4 days ago

    Y’all complain too much. I’m applying some of these tips to my old synthetic wigs

  • Anna Warren
    Anna Warren 5 days ago

    I dont get wigs for over 10€

  • trerrible
    trerrible 5 days ago

    Brad "hello there beautiful"
    Me: he... I'm.... :)

  • Sylvanna Mitrevska
    Sylvanna Mitrevska 5 days ago

    The million dollar question I have and want to know so badly is...why do all hairdressers cut long hair to be short? I mean not everyone looks good with short hair😕 people wear extensions and wigs cause they want long hair, what would be the point in cutting the length?

  • Enyart Strings
    Enyart Strings 6 days ago

    looks soooooo much better

  • isabella. schneeb
    isabella. schneeb 6 days ago

    my hair is lowkey that thick lolz

  • KeAisha Valentine
    KeAisha Valentine 6 days ago

    Lol. My hair grows longer in the front no matter how much I trim it, and so does my dad’s sooooo... are we aliens or...

  • T tall
    T tall 7 days ago

    Haha just in a few minutes you made me laugh so freaking hard the purple hair when you put it on and then you totally just wing it I love that fact 💯😍💯😍

  • KJARTZ86
    KJARTZ86 7 days ago

    Wait a damn minute... I moved to ny from de. DONT COME FOR ME 😂😂😂😂😂

  • usagixXxlover
    usagixXxlover 7 days ago +3

    I started reading the comments before I finished the video, and I was expecting to see something bad, like the comments are suggesting. But I think it looks really good and super cute. The beach waves are subtle, the roots definitely make a difference, and the framing of the hair makes the wig more suitable. Long story short, I like it 😊✨

  • Trashy
    Trashy 7 days ago

    My hair is longer the the wig and I’m 4’11 and my hair is below my waist

  • Simdivinity
    Simdivinity 8 days ago

    No offense, I don't know much about wigs since I never had wore any but my real hair looking better than this wig and people sometimes think, say and ask if it's a wig. Love it anyways I think you did a pretty good job for a cheap wig!

  • Katie Faith Denman
    Katie Faith Denman 9 days ago

    38 doll hairs 😂😂 that comment brought me right out of a bad mood.

  • Sakura- ra-ra-ra
    Sakura- ra-ra-ra 9 days ago +4

    I'm a cosplayer so this was very helpful to me lmao thanks queen👑👑👑

  • Bubblestacker
    Bubblestacker 9 days ago

    Don’t touch it *touches it*

  • poWderSmak
    poWderSmak 10 days ago

    so yall basically sayin stop it at 9:13......ok.....i gotcha.......he did a great job doh....

  • Goose_in_a_ wig
    Goose_in_a_ wig 10 days ago +1

    Listen. Girls in the south do have hair that long. Literally no one gets their hair cut

    LIFEOF TJUAN 10 days ago

    that shit surely wasn’t cute 🥵💀

  • Mikayla Tong élève
    Mikayla Tong élève 10 days ago

    your terible and are you gay

  • MaycaurHair zoey
    MaycaurHair zoey 11 days ago

    Please search maycaur hair, top quality hair wigs on sale🔥🔥🔥

  • Ms Trice
    Ms Trice 12 days ago +1

    You are hillarious! love it. great tips.

  • Megan Bentley
    Megan Bentley 13 days ago

    "A really simple way to fix this"...you lost me. But is beautiful.

  • Kim TaeHyung
    Kim TaeHyung 13 days ago +1

    Can you maybe make a vid how to get a really tangled wig normal?

  • Dead Dreams
    Dead Dreams 13 days ago +1

    The wig was looking amazing and then he curled it, and bye it doesn't fit his face shape at all. It made me cringe being a cosplayer and seeing someone fuck up so bad with curls

  • Whitney DePass
    Whitney DePass 13 days ago

    My name is actually Whitney and I do need a hair make over but I live in Ohio

  • Rowan Danube
    Rowan Danube 13 days ago

    I feel like I’ve been trolled

  • Justė_St
    Justė_St 14 days ago

    I wish Brad would do my hair 😍

  • ceanna banana
    ceanna banana 14 days ago +1

    He's suppose to be a hairdresser LOL Yea & I'm beyonce

    TYLER ROSE 14 days ago

    HAIR HACK- brush wigs from the bottom up.

  • Jazariah B
    Jazariah B 14 days ago

    Love how people trashing it like their about to wear it and they fixed it up... Js

  • Millie France's
    Millie France's 15 days ago

    omg defo shouldn’t have curled it

  • ThisNameIsTakenSukas
    ThisNameIsTakenSukas 15 days ago +1

    I cringed at brushing the hair from the top down.
    When you have serious tangles that just makes it worse, at least for me.
    I was taught to start at the bottom especially with hair that doesn't grow back

  • Tåo McClain
    Tåo McClain 15 days ago

    0:22 Ugh, me too babe ToT I want all the expensive things but I can't barely buy the food I eat everyday

  • 91clasSick
    91clasSick 15 days ago

    I don’t understand why you don’t invest in a floor stand for your wigs. That way we can see the transformation in full length and I’m guessing it will be more like you’re working on a real person sitting in your chair so it will most likely be easier for you to work as well?

  • Jelsa 101
    Jelsa 101 16 days ago

    My hair is long and thick. It goes to my butt. Well used to till I cut 15 inches off for charity. 😏

  • Laney Hallman
    Laney Hallman 16 days ago

    "Nobody's hair is this thick" girl I dont think you've met me then

  • Nathan Haimson
    Nathan Haimson 16 days ago

    I have to style wigs for my SFX final AND THIS IS SO HELPFUL THANK YOUUUU

  • Erika M
    Erika M 19 days ago

    What can you use instead of a steamer

  • Sophie Crouton
    Sophie Crouton 20 days ago

    "No one has hair this long" UMMMMMMMMMM I go a school with a bunch of Pentecostals and Muslims, and most have them have hair wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy past their waists. I'm not hating but you seemed like you were kinda being ignorant to peoples beliefs and cultures.

  • Logicdiary317
    Logicdiary317 21 day ago

    Can we talk about baby hairs for a moment? Like... the real ones... that come out of your scalp. Anyone know how to make them grow out? I cut bangs in 2011 and I have short hairs that never grew out from that time even still. I hate how they look like devil horns when my hair is pulled back in a ponytail.
    Then brad is over here putting those little monsters on that wig? Why would anyone want those when naturally, they can be so annoying. It's the hair that can defy gravity and stand up straight, super frustrating and not even headbands can tame them. At least, in my experience. I have really fine, thin, long hair that's now passed my bra straps in the back. It's not a good look to have all those fly away hairs around my face. Any suggestions from you lovely people?

  • Blistexand Highlighter

    I hate you for not plucking that fucking wig😠

  • AzeraV
    AzeraV 23 days ago

    What's the best way to lose shine?

  • Kat L
    Kat L 23 days ago

    I just ordered this wig and I will definetely follow this tips! Thanks Brad :)

  • Melissa Harriman
    Melissa Harriman 23 days ago

    It's not unrealistic to have long hair 😭

  • mary wilson
    mary wilson 24 days ago

    Brad, I love you and your videos!

  • Mandie Kay
    Mandie Kay 24 days ago

    All this wig needed was a brush and hat. Lol

  • debby dee
    debby dee 24 days ago

    Can you plz do another wig makeover

  • Brei Dowell
    Brei Dowell 26 days ago

    Ok for everyone who’s all “my hair is too that thick....my hair, my hair, my hair” and everyone saying “so you’re calling me no one!?!? Waaaahh”: first of all, stop taking extremely generalized comments personally- it’s not all about YOU. Second, what he MEANS is....in order to have lavender hair you either need to have naturally very very blonde hair OR you must first get the shit bleached outta your hair, then you must dye it and tone it. Not to mention the upkeep of re-bleaching and re-dying periodically to cover the grow-out. All of this bleaching = damage = breakage = no more naturally thick, long hair for long. I don’t care how thick your natural hair is and how long you can get it, once you start fucking around with it and adding chemicals, especially bleach, you will now no longer have this luscious thick, long hair! You might be able to keep it long if you’re lucky, but definitely with some breaking and thinning at the ends or vice versa. SOOO....think about all the possibilities he may be saying what he is instead of automatically taking some obscure statement and letting it ruin your life. I really doubt he meant ANY actual racism or bitchiness when he said those things. Or maybe he just actually knows all of you, what kind of hair you have, and what you individually take offense to and said it anyway? No likely...

  • Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel 26 days ago

    It look tacky after tho... it looks better before lol

  • I am super bored
    I am super bored 26 days ago

    I have natural curls, and that doesn't look natural. Unless you want to look like you always just got out of the shower.

  • Kaylin White
    Kaylin White 27 days ago

    "a baby hair number" WHERE

  • Kaylin White
    Kaylin White 27 days ago +5

    Bruh this is blasphemy. Too many products on that synthetic wig. Curls don't hold well on synthetic hair. Nice attempt but this is not the best way to care for one of these!

  • Laura Rubčić
    Laura Rubčić 28 days ago

    Where are the curls omgg??

  • Julian Jules Moss
    Julian Jules Moss 28 days ago

    Nobody killed baby hairs except white girls tried doing it

  • Dree Washington
    Dree Washington 28 days ago +2

    I don’t like the “baby hairs”

  • Blue Gracious Skies
    Blue Gracious Skies 28 days ago

    Lord Jesus he needs help 😂 just because the wig is synthetic, it doesn't mean you can't pluck the part 💯 Also if you wanted curls, what I grew going is putting the hair in perm rods or flexi rods, put the hair in boiling water for about 30 seconds. Let it air dry and then take them out.

  • Aingeal Jackson
    Aingeal Jackson 29 days ago

    He should have used beach curles to add texture to the wig it would have looked better

  • Ashlie Kennedy
    Ashlie Kennedy 29 days ago

    You always look amaze balls, but I’m definitely loving the coloured hair more than the platinum. After seeing the different colours, the pale kinda washes you out. Still gorg though

  • Ooky Spooky Chic
    Ooky Spooky Chic 29 days ago

    brad honey im so sorry but i do absolute jack shit to my lacefronts besides trim the lace and they still look better than that, i just dont think you bought from a good brand to begin with

  • William Mahe
    William Mahe 29 days ago

    It was going fine. But the wig is still very shiny, the curls reverted the look back to it’s original state, and the roots just look dusty now.

  • Curly Bug
    Curly Bug Month ago

    will you get a good wig for 21(US) dollars?
    edit: also i cant tell if this wig that i want is synthetic or not? this is the wig i'm talking about:
    also the reason i was asking if i would get a good wig for 21 dollars is because the link that i gave is 21 dollars
    edit 3: the wig after styling is flatter than my chest( and i'm 9 years old)

  • janine Faber
    janine Faber Month ago

    For how much it costed sorry but I know I'm not the only one who heard that

  • Lizzy Hale
    Lizzy Hale Month ago +1

    I don’t think he knew that once you straighten or brush out synthetic wig set curls you can’t get them back unless you wrap them around a flex tie and either steam them (yes with the thing you steam your clothes with), or dip them in boiling water while they are twisted around a curler. Lol I can tell he was like “um ok” on his face when he saw that it wasn’t curling well at all lolll

  • Olivia Fox
    Olivia Fox Month ago +1

    “ and make the seam seamless”
    ... I’m confused

    JESS PAIS Month ago

    Is it just me or he reminds me of Ian somerhalder

  • Reshiram Lodke
    Reshiram Lodke Month ago +1

    If you have enough money to buy a wig you ain't broke

    • Reshiram Lodke
      Reshiram Lodke 28 days ago

      +Miriam A.J it doesn't matter if the wig is five dollars. You have that money. you ain't broke

    • Miriam A.J
      Miriam A.J 28 days ago

      +Reshiram Lodke wish you was right

    • Reshiram Lodke
      Reshiram Lodke 28 days ago

      +Miriam A.J my comment still stands. You... aint... broke

    • Miriam A.J
      Miriam A.J 29 days ago

      I get my wigs from wish. Think again 😂

  • Robyn 678
    Robyn 678 Month ago

    It looked crap when he first curled it but the end was cool

  • Serenity Sov
    Serenity Sov Month ago +1

    Thank you for this Brad! I start chemo soon and I can't afford a nice wig so I will for sure be using these tips to transform a cheap one. 💙

  • amber Reid
    amber Reid Month ago

    Lies! My hair is THICK as fuck!

  • Savannah Cole
    Savannah Cole Month ago

    Where would you recommend to get the best full lace wig? Not too terribly expensive, but not cheap?

  • ProphecyOfThePaladins

    In Australia we call that
    "Champaign taste on a beer budget"

  • Whitney Girl
    Whitney Girl Month ago

    at the beginning when you said "whitney needs a makeover," I thought of me and how ugly i am 😭😭😂

  • Draglife Draglife
    Draglife Draglife Month ago

    You can still pluck a synthetic wig. It won’t damage the lace

  • IPlayGames
    IPlayGames Month ago +4

    When youve been pretending to be a hairstylist and they ask for a tutorial so you fake it

  • Piper McLean ‘brick’

    I only know how to style wigs for cosplay....

  • Sofia Villena
    Sofia Villena Month ago

    My hair is equal like forreal i don't have that short peices in the front like i wanna have those but i just don't have it lmao

  • martina tuckett
    martina tuckett Month ago +2

    The difference between Brandon and James Charles
    Brandon: I'm just using the stick thing and brown
    James: so now your going to use the chocolate brown using my brush

  • lin bish
    lin bish Month ago

    Good Lord If you have a FAKE hair wig and use hair products, heat, brush it vigorously you will fuck it up in two econds flat. Trust me

  • roblox corn
    roblox corn Month ago

    When he pulls out a razer tho

  • Marie Carpenter
    Marie Carpenter Month ago

    you literally made it look the exact same as it did before when you gave her beach waves, if not worse

    • Marie Carpenter
      Marie Carpenter Month ago

      also it just looks like you put powder on your head, use hair dye ppl

  • babe brown
    babe brown Month ago +1

    I agree
    Baby hairs are overrated

  • QueenPineapples
    QueenPineapples Month ago +1

    I love how Brad really understands the concept of money and helps us out and btw this wig is bomb

  • Kayla Bryce
    Kayla Bryce Month ago

    Omg you should do this with one of those cheap Halloween wigs 🧛‍♀️🎃💇‍♀️

  • Robin Clarke
    Robin Clarke Month ago

    No sis those curls aren't cute

  • tonya bubbles31200
    tonya bubbles31200 Month ago

    Omg!!!! A little bit late to the glow up party but Omg !!! Thank you thank you thank you !! You're an amazing teacher and definitely help ease the intimidation factor of new hair adventures so thank you so much for your channel so we don't make the same mistakes twice ....or in some cases plus like 4 more times BTW your hair care line is so yummy a stylist from your coast filled me in and it's lovely and Def excited to see the wig line *wink wink nudge nudge *🍭💜🍭