Samsung Galaxy S10+ Hands On

  • Published on Feb 20, 2019
  • This is the new Samsung Galaxy S10
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Comments • 28 402

  • Ashton and Paula
    Ashton and Paula 2 days ago

    Why not do a video over the Samsung galaxy s10e

  • Keith T.
    Keith T. 3 days ago

    What is he talking about do he know

  • Christina Salazar
    Christina Salazar 5 days ago

    A catfishs' dream

  • Andrew Lukenbach
    Andrew Lukenbach 6 days ago

    I just had to re subscribe to your channel. RU-clip is starting to irritate me

  • Pernando Rinando
    Pernando Rinando 7 days ago +1

    Can you please make a comparison between the s10+ and note10+

  • Michael Decker
    Michael Decker 8 days ago +4

    I liked this when it first came out now this comment is made on my S10+. Love it
    (EDIT, Guess I was baked as to my first part of my sentence made absolutely no sense at all

  • D Combs
    D Combs 9 days ago +1

    Shoulda titled the vid, hands on with S10 camera, 90 percent of the video is just the camera

  • DeeDee T
    DeeDee T 9 days ago +1

    Where do we get that skin/backing for the phone?

  • Prashant sharma
    Prashant sharma 10 days ago

    Can anyone help me out by telling the name of that song when he test the dolby atmos surround sound. Please and ya if there is 2 songs then both.first song starts at 10:43 and second at 11:09.

  • Prashant sharma
    Prashant sharma 10 days ago

    Can anyone help me out by telling the name of that song when he test the dolby atmos surround sound. Please and ya if there is 2 songs then both.

  • Rowdy Rascal
    Rowdy Rascal 11 days ago

    Nice phone I am your big fan

  • Hoff
    Hoff 11 days ago

    I love my new Galaxy S10, but I think Samsung really fucked up by removing the LED notification indicator. That's a huge miss in my book.

  • Suzana L
    Suzana L 12 days ago

    Today I ordered 2 S10+ 😻 I think tomorrow I'll have it 😻😻😻

  • Joshua Brooks
    Joshua Brooks 12 days ago


  • David Is Awesome
    David Is Awesome 12 days ago +1

    I wish I have a Samsung Galaxy S10+

  • Gurmeet Singh
    Gurmeet Singh 14 days ago +1

    On my s10 plus when I shoot using wide angle in low lighting conditions and cream background I can see yellow artifacts in corners this is really annoying

  • God's Grace
    God's Grace 14 days ago +6

    I'm still using my Samsung about being cheap 😂😂

    • Christina Salazar
      Christina Salazar 5 days ago

      I had the S5 for 5 years, and I have the S10. Worth the wait, because I got it at best6for $766 that means $200 off, because they're coming out w/a new phone

    • Rafix Kay
      Rafix Kay 12 days ago

      Yeah well I'm currently using my S5 neo for the 5th year already, next week I'm upgrading to an S10+ monkaW

  • Dilip Kandel
    Dilip Kandel 14 days ago

    Do Samsung s105G

  • Goreon
    Goreon 15 days ago +1

    lol jokes on you guys, I am here rocking with paper flip-phone

  • Jose Aikee Fernandez
    Jose Aikee Fernandez 15 days ago +1

    Who came here after watching the note 10 unboxing... 🖒

  • John Smith
    John Smith 16 days ago +1

    You left out the pen.

    • [ZKG] GEG17
      [ZKG] GEG17 14 days ago +1

      @John Smith I have the s10 plus and there is NO pen. There IS a pen for the Note 10 tho.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 14 days ago

      @[ZKG] GEG17 Yes, there is.

    • [ZKG] GEG17
      [ZKG] GEG17 14 days ago

      There is no pen

  • Raidr FN
    Raidr FN 16 days ago +2

    When unbox therapy skips the unboxing part

  • keep thinking
    keep thinking 16 days ago

    it's so funny that you ate just finding beauty mode after 5 yrs

  • Super Politics
    Super Politics 16 days ago +4

    Watching on my S 10 plus 👌😍

  • Pratyush Kanojia
    Pratyush Kanojia 18 days ago

    which song is he playing when he was turning dolby atmos on and off?

  • CrossX95
    CrossX95 18 days ago +2

    ”Thats pretty wide, I‘m into that.“

    • Joel Williams
      Joel Williams 14 days ago

      I said the same thing about Gina Carano's athletically sculpted calves & hips!

  • Donniecaison
    Donniecaison 18 days ago

    I really don't like the hole punch :( I hope they come up with a better solution for the S11

  • Soaring Doge
    Soaring Doge 19 days ago +3

    Apple joined chat
    Apple: flexes the notch
    Samsung left chat

  • devil zone
    devil zone 19 days ago +1

    I so jelous i only have a s10e

  • Delflo45
    Delflo45 20 days ago +1

    I prefere the s10 plus céramique because it feel more solide more heavy it feel good in the hand compare to the regular s10 plus it s to light i don t like it i need to feel that money 😅😅😅

    • Delflo45
      Delflo45 15 days ago

      @Anoel Silliw 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Anoel Silliw
      Anoel Silliw 15 days ago +1

      Delflo45 “I need to feel that money” I’m dead😂😂

  • Magical Gravity
    Magical Gravity 20 days ago

    switched from the iphone xs max to the s10+ switch. do it. plz

  • Mason Ford
    Mason Ford 21 day ago

    The other S10 hole punches are great, but this one is just obnoxious

  • Anthony
    Anthony 22 days ago

    Can anyone tell me what watch he is wearing??

  • Haroko san
    Haroko san 22 days ago

    Samsung should've made the design similar to S9+, that hole is just distracting. I ended up buying the Oneplus7 pro

  • leffepro
    leffepro 22 days ago

    I should choose a mobile and I do not know what to take
    an iphone x or samsung galaxy s10plus

    • Petr Barbořák
      Petr Barbořák 12 days ago

      Unless you really love iOS and dont mind sacrificing a lot of freedom for some more smoothness, go for S10+

    • leffepro
      leffepro 19 days ago

      @Sheeped ok thanks

    • Sheeped
      Sheeped 19 days ago

      Not the expensive glass on the back I shall tell you that.

  • The HawkGuy
    The HawkGuy 23 days ago

    The wallpapers aren't made to hide the camera. Why would they even tey to hide it?

    • Yeet Doge
      Yeet Doge 23 days ago +1

      The HawkGuy they’re tryna hide it to make the screen look sleeker

  • KF Jokes
    KF Jokes 23 days ago

    khoya rak nadi tema chereftina be vediowatk

  • William Lowery
    William Lowery 24 days ago

    I trust your reviews more than anyone lol. Appreciate the great reviews!

  • Jensoo Chaelisa
    Jensoo Chaelisa 25 days ago +1

    Hey even though it’s expensive you can go to Facebook,OfferUp,5miles,Mercari or letgo and u can buy them for like $500 or $400

  • Your Senpai
    Your Senpai 25 days ago +1

    And missed the most innovative part. Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner🤦‍♂️

  • Janman92
    Janman92 25 days ago

    Honestly, while watching youtube on my S10+ the cutout just seems to fade into my peripheral. So I dont really notice it 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • [ZKG] GEG17
      [ZKG] GEG17 14 days ago +1

      Same. It's really not in the way of anything

  • sus2731
    sus2731 25 days ago

    what about mic? how is the mic when video recording?

    ZELOR 26 days ago

    Does it get Ads/pop ups on home screen???

  • Pranav Vemulapati
    Pranav Vemulapati 26 days ago

    The galaxy a9 is the world's first 5 camera phone

  • Anonimus
    Anonimus 26 days ago

    Watching this on my Galaxy S10+ Performance Edition

  • MisterMolecular48
    MisterMolecular48 26 days ago

    Still not as good as my Honor 8X ;)

  • Rhian 49
    Rhian 49 27 days ago +5

    Samsung drops a new phone
    Apple:Ok I'm gonna kill my self

  • Kaire Jay
    Kaire Jay 27 days ago

    The name of the song he played on the s10 was Chi by jesse james......Good sht right there

  • B L
    B L 27 days ago

    Ew, did i just see the MyRogers app. puke

  • Melanie Cruz
    Melanie Cruz 27 days ago

    one thing's for sure, i can't afford this one😭

  • bruheffectjpg
    bruheffectjpg 28 days ago

    9:34 I'm either crazy or the black on the screen is moving

  • Vinicius Deluiz Oliveira

    Is the infamous galaxy S screen burn-in still a problem with de S10? I´ve had the S5 and S8 and both have/had severe burn-ins. Really want to get the S10, but I´m afraid it will happen again.
    Is there any official statement from Samsung as to how they pretend to fix this or have already done so?

    Hope to get a response from anyone who has info about this issue. And if Lew himself decides to shed some light on this post, that would make my day....nay.....month.....nay...YEAR!

    • Anonimus
      Anonimus 26 days ago

      I think S10 doesn't have Burn in problems, the screen is Dynamic Amoled

  • Martin Grant
    Martin Grant 29 days ago

    I'm thinking of swapping my s10 plus for note 9 what's your opinion ?

  • Hector Smith
    Hector Smith 29 days ago

    Screen Real estate 😂

  • Angela Garner
    Angela Garner 29 days ago

    I'm buying a new phone I'm thinking about getting this phone comment if you think I should

    • JoJay D
      JoJay D 29 days ago

      either this or the xs max, Idk which 1 to pick honestly!

  • TheBaldSquirrel
    TheBaldSquirrel 29 days ago

    Whos here before 10.5mil views?

  • Cole Knight
    Cole Knight Month ago +1

    The hole punch is still better than the notch!!

  • Josh Moore
    Josh Moore Month ago +2

    Watching this on my Galaxy s10+

  • Alexandra Perchanidou

    For someone who has the Huawei P9 Lite 2016, this phone will DEFINITELY look like a new one in my hands! And yes the S10+ with 1TB memory costs 1068 euros. I'll always support a phone company that STILL PUTS THE headphone jacks in the phones.

  • j2uazon83
    j2uazon83 Month ago +2

    Watching this video on my S10+.

  • Spankster
    Spankster Month ago

    Wtf is a hole punch

  • Primum Genus
    Primum Genus Month ago

    EA: No one plays single player games anymore.
    Apple: No one uses ear phone jacks.

  • Tahmid Khan
    Tahmid Khan Month ago

    at least 95% of the reviewers get paid by samsung. The quality is nowhere near iphone or pixel, yet they charge you an outrageous amount. I've used the s9+ and it was the most disappointing flagship experience ever. Phone slows down multiple times a week. Manual mode of the camera is a joke. It's a phone for the peasants

  • Not your Business
    Not your Business Month ago


  • Not your Business
    Not your Business Month ago

    Speakers are amazing. And the headphone jack seals the deal

  • Ali x
    Ali x Month ago

    Is it Edge ?

  • J Hutch
    J Hutch Month ago

    Yeah I wanted the S10 plus but I am waiting for the note 10.

  • Kyle Joseph Crespo
    Kyle Joseph Crespo Month ago

    What typa watch is he wearing?

  • Xavoer Langreau
    Xavoer Langreau Month ago

    i am hesitating between the s10 and the s10 plus,so my question is pretty simple,does the s10 plus is not to big to fit in a pants pocket when you are not using it? thank you

  • Cedric Holmes
    Cedric Holmes Month ago

    This phone has so much to offer its overwhelming. I'm still learning new things about this phone 2 months after getting this phone

  • Ransom Messenger
    Ransom Messenger Month ago

    people are too nitpicky tbh the camera thing is so trivial.

  • nexelg
    nexelg Month ago

    Its charging system is garbage.

  • chad erickson
    chad erickson Month ago +1

    The 12 gigs of ram is pretty nice

  • Mine Memes
    Mine Memes Month ago

    Watching this on a stupid IPhone SE

  • OzzTheBozz
    OzzTheBozz Month ago

    What a bullshit, this is a camera test only.