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Jump into a Paldean Journey | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

  • Published on Oct 5, 2022
  • Every big journey begins with a single step! 🌄 Take a peek at some of the adventure you'll find through the open world of Paldea!
    Where will you go? What will you discover? Find your treasure in your own journey in Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet, available 11/18!
    Pre-order Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet today to get ready for an exciting adventure in Paldea! ❤️💜 pkmn.news/BuyScarletViolet
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  • UserMCSkull
    UserMCSkull Month ago +3917

    Them showcasing the food minigame IMMEDIATELY after mentioning how pokemon eggs can be found in picnics is so funny to me

    • CMGreninja3316
      CMGreninja3316 Month ago

      I choked on my milk at that part

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    • haingis
      haingis Month ago +3

      first it was the Miltank milk, next pokemon eggs, and then...
      pikachu stew (just wanted the rhyme), seedot cake, Mamoswine sausages, and eventually when people realize it's not sustainable to eat only meat pokemon... Caterpie tacos

    • Kale1300
      Kale1300 Month ago

      Scrambled Togepi

    • Littlefox_100
      Littlefox_100 Month ago


  • HPetch
    HPetch Month ago +232

    I'm so glad that any Pokémon can have any Tera type, the amount of strategic depth it opens up is just immense, particularly if there's a way to change a Pokémon's type later in the game. The food buffs look like they could help a lot, but getting a particular Tera type on top of all the other variables could end up being a bit of a slog otherwise.

    • FireBreather626
      FireBreather626 2 days ago

      @Wapfgaming wish granted for anyone wanting to change Tera types( Tera shards)

    • Zachary Friedrich
      Zachary Friedrich Month ago +1

      This potentially means that for victory road, this could be the hardest form of elite 4 we'd see. Or the easiest.

    • Hylia Stone
      Hylia Stone Month ago

      @Horacio Navarro O no

    • hydroliak
      hydroliak Month ago +3

      maybe in base game but vgc is gonna suck (cause its just random chaos with no predictability)

    • Horacio Navarro
      Horacio Navarro Month ago +5

      Imagine a shedinja with electric tera type and a baloon

  • Beanoptodon
    Beanoptodon Month ago +376

    The customization is what I've always wanted in a pokemon game. Finally.

    • Bovine Joannie
      Bovine Joannie Month ago

      Are you a ten year old.

    • sayyestofairness
      sayyestofairness Month ago +3

      A lot of people are going to mistaken this as caving into the "SJWs," but I see this a different way. It kinda reminds me of creating Miis during the Wii era.

    • Tri Tam Tran
      Tri Tam Tran Month ago


    • Ian Gabriel
      Ian Gabriel Month ago

      @Speletons customize outfits how? That’s never been a thing in Pokémon lol

    • Sprout
      Sprout Month ago +7

      Glad the hair and face customization is gender neutral now tho. Sucks for the clothes but as long as the clothing isn’t ugly, I’m glad I can have my chara actually feel like me.

  • rok
    rok Month ago +152

    Being able to choose what tms to build is pretty awesome

    • Telegram me @pokmon11
      Telegram me @pokmon11 Month ago

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  • Mark Brooker
    Mark Brooker Month ago +161

    Looks promising! Just hope the difficulty isn't dumbed down like shield/sword was! Would like a challenge for once

    • Blackcop33
      Blackcop33 15 days ago

      @Sarblade idk i struggled in alola

    • Stephen L
      Stephen L 25 days ago

      It will be easy af.

    • Sarblade
      Sarblade Month ago

      @wk It's one of my favs, also because the cartridge was pretty. You're just bad man.

    • wk
      wk Month ago

      @Sarblade you didn’t play emerald and it shows

    • cozykii 2
      cozykii 2 Month ago

      @Sarblade comments have pointed out that black and white attempted difficulty options. I don't think just because the target audience is kids it doesn't mean they can't include options for their older fan base, seems lazy on the company who could absolutely include that. No matter what, I and many others will criticize this company for making certain decisions regardless of who the intended audience is

  • Gotai
    Gotai Month ago +2393

    This is a huge change, our trainers have expressions now, I’m gonna miss the blank stare that looks into the abyss

    • Gotai
      Gotai Month ago

      @Jimim - still crying yeah but they only had expressions in animated cutscenes

    • jase276
      jase276 Month ago

      bruh, they've done been having expressions

    • Jimim - still crying
      Jimim - still crying Month ago

      Why y'all making it seem like we JUST now getting new expressions? SWSH protags had them in every cutscene. They stopped the blank stares in SM.

    • XDarkEcho
      XDarkEcho Month ago +1

      They're really stepping it up, huh?

    • Bombadil Squire
      Bombadil Squire Month ago +3

      "I can tell you are dismayed"
      my character: *stares with a blank unwavering and unblinking smile 24/7*

  • NiyiDaNinja
    NiyiDaNinja Month ago +222

    Just hope we can do all storylines at the same time or if we do decide to do one at a time that there is scaling so we aren't too overleved. Really excited for this game

    • Some roast beef, a chicken, a pizza
      Some roast beef, a chicken, a pizza Month ago

      @D Rode geez y’all are constantly defending your precious game, aren’t ya? I’m just simply asking for something that would improve the game that’s not difficult to do in video games these days. It was made as a kids game 20-30 years ago. All those kids are older, myself included. So if you want to keep that demographic while also appealing to the younger generation then why not make difficulty sliders?

    • Joshua Swanson
      Joshua Swanson Month ago

      @D Rode Well, to be fair, I don't go out at all. So it's entirely possible I'm wrong and am just basing my assumptions off of years of memories and observations that don't have any further confirmation.

    • D Rode
      D Rode Month ago

      @Joshua Swanson I'm specifically talking about pokemon nights, not MtG or otherwise

    • Joshua Swanson
      Joshua Swanson Month ago

      @D Rode Well as someone who recently got out of high school, I'd definitely beg to differ. But without the begging.
      It might also differ depending on where you're from, though, so that might have effect. But I've seen the same thing both states I've lived in. And when it comes to adults being in card shops, well... Everyone knows Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh! are the best trading card games. And both of those fanbases are flooded with adults.

    • D Rode
      D Rode Month ago

      @Joshua Swanson you must not personally know many kids, everyone one of my friends with kids has introduced their little ones to pokemon, when I go to a card shop some people bring their kids to play with them but mostly it's adults playing anywhere I go, when I sub in elementary schools kids weren't bringing pokemon cards home with them.
      Sure middle school kids are more than likely playing some of those other games but plenty of elementary school kids (and lots of my high school kids too honestly) are playing Pokemon and other Nintendo games

  • AsToldbyWhomever
    AsToldbyWhomever 8 days ago

    Honestly my favorite thing about the new series is that the character doesn’t have to wear some silly helmet and outfit while riding the Pokémon. The helmets and silly gear from previous generations really took me out of the atmosphere. Nothing was cooler than turning your hat backwards and going fast in generation one on the bike.

  • SgCy
    SgCy 20 days ago +2

    I'm a little worried that the co-op mode is literally just raid battles and free roam. Was really hoping we could watch each other do our gym battles and cheer eachother on.

  • SunRiseGamer
    SunRiseGamer 21 day ago +5

    4:04 when randomizers come out for this, it's going to be hectic. Just imagine all legendaries that you have to face off against.

  • Drakowyn
    Drakowyn Month ago +8147

    Glad to see Girafarig getting an evolution, it's one of the older Pokémon that really deserved one. Hope some other older single stage mons will get evolutions this gen and future gens.

    • Studio Anima
      Studio Anima Month ago +1

      @Axell15 The Wisp Master lol it's good

    • Axell15 The Wisp Master
      Axell15 The Wisp Master Month ago

      @Studio Anima No no. I heard it just now as well. Sorry, I wasn't very observant

    • Studio Anima
      Studio Anima Month ago

      @Axell15 The Wisp MasterI did hear her say "in the paldea regions Pokedex, you can see photos of Pokemon and information about them"
      That's referring to the pokédex not the Pokemon.
      Unless I missed it somewhere where she said it can only evolve in Paldea.
      Please time stamp that for me.
      It wouldn't make much sense to create an evolution for an older generation Pokemon only for it to appear in that one region only.
      As I said only regional Pokemon, like alolan muk, alolan sandslash, and so on are exceptions in that case.
      I can guarantee you, this evolution is not just going to be for these games only.
      This just happens to be the game it was introduced in just like other evolutions before it.

    • Axell15 The Wisp Master
      Axell15 The Wisp Master Month ago

      @Studio Anima Well yeah, but she did say that it's only in the Paldea region

    • Studio Anima
      Studio Anima Month ago

      @Axell15 The Wisp Master are you referring to the evolution?
      Well there's a good chance you'll see it in future games since it's a straight up evolution, and not just a regional variant.
      Exactly like how new evolutions for lickitung Electabuzz and Magmar came around.
      Now you see them everywhere

  • OwlPondering
    OwlPondering Month ago +9

    For those wondering why the framerate for the Artazon windmill is so bad, there doesn’t seem to be any LOD going on here for whatever reason. If you look at the part where the player fights the titan Klawf, the windmill can be seen in the distance, and the model is (seemingly) the same as it was when the player was in Artazon. The model shouldn’t be that detailed from far away. The problem can be fixed by making a lower quality model and when the player is too far away from the windmill, the normal model is replace with the lower quality model. No idea what’s up with those Sunflora, though. The fps for them is fixed in the japanese trailer

  • KingfulWrong VOD's
    KingfulWrong VOD's Month ago +30

    New things to care about
    4:08 ceruledge and amorouge preform in back
    6:45 girafarig evo

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  • Sekkusu T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me33

    man i love this new direction with the items to make tms and all

  • Fak_Yuo_Google+
    Fak_Yuo_Google+ Month ago +1

    I'm hoping against hope that the forced Gen 1 EXP Share will, at the very least, be a toggle option like it was in OR/AS if it has to be mandatory. I still prefer the held item EXP Share and always will.

  • Teeroy
    Teeroy Month ago +7248

    Every time I’ve caught a Girafarig in games for my whole life I’ve been naming them Farigiraf so this evolution is very satisfying to see

    • Pokémaniac Guquiz
      Pokémaniac Guquiz Month ago

      @Manuwell Heel stoer.

    • monkeymask
      monkeymask Month ago

      literally just lying

    • SquidlyTV
      SquidlyTV Month ago

      @Ashely Gordon It's final evolution is definitely not going to be Water Flying

    • Littlefox_100
      Littlefox_100 Month ago


    • DJPrinceGrandmasterYRJDaLoneWolfDoes
      DJPrinceGrandmasterYRJDaLoneWolfDoes Month ago

      But if that comment has nothing to do with what the main topic of the video or the comments are, and nobody’s engaging with it please do me a favor guys and report those comments and spam because people like that are the reason why not only are more people turning atheist and agnostic every day, but there’s a reason as to why people don’t like Christianity and are starting to hate people that are Christians to begin with… I’m personally starting to get sick and tired of seeing those comments all the time, again the only difference is if people are engaging with the comment or if the video has to do something in relation to the comment. But that’s the thing, it isn’t and I really hate it when people do that, and then people like that have the nerve to ask why people don’t wanna be Christian, or go to church, or make fun of God or whatever… That was all thank you…

  • Brad Rodgers
    Brad Rodgers Month ago +6

    Looks promising but I hope the overworld Pokémon get more animation, the ones in this video seem a little static to me

  • Eternity **gigi riri

    Glad to see Girafarig getting an evolution, it's one of the older Pokémon that really deserved one. Hope some other older single stage mons will get evolutions this gen and future gens.

  • Sekkusu T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me33

    Glad to see Girafarig getting an evolution, it's one of the older Pokémon that really deserved one. Hope some other older single stage mons will get evolutions this gen and future gens.

  • S
    S Month ago +3

    The new battle gimic was best left as a special ability for some, the thought y’all learned from Dynamax how it just ruins the game, the best gimic you had by far was Megas maybe Z moves but this weird trend has run its course

  • Professor Bean
    Professor Bean Month ago +1596

    A crafting system for TMs is honestly a stroke of genius. It will ensure you can always get more of the moves you want, while also giving you something else to go out and explore for even late game.

    • Jeikobu
      Jeikobu Month ago

      @XDarkEcho in sword/shield they were infinite use with the one time use TRs acting as the old TMs did, but almost every move you actually wanted from TMs were moved to TRs, it just added an annoying extra step, especially if you wanted to use it more than once. Then BD/SP went full breakable but they threw more of each at you, which could have been solved by just having them be infinite use

    • Christopher Murff
      Christopher Murff Month ago

      @XDarkEcho they were, but if they want a crafting system its almost safe to say they will be only accessible in that menu, or that you can perhaps build multiple and stock pile them. But in the video it looked they used materials to build the TM and immediately apply it to the pokemon

    • XDarkEcho
      XDarkEcho Month ago

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't TMs, at least in Sw/Sh, permanent? Making RMs the consumable ones? I'm all for crafting my items and stuff, but seems a bit backwards for TMs, unless this time around you can only have access to them from crafting and finding them on the ground in areas, instead of buying them at the marts(which I'm assuming that's what the plan is).

    • Christopher Murff
      Christopher Murff Month ago

      @Ariel Burgos it looked like you didnt generate TM, it looked as though you chose the pokemon to use the TM on and it crafted and used it at the same time. But yeah they didnt show if it was still in your pack or not.
      My guess is no, if its like 3-4 materials plus some points to make its prob safe to assume its a one time use.

    • Pain Killer
      Pain Killer Month ago

      Why's everyone saying I sound like BTS 😳😳

  • Sekkusu T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me33

    From a lore perspective, it will be interesting to learn the explanation of finding wild Terastal Pokémon outside of Raid Dens, especially since this didn't happen with Dynamax/Gigantamax.

  • Treyvonne Carter
    Treyvonne Carter Month ago +4

    This is the coolest freaking game ❤. You’re telling me I can have a conflicting Tera Type (so many uses), and to beat the “Team Rocket” of this game I have to play Pokémon Tower Defense (essentially)! 🙈🙈🙈♥️😩 Added with the map tracker, I’m so excited! I stopped a third of the way in to say this lol

  • E Creator
    E Creator 20 days ago +5

    Can't believe they hid Gimmighoul so effectively like that, no one caught on for a month

    • ThisguySL
      ThisguySL 19 days ago

      Some people did, but the ones who did couldn't identify it.
      Until now...

  • Sekkusu T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me33

    I’m loving the attention to the size of Pokémon. You can see in the raid battle how different the sableye and farigiraf are in height. Sableye actually looks like a little cave troll and farigiraf a giraffe. We’ve been waiting a long time for that.

  • Fluid Welcome
    Fluid Welcome Month ago +1752

    Apparently there used to be a species of four horned giraffe in Spain long ago, so Farigiraf works very well in this region

    • Ikad
      Ikad Month ago +2

      @Maarten Thousands of years ago the Iberian Peninsula, where Spain and Portugal are located, had a sabana-type climate. I study History in Spain and I've been taught that the humans that inhabited this region shared it with hyenas, lions and elephants. Climates changed a lot in this last millenium!

    • Fluid Welcome
      Fluid Welcome Month ago +1

      @Maarten I did say used to be

    • Maarten
      Maarten Month ago

      A giraffe? In Spain?

    • DJPrinceGrandmasterYRJDaLoneWolfDoes
      DJPrinceGrandmasterYRJDaLoneWolfDoes Month ago +1

      What are you going on about? Nobody’s telling you anything…

    • Pain Killer
      Pain Killer Month ago

      Why's everyone saying I sound like BTS 😳😳

  • Estefana  **Check Me

    It's interesting to see the effect legend Arceus has had on pokemon.The open world,crafting and no transitions between battles. I just wonder how shiny hunting in this game will be.

  • Izzy May IS ready
    Izzy May IS ready  Month ago

    It's interesting to see the effect legend Arceus has had on pokemon.The open world,crafting and no transitions between battles. I just wonder how shiny hunting in this game will be.

  • Sekkusu T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me33

    Girafarig is one of those mons we all knew deserved an evolution! I’m so happy!

  • ff
    ff Month ago +18

    Pokemon Introduced in trailer:
    6:55- Farigiraf (Girafarig evo)
    4:09- Amarouge/Ceruledge pre-evo next to torkoal in the back (unnamed)
    7:17- 3 Different pokemon seen on minimap (unrevealed names)
    9:34- Pokemon seen behind menu bar in the grass (gimmighoul roaming form)
    Please say if I missed any/if i got 1 wrong

  • Braide Fuote
    Braide Fuote Month ago +3501

    Not only does Sunflora have the lowest stats of any fully evolved pokemon, now it has the lowest framerate too.
    EDIT: Apparently my point went over everyone's heads. There are two possibilities here: Either the game is poorly optimized or the company didn't bother to make sure there were no glaring errors in their trailer. Both are bad. The whole thing with the other leaked pokemon is fine, that's a mistake that could have slipped by, but making sure everything obvious in your trailer looks good should be a no brainer (the Sunflora). The fact that the JP trailer doesn't have the framerate issue means they knew about it and released this trailer anyway. This is not an indie company, this is a multi-million dollar company. There is no excuse. They do not need to be defended.

    • NikoTheLegend
      NikoTheLegend 23 days ago

      who cares?

    • YosiahW
      YosiahW Month ago

      @Zemocon Guess what? We don't care. You keep playing the same disappointing and reskinned game every few years while the rest of us don't. It goes both ways lol.

    • Zemocon
      Zemocon Month ago

      Guess what? We don't care. You keep on searching framerate drops while the rest of us enjoy the game.

    • SquidlyTV
      SquidlyTV Month ago

      @YosiahW Just don't pretend to be objective. Which you said you wouldn't. Which is good. That's what I asked

    • YosiahW
      YosiahW Month ago

      ​@SquidlyTV I didn't. I stated my opinion because it's what I believe. I'll do what I please in the future.

  • MonochromeEight
    MonochromeEight Month ago

    7:16 that windmill going 1 frame per second, which makes it really inefficient for its designated purpose

  • Kaiser Maximal
    Kaiser Maximal Month ago +4

    I know graphics aren't a determining factor on the quality of the game, but I feel like Nintendo has enough money to make this game look like it's on the Switch and not the GameCube

  • Alaina
    Alaina Month ago +3

    Farigaraf is so cute 🥹🥹 and I love dumb little food games!! SO EXCITED

  • Stephen L
    Stephen L 25 days ago +1

    Gotta love how the litleo just instant transmissions out of the world at 3:06 after being defeated. But the others shrink. Couldn't they do fainting animations?

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      Thank you for everything you have done for me so far I appreciate you for all your support.
      Congratulations you have selected amongst my shortlisted give away winner's..... 👑

  • Devin Nall
    Devin Nall Month ago +836

    I just realized the Girafarig evolution makes it look like it's wearing a space suit fitting with the whole future theme!

    • Emma T. Fink
      Emma T. Fink Month ago

      @Harvey Games I interpreted the trading to be the fact that Girafarig needs to be traded to evolve. I doubt they would make Farigiraf a version exclusive.

    • Telegram me @pokmon11
      Telegram me @pokmon11 Month ago

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    • Littlefox_100
      Littlefox_100 Month ago +1

      @Harvey Games hope not

    • Pain Killer
      Pain Killer Month ago

      Why's everyone saying I sound like BTS 😳😳

    • Q12aw
      Q12aw Month ago +2

      @Harvey Games because what they did was put it’s head into its tail. Nothing to do with space

  • Brian Schweers
    Brian Schweers Month ago

    Looks good, just hoping to get a legit MMO from them one day instead of them just pumping out new regions every couple years

  • Rosemary S
    Rosemary S Month ago +2

    The more I hear of this, the more excited I get! And I originally thought this would be like the other games! But no, this is WAY more awesome than past Pokémon games!

  • Yvng bullet
    Yvng bullet Month ago +1

    I have high hopes for this game gameplay wise. obviously atp I dont have any hopes for out of this world graphics but it looks passable

  • Juddu
    Juddu 23 days ago

    That tera gimmick is the best one since megas, finally something that adds decent strategy to the game, and the fact you can only use it once but on any pokemon really does make battles more strategic. Also it does look like the PLA statuses are back, good news if the case, less RNG and more strategy using status moves

    • R7
      R7 22 days ago


  • Ethan Mendiola
    Ethan Mendiola Month ago +700

    Finding eggs during picnics sounds like an amazing detail to add for a Pokemon journey.
    So many Pokemon trainers in the anime had their partner as just some random Pokemon in the wild they cared for and raised without battling and this egg finding mechanic looks like a great way to immerse yourself with these Pokemon.

    • Pain Killer
      Pain Killer Month ago

      Why's everyone saying I sound like BTS 😳😳

    • Kyreem
      Kyreem Month ago +4

      The best part about this game seems to be the level of worldbuilding they've added. There is much more to do outside of battle and different aspects of the Pokémon world we usually don't get to experience. It feels almost like being in the anime. All the little details add to the "Going on an adventure with my Pokémon" feel.

    • The_Man
      The_Man Month ago +4

      @CaliburXL Gaming damn not even in private they're just out doing their thing

    • CaliburXL Gaming
      CaliburXL Gaming Month ago +14

      @Hayatu Thunder Nah, they're just breeding while we’re eating. Pokèmon are shameless creatures.

    • Lucifronz
      Lucifronz Month ago +7

      @Tortilla's Gaming Corner It doesn't, but if it's replacing daycares/nurseries then it does complicate things, since you can have 6 Pokemon in your party at once and if you only want eggs for specific Pokemon you'd have to put all the other ones away and have a picnic.
      Sounds like a pain. But I do like the concept.

  • thepikachu176
    thepikachu176 Month ago +1

    I wish there was another let's go series for johto and they'd bring back the pokeball plus

  • Caladbol
    Caladbol Month ago +3

    It’s great that they added a technical machine machine, it’s truly a machine that’s was missing from previous technical machines mechanics

    • Big Snail
      Big Snail Month ago

      Wish there was a machine that produces the TM Machines :(

  • SS Emergency World
    SS Emergency World Month ago

    I’m not even bothered about the graphics being not as great, I thin’ the game will deliver and be a blast

  • Dee
    Dee Month ago +4

    Every great moment in this video was soured by the textures butttt I’m looking forward to this game

    • Telegram me @pokmon11
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  • mlbrack0928
    mlbrack0928 Month ago +940

    I love that the trainer customization is more in depth. But if they don't get anything besides the school outfits it's gonna feel like a big step back to me. Hoping to see some diverse clothing options, even if it's only available after beating the game.
    Looking forward to the game regardless though. Seems like a fun spin on the usual formula.

    • DOC_MD
      DOC_MD Month ago

      This shit looks like straight butthole. It honestly looks worse than Mario Sunshine. 0:54, The shadows aren't even connected to the pokemon and the grass is transparent. 3:52, The fire textures look so pixelated, and this is right next to the player. They didn't bother to even upscale them. 4:00, The textures on the mountain in the back can clearly be seen repeating as if they couldn't work around this. Also at 4 mins the grass is literal Sims diamonds. 5:48, The entire crab model is full of polygons. 7:16, The windmill is literally moving at 2 frames per second. 7:20, the background is non existent and the things in the back aren't connected to anything. 7:43, the Sunflora have a insanely slow animation frame rate. 7:48 There are multiple copies of NPCs that are doing the EXACT same animation at the EXACT same time. 9:39, The damn selfie doesn't even upscale the shadows, which are literally full of giant pixels, and the floor for the grass has no texture at all. It is entirely green. 9:45, The clouds and skybox look worse than Mario 64. Compare that to BOTW on the mf WII U, or even Genshin Impact on Switch. 9:47, :| Look at the motherfucking trash can... Why does it look worse than the building in the background.
      Please do not buy this game. Game freak is literally testing how little they can put into a game. They are showing that they do not care about putting in any sort of effort into this game. Please do not buy this game. I am begging everyone.

    • Golly
      Golly Month ago

      They won't have skirts.

    • HE’S coming soon
      HE’S coming soon Month ago +1

      Hey guys. Doomsday is on the horizon. Believe Jesus is the Son of God. Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord. Read the Bible.

    • Shattered Sentient
      Shattered Sentient Month ago

      @Soliaxie they are all uniforms lol

    • Tony Redgrave
      Tony Redgrave Month ago +2

      ​@iJaseRae they probably do have PoC hairstyles and just didn't show them off. considering they literally show textured hair in every other fucking trailer

  • Techyena
    Techyena Month ago +16

    1: I actually really like the terastalizing mechanic, I think it could be a really fun thing to mess w & strategize! Much better than gigantimaxing.
    2: SO glad y’all kept raid battles

    • Arkh
      Arkh Month ago

      Meh, feels like it negates the need for good team comp, to me the pinnacle of gimmicks was Z-moves

    • D Mann
      D Mann Month ago +3

      I miss Mega Evolution and Z-Moves

    • MattZRJSRoxy
      MattZRJSRoxy Month ago +1

      you mean Dynamaxing but either way I agree that Tera should be a much more interesting gimmick

  • Kedo
    Kedo Month ago +20

    I'm so happy Refresh is back! I sure hope that means petting has come back too. I need the ability to boop Wiglett on the snoot.

  • HK 47
    HK 47 Month ago +1

    Never join the band wagon but seeing the new evolution for Giraffe nigga makes me want to get it just for that.

  • ToBeContinued
    ToBeContinued Month ago

    I really like the concept of the open world Pokemon games but I'm gonna miss the way they used to be.

  • Zephra
    Zephra Month ago +1385

    11:49 can we talk about how large the new Farigiraf is in that raid? Absolutely love the size accuracy they’re trying to implement

    • LacsiraxAriscal
      LacsiraxAriscal Month ago

      There’s an image on the scarlet violet website of farigiraf next to a sinistea, and the sinistea is minuscule. Huge upgrade

    • Pain Killer
      Pain Killer Month ago

      Why's everyone saying I sound like BTS 😳😳

    • Ameer Danish
      Ameer Danish Month ago

      @Requiem very haram bro

    • Jollibeenos has your coordinates
      Jollibeenos has your coordinates Month ago

      That's what I mean, safe meat in the Pokemon world.

    • Requiem
      Requiem Month ago

      @Jollibeenos has your coordinates cutting slowpoke tails won't kill it, or better yet it will just regenerate a new one since slowpoke looks like a reptile maybe.

  • AlexTheUmbreon5
    AlexTheUmbreon5 Month ago

    Shigeru Ohmorii personally feel that the fact the last 2 gens were made by Shigeru Ohmori and not Junichi masude who made gens 3 all the way through ten 6 says a lot imo. I hope he will start to match him a lot more with gen 8 but his obsention with making the games very easy to say the least doesn't give me much hope.
    He hasn't even allowed us to have the auto level up mechanic as being option and besides him wanting to treat us fans like 6 year olds despite us being at least averaging around 20. as well as not appearing to be compable of even giving us the very odd challenge at the very least.
    Heck! He even got rid of the player search system (PSS) that Masuda give us in gen 6 (AKA X/Y).
    The PSS was by far the best multi player option and yet he was actually stupid enough to get right of it which of course makes no sence at all and does not put the players before him self as well.
    The least he could do is give us some challenging post game content like Masuda has always been happy enough to do (well maybe except for gen 6) but we even have yet to see that happen as well. Many will also point to the battle factory in Emerald as being the modle example which was very challenging for unexperienced players.
    I am still gonna buy Scarlet/Violet but I am still expecting more this time round. At least something closer to the Player search system and a larger veriety of online battle ranking options to choose between will not be too much to ask for.

  • We As One Rise
    We As One Rise Month ago

    Did they take out the real time catching mechanics? I loved that.

  • kadi jomi
    kadi jomi Month ago

    This is very exciting! I can't wait to play these games! So much to do. And I want Girafarig's new Evo on my team ^^

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  • Raffael Baines
    Raffael Baines 24 days ago

    The Pokédex looks awesome in the game🤟🏾

  • TheSerperior
    TheSerperior Month ago +1179

    The only problem I noticed was how incredibly choppy all the Sunflora were during that gym challenge. Looking forward to the game though!
    Edit: yeah just watched the Japanese trailer, why are the Sunflora so much smoother over there?

    • TheRed02151
      TheRed02151 Month ago +1

      @losnf jslefn yeah no the whole “game footage not final” has become a bit of a meme. Because with 1 month away these games are already DONE. Like all set. The director already came out and said these games are waiting in a warehouse somewhere. Very seldom does “game footage not final” actually mean that in Pokémon unless the game is like 10 months away.

    • Andy
      Andy Month ago

      @Shattered Sentient mmm yes how lovely that the postgame is behinde a pay wall

    • sapnupuas
      sapnupuas Month ago

      @SkullerClawer Bandicoot the random clipping through the ground was the most annoying glitch

    • TheSerperior
      TheSerperior Month ago

      @Joseph Cartier Glitchaflora the bug/grass Pokemon, ah yes.

    • Joseph Cartier
      Joseph Cartier Month ago

      its a region variant

  • David
    David Month ago +1

    Pokemon is making awesome strides when it comes to their open world battle systems!
    I’m eager to see how it evolves over the years

  • Chingi420
    Chingi420 Month ago

    I have the feeling that I will forget about using the Tera Type mechanic.
    Just like how I accidently passed Pokemon Sword/Shield (from start to finish), forgetting what is Dynamax and not use it on my own pokemon the whole game.
    That was funny for me as Dynamax will be just another throwaway game mechanic like Mega Evolution (which Mega Evo should have continued).
    I do like the outcome of Scarlet/Violet and the Pokemon but eventually the hype of Tera Type joins the forgotten mechanics too when newer Pokemon games release.

  • All Might
    All Might Month ago +1

    I really liked archeus and was hoping it would build from that and be come the pokemon game we deserve...maybe it's the voice over but it feels like a step backwards......

  • PrinceBryan
    PrinceBryan 25 days ago +1

    Truth be told with Scarlet and Violet coming I personally don’t think these past few games have that aesthetic look within my personal fav Pokémon games. Pokémon Satdiums and Battle Revolution. Those games looked absolutely fantastic and with this game and Scarlet and Violet it doesn’t look good as those and those games were long ago! Maybe I’m the only one feeling this way being older…

  • bootortle
    bootortle Month ago +14368

    I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting a 14 minute trailer

    • Telegram me @pokmon11
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    • Treyvonne Carter
      Treyvonne Carter Month ago +1

      Felt like two minutes ❤

    • tsurra
      tsurra Month ago

      Oh boy do I have some news for you

    • Every thing noles
      Every thing noles Month ago

      With no stater evo

    • Waddle dee
      Waddle dee Month ago

      Same here😂

  • Moon Fleur
    Moon Fleur Month ago +5

    One thing added in the last few years and in DIRE NEED of more options is character customization. Pokemon has always had the great capacity for an amazing open world rpg, and giving people more ways to fully immerse themselves is always a good move. 💜 pleaaaaseeee more outfits

  • guidii1988
    guidii1988 14 days ago

    Still hoping for a 'reset level+moves' on a pokemon game so i can use my favorite team in the next playthrough.

  • EscoNitz
    EscoNitz 22 days ago +2

    There is a pokemon hidden under the layout at 9:33 when it swaps to the long haired person.

  • Des_Da_Mess
    Des_Da_Mess Month ago

    I’m actually excited for once- i haven’t spent money on Nintendo in years but I think I just might for this game- 😮

  • Yolanda
    Yolanda Month ago +763

    I love how the ghost type terrastalize is the ghost from way back in gen 1's lavender town tower! It really made me think back to when I started playing my first Pokemon game (yellow!) When I was a kid! 😊❤️

    • Urdeadnotbigsuprise
      Urdeadnotbigsuprise Month ago

      @Ghiaia yeah, 60 is nothing when we pay 900+ TL for just one version of SwSh.

    • Ghiaia
      Ghiaia Month ago

      @Winter Wolf well my first was plat and I played every game since then, except for the ones on switch, and I can assure you that they're not worth 60€

    • Iron Rex
      Iron Rex Month ago

      Yeah that’s a cool detail

    • Tim
      Tim Month ago

      Yeah that's a nice detail 👌

    • Winter Wolf
      Winter Wolf Month ago +2

      @Ghiaia Tell me you've never played pokemon without telling me you've never played pokemon. Its going to sell regardless, my first pokemon game was shield and despite the criticism I loved that game (spent way too much time in the wild area).

  • Darren Chen
    Darren Chen Month ago +1

    You know. Terrastelization does seem pretty awesome. But the terra raids looks like a dynamax raid, but a somewhat better. From speculations, it looks like i'll be seeing elements from sun & moon, sword & shield, and legends of arceus. Overall the outlook does seem new with the pokemon interaction, tm machines, and the fact that the temporary battle evolution changes the types. 🤔 The only thing i need to do is experience the game in order to say whether i like it or not, but i am looking foward to it.

    • Telegram me @pokmon11
      Telegram me @pokmon11 Month ago

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  • Kojiro Aoumi
    Kojiro Aoumi Month ago

    Finally more one stage to old pokemon. It would be nice, if ALL pokemons (common legendary, beast... ) had at least 2 stage.

  • Eeveemaster243
    Eeveemaster243 Month ago +1

    I'm so excited for this gameeeeeee

  • Arkh
    Arkh Month ago

    A lot of cool ideas, can't wait to get my hands on it. But those legendary "bikes" look absolutely terrible, ngl. I also hope the terastize gimmick has drawbacks, I really don't want to use it in every battle

  • Mx. Benzedrine
    Mx. Benzedrine Month ago +823

    I'm so happy that Girafarig gets to grow up! He's my favorite Pokémon and he's finally getting some attention. I already know that Farigiraf is gonna be a fantastic member of my team.

    • Pain Killer
      Pain Killer Month ago

      Why's everyone saying I sound like BTS 😳😳

    • Griffin Glockzin
      Griffin Glockzin Month ago

      Those can come in handy thanks for info

    • Can I Get a Doki-Doki
      Can I Get a Doki-Doki Month ago +1

      @Griffin Glockzin It has two new abilities. Cud Chew allows it to basically eat berries twice, and the other one Armor Tail prevents opponents from using priority moves. I'd say it has a pretty good chance of being viable if its stats and moves set live up to that. It's the justice Girafarig deserves.

    • Griffin Glockzin
      Griffin Glockzin Month ago

      It may be a good trick room setuper

    • Swish
      Swish Month ago +1

      There's dozens of us!

  • ShieldShinox96
    ShieldShinox96 Month ago

    I have a deep sad feeling that glameow isn’t in the game which breaks my heart I had a very hard time trying to find a favorite Pokémon that isn’t a starter than can be played in almost each generation and that’s a normal type that’s why furfou was a favorite of mines till he was taken out from gen 8 and so glameow really stood out to me now I’m heartbroken to probably not see my beloved cat in this gen I wish there was some way to find out UGH I almost don’t want to get these games that’s how much this is hurting me

  • kubelikova
    kubelikova Month ago

    This all looks good but uhm I feel the little menu thingy when you're in a battle and it shows you're attacks and the pokemons health could do with a bit of work.

  • Avalon Justin
    Avalon Justin Month ago +5

    I still remember when I bought Pokemon Blue Version new many years ago. I was in junior high and everyone was playing it! The series has come a long way.

  • Jay O
    Jay O Month ago

    This game has come such a long way from the Pokemon Red and Blue days

  • TheSnowFoxParty
    TheSnowFoxParty Month ago +624

    I love them evolving right there in the pasture instead of a separate screen where they evolve randomly on a floating platform. I am loving this new game! Next month, can't wait!

    • Telegram me @pokmon11
      Telegram me @pokmon11 Month ago

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    • Pain Killer
      Pain Killer Month ago

      Why's everyone saying I sound like BTS 😳😳

    • Dusk the Umbreon
      Dusk the Umbreon Month ago +2

      reminds me of the real anime where they evolve mid battle

    • TheSnowFoxParty
      TheSnowFoxParty Month ago +1

      @WolfPhoenix oh like in TemTem xD

    • TheSnowFoxParty
      TheSnowFoxParty Month ago

      @RayPlaysGames RPG true but we have already seen it and experienced it. So I don't mind them taking a different approach and keeping it simplistic. You can say it's like the anime too. They just stay in place and get bigger. Nothing fancy.

  • Cclutch Collective
    Cclutch Collective Month ago

    This looks dope. I can't wait to explore paldia with my friends. The first playthrough is always fun not worrying about natures, stats, etc. I can't wait to try out the new features and see how pokemon interact with their environment.

  • dumbLIKEaMOOSEz
    dumbLIKEaMOOSEz Month ago

    Can't believe how much content they've added, and hopefully there's a real post-game for once, but it's just so sad how lacking the technology/graphics are in these games. Multibillion dollar company has the graphics and framerates of a Gamecube game 15 years later. Get it together guys.

  • That Lazy Girl
    That Lazy Girl Month ago

    I soooo can’t wait!!!! ❤

  • videorfeak
    videorfeak Month ago

    This new Nintendogs game looks pretty cool, they even added in having picnics with your pets

  • Savannah Simpson
    Savannah Simpson Month ago +961

    I love the grass leaders motif of thorns and vines. Definitely sets him apart from the other grass leaders.

    • Pain Killer
      Pain Killer Month ago

      Why's everyone saying I sound like BTS 😳😳

    • PoisonChae
      PoisonChae Month ago

      @UmbreonTwinkle there's some many languages and you preferred to speak shit

    • UmbreonTwinkle
      UmbreonTwinkle Month ago

      @PoisonChae i don't speak emojis

    • TheLuckOfTheClaws
      TheLuckOfTheClaws Month ago

      Glad to have a grass type gym leader who is just an absolute weirdo/affectionate

    • Fireclaw 558
      Fireclaw 558 Month ago

      @CountCooki honestly I never counted cilan because I wasn’t really too fond of him

  • Maddie Olson
    Maddie Olson 19 days ago +1

    Cool! Can’t wait!

  • Folk Theology Transition

    Ok I have a serious question 🙋🏽‍♂️
    Does this mean that any Pokémon of ANY level will obey us REGARDLESS of how many gym badges we obtain?
    If this is a free flow game whereby we can freely do whatever story we want, does this mean that Pokémon obedience will no longer be tied to the number of badges one holds? If that be the case, that means we’d needn’t do the gym challenges first!

  • Austin Robinson
    Austin Robinson Month ago

    gameplay looks awesome just hope that future games will at least try to improve upon the graphics cause this is starting to look a lil rough lol

  • rabbit buster
    rabbit buster Day ago

    In my timeline, I am playing Pokemon Comet and Pokemon Meteor. I chose the starter fire type thespin. The name of the region is Galathea. The game is available in NintendoSPACE.

  • PokéMixr92
    PokéMixr92 Month ago +121

    7:16 the windmill framedrop though 😂
    Hope this isn't gonna be the case with too many parts of the game. Aside from that I'm quite excited! Looks like Legends Arceus had a good impact on how they want to make the future games and I'm here for it!

    • Pain Killer
      Pain Killer Month ago

      Why's everyone saying I sound like BTS 😳😳

    • Jemand Etwas
      Jemand Etwas Month ago +1

      @herbloody bf The Switch can do much better than this

    • herbloody bf
      herbloody bf Month ago

      Well i hardly expect less with the fps anymore since it is switch.. 💁🏼 wonder if there is a chance they will upgrade the system

    • Shattered Sentient
      Shattered Sentient Month ago

      They better iron it out of they're making us pay for this XD

    • Christopher Balde
      Christopher Balde Month ago

      Check the minimap on the bottom of the screen 😁

  • Danny Kasri
    Danny Kasri Month ago +1

    Narrator: Apparently eggs can sometimes be found during picnics!
    Me: Whoa, cool! 😮
    Narrator: And now the moment we’ve been waiting for… sandwich time!
    Me: NOOOOOOO 😱

  • Lawrence Baker
    Lawrence Baker Month ago +11

    Not a fan of terastilizing, there's a reason it's paramount to build a well balanced team. Also, if terastilizing to you own type adds more of a bonus, it still makes more sense to keep a balanced team and buff base STAB more so. We will see how it plays out.

    • ShadowRoseGaming
      ShadowRoseGaming Month ago

      It does stack STAB damage

    • Telegram me @pokmon11
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  • Michelle Redacted
    Michelle Redacted Month ago

    I've been debating on getting a Switch for myself (I borrow my big bro's), but I think I'm going to get one for this game with my allowance for sure!

  • Adam Welch
    Adam Welch Month ago +3

    Did anyone else notice that the wooper that's at the picnic goes from its paldean form to its regular form during the picnic?

  • Error 404: Planet not found

    Out of all things, I'd never have expected Pokémon to have PHYSICS in a SANDWICH minigame

    • Jell_DoesStuff
      Jell_DoesStuff 29 days ago

      @Chuck Chabott it could be from a normal pig since they have regular animals in the pokemon world

    • Telegram me @pokmon11
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    • jase276
      jase276 Month ago

      @LaytonsApprentice2 Look at the Japanese version of this overview, the frames aren't as fucked as they are here

    • Emmett
      Emmett Month ago

      To people who keep complaining about frame-rate issues with the windmill and sunflora, you do realise they have a whole fucking month to optimise the game, for sure this is not the final version since if it were they would release it already 💀

    • SkullerClawer Bandicoot
      SkullerClawer Bandicoot Month ago

      @Anonymous Alien Whining about graphics in a sandwich making minigame is stupid and a waste of time, pls use ur brain for once

  • zeke2solid
    zeke2solid Month ago

    I hope we can fix these stats and movies to make some of these Pokémon more viable. Same with abilities

  • ace mon0
    ace mon0 Month ago +1

    With all the item collecting in the new Pokemon I hope we get enough storage for it all. As much as I like Pokémon home I sure hope I don't have to turn my game off every time I want to switch Pokemon.

    • Telegram me @pokmon11
      Telegram me @pokmon11 Month ago

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  • Brad Rodgers
    Brad Rodgers Month ago

    Looks promising but I hope the overworld Pokémon get more animation, the ones in this video seem a little static to me

  • Brad Rodgers
    Brad Rodgers Month ago

    Looks promising but I hope the overworld Pokémon get more animation, the ones in this video seem a little static to me

  • 150moonlightshadow
    150moonlightshadow Month ago +690

    I’m glad Firagiraf is actually huge like a giraffe. Also I hope trainers will be able to picnic together online like we could in Sword and Shield - it seems like it should be a given, but still. The concept of pokemon eggs just showing up is really cute and cool too - I have a sneaking suspicion it may be a way to gain access to some rare pokemon.

    • Pain Killer
      Pain Killer Month ago

      Why's everyone saying I sound like BTS 😳😳

    • John Jamatia
      John Jamatia Month ago

      That picnic concept of eggs can be applied at anime

    • Lambybunny
      Lambybunny Month ago +1

      Hoping the eggs aren't shiny locked 🤞

    • kyle walls
      kyle walls Month ago +1

      Question is will we be able to breed our Pokémon in scarlet and violent games like we did in sword and shield games?

    • EG and AJ
      EG and AJ Month ago +1

      I have always been dreaming of getting eggs and they hatch and you don't know what it is until it hatches. Especially getting a random shiny like maybe its an amazing shiny or maybe its really dumb and barely changes a thing

  • Andrew M
    Andrew M Month ago

    nothing will ever be as good as heart gold / soul silver

  • Azeem
    Azeem Month ago +1

    They should've done battle style like legend Arceus literally that was best battle style

  • Schlachtoros
    Schlachtoros Month ago

    This is gonna be my first pokemon game after the 3ds era and Im a bit scared. We all know the Grafic is whack, but there seem to be many changes that I'm not sure I like.

  • Santiago Olivares
    Santiago Olivares Month ago

    OMG THAT FOOD MINIGAME!!! It’s so much better than the Pokémon Camps. I love it!!!