K/DA KAI'SA Cosplay - Making of + Showcase!

  • Published on Nov 19, 2018
  • Ain't nobody bringing us
    Down, down, down, down, down, down!
    Finally I can reveal what I have been working on! KDA Kai'Sa!
    In a paid collaboration with League of Legends - Riot Games
    Thank you for this amazing opportunity!
    Also a big thanks to Plasti-dip Scandinavia for the Plasti-dip cans!
    Show the world your KDA cosplay with #BePopStars ! ✨
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  • TineSama
    TineSama  10 months ago +75

    Thank you guys so much for your kindness! I am gonna post a tutorial on www.tinemarie.com regarding the wings! :3
    Also posting some progress photos on my insta instagram.com/tinechan/?hl=nb in a saved highlight.
    I plan on making videos like this from my future projects too. Next one being Candy Cane Miss Fortune!

    • iGalie28
      iGalie28 6 days ago

      Hi, i have a question😅😅
      In the minute 0:21 what is the name of the material?
      And in the minute 0:29 what is his name plastic? Thanks for the help❤❤

    • TineSama
      TineSama  10 months ago +1

      @Nacora Anna Will be up today! :3

    • Nacora Anna
      Nacora Anna 10 months ago +1

      Thank you very much!! I would like to ask a question... when are you gonna post the tutorial? I'm making the cosplay for this saturday and have issues with making the wings. If you could post it soon it would be suuuuper awesome!!

  • Kaisa
    Kaisa 7 hours ago

    I have to cosplay her... my name is litteraly KAISA! 💜😂💜 Very cool vid! 😄✌️

  • Preslav Penev
    Preslav Penev 18 days ago

    you are ugly

  • KaiSaSuperFan 2003
    KaiSaSuperFan 2003 Month ago

    I’m speechless.

  • Danielle Duffus
    Danielle Duffus Month ago +1

    That is the epic DIY cosplay costume I’ve ever seen!!

  • Axel Rodríguez
    Axel Rodríguez Month ago +1

    Eiza González es eveylnn K/DA
    Madison beer miss fortune
    Akail Vava'
    Kai'sa jaira Burns
    Annie dua lipa

    MASTER SHOKA Month ago

    how in the earth......u just made entire dress at home OMG!!!!

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki 3 months ago

    *Soo Nice ♥*

  • Kaef Simkina
    Kaef Simkina 3 months ago

    Delightfully! *-*

  • Laria May
    Laria May 3 months ago

    Kawaii kitty

  • Axel Rodríguez
    Axel Rodríguez 3 months ago +2

    Naomi scott KDA akail Ruby ROSE KDA Miss FORTINE
    Madison beer KDA irella
    Natti natasha KDA Eveylnn

  • Star Angel
    Star Angel 3 months ago +1

    This is amazing I’m cas playingvas this right now🤣 yeah yay 😁
    3:10 ...😀😐🙁 uh.......is that-did you- just- is that safe!!!!!!!😳 well many I’m just looking at it wrong and she’s not pooting plaster in hear ear...

  • Axel Rodríguez
    Axel Rodríguez 4 months ago +1

    Hailee stenifled

  • Axel Rodríguez
    Axel Rodríguez 4 months ago +1

    Ruby rose

  • Crypti Kitti
    Crypti Kitti 4 months ago

    I'm too impressed! I watched the whole video and now I want to cosplay

  • Вячеслав Стариков

    Такой милый котик и такой классный костюм

  • Liyah Guzman
    Liyah Guzman 4 months ago

    Could you do a tutorial on how you did the mic? Also the end product looks amazing!!!!

  • Axel Rodríguez
    Axel Rodríguez 4 months ago +1

    Madison beer as angela daughter of thor and loki

  • Axel Rodríguez
    Axel Rodríguez 4 months ago +1

    Alexandra daddiro as Kai'sa daughter of the void

  • Axel Rodríguez
    Axel Rodríguez 4 months ago +1

    Kai'sa daughter of the void

  • n-nieznany
    n-nieznany 5 months ago

    No sé porqué coño me recuerda a Windy xd

  • Тоня Невская

    Hello! Can you help me to understand which materials you ysed for wings?😁

  • Sherina Acha
    Sherina Acha 5 months ago

    I loved its very helped

  • Quental Dias
    Quental Dias 5 months ago

    is cat is XD is cool girl is cooooool XDDDDDDDD

  • M O O N C A K E
    M O O N C A K E 5 months ago

    Wow this is so amazing :"0

  • Mathew Dewsbury
    Mathew Dewsbury 6 months ago +1

    How long did it take for you make this?

    • TineSama
      TineSama  5 months ago

      A little over 1 week with minimum of sleep XD

  • ʝιɱιɳʂԋι ɠσƚ ɳσ ʝαɱʂ

    you guys need to install tik tok lol

  • Элиза Зауэр
    Элиза Зауэр 6 months ago

    omg i wish i could be that talented as you are😩 really good job, you’re so awesome

  • oataruche laongkaew
    oataruche laongkaew 7 months ago


  • Davability
    Davability 7 months ago

    2:40 wig ball

  • YukiArt Gamer
    YukiArt Gamer 7 months ago

    Want to see you guys really gathering together because COSPLAY is as much as many people come.
    Ahri = ru-clip.com/video/7U5mYxJMjpk/video.html
    Akali = ru-clip.com/video/nb8k-1ne-qI/video.html
    Kai'Sa = ru-clip.com/video/4X7A2Vab938/video.html
    Evelynn = ru-clip.com/video/JcaJTcq3QJA/video.html

    • YukiArt Gamer
      YukiArt Gamer 7 months ago

      Can be as similar as possible And try to dance full songs

  • Madison Heiderscheit
    Madison Heiderscheit 7 months ago

    What material did you use to make the clear part of the wings?

  • Belen Angenello
    Belen Angenello 7 months ago +1

    Preciosa !! Gracias por compartir tu cosplay con nosotros 💗

  • Analia Herrera
    Analia Herrera 7 months ago +3

    Te felicito!!! Un trabajo impecable desde el principio, la peluca, todo, una prolijidad y un excelente trabajo ❣❣❣

  • Andy Paw
    Andy Paw 7 months ago

    Plants vs Zombies Heroes cosplay Inmorticia ppppppppppppppppppppplz and Neptuna

  • Eu sou Doida
    Eu sou Doida 7 months ago

    Kai'sa em 3D

  • brayan gabriel
    brayan gabriel 8 months ago

    where that in evelynn??

  • Тоня Невская

    Can you please name the brands and colors of cosmetic that you used in make up? 😊😍

  • Push een
    Push een 8 months ago +1

    Is like art

    • Push een
      Push een 8 months ago +1

      Thank you so much to follow me in RU-clip and have a great day

  • Natasha Conway
    Natasha Conway 9 months ago

    Wish i was that creative lol

  • Wakandan Panther
    Wakandan Panther 9 months ago

    This is so cool!

  • RamSama
    RamSama 9 months ago

    awesome job

  • Animetrash.cos
    Animetrash.cos 9 months ago +1

    AWWWWWW THE CAT SO CUTEEEEE!!! Awesome cosplay!

  • C.I.A
    C.I.A 9 months ago


  • Wxlfyx
    Wxlfyx 9 months ago +1

    Those are some dope wings! This looks beautiful.

  • говно крейзи мега хела

    МОЛОДЕЦ 🐱❤️🌚

  • Beliz Gürsoy
    Beliz Gürsoy 9 months ago

    good job! i am planning to do cosplay of her as well. could you check the website you shared the tutorial for the wings? thanks in advance!

    • TineSama
      TineSama  9 months ago

      It is up on my page :3 If you click on Blog English! Thank you!

  • Park Yiyo _A.R.M.Y
    Park Yiyo _A.R.M.Y 10 months ago

    Wow, eso sí es un buen cosplay ❤️

  • Sister Lilia's Armoury
    Sister Lilia's Armoury 10 months ago

    great work! just wondering but what is the name of this cover track?

  • UncleFings
    UncleFings 10 months ago

    Waiter! There is a Hair in my soup 2:11

  • Joanna B.
    Joanna B. 10 months ago +1

    omg.. you look great

  • Celoy Obra
    Celoy Obra 10 months ago

    Damn girl your so amazing😊👏

  • Amm official
    Amm official 10 months ago

    Please do Ahri 💕💕

  • Athena Addams
    Athena Addams 10 months ago

    The cosplay is gorgeous!! I won't ask how you did any part of it because I know I could never pull it off haha! But I was wondering what lipstick you used? It's an awesome shade that I could see myself wearing in everyday life.

  • Ester Anime ;3
    Ester Anime ;3 10 months ago

    Hello. You really pretty in this cosplay Kai Sa. It's amazing. We plan the whole group with our friends.

  • Veena Cosplay
    Veena Cosplay 10 months ago

    Beautiful work!

  • Black DarkraiLuL
    Black DarkraiLuL 10 months ago

    My dic...... Heart stopped

  • Helena Martins
    Helena Martins 10 months ago

    Inspiring and incredible

    JONATHAN ASNAN 10 months ago +54

    2:11 *PASTA*
    2:22 and some onions