Sheet Music Boss Theme 2.0 (🎉our🥳1,000th🎉video!🥳)

  • Published on Aug 13, 2019
  • Happy 1,000 videos!
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    Ever wanted to play the full version of our Sheet Music Boss stinger theme, heard at the beginning of every Sheet Music Boss video? To celebrate reaching 1,000 videos on RU-clip, we have written this exciting, crazy and fun version of our Sheet Music Boss theme for you to play and listen to! Sheet Music Boss Theme 2.0 is a full-on fast-paced showpiece that would be amazing to play at a concert!
    The Sheet Music Boss Theme 2.0 is for technically advanced pianists who want a challenging piece for a concert. It is suitable for pianists of a Grade 8 level of ability (ABRSM, Trinity, AMEB) or above. Enjoy!
    Composed by Andrew Wrangell
    Edited by Samuel Dickenson
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Comments • 891

  • Sheet Music Boss
    Sheet Music Boss  Month ago +913

    Premiere crew, where are you?

  • milutinke
    milutinke 5 hours ago

    Holly molly, this is good.
    Keep it going.
    See you on 2 000 000 :)

  • trashersmooth
    trashersmooth 15 hours ago

    What program it that? So i can download it :D

    • trashersmooth
      trashersmooth 15 hours ago +1

      If someone know how is named tat program pls comment here

  • Eoin Coyne
    Eoin Coyne 4 days ago

    Asian parents: nice warm-up.

    AAALE 6 days ago +1

    Make Rush SM🅱️

  • Moxiemos
    Moxiemos 8 days ago

    OUR 1000th video. HEH.

  • Wow Poops
    Wow Poops 10 days ago

    1:24 figarofigarofigarofigarofigarofigarofigarofigarofigarofigarofigarofigarofigarofigarofigarofigarofigarofigarofigarofigarofigarofigarofigarofigarofigarofigarofigarofigaro

    AAALE 11 days ago +1

    you should make *THIS* Ur intro

  • Robert Burkhardt
    Robert Burkhardt 12 days ago

    Great job guys! Congratulations on 1.20M!

  • Lancer0099
    Lancer0099 14 days ago

    Honestly i liked the 1st one better

    • trashersmooth
      trashersmooth 7 hours ago

      what you mean? you wanna be hated? if yes your an ##### and an ###### guy! if no nothing

    • Lancer0099
      Lancer0099 14 days ago

      Can't wait to get hated on

  • DJ hooligan
    DJ hooligan 15 days ago

    Who came here to do the intro

  • Christian Vince
    Christian Vince 20 days ago

    Amazing.....1000 is a lot of time
    Good job!

  • Aaron Hague
    Aaron Hague 20 days ago

    Your intro makes a smile face on the board. Kinda. On purpose? Haha

  • Jonah McBonah
    Jonah McBonah 20 days ago


  • Adriel Kere
    Adriel Kere 21 day ago


  • Duros1394
    Duros1394 21 day ago

    Why does this remind me of a 90s British tv show......

  • Burnbaby Gaming
    Burnbaby Gaming 21 day ago

    Anybody else tired of the ice crunch ad I see every time I click this video?

  • Ethan Daniel Aka-Starshine

    Who knew it would be this good? Sounds epic!

  • Hope Dobbins
    Hope Dobbins 24 days ago

    Plz also do #2 of your sheets plz cause I'm a fan a huge fan I'm soo cool 😎

  • Sosasees
    Sosasees 24 days ago

    Sheet Music Boss is the best Anime ever

  • Faisal Khaled
    Faisal Khaled 27 days ago

    What a milestone!

  • JG-77
    JG-77 27 days ago

    Phineas and Ferb when?

  • Josh Gaming
    Josh Gaming 28 days ago

    I was on the stream

  • Hen Ning
    Hen Ning 28 days ago

    Me, at the beginning: Well, is this a Mario Kart theme?

    Me after: Well, even it’s not, i wish i could hear this not in Mario Kart but in Comrade Kart, driving through Russian Motherland HURRRAAAA or something like this

  • Duros1394
    Duros1394 29 days ago

    Could you make a space opera. I need to play your piano while conquering worlds in stellaris

  • ItzYoBoiiN1ck
    ItzYoBoiiN1ck Month ago +1


  • Владислав Наройчик


  • Kira Orochi
    Kira Orochi Month ago

    All I could think of was “smb joins the battle”

  • BlakeGaming259
    BlakeGaming259 Month ago

    your intro is a smiley face....

  • Lets Smash
    Lets Smash Month ago

    Press start

  • JOYturtle
    JOYturtle Month ago

    This gives me chills at how awesome it is and its not even cold in my house

  • Splice_ Joe
    Splice_ Joe Month ago +1

    I hate this community since most comments are going to turn Russian

  • Army Cadet Gamer
    Army Cadet Gamer Month ago

    Sheet Music Boss and u make a game for all platforms where each time u kill something it makes a bit of a song please do

  • Demond Birden
    Demond Birden Month ago

    BRO !!!!!!!

  • Frits Gamer
    Frits Gamer Month ago


  • Grant Nesselroad
    Grant Nesselroad Month ago

    ...But can you make this Russian?

  • just a account
    just a account Month ago

    Even speedwagon is impressed!!

  • Ryan Francisco
    Ryan Francisco Month ago

    2:09 is very very reminiscent of nier automata

  • Gem Stealers
    Gem Stealers Month ago +1

    Hi Andrew

  • JjAdams Brando
    JjAdams Brando Month ago


  • TheChiefHobbit
    TheChiefHobbit Month ago


  • Zerpty
    Zerpty Month ago


  • Mr. Weegee
    Mr. Weegee Month ago


  • ThePokemonEDOK
    ThePokemonEDOK Month ago

    Rush area 51 adaptation. But I still love it.

  • Aaron Christian
    Aaron Christian Month ago +1

    I heard revolutionary etude accompaniment hahaha

  • Jose21285
    Jose21285 Month ago +1

    For every like, I’ll add a piano.

  • AA Sisters
    AA Sisters Month ago

    im late, am i?
    first vid to watch: this is a boring video (not that boring, its cool)
    latest vid to watch:

  • Lieutenant Lolz
    Lieutenant Lolz Month ago

    Wheres the views? this should have blown up by now

  • TheJuanIñigo Abanilla

    Nice but Rondo Cappricoso plssss

  • Kosta Sakas
    Kosta Sakas Month ago

    The beginning sounds like a news theme
    Actually the whole thing does

  • KooperSpeederYT
    KooperSpeederYT Month ago +3

    Me: *watching peacefully*
    Me: *enjoying it*
    RU-clip: *selects 144p*
    Me: *You weren't supposed to do that*

  • Rufis
    Rufis Month ago

    Now we need a movie for the soundtrack.

  • Quackie Playz Gamez

    Love it so much I’m a few days late so I’m sorry

  • עדן מזור
    עדן מזור Month ago +1

    Have you ever thought composing music to video games?

  • arramis simara
    arramis simara Month ago


  • Caleb Nielsen
    Caleb Nielsen Month ago

    Every time I heard that beginning part, I continually thought, Oh, the video's starting. Then I realized it happened a few times throughout the song.

  • Amnekoa
    Amnekoa Month ago

    Super Music Brothers Ultimate 2 coming out on Switch? Sick.

  • Blue Spider
    Blue Spider Month ago

    Why does this sound like a Super smash bros song

  • William Music
    William Music Month ago

    Graceland by Paul Simon?

  • Yes.Yes.
    Yes.Yes. Month ago

    do u know whats hotter than this total war three kingdoms