• Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • The New Avengers and next Avengers Endgame level event are what everyone has been waiting for and Marvel Studios' president Kevin Feige has confirmed the New Avengers are on their way! After CCXP Marvel panel Kevin Feige was interviewed and confirmed phase 4 and phase 5 movies that are on their way as well as confirmed the next huge Avengers Endgame crossover event is already being planned! He also list characters who are the future of the mcu and will be the New Avengers team! The Eternals, Black Widow, Shang Chi, Doctor Strange, Thor, Captain Marvel, Black Panther and more!
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Comments • 663

  • The Cosmic Wonder
    The Cosmic Wonder  Month ago +63

    Kevin Feige himself just confirmed a huge crossover is in the works! What does everyone think about the New Avengers as well that he listed? Woof woof!
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    • Neal Standley
      Neal Standley Month ago

      Who's the new leader of the Avenger's now that Cap is back with Peggy Carter, and we were promised an INHUMANS movie back in phase 3

    • Cee Jay
      Cee Jay Month ago


    • Tre'Michael Gilbert
      Tre'Michael Gilbert Month ago +1

      @Ayush More I don't care. She should have an more story in the MCU more movies about her and more about her past. Her sacrifice is good, But not like iron man's so don't put that ITS BETTER THAT SHE DEAD FOR THE AMAZING SACRIFICE SHE MADE. Bulls**t 🤬

    • Tre'Michael Gilbert
      Tre'Michael Gilbert Month ago +2

      @Scooter Ball Hulk snap worked. But instead of her alive on the present day she could be alive in the future or they could do MULTIVERSE. You dumbass!🤬

    • NH productions
      NH productions Month ago +1

      @The Cosmic Wonder
      How did u rate your videos for the new rule COPPA?

  • Josh Castic Show
    Josh Castic Show 3 days ago

    New Avengers is going to be awesome, and my favorite superhero is Iron Man.

  • C.J. Primeaux
    C.J. Primeaux 5 days ago

    2028: Avengers team up with Ninja Turtles.
    Favorite Hero (I guess) Frank Castle

  • Average Titan16
    Average Titan16 7 days ago

    Doctor Strange can't because he's protecting The Multiverse, Black Panther can't because he's protecting his Nation, Captain Marvel can't because she's protecting Space, Shang-Chi will probably can't either because he's protecting his own Nation too, Thor will have his own solo adventures, Hulk will probably be a Mentor to The Young Avengers, and Hawkeye is retired for good, so that leaves Spider-Man (Iron-Man's Replacement), Falcon (Cap's Replacement), Valkyrie (Thor's Replacement), Scarlet Witch, Wasp, and Ant-Man to be The New Avengers.

  • Jeffrey The Critic
    Jeffrey The Critic 7 days ago

    I would like to see Crystal of the inhumans and the Invisable girl join the team for a short time like they did in the comics, in advance of a new fantastic 4 movie.

  • heimuk
    heimuk 14 days ago

    gender swap in The Eternals is BLOODY DISGUSTING 👎👎👎

  • Loutzenheiser
    Loutzenheiser 20 days ago

    Really excited for what'S to come

  • Jason Tindall
    Jason Tindall 21 day ago +1

    My favorite superhero is Scarlet Witch!!

  • Devin Cheatham
    Devin Cheatham 24 days ago

    Would be pretty cool seeing how the Eternals powers could be used in the next phase

  • Rahlo Sockem
    Rahlo Sockem 26 days ago

    The crossovers are whats going to establish their mark in the sand and will continue to represent the Avengers movies as a must watch movie.

  • Tommy
    Tommy 26 days ago


  • Naasir Ali
    Naasir Ali 27 days ago

    Just give me the Sentry so I can see some true power

  • Dokie DV
    Dokie DV 29 days ago

    stale giveaways

  • Colt Sherman
    Colt Sherman 29 days ago

    Super excited to see where things go after the first decade of marvel!

  • thejmmx1
    thejmmx1 Month ago

    Dr Strange II has levitated to the top of my MCU must-see list

  • djmulder
    djmulder Month ago

    new avengers team: Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Spiderman, Ant Man, Dr Strange, Wanda

  • m braid
    m braid Month ago

    I personally dont think any cunt wins that xbox or playstation. Just saying

    JORDAN SAVAG3X Month ago +1

    Fans: constantly worried for marvels future
    Kevin: all mcu ur in good hands

  • Max V
    Max V Month ago

    Shit! 😲😲
    Favorite superhero is Thor ⚡ 💪 💪 💪 💪 💪

  • Zachary Thomason
    Zachary Thomason Month ago

    Put X-men, Fantastic 4 and Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and Enternals on the next avenger phase 5 movie

  • Jen OFire
    Jen OFire Month ago

    Can’t wait

    ZZZOMBIE Month ago

    Captain planet would be great 🤣🤣🤣

    • The CIA
      The CIA Month ago

      ZZZOMBIE Captain Planet in the MCU is my new dream

  • Terence J.
    Terence J. Month ago

    Great content Warren! Keep it coming and thanks for sharing! I’m really looking forward to where we go after Endgame in the MCU!

  • Samuel Fredericks
    Samuel Fredericks Month ago

    I really want to see falcons/Sam wilsons costume

  • Julius Riley
    Julius Riley Month ago

    Well since they are bringing in the twins with wanda vision, i would like to see some young avengers on the team, wiccan, speed, cassandra lang, and patriot

  • Leonardo Santos
    Leonardo Santos Month ago

    All of this, once again, has made me excited about the future of the MCU. I bet the next Avengers: Endgame level crossover event will be Avengers: Secret Wars: Battleworld. If there will be a new Avengers team before that crossover event, I hope that Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel will be the leaders, and the rest of the team would be Ant-Man, Wasp, Captain Falcon, Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Quicksilver, Red Hulk and/or She Hulk, Doctor Strange, Shang-Shi, Thor (Jane), and Ms. Marvel. (And maybe possibly Loki as well because he is good now.)
    My favorite Marvel Hero: Iron Man
    My favorite Marvel Villain: Ultron

  • Mark Haines
    Mark Haines Month ago

    They should just call it "the lame avengers".

  • Shadow Ninja00
    Shadow Ninja00 Month ago +1

    The more crossovers the better

  • Jeff Pixelated
    Jeff Pixelated Month ago +1

    Can’t wait to see these new movies!

  • Mehrub Chowdhury
    Mehrub Chowdhury Month ago

    I think iron lad,iron heart, Wolverine, Fantastic four Could be New Avengers.....

  • David Baird
    David Baird Month ago

    The Hulk and She Hulk!

  • Udit Kumar
    Udit Kumar Month ago +2

    Captain America

  • D. A.C.
    D. A.C. Month ago

    It's exciting to think all of these different teams are being brought out. Guardians 3 is gonna be insane. Along with all the others.

  • VK Otic
    VK Otic Month ago +1

    I want X-Men to be in this phase 🤞🏻

  • Jamie Hopkins
    Jamie Hopkins Month ago

    I think Black Widow will bring out a new villain organization/group.

  • Garfield Pink
    Garfield Pink Month ago

    I'm I the only noticed that this game give away is a sham !!!

  • Tim Robinson
    Tim Robinson Month ago

    This is so great

  • Dillon Uitts
    Dillon Uitts Month ago


  • capricornking560
    capricornking560 Month ago

    Do the Eternals know about Captain Marvel? She was gone a long time before Fury paged her... Wonder if she ran across the Eternals? 🤔

  • Jonathan Mendoza
    Jonathan Mendoza Month ago +6

    Black Widow Should Return in The New Avengers!?😱😱😱😱😱

  • Michael Traversa
    Michael Traversa Month ago +1

    This is a “No shit” video. GOOD JOB

  • Brian Cencere
    Brian Cencere Month ago

    Are you recording your voice audio in the bathroom?

  • A–A Mahmud
    A–A Mahmud Month ago

    I miss the old avengers

  • New Age Rise
    New Age Rise Month ago

    I've seen enough of Avengers for now MCU should do a SilverSurfer,Sentry,Blue Marvel,Squadron Supreme,Quasar,Infinity Watch or Starbrand movie.

    BOY YOURTALL Month ago

    I didn’t here the f***ing hulk

  • Jay Richards
    Jay Richards Month ago

    As usual, great video bro!

  • Teddo Ichiban
    Teddo Ichiban Month ago

    I hope that Marvel Studios doesn't make the same mistake as Marvel Comics and start making "Big Event" Cross-Over stories every year or so. It has to feel earned. That was the difference between Endgame and Justice League. A huge "cross-over" every ten years is fun. Little mini-crossovers with maybe one character or two showing up in a nearby character's story every few movies is okay and make the films feel interconnected. But if every movie becomes Captain America: Civil War, stop naming the films after any one hero and just call the next set of movies "Marvel Super Heroes" and get ready for people to lose interest.

  • Shayne Akaloo
    Shayne Akaloo Month ago

    We must see Scarlet Witch depending on the aftermaths of wandavision and doctor strange

  • Christopher Gaudin
    Christopher Gaudin Month ago

    Yo wazzam wit it!!!

  • Shaquille Pierre
    Shaquille Pierre Month ago +4

    I hope Scarlet Witch and Dr. Strange are front and center on this team.

  • Shub Kumar
    Shub Kumar Month ago

    Phase 5 is going to be bigger than anything marvel had right now I just waiting for AVENGERS SECRET INVASION and also excited for Black widow

  • George Page
    George Page Month ago +1

    With the MCU having the rights to the X-men and FF it could be Secret Wars.

  • Mike P
    Mike P Month ago

    Yes, there are a ton of characters that I would love to see in this crossover movie, however, I am going to be happy with whomever they choose. The MCU has a FANtastic way of keeping the fans happy and excited.
    Favorite superhero is Spiderman 🕸🕷🕸
    Favorite villain is Loki

  • Elvis Chetri
    Elvis Chetri Month ago +1

    If spiderman,miles morales spiderman come from the multiverse team up against a new super villan and be a part of the new avengers

  • Danielle Dukes
    Danielle Dukes Month ago

    I found my new “insider info” channel. I LOVE how you explain. Your awesome. This is how I scratch my “when is the next Marvel movie out” itch. 😁👍🏽😉

  • Ganesan M
    Ganesan M Month ago

    Won't be same without Ironman and captain

  • William Chisholm
    William Chisholm Month ago

    I can’t wait to see the roster when the time comes!

  • Jason Dawe
    Jason Dawe Month ago

    What a time to be alive.

  • Reymundo Jimenez III

    So many films and so little time, lol

  • Donna Brown
    Donna Brown Month ago

    but like when is the A-Force coming