Pixel 4 VS $5,000 A7R3 Camera - Can You Tell The Difference?!

  • Today we're comparing a phone to a 5,000$ camera. Sony A7RIII vs. Pixel 4 XL. Can you take good photos with a smartphone? Are mirrorless cameras better? Let's find out!
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Comments • 80

  • Pierre T. Lambert
    Pierre T. Lambert  3 months ago +35

    Gooooood Morniiiiing!💥
    Drop your guesses below! 👇👇👇
    Also Come say hi on Instagram! ♥️ instagram.com/pierretlambert

    • Louisville
      Louisville Month ago

      Were did you get that case I want one for my 4xl

    • SSaini
      SSaini 3 months ago

      Scary how good the Pixel 4 is, very small sensor. But you can easily tell it apart from a DSLR, software can only do so much, big sensor there is no replacement for that. That Bokeh from the Sony is beautiful! I wonder what the Pixel 5 will bring next year

    • Addara
      Addara 3 months ago

      Do you have a link of your video, how was being a ponsel photography???

  • Ankush Patel
    Ankush Patel Day ago

    All the A shots were shot using DSLR and B were with Pixel 4

  • Sdot Fire_
    Sdot Fire_ Day ago

    I'm upgrading from a Moto g7 play to a pixel 4 and the camera is one of the reasons I just wish it was brighter

  • Carlos Ovni
    Carlos Ovni Day ago

    Right now the only advantage of the camera is the depth of field, with good eye you can take similar picture with the smartphone, with the camera you can editing at the max level. Another thing, you can't notice the difference between camera and smartphone in physical pictures 3" X 7" you can't notice the difference up to the size 4' X 3' (poster)..... Is hard to admit but... That's the reality.

  • suraz lama
    suraz lama 2 days ago

    when we are to compare can you please make the photos full screen???

  • BeastlyBen007
    BeastlyBen007 3 days ago

    whats the cool song at the end?

  • Rudy Raito
    Rudy Raito 3 days ago

    you are focus too much on yourself, it is better if you focus more on the picture comparison...

  • Phillip Strong
    Phillip Strong 7 days ago

    Add the 58 Tele Lens from Moment to the Pixel 4 and you will be even more amazed lol.

  • Gurmehar singh
    Gurmehar singh 9 days ago

    A PIXEL 4
    B SONY A7R3

  • Nan Shinh
    Nan Shinh 12 days ago

    don't see the different because only few photos.. out of this see only you... so annoying !!!

  • bthdimension
    bthdimension 13 days ago

    In this resolution and at that picture size, I can't even tell the difference in image quality of a Phase One vs. a toaster ...

  • tunapv
    tunapv 15 days ago

    I can’t tell shit a part in my iPhone since it only plays vids at 1080p 😂😂😂

  • Gábor Kovács
    Gábor Kovács 18 days ago

    Dude the leaf in the video of shooting it was upside down, you even mentioned it. And then when you showed the images it was flipped or what?

  • Luca Wemmer
    Luca Wemmer 18 days ago +1

    It's a bit like a "can you hear the difference between a 100$ guitar and a 5000$ guitar" video😛 but the phone does a quit good job

  • C H Guys
    C H Guys 19 days ago

    Thanks for your sharing very nice voice.

  • Mohd Ibrahim
    Mohd Ibrahim 22 days ago

    Which city is it ?

  • Lazy
    Lazy 22 days ago

    All my guesses are wrong except the last one with the leaf, I thought the software on the phone will give the photos more colors and more depth of field, but I got it wrong XD

    Thanks a lot for this great video ♥

  • Dima Dallas
    Dima Dallas 23 days ago

    Photo camera better because more details i saw

  • Dima Dallas
    Dima Dallas 23 days ago

    Good content

  • Fire Dice
    Fire Dice 24 days ago

    Anyone else on the edge of their seat with both phone and camera leaning over that ledge 😰😂

  • Damir Sadikovic
    Damir Sadikovic 26 days ago

    Average person looks at these images on a 6" phone screen or a 15" Laptop or a 24" monitor... Its a compressed RU-clip video and its at 1080p, it would be hard to tell the difference.

    Raw files or even the JPEG's on the other hand, the difference will be VERY noticeable.

    On my 32" 4K 10Bit panel I can tell the difference between images shot from my D700 and my Panasonic LX100 with ease due to the sensor size alone, Images off my Pixel 3a look horrible in comparison... On my phone they look great, on a 32" 4K 10Bit Panel not so much.

  • Video Stop
    Video Stop 26 days ago +3

    Let’s say for instagram the pixel will do just fine 😂

  • fairuz zerin
    fairuz zerin 26 days ago

    u cannot compare here becoz ur video is 720p. it is a joke phone camera vs a7riii with gm lense. also picture quality is a big different and u can use lightroom to make whatever u want.. camera is real pic from shutter and phone is a boost software to make beauty pic.. its hdr image from phone. if u use hdr on camera i think its more amazing and far quality.

  • Holztransistor
    Holztransistor 29 days ago

    Can I has unedited full resolution photos for comparison to view on my calibrated 4k monitor?👀

  • Boghos Ghshranian
    Boghos Ghshranian Month ago

    The A7riii doesn't cost 5000$

  • Yunus Ramadhan
    Yunus Ramadhan Month ago

    Huawei p30 pro,mate 30/40 test camera

  • xyz lkr
    xyz lkr Month ago

    Someone please tell me the song title... Last part

  • Tony Wade
    Tony Wade Month ago

    Pixel wins

  • Sergio G.M
    Sergio G.M Month ago

    Dice lubna que no le han gustado tus fotos pero bueno, a mi si asi que no te rayes cabesa

  • K Chen
    K Chen Month ago

    Put picture on big screen, u can see

  • Boreï eng
    Boreï eng Month ago

    conclusion: A7R3 have the same quality than a pixel smartphone

    GRIMLOCK Month ago

    That's really bad photography

  • Akribs Official
    Akribs Official Month ago

    Nice video my dear friend, I'm your new friend from Indonesia, always support you, let's connected each other.

  • Phani Srinivasan G
    Phani Srinivasan G Month ago

    Try with Samsung Galaxy s20 ultra

  • Divyansh Kataria
    Divyansh Kataria Month ago

    If you can read this then please next time mention the name of the songs instead of mentioning the link to epidemic sounds

  • Aniket Rajnish
    Aniket Rajnish Month ago +1

    background track pls?

  • Aranya Mahmud
    Aranya Mahmud Month ago

    They looks same but the Truth is They aren’t even Close! Unless the expensive DSLR and MirrorLess Manufacturers will STOP Making Camera!

  • Dani F
    Dani F Month ago

    Some are easy
    You can just tell from the DOF
    No matter how fancy the camera on a smartphone, it will never be able to mimic the natural DOF from DSLR lenses

  • Alejandro
    Alejandro Month ago

    diference is sony can blur the background easier with shallow dof

  • Nguyen Thanh Dat
    Nguyen Thanh Dat Month ago

    Woooo... so amazing with camera phone’s GG

  • Saddam Hussain
    Saddam Hussain Month ago

    As a Honest...DSLR CAMERA IS FATHER OF MOBILE CAMERA.... mobile camera is nothing infornd of dslr

  • eldi birting
    eldi birting Month ago

    Maybe..just maybe it's same.. but it's resolution will not be same.. and the Mega Byte is also different

  • eSe eSe
    eSe eSe Month ago

    its sucks

  • D'art Collection
    D'art Collection Month ago

    What city is in the video?

  • Aud Parwani
    Aud Parwani Month ago

    A : Mobile Phone.
    B : Camera.

  • PIXELvoiz
    PIXELvoiz Month ago

    at what time you start shooting in the morning?

  • FUNG36987
    FUNG36987 Month ago

    it's so obvious in terms of depth of view

  • Sha WelZ
    Sha WelZ Month ago

    Today's cameras compared to smartphones, they don't have as argument "the zoom" that's all

  • Divyanshu Sarwa
    Divyanshu Sarwa Month ago

    Bro I request you to make a cinematic vidoe or a vlog by iphone x and tell abouts some settings 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • 鹤鹤
    鹤鹤 Month ago

    Except 1 and 2, other sets are easy to tell, just judging by the blur effect😂

  • Tony Schreeder
    Tony Schreeder Month ago

    I need a link for that Pixel 4 case more than I need air to breathe.

  • kashif satvilkar
    kashif satvilkar Month ago

    Not a big difference

  • HQ Travel
    HQ Travel Month ago

    I think A is A7M3, B is Pixel 4 ^^

  • Alix
    Alix Month ago

    If you can replace your camera by a phone, you don't need a camera.

    ALTAMONT Month ago

    What's the name of the soundtrack at 9:40? love it.

  • ໖_໖ Zoe ໖_໖

    Please make it more please
    About phone camera and the expensive camera love to watch

  • geereon
    geereon Month ago

    I got everything right!!!

  • Hirzi Fazari
    Hirzi Fazari Month ago

    Who else give up and skip straight to the result 🙌

  • Friends on demand
    Friends on demand Month ago

    Where is the link to download those original photos

  • Walter White
    Walter White Month ago

    Sry dude, the different between smartphone and camera is the same like day and night. Every photographer know that.

  • Kane Nguyen
    Kane Nguyen Month ago

    Comparing a phone and a pro camera is really exaggerated. Any well trained photographer would pick anything with glass and sensor and capabilities to take picture and still make great picture anyway. I’m tired of people keep comparing picture from a phone vs a camera because it’s very different kind of technology with various pros and cons which cannot be compare together.

  • Shanuka Rashmika
    Shanuka Rashmika Month ago

    Which one is A which one is B ? 🙄🌚

  • Sirens And Railroads of Oklahoma

    Phones aren’t as customizable, with cameras you can add lenses and settings to sharpen your photos

  • Taz
    Taz Month ago

    Next time put them side by side

    IVAN IVAN Month ago

    I watched this video on a 55 4K Sony TV, a professional camera is much better, on small screens from smartphones it is not noticeable, but when you watch on TV you notice all the little things

  • Wop
    Wop Month ago


  • Dhiva van persie Rahman

    I think the best handling is phone but for the picture is camera📷

  • Faisal Movie Roll
    Faisal Movie Roll Month ago +2

    Big difference, there is no comparison, song is clear winner. no comparison mobile camera with DLSR :)

  • Faisal Movie Roll
    Faisal Movie Roll Month ago +4

    Big difference, there is no comparison, Dlsr is clear winner.

  • Rafsanul Hasan
    Rafsanul Hasan Month ago

    Pixel 4 xl?

  • Mebabudiaki Kharsati

    6A and 5B was too good

  • le xuan lam
    le xuan lam Month ago

    B is px4, A is camera

  • WorldMagnified
    WorldMagnified Month ago

    You made me so nervous. I was so afraid you'd drop your phone into the water. Then you'd panic and kick your camera into the water too.

  • Christian Leo
    Christian Leo Month ago +2

    When you zoom in or shoot low-light photos, it's like 1 light year difference!

    • Anderson Anderas
      Anderson Anderas Month ago

      specially if you watch it in a 4k monitor or tv, or even if you don´t "send the files" to you

  • atiq kamal
    atiq kamal Month ago

    1a from sony and 1b from pixel
    2a from pixel and 2b from sony
    3a from pixel and 3b from sony
    4a from sony and 4b from pixel
    5a from sony and 5b from pixel
    6a from sony and 6b from pixel

  • Usama Kenway
    Usama Kenway Month ago

    and I was trying to switch video quality to 4K. :)

  • Sam Lewis
    Sam Lewis Month ago

    You should compare like and 800dollar camera and a like 5000dollar

  • Arzizie Ghazali
    Arzizie Ghazali Month ago

    First step I'll find noise.. small sensor produce more noise.. :) look at the sky, if produce smooth pic, sure for DSLR or mirrorless..

  • Haon Repulsor
    Haon Repulsor Month ago

    5,000$ camera? 300$ camera would make a difference

  • Nicholas Tan Jet Fu

    cant see jack s***!