Trump Is Totally Healthy | The Daily Show

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
  • Here are four reasons why you shouldn't worry about President Trump's visit to Walter Reed hospital #TheDailyShow
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Comments • 732

  • Weird Tree
    Weird Tree 15 days ago

    People: how healthy is Trump?
    Fox News: Yes

  • Major Henry L.
    Major Henry L. 2 months ago

    Funny how we went from a President who didn’t eat pork to one who looks porky lol

  • Fact Check
    Fact Check 2 months ago

    So what,
    I'm 30 years old yet sometimes I mispell some words. This often happens when you have big hands. That doesnt indicate someone is healthy or not.

  • marti85cr
    marti85cr 2 months ago

    "He is almost super human" so, not only in North Korea they brainwash "news" anchors who then try to brainwash their audience

  • Justin Finkelstein
    Justin Finkelstein 2 months ago

    What's the music in this video?

  • The Garden
    The Garden 2 months ago

    He’s almost super human 😂😂😂😂😂 I can’t

  • Felix Ray
    Felix Ray 2 months ago

    In the words of Keith Olbermann, I wouldn't trust that woman to judge a pie-eating contest.

  • Ocal
    Ocal 2 months ago

    Trevor was unable to comment? Couldn't stop laughing at "he's almost super human" ?

  • Mark thebldr
    Mark thebldr 2 months ago

    People really are that dumb.

  • K bar
    K bar 2 months ago

    I see politicians in my country become really unhealthy when they are faced with charges after their presidential term, so they plea for a nicer hospital arrest. When they escape charges as a political ally assumes office, they jump back to the pink of
    health at once. Beware america trump may be setting this up

  • Tom Kenney
    Tom Kenney 2 months ago

    He's definitely something other than "normal" human. Not sure I'd go with "super," though. "Sub," maybe. "Proto," "entitled," "wannabe," those are possible, too.

  • lou poh
    lou poh 2 months ago

    He’s healthy.......only his brains is not functioning........& his potty mouth!

  • Thomas Bradley
    Thomas Bradley 2 months ago

    I think he’s Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Pull a loose thread and he’ll unravel and be full of maggots.

  • Frosty Los
    Frosty Los 2 months ago

    Lisa Ann and judge fuck head

  • Jerry Lorosae
    Jerry Lorosae 2 months ago

    "He's almost a super human". So right now he's not a human yet?

  • Kingsley Boerz
    Kingsley Boerz 2 months ago +1

    ''He is almost superhuman'' sycophancy of the highest order. 😒

  • Mik Szekely
    Mik Szekely 2 months ago

    Healthy as ever huh keep riding that golf cart fat boy🤣😂

    MLG GAMER 2 months ago

    Trump should confess to several impeachable crimes as is normal for a president with such good health
    Me: You're saying that as if it will be a given knowing full well he gonna fight before all of that

  • John Public
    John Public 2 months ago

    FOX NEWS = anus lickers

  • Alexander Brusilovsky
    Alexander Brusilovsky 2 months ago

    Sarcastically, Trump answers for his crimes. HmmmBut, what crimes?
    Let's help me out: is it about Schiff lies, Biden quid pro quo, Pelosi/Clinton campaign bribery, Yovanovich foreigner administration extortion, Vindman treasons? You have to be more specific, librats, you gonna face justice very soon.

  • A Volcel
    A Volcel 2 months ago

    What, Jeannine Pirro, only ALMOST superhuman? For his rabid MAGA hat-wearing supporters some of them are so monumentally stupid that they'll see that as being a slanderous statement on your part, won't they? By the way, rumour has it that during this unscheduled visit the doctors found three things missing - a pulse, a brain and a spine - and they just gave him some extra Adderall to compensate for them not being there!

  • Rob Santos
    Rob Santos 2 months ago

    Super human my ass.

  • Di_
    Di_ 2 months ago

    Do any of these people have children? Teaching their kids that bullying is ok.

  • PyroHook
    PyroHook 2 months ago

    Not bias at all... this site.

  • Kattywagon29
    Kattywagon29 2 months ago

    I think she meant to say sub-human..."He's almost subhuman"

  • ffeff
    ffeff 2 months ago

    That stupid, stupid, shrill and unbearable Pirelli or whatever her name is needs to be taken behind a shed and shot.

  • JupiterMoon
    JupiterMoon 2 months ago

    These White bitches defending Orange Trump is hilarious.

  • MrElionor
    MrElionor 2 months ago

    "He's got more energy than anybody in the White House" that's because he sucks it all out of them

  • Jane Boucher
    Jane Boucher 2 months ago

    When I see people Exaggerate the visual truth for this idiot president makes me vomit especially when it’s Woman....he has a ton of medical issues look at him it’s visible he constantly sniffing and looks like he’s about to have a stroke he sweats like a pig and has horrible eating habits and look at him without a suit on and Jeanine also makes me sick she’s a screaming babbling Idiot so far up Trumps ass how bad do u want a job just go over and do a dirty deed I’m sure he will appreciate it instead of trying to fill us with BS!!

  • Aster Davies
    Aster Davies 2 months ago

    Textbook malignant narcissism.

    HOMER DRUMPF 2 months ago

    Trump found a lump on his breast.

  • SEN
    SEN 2 months ago

    "Almost super human" and perfect timing with Trevor's smile at the end

  • Mawile #303
    Mawile #303 2 months ago

    This bitch said almost superhuman

  • Meron A. Admasu
    Meron A. Admasu 2 months ago

    Superhuman?? Ok it's confirmed... Trump supporters might actually be turning into a cult and I'm very concerned

  • Our Dimension
    Our Dimension 2 months ago

    "sick fuck".

  • Wicked Jim
    Wicked Jim 2 months ago

    So embarrassing.

  • Helgali
    Helgali 2 months ago

    As healthy as can be.

  • Jonny Rosado
    Jonny Rosado 2 months ago

    Trump can do no wring to those people. He could suck a whole horse dick and they would say "HE COULD DO NO WRONG"

  • Tired of the lies
    Tired of the lies 2 months ago

    Trump should have gone on to Vietnam. He says his Vietnam was dodging STD's. I don't think he dodged them. I think he's has syphilis on the brain.

  • Mas Muhamad Dzulfikar
    Mas Muhamad Dzulfikar 2 months ago

    I think she meant "He's a sub par human".

  • Cerridwen Rodriguez
    Cerridwen Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Maybe all his symptoms are completely normal for a geriatric lizard-person?

  • wtxS.O.G S.O.G
    wtxS.O.G S.O.G 2 months ago

    Almost "super human" ! How would you know if you're berly a human? She's 99.9% "pet sematary creature"
    BUT, fortunately everything she says is "almost" true. so I guess we're good!

  • Fauler Perfektionist
    Fauler Perfektionist 2 months ago

    "You know, Stephanie, he's almost superhuman. We didn't keep him out of Vietnam because he had bone spurs. We kept him out of Vietnam because we figured he was just too big of an idiot to protect our nation. I mean have you heard his idea for how to clear a terrorist compound? Knock on the door and say, 'Knock knock. May I come in?' Yeah. A total idiot."

  • DankNSpank
    DankNSpank 2 months ago

    This music reminds me of Zippy....

  • Esmeralda Robles
    Esmeralda Robles 2 months ago


  • Esmeralda Robles
    Esmeralda Robles 2 months ago

    Trump is a drug addict

  • dbaa23
    dbaa23 2 months ago

    I won’t believe he’s OK until I see him BARE CHESTED RIDING A HORSE. 🐴

  • Gustav Gnöttgen
    Gustav Gnöttgen 2 months ago

    Cocaine with Dorian and Zippy, his trusty friends

  • Mike Rutherford
    Mike Rutherford 2 months ago

    LQTM (laughing quietly to myself) Super-human!? I’ve met paraplegics that look healthier than Trump!

  • RB
    RB 2 months ago

    Hey, Jeannine, if you don't stop sucking on lemons, you entire head is going to go into a pucker spasm, in addition to your already-puckered face. Please stop with the lemons, Jeannine.
    signed, "somebody laughing at Trump... and Fux News"

  • Mickey The maltipoo
    Mickey The maltipoo 2 months ago

    She wants his super small cock🙊😂

  • Archi Teuthis
    Archi Teuthis 2 months ago +1

    I don't buy these rumors he had a heart attack or something. If he had a medical issue, he'd milk it for all the sympathy he could. If it was a medical emergency, its more likely that it was a suicide attempt.

  • Mighty MOSA
    Mighty MOSA 2 months ago

    " Almost "

  • Darboiux
    Darboiux 2 months ago

    Healthy? This man runs on meth, cocaine and fried chicken and is the color of an aged flower pot.........super human? Then again, Jeanine is a confirmed drunk and has dementia.....that's why she yells all of the time. Probably not the best judge of character or front man for this subject......then again, who in that white house is?
    Toe tag little Donnie, he is as good as dead once these hearings are done. Why not hang the bastard now?

  • Silver Wolf
    Silver Wolf 2 months ago

    Who paid someone to make those statements that he is "normal and healthy." And who believes it lol

  • Gehteuch Nixan
    Gehteuch Nixan 2 months ago

    Setting up a way out.

  • Seymore Clearly
    Seymore Clearly 2 months ago

    Fox "news" is psychotic, nothing more than a propaganda machine for the GOP, who've sold their souls for Russian mob money. Don't believe me? Moscow Mitch sold Kentucky to them.

  • Neko Mata
    Neko Mata 2 months ago

    We have a saying in Spanish that says "mala hierba nunca muere", which basically means "bad plants (weeds?) don't die"

  • JEiowan
    JEiowan 2 months ago +1

    I don’t really know how to process this any more. I never thought when I was a child that the story “the emperor’s new clothes” would be so real in our lives. Ahhh, well I just sit, watch the processions, and vote.

  • CandidlyOpinionated
    CandidlyOpinionated 2 months ago

    Media labels obese president a “super human”
    ....what’s next the Trump food pyramid?

    Other Fast Foods
    Imported Rich People Food like Caviar