George R. R. Martin's Earliest Inspiration Of All

  • Опубликовано: 22 ноя 2018
  • 'Fire and Blood' author George R. R. Martin shares his writing inspirations, which range from Tolkien to his childhood pet turtles.
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Комментарии • 1 326

  • Joann Galindo
    Joann Galindo 2 часа назад

    Why are we going back in time now??? I wish he would just finish A song of ice and fire first and then worry about going back in history. Gah I love and hate this man lol.

  • Angela Joseph
    Angela Joseph 4 часа назад

    GRRM has already finished Winds of Winter and is just waiting for Season 8 to be telecasted and then will release the book. That's it.

    MICHAELinJUSTICE 6 часов назад

    It's a shame the show daparted from the books, the moment they did the show suffered.

  • radha yap
    radha yap 21 час назад

    I want winds of winter and dreams of spring but gdi I WOULD LOVE MORE DUNK AND EGG STORIES TOO ;; i just hope he'll write more of asoiaf universe and i'll be happy. ♡

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana День назад

    who needs Targaryen stories right now George?! Come on finish the main story then go to the other stuff! We are waiting damn it!!

  • real too
    real too День назад

    if perfection is what george rr martin is striving for then i ask him to scrap that unrealistic goal and put it in the bin. Just finish the books. A imperfect ending is better then no ending at all

  • mynamesmatty
    mynamesmatty 2 дня назад

    he sounds like Peter Griffin sometimes!

  • Muzzamil Safdar
    Muzzamil Safdar 2 дня назад

    This guy has some serious talent in writing fantasy

  • soyon manlai
    soyon manlai 3 дня назад +1

    The Wall is Hardrian's wall.
    The Titans of Braavos is The colossus of Rhodes.
    Hightower in Oldtown is Lighthouse of Alexandria.
    Valyria Freehold roads is the Roman Empire's Roads.
    The Long Bridge of Volantis is The famous Roman Bridge of Cordoba.
    Qarth the trippled wall is probably the Constantinople walls.
    Highgarden is the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
    Great Pyramid of Giza is Great Pyramid of Ghis.
    Maester Citadel in oldtown is Alexandria great library.
    The North is North of England.
    Aegon the conqueror is William the conqueror.

  • Bram Jans
    Bram Jans 5 дней назад

    "There is no porn in Middle Earth"
    ~George R. R. Martin

  • 沈婕
    沈婕 5 дней назад

    I am glad to see our Martin so happy and strong, so I guess you have finished winds of winter, right?

  • Elvira Montanna
    Elvira Montanna 6 дней назад

    I think if he is inspired again Winds of Winter will be out earlier than we would think

  • PoeticSonic
    PoeticSonic 7 дней назад

    It may be stressful but how happy would somebody be when people demand that he rights the next book that they can't wait to read in this day and age! He has many stories to write that with many different books so at the very least he knows what he is going to work on for the next 5-8 years if not is the same for some manga writers but the problem is that they need to draw in some cases in great detail so they often get injured.

  • Tina Golobič
    Tina Golobič 7 дней назад

    I kind of forgot it was in two parts.. And now i'm deeply distressed for knowing that I have to wait for part 2 to come out.. And only Gods know when that might be..

  • Eduardo Basto
    Eduardo Basto 9 дней назад

    Heinlein! :D

  • Joku Äijä
    Joku Äijä 9 дней назад

    2:08 let the man finish properly before changing the subject

  • TechnicalHotDog
    TechnicalHotDog 9 дней назад

    Of course his writing career began with turtles. The influence can be felt to this day.

  • err0r0b0
    err0r0b0 10 дней назад

    Share the load....load....load....

  • Obi-Rick Kenobi
    Obi-Rick Kenobi 10 дней назад

    0:08 - What a slap in the face of the Baratheon family... 😵👋

  • Aaron Kaminski
    Aaron Kaminski 11 дней назад

    Dude procrastinates writing the next installment to his hugely popular series by writing a history to his series. Amazing.

  • truth speaker
    truth speaker 11 дней назад

    Colbert is a dead man walking

  • robertg305
    robertg305 12 дней назад

    Excited to read Fire & Blood

  • Carl
    Carl 13 дней назад

    I like tuhtles.

  • Jj Gf
    Jj Gf 14 дней назад

    So...when are you gonna finish the SOIAF saga buddy? I'm getting nervous with every years passing you know, how old is he?

  • Tehui1974
    Tehui1974 16 дней назад

    I'm convinced this guy will die of old age before he finishes writing the books.

  • James Leon
    James Leon 17 дней назад

    I look forward to reading the second half in 10 years

  • PizzaMakerR
    PizzaMakerR 17 дней назад

    Get me some turtles

  • Chris Thomas
    Chris Thomas 20 дней назад

    I love their chemistry

  • Rosco Jenkins
    Rosco Jenkins 22 дня назад

    Glad I stopped reading for awhile and only 2/3s through ACOK by the time I finish them all ill only have to wait 7 years for winds of winter

  • Barkın Can Özarslan
    Barkın Can Özarslan 24 дня назад

    It's like he watched ERB of him and Tolkien before coming to the show

  • Gredran
    Gredran 26 дней назад +1

    What's your level of procrastination?
    I wrote an entire separate 700 page book and I have a second one of similar length planned, but its not continuing the story, but a prequel.
    Don't get me wrong, I understand creativity, and that's why that level of procrastination absolutely is the best thing to me :D

    • Yusuf Fulat
      Yusuf Fulat 25 дней назад

      At this point I’m sure he simply doesn’t know how to actually finish the story.

  • kk kat piter
    kk kat piter 27 дней назад

    Pity I have to sit through this scumbag Colbert to see GRRM.... puke. Just cut him out and it will be fine.

  • Azure Balmung
    Azure Balmung 27 дней назад

    Before I read his books, I wondered why the spoiler game for this series was so intense, even more so than that time there was that leak for the 5th Harry Potter book.
    But having read the books, I understand now. With how these books go, just revealing that someone is still ALIVE is a spoiler.

  • HindsightPOV
    HindsightPOV 27 дней назад

    They showed female dwarves in the first Hobbit film and they do have beards.

  • Warren Gouldthorpe
    Warren Gouldthorpe 27 дней назад

    Good old Woolworths

  • EJR77
    EJR77 28 дней назад

    Guarantee Turtle castle is gonna get published before winds of winter and a dream of spring

  • pezyou
    pezyou Месяц назад

    stephen keeps cutting off george's speech -__-

  • pezyou
    pezyou Месяц назад

    house martin, sigil purple turtle

  • DS Photoholic
    DS Photoholic Месяц назад

    I don't like read books, but I like your movie (based on your novel) Game of Throne

  • t1288
    t1288 Месяц назад

    What he forgot to tell us about the turtles is, that they didn't had enough water. After five years of murdering turtles his mother discovered the truth and confronted him, calling him a murderer.
    Still in denial he screamed to her "I am a murderer? I show you what I do if I wanted to be one. I'll rewrite the story of the earth and I'll murder every single beeing on the planet!" This obviously would be another inspiration for his and OJ's books respectively.

  • Granny Nerd
    Granny Nerd Месяц назад

    Can we just hire Stephen King to finish the series so the we can all move on with our lives?

  • Carlos Danger
    Carlos Danger Месяц назад

    I was with him until he started to talk down on Tolkien. That's your god, sir.

  • Morry
    Morry Месяц назад

    The best thing about the Lord of the rings and tolkiens writing is that there is no sex or porn in them....

    • Ste Melo
      Ste Melo 26 дней назад +2

      Tolkien is order, and Martin is chaos.
      Tolkien was a fervent Catholic. The Lord of the Rings has a clear influence of their beliefs, with right and wrong well defined in history. Tolkien wrote about great ideas and principles - his characters are abstractions. In my view, he told a story about concepts rather than people. Black and white have their place determined, and there is no way to mix them. History has a great sense of order and duty, and satisfies our need for optimism, where good triumphs over evil.
      Martin is chaos.
      Although A song of Ice and Fire have not yet ended, Martin seems to write primarily about power, how people seek power, how power corrupts them, and how all are affected by the consequences.
      Martin's vision is more personal and pessimistic. He took the fairy tales and turned them inside out (Sansa, for example, is the maiden waiting for the enchanted prince). No good deed is pure, all have their dose of brutality or harshness.
      While Tolkien showed us the innate goodness, Martin tells us about the chaos of humanity. There is no order, there is no justice. Each character has its goals, and there are no defined alignments. Instead of black and white, we have shades of gray.
      We are fortunate to be able to read works by authors as distinct as they are talented. They are fundamentally different, the focus, the themes, the world, the characters, the story. Is not it wonderful to have access to such unique content? It's good that we have both.

    • Leona Jaurès
      Leona Jaurès 26 дней назад

      But it will continue like this, do you think someone will put sex in Tolkien's stories?
      They are different stories with authors who have a different view of the world. A song of ice and fire is not a friendly family history,this was never george's intention.

    • Morry
      Morry 27 дней назад

      +Leona Jaurès Exactly, that is why i hope that Lotr universe stay like that to be for the whole family.

    • Leona Jaurès
      Leona Jaurès 27 дней назад

      Tolkien was very puritanical and conservative while GRRM is realistic

  • eLmasten
    eLmasten Месяц назад

    why didn't the band play the theme song to GOT :D

  • Jennifer Arrow
    Jennifer Arrow Месяц назад +1

    Colbert is so darn smart. Like he's actually read books.

  • Cool One
    Cool One Месяц назад

    The dime store turtles died because the plastic containers had too much water and not enough dry island. 🌴

  • Abhishek Dev
    Abhishek Dev Месяц назад

    Tolstoy of our times....I am talking about his appearance.

  • mayoite160
    mayoite160 Месяц назад

    much too short... there should've been an uncut version

  • GERBO74
    GERBO74 Месяц назад

    Went to school with George----a decent guy, but eccentric even then!!!!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Месяц назад +1

    I love this guy he is just the greatest person ever

  • bagrym
    bagrym Месяц назад

    What happens between two dwarfs in a mineshaft is none of anyone's business.

  • Spike Spiegel
    Spike Spiegel Месяц назад

    My goodness the screen on this Galaxy S8 is brilliant.

  • Aegon 1 Targaryen
    Aegon 1 Targaryen Месяц назад

    Love Colbert in this one!! You can tell he’s a fan of George!

  • Jonathan Walmsley
    Jonathan Walmsley Месяц назад

    Wow, I've never heard George talk about his 'Turtle Castle' fiction before. Fascinating origins.

  • autismoose
    autismoose Месяц назад

    i love this man

  • zenmasterfu
    zenmasterfu Месяц назад

    Turtle Castle sounds quite a bit like Sandkings to me. Read GRRMs other works people.

  • Fellow Men Beware The Succubus
    Fellow Men Beware The Succubus Месяц назад

    I predict TWOW 2019/ ADOS 2024

  • Lea Nights
    Lea Nights Месяц назад

    Please write, a causion for young girls!

  • Ershad Tantry
    Ershad Tantry Месяц назад

    Now I am sure he's gonna finish!!!!! 😂 😂 😂 😂 😜 😜

  • avada
    avada Месяц назад

    The difference to Tolkien is that he died while still writing his imaginary history book after finishing the main series, meanwhile GRRM is doing it the other way around. Likely leaving an unfinished series behind.

  • Remus88Romulus
    Remus88Romulus Месяц назад

    Lord of the Rings >>>>>>>>>>>> Got edit: I feel so sorry for all of you book fans who will never get the last 2 books. Maybe Winds of Winter in 2023-2024. But A Dream of Spring? No way. Never. Maybe by another author. I can only imagine Tolkien just stopping halfway through The Two Towers and never finishing Return of the King.... Goddamn horror. True horror.

  • IncredibleFlyinSquid
    IncredibleFlyinSquid Месяц назад +1

    Really missed out on the opportunity to play the Game of Thrones theme while George went to sit down, would've loved to hear Stay Human play their version of that.

  • Giannis Koutinas
    Giannis Koutinas Месяц назад

    Well, we know for a fact that Turin Turambar fucked his sister Nienor, who commited suicide when she found that they were related. Also we know that Saruman bred Orcs with Goblin Men to create the strongest Uruks and there is a pretty strong hint that Orcs raped Human women and that's how Goblin Men came to be. Anyway. Cheers.

  • baby brand
    baby brand Месяц назад +1

    We’re lucky he lives in our time, that we have the opportunity to see and hear him speak, to ask him the questions future generations will want to know. May he live forever!

  • M Clarke
    M Clarke Месяц назад

    He's 70 i think we all need to come to terms with the fact that dream of spring is never going to happen

  • Gateaux Q
    Gateaux Q Месяц назад

    Mentioning Frank Frazetta amped up the nerdetry to 11 and sent my heart aflutter all over again. Please never stop, Stephen.

  • Josh DeRose
    Josh DeRose Месяц назад

    So he’s open to writing WoW and ADoS back-to-back?

  • Jayme Ann
    Jayme Ann Месяц назад

    "there's no porn in Middle Earth"... Classic George R. R. Martin

  • soyon manlai
    soyon manlai Месяц назад +1

    If the 6th book is finished then I will commit suicide.

  • kosewa1
    kosewa1 Месяц назад

    Can George R.R.Martin just finish the Song and Ice series? I’ve only been waiting for 3 years but come on🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Nikolai Brubach
    Nikolai Brubach Месяц назад

    I love there's a nerd with a late night show!!! No one else could have a nerd talk with George R. R. Martin.

  • lovehopefaith1987
    lovehopefaith1987 Месяц назад

    Everything before 3:57 is boring

  • Parabalani
    Parabalani Месяц назад

    I don't even read got books but this pisses me off

  • Darius William
    Darius William Месяц назад

    Hear Me Roar

  • lite daya7
    lite daya7 Месяц назад

    When did my garden gnome become a world renowned writer?

  • Eric Kruckenberg
    Eric Kruckenberg Месяц назад +1

    I'd pay good money to scroll through Georgies internet history

  • Ben Quinlan
    Ben Quinlan Месяц назад

    What a hack

  • Eddy A.
    Eddy A. Месяц назад

    Please finish winds of winter (I think most of the source material is done anyway) and a dream of spring before you die. Please.

  • Sandiip Yerra
    Sandiip Yerra Месяц назад

    Peter Griffin in disguise

  • Lisseth M
    Lisseth M Месяц назад

    Turtles are my spirit animal!!I love them too

  • Connie Crawford
    Connie Crawford Месяц назад +1

    When was the last time the "5 &10 cent" stores sold those turtles before the basic cruelty was revealed? I remembered the ones with painted shells. The stores also sold baby chicks, ducklings, and baby bunnies at Easter time, I'm glad such cruelty is no longer allowed by law.

  • Tahmid Targaryen
    Tahmid Targaryen Месяц назад


  • Neferpitou
    Neferpitou Месяц назад

    I actually believe George finished winds of winter and he is just waiting for the show to be over so he can release it.

    • Yusuf Fulat
      Yusuf Fulat 25 дней назад

      If that was true then he would actually notify us about it. The fact that he has been so cryptic and secretive for years means he most likely never will finish the books. Remember he has 2 to write.

    • Aegon 1 Targaryen
      Aegon 1 Targaryen Месяц назад

      Neferpitou never thought of it like that.

  • Nick Ducati
    Nick Ducati Месяц назад

    The refusal to give any real timeline for Winds makes me want to chew glass.

  • Karina Fioravante
    Karina Fioravante Месяц назад

    Adorable... just adorable!!!

  • Kevin Murphy
    Kevin Murphy Месяц назад

    Stephen looked happy, "700 pages????" "I love espungeal background detail, I'm a D&D nerd!"

  • chupavi89
    chupavi89 Месяц назад

    The Orcettes! We need a band named like that ASAP

  • JD
    JD Месяц назад

    Can someone turn his "I love turtles" into a zombie kid meme

  • Mia Kusumawati
    Mia Kusumawati Месяц назад

    The Orcettes! 😂😂😂
    NERDS!! 😂😂😂

  • Jesus Loves
    Jesus Loves Месяц назад


  • Jesus Loves
    Jesus Loves Месяц назад


  • Idde
    Idde Месяц назад

    Watching this interview I love Martin as a person and an interviewee, but maaaaaan, please finish Winds of Winter and...perhaps...even...a Dream of Spring?

  • junglechick13
    junglechick13 Месяц назад

    How many Grateful Dead references in Game of Thrones? Discuss

  • KunChou
    KunChou Месяц назад

    For a moment there I thought Stephen would say "His new book is 'Fire and Fury'". :D

  • lagaman11
    lagaman11 Месяц назад

    I too feel in love with fantasy by consuming Conan! WOW, If only he would take up the mantle and wright a Conan Saga!!! How freaking amazing would that be?!?!

  • Carol Telford
    Carol Telford Месяц назад

    A RU-clipr by the name Joe Robinet recently had his dog diagnosed with lymphoma. The vet gave he dog weeks to live. His first video 10 years ago was with this dog. He is almost at a million subscribers and it would great if he could get 1,000,000 subs before his dog passes away. It would mean a lot to him knowing his dog could be there for this milestone. Please go check out his channel and sub. It would mean a lot.

  • Pamella Franklin
    Pamella Franklin Месяц назад

    I think I said something like that at one point .

  • Pranav Veluri
    Pranav Veluri Месяц назад

    Just keep writing the goddamn book George

  • Mark Levesque
    Mark Levesque Месяц назад

    "You have to go to Valinor for that" lmfaoo