My New Favourite Ant Farm of All Time

  • Published on Aug 18, 2018
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    Fire ants, Asian Bullet Ants, Carpenter Ants, Yellow Crazy Ants, Black Crazy Ants, Weaver Ants, and more! I've owned many ant colonies in my life, but this week I believe to have created my favourite ant farm of all time! In this episode, we welcome back the Titans (Asian Marauder ants, a.k.a Carebara diversa), and move them in to a new castle-themed ant farm. Beyond the aesthetics of this new habitat, I also made sure to learn from my mistakes in the past! This ant colony will surprise you! Hope you enjoy this week's ant video! Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.
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  • AntsCanada
    AntsCanada  Year ago +2180

    Sorry for the late video, AC Family! This one took a lot longer to make than I expected, but it is now one of my favourite videos! Hope you guys like it, too! Also this video was just uploaded so sorry if the video appears low quality for the first little bit. This will change as RU-clip processes the video. Ant love forever and thanks for your patience, AC Family! Do you guys like this NEW Titans colony?

    • Jazzing
      Jazzing 25 days ago

      Why don't you just put the container in the terrarium its easier

    • Jazzing
      Jazzing 25 days ago

      @PandaFish same

    • Shimaa Fouad
      Shimaa Fouad 2 months ago

      The titans didn't have the best polymorphism but the leafcutters do they have very small minim workers and the normal workers soldiers and supermajors

    • Nel Purple
      Nel Purple 2 months ago

      AntsCanada new to your Chanel and loving it. Wow I didn’t know how fascinating Ants are. Thank you for sharing. I’m hook!

    • Andrew Niemiec
      Andrew Niemiec 2 months ago

      Haven't had an update on the Titans on Olympus in a long time

  • Stacey Carbary
    Stacey Carbary 8 hours ago

    Great video !!

  • GreenGamer 3864
    GreenGamer 3864 9 hours ago

    Bring Back The Terminators

  • MrPlaystation3system
    MrPlaystation3system 13 hours ago

    i subscribed you antscanada too im thinking bult my own ant colonies but my mom wont like it

  • Glen Coco
    Glen Coco 14 hours ago

    this was a wild ride from the beginning

    BRIAN NGUYEN 18 hours ago

    A queen falling is not a big deal because ants can fall from large heights and survive

  • Alana Corbella
    Alana Corbella 2 days ago

    2 👏bonus queens👏!

  • B Parker
    B Parker 2 days ago

    Wheres the king lol

  • Magin
    Magin 4 days ago

    scrape the dirt off the glass. carefully clean the glass. and send us an update!

  • Sofia Follmann
    Sofia Follmann 5 days ago

    why was the watch gang commercial so fkn bad lmao

  • MinecraftParty 101
    MinecraftParty 101 5 days ago

    woooooo clap clap clap i did not no how great an cool ants r you wut to mack a home for some so bad but my mom is going to kill me lol

  • Anime Aunty
    Anime Aunty 5 days ago

    This makes me wonder just how big those super majors could get if the ant size programming was removed?

  • cj sayson
    cj sayson 6 days ago

    21:25 it is infecteddddddddd AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Julien Polhoud
    Julien Polhoud 7 days ago

    Love the video! did you only use babypowder to prefent them from escaping?? Keep up!!

  • Kl Ji
    Kl Ji 7 days ago

    So sad

  • designer Dhivya
    designer Dhivya 7 days ago

    Now I wanna to grow ants 😂 my mom u are already doing by laying snacks on our floor

  • Nicholas Ng
    Nicholas Ng 8 days ago

    I think that is why their is 1 Super massive because you slept

  • Diana Dupont
    Diana Dupont 8 days ago

    very special

  • Marino Buneta
    Marino Buneta 9 days ago

    can you talk like this all the time this wase briliant video,your tone in other videos is to high and with to much drama all the time

  • Baker 3311
    Baker 3311 10 days ago

    "Now, I rarely do themed ant set ups"........ says the man who has every tank set up so as to be not only suitable for the type of ant there in, but also names the set ups , and some times entire colonies, based on how the tank looks. LOL !!!!

  • Ryan Mizell
    Ryan Mizell 10 days ago

    I have tons of reptiles and tarantulas

    MONIC RUSSELL 10 days ago

    Do you Sarah big heads the block the army and from the game in their swarm

    MONIC RUSSELL 10 days ago

    Have you ever heard of a army aunt

    MONIC RUSSELL 10 days ago

    Do you know why the ants have a big head

  • Crissy Fordham
    Crissy Fordham 10 days ago

    Like I dont even keep ants but your excitement and love for these things is so infectious! A++ video!!!

  • Mauricio Sanchez
    Mauricio Sanchez 11 days ago

    I know feel guilty for killing ants around my house

  • Syahmi
    Syahmi 11 days ago

    This is so beautiful 🥺

  • shax
    shax 11 days ago

    "the ants were bringing soil into the tube.... hmm. why?" idk why i kept replaying his little "why", its just the cutest thing ever lmao

  • Richard Probst
    Richard Probst 12 days ago +1

    What camera are you using? That's some crazy production working.

  • Mudkip adhd132 Yo
    Mudkip adhd132 Yo 12 days ago

    Beware of the ghost
    The one who died
    The great one
    The god
    The dragon

  • Alex Tran
    Alex Tran 12 days ago

    omg ant Blockbuster

  • little me
    little me 12 days ago

    Your enthusiasm is infectious... very enjoyable

  • christian luciani
    christian luciani 13 days ago

    As a first time watcher, it is absolutely mind numbing how many times you say "AC Family". Your content is amazing, but I ended up muting the audio because it is really realy obnoxious.

  • Z
    Z 13 days ago

    how is this so interesting ?

  • Olga Beltran Sokolova
    Olga Beltran Sokolova 13 days ago

    Termites are ckroches

  • Olga Beltran Sokolova
    Olga Beltran Sokolova 13 days ago +1

    In the ice age:2in ants

  • christopher garrison
    christopher garrison 14 days ago

    Remember the titans

  • Nice Breasts
    Nice Breasts 14 days ago +1

    Those ants nourish you as much as you do them with 3 million subs. Love this channel.

  • Federico Olivares
    Federico Olivares 14 days ago

    I love the excitement in your voice! Ants, i gotta say are not something that interest me, but seeing your excitement makes me want yo watch your videos!

  • Song ÒwÓ
    Song ÒwÓ 14 days ago +1

    *4th Queen falls*
    Me: I know the feeling.

  • Integrity Alpha
    Integrity Alpha 15 days ago

    do you build your aquariums yourself or buy them? ive been pricing large tanks and the big ones like you have are over a thousand dollars. ive been looking into making my own possibly out of plexiglass or epoxy. do you know of any cheap and safe/effective methods of creating a large aquarium?

  • Ruffa Louie
    Ruffa Louie 16 days ago

    Kapag ba namaty yan nilalanggam dn ba sila?ahhaha naligaw lng hehe,pinoy here..

  • Robert Burdett
    Robert Burdett 17 days ago

    2 queens in waiting and 6 adult queens so 8 queens!?

  • Robert Burdett
    Robert Burdett 17 days ago

    I thought it was called Olympus cause you watched the Martian to many times

  • Kenny Moyo
    Kenny Moyo 18 days ago

    I’ve been bitten by one while I was asleep (my neighbor I think had ants) and have a scar on my stomach still

  • Undertubertale
    Undertubertale 18 days ago

    WHY AM I CRYING FOR ANTS !!?? XD this was so epic and some part emotional , I can believe ant are so cool :)

  • Kate Turnbull
    Kate Turnbull 18 days ago

    I love it

  • Hannah Conger
    Hannah Conger 19 days ago

    Wowwww the queen convoy 👑

  • sociallyawkward steve
    sociallyawkward steve 19 days ago

    Imagine pushing out those huge larvae

  • Myshoe_101 Eat gay
    Myshoe_101 Eat gay 20 days ago

    Air conditioner family

  • jabez immanuel
    jabez immanuel 21 day ago

    so cinematic

  • Swiggity Swaggity
    Swiggity Swaggity 21 day ago

    Do you have leaf cutters and if not please get some they are SO smart

  • ThisIsntLloyd
    ThisIsntLloyd 21 day ago

    12:48 one of the ants got out

  • Patricia Lopes
    Patricia Lopes 21 day ago

    Why is ther only gueens and not prince

  • Sammuel McCall
    Sammuel McCall 21 day ago

    Don’t forget the pupa queen

  • Equa11y Gacha
    Equa11y Gacha 23 days ago +1

    Queen Ant: Making my way down the tube...not using my legs...pace isn’t fast and I’m in a weird place I don’t know with a bunch of ants following meeee

  • Equa11y Gacha
    Equa11y Gacha 23 days ago +3

    AntsCanada: This is one of the smaller supermajors.
    Me: *ants are running out of tubes*

  • Maryjane Quinn
    Maryjane Quinn 23 days ago

    Such a success! I love it!

  • peterernst1
    peterernst1 23 days ago

    15:00 ants also have constipations

  • Alex Mertens
    Alex Mertens 24 days ago

    I love how at the end you just hang up a corpse of their people over their new home. That made me laugh.