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Can You Beat Fallout 3 With Your Eyes?

  • Published on Nov 26, 2021
  • Ordinary gamers play games with their hands. Some people play games with their feet, some use their voice, but I wanted to do something different. Something much more traumatizing than anything I’ve done before. Can You Beat Fallout 3 With Your Eyes?

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    Can You Beat Fallout 3 With Your Eyes? (in text form)

    To play Fallout 3 with nothing but my eyes, I spent $230 on an infrared eye tracker, the Tobii Eye Tracker 5 and mounted it to my iMac with my own proprietary adhesive strip. The trash it came with didn’t stick and I got lucky that I couldn’t find my superglue. I used it to secure a thumbtack in my wall and haven’t seen it since. The Tobii company has software that lets the eye tracker work in a handful of games but none of them are Fallout and it’s not full fledged control. it’s looking around by turning your head, not complete PC control with only your eyesight. Windows 10 has some eye control accessibility options too but those don’t work in-game. For that I downloaded Project Iris. This program turns your entire monitor into a touchscreen for your vision. It’s wild. Iris lets you map any key on the keyboard to a box on-screen. The eye trackers 4 sensors track your pupils at all times using infrared light and when they’ve sense you looking at the box, the key is pressed virtually. That allowed me to map most of the useful keys to the boxes. The controls I had on-screen and their layout changed over time as I learned which keys were more useful than the others. The starter set should be fairly self explanatory: WASD for movement, Tab for the Pip-Boy, space to jump, the arrow keys to move through dialog, escape to pause. Run is Q, that’s the auto run button. Look Up is a lie, don’t believe what it says. You won’t be seeing that vision circle on-screen during the gameplay, it wasn’t centered properly and I found it distracting. And with that, you’re ready to witness the most mentally exhausting challenge I’ve ever done.

    To prove that I was, in fact, playing with my eyes and not a controller or a keyboard and mouse, I turned on the webcam. But it’s been a while since you’ve seen me. The last time was in December and that was before my drinking got way out of control. I’m a changed individual and I wanted to prove that by doing the worst thing I could think of. I bought a sexy french maid outfit and I gotta say I make a woman’s medium look [better than than those whores on Amazon do] pretty good. Now, in my final form, the real game can begin and I can begin to explain what a f*cking nightmare this challenge was. Those blink grenades are not what you think, they’re not used in this video, that mod should’ve been disabled. What I didn’t realize before starting was how difficult it is to maintain complete and total control over your eyes for hours on end. They’re constantly subconsciously darting around taking in the surroundings. You don’t really think when you look from one side of the screen to the other, you just do it and it happens. But here, I can’t look over to the left side of the screen, or the right side or the top or the bottom without running the risk of accidentally pressing a button.

    Luckily, the toddler room is a free for all where nothing matters. I had all the time in the world to acclimate myself to the controls and realize I had no way to look down, bringing us to the first major bump in the road. Speed bumps come in pairs, trust me I will get f*cked again. Moving the mouse is not as simple as remapping a key on the keyboard. This is a mouse we’re talking about, a living breathing organism, there are complex mechanisms at play. The solution? Can you say “trackpad for your eyeball”? That’s exactly what I got, though at this juncture I was woefully unaware of what I’d just done. I spent minutes sitting there trying to fill out my Special stats with that little b****d, unable to tell what was really happening. It had to be bigger. Mickey hit the medieval stretch machine, my playing field was substantially larger, I could now look freely around the world, solving all of my 1 year old problems.

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  • Patterrz

    can't wait for playing Fallout with only hair follicles

  • Mac O'Mally

    I'm so glad you've been clean for 2 months and 7 days Paul. In other news: That fucking maid outfit split my sides as I had never thought in a million years you would do that. And the cherry? You actually BEAT the game. Your talent knows no bounds.

  • Sam 1056
    Sam 1056  +776

    I'm physically disabled and have an incredibly difficult time playing games like these no matter how badly I want to. Thank you for making this video, it goes to show just how great technology is getting while it also shows the things that need to improve.

  • Thatwould beme

    You and Ymfah are single-handedly making impossible sounding things into entertaining reality.

  • Jas Lawler
    Jas Lawler  +280

    Man, I'm so fucking happy to hear about your sobriety Paul. I know how hard it is to be sober, and if no one else tells you today- I'm proud of you dude. Keep it the fuck up.

  • Zephyrus
    Zephyrus  +149

    "Weapons, armor, stimpaks, a new world lifted its skirt and flashed me"

  • RJ Goodman

    The combination of how hard this challenge was, how happy Paul looked when he finished, and hearing how long he's been alcohol free made this one of the most feel good Mitten Squad videos ever. The maid costume was the icing on the cake

  • Satellaview 64

    Honestly, I am glad to see that Paul is taking life better, after he beat "Can you beat Addiction". Keep up the good work!

  • Floyd Barber

    hey smitten, great work. you know that this "silly" idea is actually helping people with disability. i know you probably know that. i am sure your video helps them to play fallout as well. even with a lot of not getting full control, at least they know, they can finish the game with just their eyes. maybe even they can find a face recognition software, where face expressions also have some inputs, like opening the mouth brings them to the pitboy.

  • Franken Stein

    Paul winking at me in a maid outfit, life goals complete. Congratulations on the sobriety Paul! Really happy and proud for you, and thanks for the great video too. Sooo many quotable moments in this one lol.

  • beeyah805
    beeyah805  +99

    between how hard addiction recovery is, how good his jokes are, and the sheer joy of seeing him complete this, my eyes did not stay dry!😅

  • Hayden Rieger

    I had my own suspicions that Paul had a drinking issue, but after watching the intro to this video, and checking his pervious social media posts on his hiatus, it is really fucking cool to see how he has changed. your fans are proud Paul.

  • Mettaton NEO11

    Man really pulled up in a maid outfit to show that he evolved beyond his drinking problems, what a gamer

  • the monky
    the monky  +54

    that shit is legendary, dude. thats like.... only a few steps away from beating fallout 3 with telekinesis

  • Sydrako
    Sydrako  +17

    I cant believe how much patience Paul has, like every video hes ever done would be complete agony for me, and i'd quit so fast.

  • Michalena
    Michalena  +18

    Absolutely loved seeing the look of satisfaction and shock when Paul got certain things to work. This was really fun to watch.

  • Mangaka2004

    Damn, you proved that one can play trough a RPG/FPS with a certain ease after a few hours and without using hands or feet, that video and setup could be used to help many gamers out there.

  • mrtaco705

    I can't imagine the actual amount of pain and suffering Mitten has to endure for this

  • Tony Cordero

    Damn, Paul crushed his drinking, cut some weight, and is now rubbing our faces in it while wearing the waifu special outfit. Long live MittenSquad.

  • walker webber

    The dedication and humor sets him apart it’s a thing of beauty