Rapunzel’s Connection To The Black Rocks Explained! | Discovering Tangled The Series

  • Published on Jan 17, 2018
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    Isaac discusses Rapunzel’s new powers that were revealed in Tangled: The Series episode “Secret of the Sundrop.” Rapunzel possesses a unique connection to a powerful black rock that seems to be threatening the kingdom!
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    On a journey with her handmaiden Cassandra, Rapunzel touches mysterious black, indestructible rocks which releases a blast of blue energy and regrows Rapunzel’s hair. Then throughout Tangled The Series season one, the rocks continued to populate the kingdom of Corona destroying everything in their path. In my mind these were instruments of darkness spreading across the land and I believed only the magic of the golden flower within Rapunzel could stop it… except Rapunzel doesn’t destroy the rocks in the Tangled season finale, she controls them.
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  • Wotso Videos
    Wotso Videos  2 years ago +189

    QOTD: With these powerful Black Rocks, do you think Rapunzel or Elsa is more powerful right now? Let me know below! Hope you have a wonderful and magical day everyone!

    • Merlin.
      Merlin. 10 months ago

      Ofc Rapunzel is more powerful than her.

    • Sophia Chen
      Sophia Chen 10 months ago

      Wotso Videos Rapunzel

    • Team Meme dream supreme
      Team Meme dream supreme 10 months ago

      Wotso Videos Rapunzel because if the rocks are indestructible, along with the hair, then they would be able to be useful weapons or shields against the powerful ice magic.

    • UwU
      UwU 10 months ago

      They are twins-

    • donut girl
      donut girl Year ago

      Wotso Videos rapunzel is more powerful than esla

  • HarmonE Records
    HarmonE Records 12 days ago

    I hope Rapunzel or somebody finds a way to use the Opal or rocks for good.

  • SaraSong2653
    SaraSong2653 3 months ago

    I come from the world of S3 but
    at the beginning of season 1 when it showed Euegene and Rapunzel getting married in the journel it showed her with brown hair but they knew that they were bringing back her golden hair. SOO since cass is evil now maybe the only way to save cass if rapunzel has to give her the power she took first took from the rocks (protecting and cannot be destroyed) and this will result in rapunzel's hair being cut again or will go back to the way it was before hand

    (i hope im not correct because i love her golden hair ;-;)

  • miriai chan
    miriai chan 3 months ago

    Raps still have her magic tears so why not use it on cass or did the power of the moon stone toke over and she cant use her tears ????????????????????????

  • Kristine Kanine
    Kristine Kanine 3 months ago

    My idea is she got her healing power from the sunflower and then when she touched the moon rocks it gave her a different power instead
    It gave her the black rocks power instead of the sunflowers power

  • toffie t
    toffie t 3 months ago

    Hold up if the power of the sun drop is not extinguished with the cutting of her hair then why does gothel die

  • Emaan Nadeem
    Emaan Nadeem 8 months ago

    I think Elsa is more powerful

  • Charlie Delapaz
    Charlie Delapaz 9 months ago

    Good can be bad
    Bad can be good
    Both the sun drop and moon stone are not necessarily bad nor good.
    But to balance both life and death. When there is too much life it's a disaster knowing that no one dies (Imagine Hitler is still alive today lol)
    That's why there is a counter part of that , and that is death ( moonstone). To balance everything as it should be .

  • Ka Comix
    Ka Comix 9 months ago

    Just one question, What if the sun drop and moon drop hit somebody when they touched the Earth? You know I mean it's just a question. BUT FOR REALZ WHY DOES NO ONE ASK THIS!!?? I MEAN Rapunzel was basically born with the power of the flower and we all know how that turns out. So what if someone just yah know happend to be walking by on that faithful day the drop fell? Unless it fell before humans? THEN WHAT IF IT HIT AN ANIMAL!!? #TheThingsDisneyMakesYou QuestionButNeverAwnsers

  • Goth Nerd
    Goth Nerd 9 months ago +2

    Is Rapunzel's hair moving on it's own? Oh c***p! SHE'S A FUTACUCHI-ONA!

  • Paige Murphy
    Paige Murphy 9 months ago +1

    The moon and sun drops are like yin and yang, with a flower and an opal as their vessels.

  • Tiana Roberge
    Tiana Roberge 9 months ago +2

    moon stone eugene fizhurburt lost prince of the dark king dume

    • Nicholas Bloom
      Nicholas Bloom 9 months ago

      i wonder if eugene is gonna get that power after cassandra loses it

  • Arm cylo
    Arm cylo 9 months ago +1

    Wow i never watch tangled series before , never thought that this series would be so much intense n complicated. I thought tangled series are more below 10 yo kid friendly. Im so wrong.

  • Raspberry Sig
    Raspberry Sig 9 months ago

    Hmm varians dad warned the king about the flower, the same night gothel goes after and finds? Gothel knew somehow

  • Sabrina A
    Sabrina A 9 months ago

    Rapz is sOOOO POWERFUUUULLL 😱😱😱😍😍😍😍💛💛💛 I love her omfg I need to watch the series 😭😭😭😭

  • ShieldMana
    ShieldMana 9 months ago

    darn lurker powers

  • lang lang
    lang lang 9 months ago

    What if @ the same time the flower eas gone the only rock there was was grinded to heal another woman giving birth and theres a girl or boy out there the opposite of rapunzel with a path to the sun drop and they become best froends with rapunzel

  • Catharina Rolfe
    Catharina Rolfe 10 months ago

    what if you merge the two incantations? what do think would happen

  • Cheesey Taco Taxi Cat
    Cheesey Taco Taxi Cat 10 months ago

    I want the 2nd verse of the Moonstone incantation

  • Ellaina Greenwood
    Ellaina Greenwood 10 months ago

    Disney: makes a series based on tangled
    Me: aw that's cute
    Disney: rapunzel can kill everything now
    Me: ...uM

  • Shad-Angel 47
    Shad-Angel 47 10 months ago

    **immediately thinks of Kingdom Hearts**

  • Felic Sweets
    Felic Sweets 10 months ago

    When their is light there is a shadow

  • I'm Sarcastic
    I'm Sarcastic 10 months ago

    Dude, I had no idea the show was pretty epic.

  • Alex P.D
    Alex P.D 10 months ago

    Rapunzel has the power of life and death, elsa has ice Powers .I think that rapunzel is more powerful because she can kill someone just by singing the hurt incantation

  • LittleMinecraft Gamer
    LittleMinecraft Gamer 10 months ago +1

    Now Talk About Rapunzel With Black Hair

  • • Weeb •
    • Weeb • 10 months ago

    The hurt incantation song

  • VO F
    VO F 10 months ago

    That looked like keith kogane

  • Jett Reggae
    Jett Reggae 10 months ago

    Nerd alert!!!

  • Thekk TheVeteran
    Thekk TheVeteran 10 months ago

    Wither and decay
    End this destiny
    Break these earthly chains
    And set the spirit free

    The spirit free

    • Thekk TheVeteran
      Thekk TheVeteran 10 months ago

      yea i dont think that this song is good...and dont think that the sundrop song is much bether,(if sombody reads this and comands i will tell why)

  • Kaeyee Xc
    Kaeyee Xc 10 months ago

    I love this

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose 10 months ago

    Rapunzel has a new incantation

  • Solaris -
    Solaris - 10 months ago +1

    With frozen and tangled taking place in the same world (Easter egg in frozen), and the new frozen 2 trailer showing more elemental powers, it would make sense for a light/sun and a darkness/moon elemental to exist as well as the winter (ice), summer (fire), autumn (wind), and spring (earth) shown in the trailer. Plus we know that Elsa is winter and, if connected, rapunzel, is light.

  • Melody of Time
    Melody of Time 10 months ago +1

    Hello Isaac. Maybe you could make a video on the recent "Hurt Incantation" from Tangled the series :) I´d love to hear your thoughts on i!

  • The paniagua family
    The paniagua family 10 months ago

    Do a theory on the hurt indaction

  • Miraculous FUN
    Miraculous FUN 10 months ago

    Rapunzal hurt song vs healing song

  • Willow Blue
    Willow Blue 10 months ago

    Im sorry but can you please explain the Moonstone incantation from the latest episodes?

  • adrian crevan
    adrian crevan 10 months ago

    Season 2 update please

  • Alex Ritesman
    Alex Ritesman 10 months ago

    There is now a moon incantation for the series in the new episode the great tree

  • Ima hungry fox Studios
    Ima hungry fox Studios 10 months ago +3

    Now there’s the hurt incantation the moon drop spell

  • s0ph
    s0ph 10 months ago +3

    Here's my theory.
    I believe that Rapunzel was made by Hades and Persephone. It would make much more sense if she was because Rapunzel is the only one who can sing the hurt incantation, Adira said that whoever else sung it, they withered away.
    Whenever Rapunzel sang her Healing incantation, her hair glowed, and she healed whatever she wanted to. Persephone heals and grows crops. She brings Life to the forest and heals it.
    Hades controls Death and Darkness whenever he pleases.

    Whenever Rapunzel sings her healing incantation, she heals something or someone. --- Persephone heals crops, the forest, and animals.
    I believe Hades made the hurt incantation for selfish ones in need, so whenever Rapunzel sings the hurt incantation, her hair turns black, and so does the full coverage of her eyes. ---- Hades hair and eyes are naturally black all together, but sometimes portrayed in Greek Myth as Dark blue/Light grey.

    Also, in the first episode, you see the black rocks, which represents the moon drop already fell a long time ago. The writer(s) had already foreshadowed every single thing that was going to happen, when you see Rapunzel's hair grow back, you see the black rocks going out of control, --- which I think meant that Rapunzel was unaware of her powers, so she grew shocked and they got out of hand, leading the black rocks to follow Cass and her. After Rapunzel calmed down with Cass, the rocks stopped, and since the ground fell, there was no place for the rocks to follow them anymore since they were on the other side.

    • coldchary 2468
      coldchary 2468 10 months ago

      @s0ph what that suppose mean????

    • s0ph
      s0ph 10 months ago

      @coldchary 2468 :facepalm:

    • coldchary 2468
      coldchary 2468 10 months ago

      Here's my theory when Rapunzel was born she absorbed the power from the sun drop when her hair was cut she lost all the power from the sun drop and when she touched the black rocks she absorb the power from the moon drop witch cause her to regrow her hair because that were the power was stored in her hair and give her the ability to harm rather then heal

  • The K-Bros
    The K-Bros 10 months ago


  • Madison Nichols
    Madison Nichols 10 months ago +121

    I kinda saw the Black Rocks as something else when I first saw them. After the episode where Rapunzel defeats Varian and shows to have some control over the rocks, they reminded me of thorns. The Sundrop was shown as a flower, and those can easily get trampled or eaten by predators (and the flower heals others like certain mixtures of herbs would). What if the Black Rocks (and consequently, the Moon Incantation) were meant to protect the flower, or Rapunzel, by any means necessary. After all, roses aren't evil if its stems are covered with thorns. That's just to protect the bloom. IDK, I could be wrong, though.

    • Charlie Delapaz
      Charlie Delapaz 9 months ago +2

      Wow ,you maybe right after all, repunzel loves to put flower on her hair

    • Milky Way
      Milky Way 10 months ago +6

      This is good theory too

  • Muja Kina
    Muja Kina 10 months ago +2

    (Life song)
    Flower, gleam and glow Make your power shine Make the clock reverse Bring back what was once mine Heal what has been hurt Change the fates' design Save what has been lost Bring back what was once mine What once was mine
    (Rapunzel Movie)
    (Death song)
    Wither and Decay End this Destiny Break this Earthly Chains And set the Spirit free The Spirit free

    (Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure)
    edit: Spoiler Alert! ;)

  • SpongicX
    SpongicX 10 months ago +1

    I think the new special “Rapunzel and the Great Tree” might have killed this theory a bit. The rocks appear to be evil. They gave Rapunzel the power to drain the life out of things.

    • Berserker !!
      Berserker !! 10 months ago

      I don't know... Death is part of life, so I don't think they are inherently evil, but the power can be used to do bad things.

  • Ichigo Kurosaki
    Ichigo Kurosaki 10 months ago


  • Ichigo Kurosaki
    Ichigo Kurosaki 10 months ago


  • R.H Halo Queen
    R.H Halo Queen 10 months ago

    The moon stone is just a typr of power it sthe incantation of hurt the mood is evil it opposite to the sun drop repanzle is connected cause of the moon stone song thats just the connection

  • Spiderus The baddie
    Spiderus The baddie 10 months ago

    I really gotta watch this show with andi mack

  • Proxytale 101
    Proxytale 101 10 months ago

    So is Rapunzel the princess of rocks?

  • Trice Geline
    Trice Geline 10 months ago

    Yep she connected

  • JadeDraws 72
    JadeDraws 72 10 months ago

    Can you do an explanation to this song in the series please ru-clip.com/video/nobLlMG1sks/video.html

  • victor hellblade
    victor hellblade 10 months ago


  • Ayran Mateo
    Ayran Mateo 10 months ago +4

    How do you explain the Dark song she sings to bring decay now ?? If she isn’t also darkness ??

  • gboi gamer
    gboi gamer 10 months ago +8

    4:11 Now that I’m look at that. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some other third thing from the stars

  • Daniella Life Vlogs
    Daniella Life Vlogs 10 months ago +1

    I wonder if they're going to reveal that her real parents are not her parents in Hades and somebody else is her real parents.🤣 Plot Twist😵

  • M͓̽u͓̽s͓̽k͓̽a͓̽n͓̽

    What about the hurt incantation

  • Reynolds Caldwell
    Reynolds Caldwell 10 months ago +1

    Okay something is up what is up with the moon incantation is it what kills instead of healing and reversing time

  • this is fine
    this is fine 10 months ago +26

    Can you do a video about Rapunzel's new power with the dark hair?

  • Nicmation
    Nicmation 10 months ago

    Still wondering about if there is a moon drop flower and it’s purpose

  • Damaris D.
    Damaris D. 10 months ago +1

    Just see the hurt incantation