The Game Pat Beverley Woke UP The BEAST In Steph Curry! December 23, 2018 | 60 FPS | FreeDawkins

  • Published on Dec 24, 2018
  • December 23, 2018 | "On a night the Los Angeles Clippers set records with their 3-point shooting, Steph Curry won the game for Golden State at the rim. Curry had 42 points to tie his second-highest scoring output of the season. He also got the last laugh after he exchanged heated words with Clippers guard Patrick Beverley in the first quarter, a sequence that earned both players a technical foul. | The Game Pat Beverley Woke UP The BEAST In Steph Curry! December 24, 2018 | 60 FPS | FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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  • Brad Douglas
    Brad Douglas 4 days ago

    I like Beverly Type defenders.. they Type to make you really get in your bag

  • StaticVisionz
    StaticVisionz 8 days ago

    There is no way steph flexing is a technical, EVERYONE in the NBA does that

  • Itz Recipie
    Itz Recipie 10 days ago

    Draymond is ass

  • Lee Croshaw
    Lee Croshaw 12 days ago +1

    4:07 - 4:11 yikes.

  • Jorge Luis
    Jorge Luis 14 days ago +1

    That’s all Beverly does piss off opponents and get torched

  • John Lawrence Urcia
    John Lawrence Urcia 17 days ago

    His not clutch? Hmmm.

  • Asian Badass
    Asian Badass 20 days ago

    Aye man... Pat Bev did his thing he at least didn’t let Curry get to 50 bruh

  • Kayden Williams
    Kayden Williams 21 day ago +1

    3:07 kevon looney ugly ahh no hate this just a joke

  • Newby D
    Newby D 23 days ago

    When pat Beverley's book come out I'm gone read that bih.. that man really loves the game its it's hard not to tell. If pat don't do nothing he gone give some effort

  • Oscar rosa
    Oscar rosa 24 days ago +1

    Yoo the way curry turned around bro ( ready to punch )

  • LulDrAxOGaNg
    LulDrAxOGaNg 24 days ago

    Patrick Beverly is a pussy

  • Theryo 2007
    Theryo 2007 25 days ago

    With 0 TO.

  • Anthromorphic DJ Anomolists

    Bradley had his nuts on Klay.

  • Anthromorphic DJ Anomolists

    Pat woke up Steph and kd

  • Cooper Coats
    Cooper Coats 28 days ago

    And they think this dude can guard lebron

  • XxToxicHockeyXx
    XxToxicHockeyXx 28 days ago

    6:32 you can see the commentator in the pink shirt lmao.

  • RJ Taboy
    RJ Taboy 28 days ago


  • RJ Taboy
    RJ Taboy 28 days ago


  • Jorge Luis
    Jorge Luis Month ago

    Seems like Beverly just fuels players to drop 50 + pts on the flippers

  • Jorge Luis
    Jorge Luis Month ago

    Seems like Beverly just fuels players to drop 50 + pts on the flippers

  • Jorge Luis
    Jorge Luis Month ago

    Seems like Beverly just fuels players to drop 50 + pts on the flippers

  • Jorge Luis
    Jorge Luis Month ago

    Seems like Beverly just fuels players to drop 50 + pts on the flippers

  • Zombie YT
    Zombie YT Month ago

    The funning thing about this is that the ref called the tech on Beverly and then looked back at the tape and said Oh well we gotta make it fair and give a tech to steph

  • Marko Djordjevic
    Marko Djordjevic Month ago

    Lol if tradition doesn't change next season, he might light up Kawhi and PG.

  • Amanda Wills
    Amanda Wills Month ago

    Bitchhh Lou can get it🤤😍

  • The Ultimate Gamers

    10:44 look how burke and durant look at eachother

  • Kool Hggg
    Kool Hggg Month ago

    Damn I never realized Bradley put his nutts on Thompson’s neck

  • shelton sharkey
    shelton sharkey Month ago

    Bradley's putback dunk tho....

  • Ivan Goli
    Ivan Goli Month ago

    Pat Beverly never shooting but always doing shit he gots same stats than Drake

  • Slim Shady will fucking kill you

    A little flex is considered as a tech wtf?

  • Travis Nash
    Travis Nash Month ago

    Somewhere max Kellerman is trying to destroy evidence of this video

  • Brandon LURENZO
    Brandon LURENZO Month ago

    He always fucked the clippers with no Vaseline

  • Albert Carr
    Albert Carr Month ago

    Crazy how Steph gotta a tech for not even fully flexing because of Patrick 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣 but after making that layup at the end of that game..right when that buzzer went off he shoulda flexed again ! 💪🏾😂

  • Ziggy Hammons
    Ziggy Hammons Month ago

    Bounce I'll bed break before

  • Brian Scott
    Brian Scott Month ago

    8:45 Cold blooded curve

    SQUAD BOSS Month ago

    Omg Beverly is such a bitch

  • Ryan Wooley
    Ryan Wooley Month ago

    Pat Beverly is a thug and he tries to call out great players and make them look bad and he thinks they aren’t great he did the same damn thing to Westbrook and got him injured twice just bc of his punk ass ways getting refs on his side and tries to get away with shit. KD is right about pat he’s a pest

  • Leyenda 1127
    Leyenda 1127 Month ago

    Let’s see if curry can drop 40 again vs the clippers next year with PG and kawhi😬

  • jj
    jj Month ago

    Greatest PG of all time

  • Erick Ortiz
    Erick Ortiz Month ago

    Idk if it's just me but I find the commentators for the warriors really annoying. I would hate to hear them all year long.

  • RJ Taboy
    RJ Taboy 2 months ago


  • XGalakFlakes
    XGalakFlakes 2 months ago

    People like ''he only can shoot'' Uhmm basket is all about to shoot, u need those shoots to make points and win, lebron can dunk.. ok but dunk = make points too. And btw people, if he only can shoot and for you that is EASY... then why is he in the nba and you guys are here in youtube

  • XGalakFlakes
    XGalakFlakes 2 months ago

    hahah ''jojo im mad because u taunt a little bit'' Steph teaching a lesson as always

  • Sully Ali
    Sully Ali 2 months ago


  • Jose Chavez
    Jose Chavez 2 months ago

    I feel like Pat’s personality does more bad than good. Bradley just doing his job but Beverly has to make it tuffer.

  • Ryen Boi
    Ryen Boi 2 months ago

    Who watching after KD went to nets

  • Bran Stark
    Bran Stark 2 months ago

    These Clippers Warriors games are gonna be spicy next year

  • TheDavinci314
    TheDavinci314 2 months ago

    Chew on that for a bit Beverly...

  • Matthew Flom
    Matthew Flom 2 months ago

    What does fps stand for?

  • OnlyWatergoesWithDfLow Watdapak

    the game is too close..even if kawhi is not there hmm..

  • Edward Brink
    Edward Brink 2 months ago

    I dont know why people consider Beverley an elite defender, all he does is act like a clown and get owned by the stars

  • 15Stratos
    15Stratos 2 months ago

    Was there a travel at 6:08?

  • Richard Gardner
    Richard Gardner 2 months ago

    Currys the goat I know this late but no one does what he does no one by god

  • Mags T
    Mags T 2 months ago

    this league is so soft. cant even trash talk

  • savage giovanni
    savage giovanni 2 months ago

    They got jawhi now

  • Raymond Mendez
    Raymond Mendez 2 months ago +1

    For once someone who doesnt put 30+ second intros and a but load of ads nice!

  • System of Slipknot
    System of Slipknot 2 months ago +1

    Patrick is a piece of envious shit!

  • Rinthan Lungleng
    Rinthan Lungleng 2 months ago


  • Rasheed Dela cruz
    Rasheed Dela cruz 2 months ago

    I see no beast lol.

  • Yo Centuries
    Yo Centuries 2 months ago

    Damn Beverly rlly getting mad just because someone celebrated🤔smh