Meet My Other Exotic Pets

  • Published on Sep 1, 2018
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    In this video, we take a break from the ant colonies of the Ant Room due to an uneventful ant week, and meet the other pet animals that share my home and heart, due to popular request. We take a closer look at my freshwater fish tank, tarantula, green tree python, and my newest baby African Grey parrot. I cover their care, maintenance, biology, and history.
    Hope you guys enjoy this informative and eye-opening video. Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.
    *Correction: Valentino is a 'Sorong' Green Tree python, not "Sonoran".
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  • Plaid Penguin
    Plaid Penguin 7 hours ago +1

    I love your fish and all your pets.
    You will find this out later.
    R.I.P Ameldia

  • dⷥeⷨvͥiⷡnⷡeͣ iⷭnͨdͩiͣaͬ

    could you please tell me that how do you maintain such a natural place for your pets! specially that water garden and snakes cage. please help me out if Any one of you can😇

  • BRHU _2114
    BRHU _2114 6 days ago

    I think some snakes look cute especially when they drink out of little drinking holes Laura wrapped up in blankets .

  • Ants Georgia
    Ants Georgia 9 days ago

    AntsCanada you said true I’m an ant kipper and love spiders , snakes , rodents and birds.any ant kipper same?

  • Allison Aldridge-Saur
    Allison Aldridge-Saur 10 days ago

    Snek 🤩❤️🐍(: so cute

  • Azzy Ward
    Azzy Ward 14 days ago

    I use to have the norm dog , cats children's python , rats and birds that's all

  • Danielle Rodewald
    Danielle Rodewald 19 days ago

    He kind of has a soothing voice

  • Frank Perez
    Frank Perez 19 days ago

    I nave Angel fish

  • Cj Scyther
    Cj Scyther 21 day ago


  • Wim och Theo testar i Forza Horison 3

    Snakes are so cute

  • Ida Ariane
    Ida Ariane 22 days ago

    By the way! That shrimp of yours you call alien, it's an "Amano Shrimp". Here:

  • night shadow
    night shadow 24 days ago

    I used to be scared of spiders but I got rid of my arachnophobia

  • Smooth Green
    Smooth Green 26 days ago

    3:23 on the left of the screen, is that a spider web or just marks on the tank?

  • Jayson Cremeans
    Jayson Cremeans 26 days ago

    Not gonna lie, i almost cried when he talked about Valentino’s chances of living

  • RLMAA Un
    RLMAA Un 27 days ago

    I have two cats and 8 queens but they have died

  • Albino Obama
    Albino Obama Month ago

    Exotic Lair: *I NEED THAT SPIDER!!*

  • Basic Drip
    Basic Drip Month ago

    😱😱Yin and Yang are beautiful!!😍😱

  • Tapu Blast
    Tapu Blast Month ago

    When will my danger noodle do that what Valentino did?

  • suck my toes
    suck my toes Month ago +1

    "She's a big fuzzy teady bear....... with fangs"

  • Mia Birmingham
    Mia Birmingham Month ago

    Animal Dad.

  • gold Queen Platinum monster

    The pit organs on a snake are to what help it find food by protecting your body heat of prey

  • Wyatt Casper
    Wyatt Casper Month ago

    do you use a voice changer

  • SPECTRO 001
    SPECTRO 001 Month ago


  • Real MB14
    Real MB14 Month ago

    this dude could do an asmr but ant

  • viron petes
    viron petes Month ago

    Where can i visit personal your antnivers??😂😂

  • Kakazzami Gaming
    Kakazzami Gaming Month ago

    Wait a sec are you mikey bustos?

  • Get Riced
    Get Riced Month ago

    i got 2 scorpions 3 geckos

  • Birdlover 275
    Birdlover 275 Month ago

    Well... My grandma has a eastern rosella name Amelia. She gets loud in the morning and afternoons. And she gets pretty annoying, but I still love her. Also she has a decent size cage, good food, and toys.

  • British Gaming Atheist

    my mum has an African Grey and he adores me I might show him off in a video when my mum goes on holiday and I look after her pets for her.

  • ArthurMorgansHat
    ArthurMorgansHat Month ago

    That baby parrot is so cute I'm crying.

  • UnbreakabL’s Trash

    My fav pets you have is
    Imelda (bird-eating tarantula) wow, so hairy, yet awesome
    Valentino (Sorong green tree python) I live in Australia... oh no valentino’s species lives here
    Ligaya (Congo African grey parrot) nice!
    Why none of the axolotls I think they are fantastic

  • Re Dud3
    Re Dud3 Month ago

    I love amelda

  •  Month ago +1

    actually snakes dont dislocate their jaw its because they dont have a chin thats why they can move their jaw from side to side or open their mouth so wide

  • Stefan
    Stefan Month ago

    Lol i got an ad for those products that kill ants arround your house. Wrong channel to promote that on RU-clip hahahahhaa

  • Dan Gecko
    Dan Gecko Month ago

    I love snakes I have a ball python called Ned I love him and I wanna buy lots of snakes like false water cobra

  • mabbet
    mabbet Month ago +2

    Awwwwwww! Valentino is so cute!! :)

  • Yahney-Marie
    Yahney-Marie Month ago

    i swear this man is crazy and i LOVE his enthusiasm

  • Levenyn
    Levenyn Month ago

    This is what I love about my fellow animal lovers. We totally accept nature for what it is and respect the complexity of the seemingly cruel, often violent activity of the natural world. I love rodents, too. I adore rats. But I love to handle snakes, lizards and I grew up chasing and catching toads. I've never fed live food... yet... my tadpole is just a few days away from being a carnivorous monster!

  • Floofy Chill
    Floofy Chill Month ago +1

    Snakes are cute but I dont wanna get near one

  • fire hydrant doggo
    fire hydrant doggo Month ago

    I had a swell in my foot because of
    A LOT of ants

  • Ferxannie
    Ferxannie 2 months ago

    Talk about exotic! Good Job on entertaining the audience.

  • Fire 85 Corvin
    Fire 85 Corvin 2 months ago

    I liked the video for the snek

  • osriodore
    osriodore 2 months ago

    I have to ask, what is the plan for when the parrot inevitably outlives you?

  • super A-Typical
    super A-Typical 2 months ago


  • Chasegaming
    Chasegaming 2 months ago

    I love snakes I was at my cousins birthday I was just holding a snake they had I love snakes 😍

  • Tomas Lindgren
    Tomas Lindgren 2 months ago

    he would not be defenssive if u handled him

    • Haley Does Stuff
      Haley Does Stuff 2 months ago

      It is not recommended to handle green tree pythons. They're not a handle able species and they're also very nocturnal.

  • Gacha Lilly
    Gacha Lilly 2 months ago

    Aww the mouse is bleeding and now I'm crying

  • jushuagamer 0areyoumad0

    Where is your pig

  • night core lover
    night core lover 2 months ago

    LOVE IT!!!!!!

  • kyle Fortuno
    kyle Fortuno 2 months ago


  • Aubrey Sharp
    Aubrey Sharp 2 months ago

    beautiful snake

  • fighting fachri
    fighting fachri 3 months ago +1

    THX for referencing Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • Ryan Allen
    Ryan Allen 3 months ago

    Oh my gosh hand feeding a tree python sounds intense, doing it with a baby ball python was rough enough lol

  • sasuke uchiha
    sasuke uchiha 3 months ago

    Did you have a shark?

  • Leyre Jimenez Oyarzun
    Leyre Jimenez Oyarzun 3 months ago

    fun fact: yin is chinese symbol is the black and yang is the white one. ^_^ so ironically they have the name of the opposite of what they are supposed to xD

  • jonas jonaitis
    jonas jonaitis 3 months ago

    my animals

    2.ants and termites
    3.rats and bunnys
    4.snakes and lizards
    8.axolotls and frogs

  • Maureen Ylagan
    Maureen Ylagan 3 months ago

    What if ur both????

  • Evelynn Simon
    Evelynn Simon 3 months ago

    I love the saying Yin Yang because it’s basically like light and dark, good and evil, female or male

  • Chrishanthy Kamalarajan

    Catch a barracuda

  • Amanda Mandigo
    Amanda Mandigo 3 months ago

    I absolutely love being able to go back through all the videos as many times as I want. I just absolutely love watching these videos. So educational and honestly very inspirational!! This is why I love Mikey so so much. He is one smart smart man and I absolutely love listening to his voice, very good narrator!!!
    YOUR #1 FAN ~ Amanda Mandigo

    EL GIGOLO 3 months ago

    Ant canada are you a half filipino ??

  • Eunkyoung Yu
    Eunkyoung Yu 3 months ago

    Wow Antscanada! I have a couple things about you, first you are an AMAZING recorder, second, i love you admiration of animals.

  • Anthony Keith
    Anthony Keith 3 months ago

    Your videos are hypnotic. I'm obsessed

  • Sharon Wolfe
    Sharon Wolfe 3 months ago +2

    Love your passion and love for the Ant-iverse...
    It's a beautiful thing...

  • Metal Sonic 3.0
    Metal Sonic 3.0 4 months ago

    Hey AntsCanada I have arachiphobia but I kept my eyes open even seeing ants and rhino beetles and they are disturbing

  • Amy Palladino
    Amy Palladino 4 months ago

    Great vid but Rummynose should be in groups of at least 6 so they can school

  • Wisprionix
    Wisprionix 4 months ago

    Imelda is SO CUTE

  • Alfred The Allosaurus
    Alfred The Allosaurus 4 months ago


  • edt49er
    edt49er 4 months ago

    From the many dogs my family has had over the years, to my fish tank when I was a kid (oldest fish lasted until I left for college when I had to say goodbye, also had that tank since I was in 5th or 6th grade) to a bearded dragon and my families bucking bulls as well as a few horses, I am definitely an animal fan. I make videos and run my parents RU-clip channel, but want to try and get a specified channel for the various animals, especially as I find my own roots in my own place

    • edt49er
      edt49er 4 months ago

      I also had a fully aquatic frog at one point, but he died during a severe snail infestation when I first started my aquarium as a kid

  • Josh Winters
    Josh Winters 4 months ago

    The snake got me under it’s spell 😂