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  • Published on Nov 10, 2018
  • The Batman family is an iconic team of heroes led by the Dark Night himself! Over the years it has included Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Ace The Bat-hound, Alfred Pennyworth, Nightwing, Red Robin, Bat-Mite, Red Hood, Batwoman, and more!!
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Comments • 267

  • KimJongTresYT
    KimJongTresYT 7 hours ago


    Sounds like Captain America from Avengers assemble xd

  • Lexxis Marin
    Lexxis Marin 14 hours ago

    How scared is dc to show even a glimpse of jason

  • Maximo Gallardo
    Maximo Gallardo 6 days ago

    What the !#*& did i watch ,8year old beating the !#*& out of joker.
    That cant happen, jasson todd the robin that made sure every criminals died got killed by the joker,and now you are telling me 8 year old kicked a whole gang of criminals and the joker

  • Dropkick. Dipstick.
    Dropkick. Dipstick. 7 days ago +1

    Why was the justice league action ace scene in Spanish??

  • L.w.A.
    L.w.A. 7 days ago

    Just remember that young red head slinging arrows around becomes a massive fan of heroin, that little boy full of hope ends up with needles in his arms

  • Amazing Turtle
    Amazing Turtle 10 days ago +2

    Speedy: who ever takes out the most bad guys is leader
    Robin: takes down bane
    Speedy: that still only counts as one!

  • IvanJoestarConstantine

    Redhood for the Win

  • Mitch_CH R
    Mitch_CH R 13 days ago


  • oxStr8upGrEeKxo
    oxStr8upGrEeKxo 21 day ago

    Anyone else wonder why its night time at 6pm

  • The Fnaf Tributer
    The Fnaf Tributer 25 days ago


  • Commander Rex
    Commander Rex 29 days ago


  • Plus Ultra
    Plus Ultra Month ago

    Now I know two Ace that beat a tiger

  • XvZGhost
    XvZGhost Month ago

    Felix appears in every cartoon

  • Tracy Runyan
    Tracy Runyan Month ago +1

    Where was Donna Troy/Wonder Girl in the episode with Robin, Aqualad and Speedy? She was an original member of The Teen Titans.

    • Elana Bott
      Elana Bott Month ago +1

      And kid flash, Wally west? He was even earlier than her!

  • Michelle Jackson
    Michelle Jackson Month ago

    Better then teen titans go

  • Khuuram Mehboob
    Khuuram Mehboob Month ago

    Bat family please!

  • BladeOfLight16
    BladeOfLight16 Month ago

    Where's the Bat Cat? A.k.a., Selena Kyle.

  • Joker 1940
    Joker 1940 2 months ago

    My favorite character is the Joker

  • dc dimensions
    dc dimensions 2 months ago +3

    Faviroute list
    1 nightwing
    2 Jason Todd( red hood)
    3 Tim drake( red robin)
    4 Damian Wayne

  • Dexter Productions
    Dexter Productions 2 months ago

    What is the banger version of the Batman theme in the end of the vid

  • Bernardo Rios
    Bernardo Rios 2 months ago

    He did not leave his goons behind. 🤨. 1:05.

  • Jonathan Rojo
    Jonathan Rojo 2 months ago


  • Gill Harsimrn
    Gill Harsimrn 2 months ago

    ‘The batman ‘ 2004 series is the best of all time

  • Noir
    Noir 3 months ago +2

    Guys from your experience what series you think it’s better “Batman the animated series” “The Batman” or or “Batman the brave and the Bold” I want to choose one to see it first.

  • michael sheehan
    michael sheehan 3 months ago

    Batman vs tmnt

  • Jake Mayorquin
    Jake Mayorquin 3 months ago +12

    BTAS: 30s-40s detective era
    BAtB: 50s-70s fun and adventure era
    The: 80s-2000s dark era
    Unlimited: n52 Inc.
    Action:n52/Rebirth fun

  • Renjun NANANANANANA Renjun
    Renjun NANANANANANA Renjun 3 months ago +12

    My favorite is probably Tim or Jason or Damian

  • Marlin Brooks
    Marlin Brooks 3 months ago +1

    Ace really just got a Bat snack 😂

  • Caol
    Caol 3 months ago

    Was that a sonic the hedgehog reference in the last few seconds?

  • レム•ᖇEᗰ•
    レム•ᖇEᗰ• 3 months ago

    Joker looked like someone from the first one.

  • MUI Goku
    MUI Goku 3 months ago



  • Claire Wiggins
    Claire Wiggins 4 months ago +1

    Tim Drake is my absolute favorite bat family member!!!

  • Risheet Lenka
    Risheet Lenka 4 months ago

    I remember seeing that in Arkham Knight

  • Annie and Elsie of Arendelle

    It needs more Bat Hound

  • MrDepressed
    MrDepressed 4 months ago +1

    10:27 We dont go to Ravenholm

  • alaster boneman
    alaster boneman 5 months ago +2

    I have to admit I was found of the bat girl design in that " the batman " cartoon from the early 2000eds

  • Vaibhav Say
    Vaibhav Say 5 months ago

    joker has 3d pocket

  • l yahya 123
    l yahya 123 5 months ago

    م زيت

  • baserelie flutte
    baserelie flutte 5 months ago

    Goly that was exciting

  • Mr. Carey Collection
    Mr. Carey Collection 5 months ago +6

    You guys are playing with our emotions. Having this "The Batman" 🦇 Flashback brings back good ol' memories

  • Resho Loitam
    Resho Loitam 6 months ago +9

    Batfamily"WE ARE THE BAT FAMILY..

  • Mia Zakky
    Mia Zakky 6 months ago

    ive only just noticed..the jokers helmet was.. like the flash’s!!

  • Nick Martella
    Nick Martella 6 months ago

    Which one was at 3:40? Looks cool. And at 13:00

  • Sakshi Gupta
    Sakshi Gupta 6 months ago +1

    please tell me the name of the series from 3: 46 to 4:20 and 12:04 to 13:48

    • Path Evermore
      Path Evermore 4 months ago

      np, surprised no one answered before me.

    • Sakshi Gupta
      Sakshi Gupta 4 months ago

      @Path Evermore thank you

    • Path Evermore
      Path Evermore 4 months ago +1

      brave and the bold, batman unlimited, a movie

  • Nasir Weathers
    Nasir Weathers 6 months ago

    Brings back memories 😔

  • Schoki das Meerschweinchen

    20:02 isn‘t that damian his son?

  • Deandre Davis
    Deandre Davis 6 months ago

    this is cool,thanks

  • Gabriel Suazo
    Gabriel Suazo 6 months ago

    awesome, love DC

  • Jack TV
    Jack TV 6 months ago

    when BTAS is superior.

  • Kevin Mendoza
    Kevin Mendoza 6 months ago

    super cool vid !! 😎

  • Benel Smed
    Benel Smed 6 months ago

    Benel and hey 23😎😎😍

  • Abbey Simpson
    Abbey Simpson 6 months ago

    #batmans a den mother

  • klice315
    klice315 6 months ago +1

    I love nightwing

  • JJ4628
    JJ4628 6 months ago +1

    Batman: See, the thing about my family is there are five of 'em: Alfred, Robin, Little Robin, the one who doesn´t walk and the weirdo dressed like a bat. How I loathe him!

  • flareontoast
    flareontoast 6 months ago +58

    oh COURSE Bruce's dog treats are bat-shaped..of course.

  • Jernario gill
    Jernario gill 6 months ago +4

    There has never been a black batman... now we have a rastafarian joker..... endless possibilities

  • Baron Thomas
    Baron Thomas 6 months ago +1

    the Robin costume at around 4:00 is really striking, what series is that from?

  • K B
    K B 6 months ago +1

    By the way it’s BAT-girl until 18

  • K B
    K B 6 months ago

    1:38 you think red arrow would be the hot shot

  • carlos ahumada
    carlos ahumada 6 months ago +6

    How tf did A dog beat up a tiger🤣

  • Rosalinda Magana
    Rosalinda Magana 6 months ago


  • Baron Zemo Returns
    Baron Zemo Returns 6 months ago

    Joker’s goons in the beginning are named Punch and Judy which could be references to the classic villains Punch and Jewlee

  • CG Africa
    CG Africa 7 months ago

    We like this

  • Matthew Stevens
    Matthew Stevens 7 months ago

    this is a true classic

  • Jason Tachin
    Jason Tachin 7 months ago

    RW:we all know that in Batman the Brave and the Bold where he got switched bodies with Bat Woman that he needed Felix Faust help to get switched back.

  • Elaina Patten
    Elaina Patten 7 months ago

    What batman is at 4:11

  • Ajang Kur
    Ajang Kur 7 months ago +4

    where is red hood(Jason txdd)

  • Ajang Kur
    Ajang Kur 7 months ago +25

    I think there should be a show called the origins of the bat family where it tells the story about Batman,Batwoman,Batgirl,Robin,Ace the bat hound,Alfred Pennyworth,Nightwing,Red robin,Bat mite,Red hood,Bat wing etc

    • Creepy Doll
      Creepy Doll 4 months ago

      Bat mite is a Fan Boy imp, he’s not necessarily part of the bat family

    • mr mackerpacker
      mr mackerpacker 5 months ago

      @Ajang Kur would most likely air on cartoon network and jasons origin maybe won't be a appropriate story for 9 year olds

    • Nick Martella
      Nick Martella 6 months ago

      No red hood?

    • Candy man
      Candy man 6 months ago

      And orphan

    • Tyler Richards
      Tyler Richards 6 months ago

      Ajang Kur a chronological retelling of batmans life.

  • Your Normal Guy with an avatar that can’t change.

    We all know if they all fought, Alfred would win

  • JadeToniRitsa L
    JadeToniRitsa L 7 months ago

    I’m seriously not over all the Terry McGinnis and Ben Ten dialogue.

  • Optimistic sher
    Optimistic sher 7 months ago

    Like if u r here 2019

  • S Ombie
    S Ombie 7 months ago

    Gee wiz

  • Madhuresh Pankaj
    Madhuresh Pankaj 7 months ago

    make all countries DC kids by a contest

  • Robert Nyamweya
    Robert Nyamweya 7 months ago

    best ever come do one in kisii

  • daniya umair
    daniya umair 7 months ago

    i,ll get you joker