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  • Published on Oct 13, 2015
  • Such a simple phrase can take on a different meaning in an unhealthy relationship; escalating from a statement of care to one of control. Go to www.joinonelove.org/ for more information.
    If you are using this video in your classroom, we’ve created a discussion guide complete with questions and answers about controlling statements and other unhealthy relationship behaviors to help start your conversation. You can also use this guide with groups, teams, friends, or even with loved ones. Follow the link below to download your discussion guide.
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    - 3 years ago +252

    "This isn't abuse."
    Yes. It. Is.
    It is emotional abuse. The people share the quality of being controlling and manipulative. they are threatening and revoking basic human rights all while shouting; ex: 'you aren't allowed to be in public' & 'you stop talking to your classmates'. They then backup their abuse by using
    "..its because I love you" to manipulate the person into thinking that the abuser is doing something right and is doing it for them. Not all abuse is physical.

    • Circles [GD]
      Circles [GD] 10 months ago +2

      twt: beyondnamjoon I agree.

    • Abigail Mechley
      Abigail Mechley 3 years ago +10

      +sakura haruno Just a reminder to anyone who might be trapped in this sort of abusive relationship, where the abuser says "please don't leave, you're all I have" or "I'll kill myself if you go," please remember that there are resources out there that you can reach out to (The National Domestic Violence Hotline's number is 800-799-SAFE (7233) ). Keep in mind that your abuser only cares about themselves and making you stay- they might threaten suicide as a way of trapping you. If you think they are going to commit suicide if you leave, call the National Suicide Hotline (1-800-273-TALK) or the local emergency number and make sure that the individual can't go through with it.

  • Demetrius Clemmons
    Demetrius Clemmons 4 days ago

    I was like this once, honestly. Me and my ex was hanging out. I was taking pictures with her phone. We were having a great time. She gets a message from this guy she was talking to while I was taking pictures. I don’t remember what it said exactly. But it very very inappropriate. I asked to see but From her reaction, she was hiding something. I see her calling him daddy , then sending pictures back and forth. Planning on meeting up. And I told her I should smash her phone. If that makes me abusive. Than so be it. Good to say , me and her aren’t together anymore. These videos are important yes. But don’t be sneaky and cheat. That was my “excuse” to be abusive Once. That’s just my personal story. Teach people to love , trust, and not cheat as well.

    MARCUS B 10 days ago

    Yeah i kinda dont get where this is going. And i never went in her phone or tried to make her hang with her friends less. And it just doesn't work for me cause the whole town including her will tell me she's untrustable... I'm at a loss what were we and why dont i see why i need to be with her. Not tryna be a douche anymore just need insight cause the comments here say the above isn't ok.

    MVP MVP 21 day ago +1

    jokes on them, i already avoid people.

  • bongo fury
    bongo fury 2 months ago

    Can we change the divorce laws now and get men's stuff back.....?

  • bongo fury
    bongo fury 2 months ago

    It's great that these folks have people they care about.

  • Candace D
    Candace D 4 months ago +1

    These are 3 years old !
    I can't believe I just now saw one

  • Candace D
    Candace D 4 months ago

    I just saw the one where she's crying
    And he hits the wall with his hand and in her face
    Yelling at her
    Been there
    To all who's going through this please leave
    It will not feel good at first

  • Charly Dat Duc Lai
    Charly Dat Duc Lai 5 months ago

    True love never ever comes with Abuse, abuse is not love. Abuse is abuse, this video is a very powerful message!

  • SupremeChaos918
    SupremeChaos918 5 months ago

    The guys at 0:09 and 0:21 actually look like they could be brothers. And they probably are.

  • Chumchumaru
    Chumchumaru 6 months ago +1

    Jebac biernackiego

  • Maddox Tolliver
    Maddox Tolliver 9 months ago

    *on first look this seemed pretty **_FAIR_** as an offering. in the past it seemed like spots like this would have subliminal **_MISANDRY_** woven into the framework. then i noticed the **_LACK OF "SPOUSAL GENDER ID"_** in the dialogue when the **_"ABUSERS"_** in the video were addressing their **_"PARTNERS."_** setting up a **_"SUBVERSIVE NOD"_** that some of the males were speaking to females. while the **_FEMALES_** seemed **_"GENDER NUETRAL."_** now i know this is a **_STRETCH,_** in assessment. but this type of **_#DUMBSHIT_** **_ANALYTICAL OF PREMISE_** is performed **_OFTEN_** by **_PSEUDO-FEMINIST._** so, **_I GUESS IT'S FAIR._* ru-clip.com/video/Ya2xifdO_l0/video.html

  • Rachel the booke
    Rachel the booke 9 months ago

    Know the difference between a toxic relationship/ a healthy one

  • The Ser
    The Ser 10 months ago

    Now that's a good one!

  • Junghoon Kim
    Junghoon Kim 11 months ago

    Thing is, I'd let this happen to me just to hear someone tell me that they love me.

  • Roxanne Moultrie
    Roxanne Moultrie Year ago

    I Say Certain Things From This Commercial To My Husband. But I Dont Say "because I love you" Afterwards 🙄. You Motherfuckers Act Like Your Relationships Are Perfect. You're DAMN Right Ima Tell My Husband Not To Hang Out With Certain People. You're DAMN Right My Husband Tells Me Not To Wear A Certain Outfit. Even If I Dont Think Its Too Revealing, Hes A Man And He Knows What Men Are Looking At. So Out Of RESPECT I Take It Off Just Like Out Of RESPECT He Stops Talking To Whomever I Ask Him To. ESPECIALLY When I Have VALID Reasons For Him To Not Communicate With Them.

    If He Broke My Property Or Physically Assaulted Me That's Completely Different. Maybe I Have The "words dont hurt" Attitude Because I'm In The Military. Idk. But You Mfs Seem Sensitive Af.

  • akadimas
    akadimas Year ago

    I dont even have relationship 😫

  • Mimi Blue
    Mimi Blue Year ago


  • Slort Mcgoo
    Slort Mcgoo Year ago

    Yess!!!! How many lives get ruined because of control issues.

  • Lauren Yeua
    Lauren Yeua Year ago

    This ad had me feel conflicted.
    My boyfriend had been lying for a year about a very impactful things to me even aft we compromise.
    and He went around wanders and ask pretty girls their name and their instagram. He jokes about fucking girls in his sch around his friends. Saying that they are all lucky that he is with me. If not, he will fuck them.
    We had a perfect relationship before i know his lies, his doings behind my back.
    He had fun with his friends, I have fun with my friends.
    But NOW,
    I am devastated and just a sad person bcs i found out how much he had lied to me. and did.
    I love him with all my heart from the start. I cherish and everything he needed is provided. All i ever do is to build our relationship in a healthy way possible.
    I cried all the time. He promised me he changed, but i have no trust in him at all.
    If he goes out with friends that are girls who i barely know, my anxiety comes attacking me.
    And so i told him so, and he ended up not going.
    We also shares passwords now.
    I dont allow him to go to school camps with his friends, cus i do not trust him anymore.
    Am i abusing him? cus i need to know this.. I dont want us to be unhealthy. I just am disappointed on what he did, and my trust... my trust cant just build again in a matter of a second.
    What he did is fucked me up so bad that i dont know what i supposed to do.

    • JoinOneLove
      JoinOneLove  Year ago

      Hey there Lauren, we are sorry to hear about what is happening with you and your partner. We encourage you to check out some of the resources on our website and reach out for advice on the situation. You can find these real time resources here, and by reaching out you'll be connected to a peer advocate who can offer support and help: www.joinonelove.org/get-help/#real-time
      In a healthy relationship, both partners are honest and respectful of one another, and both partners trust one another completely. It doesn't make you abusive if you don't trust your partner, but controlling what your partner does because of a lack of trust in them is considered abuse. Ultimately, it sounds like taking some time to consider if this relationship is healthy for both of you may help. Healthy relationships make you feel happy, respected, secure and safe. Also, we encourage you to read this article about gaslighting on our website, which may help: www.joinonelove.org/learn/7_signs_of_gaslighting/
      You may also want to watch our Behind the Post video and download the discussion guide associated with the video. The guide has a lot of great information about trust, jealousy and control in relationships. You can find the videos and discussion guide here: www.joinonelove.org/act/behind-the-post/
      Please remember that the most dangerous time in an unhealthy relationship is during and after a breakup, so if you are considering ending the relationship, we encourage you to first create a safety plan.

  • Fox
    Fox Year ago

    If you text a girl and want to have sex with her, it is because your wife loves you that she says don’t text them. Seriously. Your partner doesn’t want you to cheat on them.

  • Venus the Pitsky
    Venus the Pitsky Year ago

    I’m trying to get out of an emotionally abusive relationship right now. This battle has been hard and I’m physically feeling ill from all the pain I’m in. This video and these comments are helping me push through.

  • Kiona Prater
    Kiona Prater Year ago +1

    That's not love if your boyfriend/girlfriend treats you like that it's abuse 💯💯💔

  • Sharon Jensen
    Sharon Jensen Year ago

    No, that's not love at all, just as hooking up for sex, being with someone for conveniences sake and doing favours for each other in exchange for sex are not "acts of love." What is love, anyway? I think I like Katharine Hepburn's idea of men and women just living next door to each other and visiting now and then.

  • Patriot77
    Patriot77 Year ago

    Because I love my wife as a man I'm going to let another guy fuck my wife and be a cuck like CNN told me to be.

  • Cat Girl
    Cat Girl Year ago

    I saw myself in this commercial. I was with someone who lied and cheated the whole time. They abused drugs. They abused my trust and I didn't know how to walk away. I didn't realize that it was some twisted form of codependency. When you give everything you have to someone who just takes and takes, when you miss out on the best times of your life because someone is monopolizing your time and resources to their advantage, it turns you into the person you see in this commercial. I realize everyone's story is different, but I hope people realize that not everyone who acts like this is a just a controlling bully. The other person isn't necessarily some innocent person being abused. My ex was controlling and manipulating me, taking my time, my love, my money and my car, yet I was the one sounding like those people in the commercial. There are two sides to what you're hearing in this commercial. It's definitely abuse. The best thing I ever did was walk away and I hope that commercial empowers others to leave these relationships. -- The other person doesn't love you. When you can accept that, it's the most liberating moment of your entire life.

  • marc yu
    marc yu Year ago

    Manipulation, self-doubts the 'abused' one was the bad one. Relationships are just too hard.

  • punkakes13
    punkakes13 Year ago

    because i love ill leave u to die

  • Uzabi
    Uzabi Year ago

    I mean girls are usually like this.

  • elsa1942
    elsa1942 Year ago

    Please dear God do NOT let me ever be in a relationship where the boy will say horrible things like these. Please, please don’t.

  • Chelise Kirby
    Chelise Kirby Year ago +1

    This is a great video. I loved the message. It even inspired me to write my own. So I give a special thanks to everyone that had anything to do with the making of this incredible video.

  • King Mondo
    King Mondo Year ago

    Will the shallowness ever end? It needs to in order for humanity to actually proceed and grow up.

  • ZingaRocks
    ZingaRocks Year ago

    I like pretending it's my parents saying this, then I can tell them they are bad parents mwahahaha

  • Stephanie :0
    Stephanie :0 Year ago

    People only take it serious when they start hitting you. Emotional abuse is real and it damage you for years

  • Joe Vasicek
    Joe Vasicek Year ago

    So glad I dodged that bullet.

  • Kelly Smithson
    Kelly Smithson Year ago

    Love is Love

  • sladikk
    sladikk Year ago +1

    Had a friend who just went through this. Her boyfriend said he didn't want her being friends with any guys, or even talking to them. I'm so proud of her for dumping that loser and ignoring him when he was trying to manipulate her into staying!

  • Exnomer
    Exnomer Year ago +1

    Actually it is love, just cranked up to 11 and thrown in with a bit more than normal obsession and possesiveness.

  • iCupcakeMelanie
    iCupcakeMelanie Year ago

    This is a really great commercial.

  • BeautyOfJulez
    BeautyOfJulez Year ago


  • Alba Lleixà López

    I got emotionally abused by my girlfriend for many months. She'd make me do some work for free, made me buy her gifts, and expect nothing in return. She'd talk shit about me with others, then I'd dismiss any concerned friend that would have heard her words... because why would she do that? I was trying to be the best girlfriend, help her with all she needed, give her all the love and support I could. Eventually she started telling me to stop being so clingy, to stop demanding her attention or love. "You're like a fucking leech, just give me some space." And then, one day she just stopped talking to me. Just like that, gone.
    We had some shared friends, and I clearly remember her pretending I wasn't there, while she talked with those other friends. No eye contact, no words, just a constant make-believe to make me disappear.
    It's been five years, and she seems to be the same, as people has told me many times; she's only had 'use and throw' girlfriends -as soon as they stop being useful to her, she dumps them. Luckily for me, now I can detect that toxic behavior before it gets me.
    I've always seen ads and posters about MEN being abusive, but never about women. I'd even go further and say that the "super inclusive" leftists don't even have in mind that lesbians can be extremely abusive (both physically and emotionally) to their girlfriends. That's why I want to say thanks for making this ad, because it's realistic. It's not only men, heck, they're not even the majority of emotional abusers. Women can be monsters too.

    • JoinOneLove
      JoinOneLove  Year ago +1


    • Alba Lleixà López
      Alba Lleixà López Year ago

      JoinOneLove You are absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much, you made me smile.

    • JoinOneLove
      JoinOneLove  Year ago +1

      We are sorry to hear that you were in an abusive relationship Alba, but also very happy that you found the strength and support you needed to leave that relationship safely. Everyone deserves to be in a healthy relationship, especially you.

  • Wildan Zalfi
    Wildan Zalfi Year ago

    its amazing

  • [Redacted] Glyph
    [Redacted] Glyph Year ago

    I remember when this add was still curlicuing the internet massively through adds. And i know that every time it played I watched, knowing that this is what society must see. There is no one face to this, no one person, and no one action.

  • Kristine D
    Kristine D Year ago

    Thank you so much ... I needed this one

  • Maritza Chavez
    Maritza Chavez Year ago

    It'd Be Great to Do This In Other Languages. Its Powerful

    • JoinOneLove
      JoinOneLove  Year ago

      Hey Maritza! We would love to make this video in other languages. Definitely a consideration of ours for the future!

  • Waleed Al-waleed
    Waleed Al-waleed Year ago

    fuck mainstream media

  • Deanna Breezy
    Deanna Breezy Year ago

    my boyfriend does this...

    • JoinOneLove
      JoinOneLove  Year ago

      Hey Deanna! We encourage you to reach out to some of the resources that we have on our website at www.joinonelove.org/real_time_resources . The relationships depicted in this video are abusive, so if you are experiencing this behavior from your partner, we advise you to get help - even just talking to a peer advocate to learn more. You can also check out some resources that we have available on our blog at www.joinonelove.org/blog to learn more about the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships.

  • KC
    KC Year ago

    plus i would rather be with a someone who doesnt want me to hang out with other guys instead of one who doesnt care and turns out to be secretly cheating on me or just acts like going clubbing an being with friends more important than being with me sometimes...

  • KC
    KC Year ago

    im not saying that some people dont say because i lvoe you to control people...but some of these sentences are normal. i mean seriously, in 2017, where sex and peoples feelings seem to hold no value, how can you not be jealous or worried about your partner spending any time (without you) with someone of the opposite sex or same sex (if your gay or bi, trans ect...)...? in my opinion if your not keeping close tabs on you lover then it gives them open oppportunities to cheat...or be seduced. its too easy these days for people to consider "the grass greener on the other side" its all about how good they are being sucked or banged now instead of how good people treat them. mostly "its her butt is bigger", "his abs are better", " her hair is longer", "his car is nicer"...ect

  • msware0104
    msware0104 Year ago

    After 4 1/2 years of this and something unspeakable... I walked away just 3 days ago and I'm never looking back.

  • Brian Newton
    Brian Newton Year ago

    This is the best example of oner acting! I hate this commercial, but it's always on!

  • Iona Dunn
    Iona Dunn 2 years ago

    I've heard some of these phrases so many times. I was to naïve to know that it wasn't love

  • Jkumadapharaoh
    Jkumadapharaoh 2 years ago

    Haha well tell them to quit flirting and cheating with guys on Snapchat. Abuse is never ok but I'm def calling her out if she's texting some dude all the time and he all up in her snaps every time I look. I agree with the ad though, if you aren't doing anything that actually betrays the trust of the relationship and the other person is simply being domineering and paranoid due to insecurity, drop them.

  • Charles Martel
    Charles Martel 2 years ago

    I always judge people by their friends, birds of a feather flock together.

  • LRRVintage
    LRRVintage 2 years ago

    If someone can steal your man/girl...they are doing you a favor.

  • Maddie Cook
    Maddie Cook 2 years ago

    Thank you for opening my eyes...

  • gdfschimpi007
    gdfschimpi007 2 years ago

    slam poetry is so cringy

  • Temr lo
    Temr lo 2 years ago

    a commercial that depicts women as abusive? kudos

  • X.J. Kirsh
    X.J. Kirsh 2 years ago

    love this commercial. good for people see how controlling some people can be

  • Tiffany Altman
    Tiffany Altman 2 years ago +2

    I like the ad for what it's trying to do, but as a married woman neither I or my husband would agree to each other texting multiple random women or men. And the friends that we do have of the opposite sex each other knows about and we've met such said friend and trust that friend. If they are not a trusted friend or it's a friend that tries to "cross the line" meaning they have feelings or are doing inappropriate things then no there is no texting or calling from that friend. This ad has too many Grey areas and is too general. Because if you love someone you there needs to be boundaries in order for a relationship to work. You are a person that has needs and feelings and just being free to roam in a relationship is not "LOVE" or being in a relationship for that matter it means your single and free to mingle. Lol idk I love that this is helping people though, just hate that it feels so vague.

    • Mir Kid
      Mir Kid Year ago

      Tiffany Altman This is close to how I feel too. My girlfriend wouldn't stop talkin to guys that have feelings for, or flirt with her. I just thought that was obviously something you don't do. I got upset obviously, but I never forced anything upon her. I just told her it's not cool. I was ready to leave after a certain point, but she wouldn't really have that either.
      I just have set boundaries for myself and I figured she'd have her own similarly, or reasonable, but she didn't and at that point I was going to leave. I really was. We talked about it. She still interacts with the guys, but not as much as she would do so if she was single. blames me for it.
      I'd say she was jus acting like she was single. (giving number out to guys hitting on her, talking to guys interested in her, texting a lot to another guy.) Those type of "boundaries" weren't compatible with mine.
      We still fight every so often about this. I don't think I'm possessive, I thought I was okay to be upset by her doing these things. I surely don't do it to her.
      idk, I feel like this makes me look like I'm possessive and a bad person.

  • Primaski
    Primaski 2 years ago

    I've never been abused in a relationship, and yet this commercial touched me. Well done.

  • Linda C Aligood
    Linda C Aligood 2 years ago

    40 years one month two days I thought the man I was with and the father of 3 of our children loved me. Little did I know my life was a lie until his death April 8, 2014. How could I have been so stupid, listened to his lies, parred him on the head telling him everything would be alright each and every time he had an affair. Why didn't I take my children and run like a bat out of High Point the first time I found out he was cheating on me. It was July 6, 1981 my oldest daughters 12th birthday. The lady he was seeing ex husband came to the house and told me where I could find my husband. Little did I know Easter Sunday April 6, 1980 he left me in labor with our youngest daughter and went to see her . My baby was tiny and didn't come home until she was 10 days old, Daddy was feeding her at night. Sweet, not really, his girlfriend fed my baby for the first few days of her life. Our youngest daughter found her daddy in the kitchen floor , deceased from a massive heart attack. The pain in my heart doesn't ease, each day something new comes up and I think "You where so stupid", depression, anger, a broken heart , sums up my life now. Almost 68 I should be enjoying life instead I don't trust anyone . For young people first time someone lies to you, plays mind games run like heck. Don't be like me , he did apologize 25 years later and I cried like a baby.. The week before he passed away he told me he loved me. Did he ? I don't know, so many threats of making me disappear, hiding the children from me 3 different times, having everyone believe I was on drugs and flat out crazy and yet I loved stayed maybe something is wrong with me. Please learn from my mistakes and safe your sanity .

  • AdrianAquarius
    AdrianAquarius 2 years ago

    Women send mixed messages, even as a friend some women say that they cannot go out because of their bf. Idk if they are being forreal, but it's a common turndown phrase it's hard to know what an abusive relationship is when not seen in person

  • mariosanchez925
    mariosanchez925 2 years ago

    because i love you go out with who ever you want, stay out as long as you want, message who ever you want, do whatever you want, ill buy you condoms and give you money for dates, because i love you. gtfoh with this dumb ass shit

    • JoinOneLove
      JoinOneLove  2 years ago

      Hey Mario, this video is not promoting no boundaries in a relationship. In fact, healthy relationships have boundaries that are respected by both partners. However, when one partner makes demands or controls what the other one does without taking their feelings into consideration, that is abuse.

  • mariosanchez925
    mariosanchez925 2 years ago

    because i love you go out with who ever you want, stay out as long as you want, message who ever you want, do whatever you want, ill buy you condoms and give you money for dates, because i love you. gtfoh with this dumb ass shit

  • Bridget McDonald
    Bridget McDonald 2 years ago +1

    I just showed this to my 15 year old daughter. She was surprised at how innocent it all sounded at the beginning and then somewhere along the way, it turned into something scary and abusive. So easy to ignore the start of the manipulation because people don't experience these "little" changes in the span of 2 minutes. It's over weeks and months or years. Little by little you begin managing around things that will set off your partner, cut friends out of your life and become convinced that you are the problem. This is a great message to open people's eyes to recognizing relationship abuse of young women and men. So scary but so true.

  • Angela James
    Angela James 2 years ago +1

    When he love you He cares on your feelings. You need never say to him. Delete please. He make never what you hurt. He Talk with you

  • Rodden Grimes
    Rodden Grimes 2 years ago

    The one girl that says, "You got lucky, because I love you" really acted her part. Convincing look

  • Ty Lynch
    Ty Lynch 2 years ago

    People who like this commercial elected Trump. spamming this commercial 24/7 on a NFL channel that men watch. Get your PC shit outta my tv.

  • tattedtex
    tattedtex 2 years ago

    I just showed my girlfriend this b/c she wanted to go through my text, and she told me that we are way beyond emotional abuse and shits about to get physical up in this bitch.

    • tattedtex
      tattedtex 2 years ago

      ok, I told her it was my mom... we are safe for now. I need you to pick me up tonight ok. I'm glad I finally have someone like you to reach out to. So when can you stop by my house and get me, I wont talk to anyone but you. I think I love you

    • tattedtex
      tattedtex 2 years ago

      but she broke my fingers, so now I'm typing this with a straw and my mouth. please don't contact me agai..............sheeees cooommmmiinnnnnngggggg....nnoooooooooooo, I llovveeeeeee yyoouuuuuuu... ouuuuuchhhhhhhh

    • JoinOneLove
      JoinOneLove  2 years ago

      Hi there, we encourage you to check out some of the real time resources we have available on our website and reach out to speak with a peer advocate about your relationship. You can find these resources at www.joinonelove.org/real_time_resources

  • Otis Chugach
    Otis Chugach 2 years ago +3

    My wife says things like this to me all the time.

    • JoinOneLove
      JoinOneLove  2 years ago +5

      Hi Otis, we encourage you to check out some of the real time resources we have available on our website and reach out to speak with a peer advocate about your relationship. You can find these resources at www.joinonelove.org/real_time_resources

  • guesswho 22891
    guesswho 22891 2 years ago

    I don't get this commercial...i still don't get it.

    • JoinOneLove
      JoinOneLove  2 years ago

      Hi there! the purpose of this video is to show how when you are in an unhealthy or abusive relationship, your partner will use a phrase like "Because I love you..." to manipulate and control you. They'll say things like "Because I love you, you should let me check your phone" or "Because I love you, you shouldn't talk to your classmates." In a healthy relationship, your partner will respect your decisions and the boundaries of your relationship. We hope this helps explain things a bit more!

  • sammy smith
    sammy smith 2 years ago

    If NFL network plays this dumbass commercial one more time...I swear they play it every commercial segment

  • Malcolm Butler
    Malcolm Butler 2 years ago

    because I love you I just wanna knock the wind out of you and throw a baseball at your head

  • Rocken Robin
    Rocken Robin 2 years ago

    Because I love ❤️ You, go to jail for me!!! I'll get you out tomorrow

  • StickyMcStickyPants
    StickyMcStickyPants 2 years ago +12

    Who came here from the NFL Network program?

  • Christopher Johnson
    Christopher Johnson 2 years ago +5

    I'm glad this is being shown. It's important.

  • Mark S
    Mark S 2 years ago

    Jealousy, making demands, trying to control someone and threatening violence are NOT loving. The fat asian guy threatening violence and vandalism is stereotypical gay. Gotta love Hollyweird. This commercial is brainwashing at it's best for all the minimals (millennials) out there. I call them minimals because that's what they contribute to society, minimal.

    • PrivacyIsKey
      PrivacyIsKey 2 years ago

      You've missed the point entirely. Try again.

  • Mark S
    Mark S 2 years ago

    hey liberal hypocrites, smashing someone's phone is vandalism and a crime, threatening violence is also a misdemeanor, MORONS! Godaphobes, Truthaphobes, Toleranceaphobes !

  • KansasFirefly
    KansasFirefly 2 years ago

    It isn't up to us to set boundaries for someone else - we can and should establish what OUR standards are (that we won't tolerate cheating), but we can't police another person. Otherwise, we'll be paranoid and suspicious when they're not around.
    Trust is the foundation of a loving relationship. Without it, there is nothing. Enjoy the relationship in a house that is built on a solid foundation. Build it meaningfully from a mutual friendship.
    If your partner abuses your trust, that's another issue altogether. Time to cut ties. Nobody should ever tolerate cheating. And sneaking around IS cheating.
    Tell the world that you won't tolerate cheating, and never ever cheat. Put it out there. That's how to attract the right people.
    Check out facebook.com/CheatingCannotBeTolerated

  • Justin Ashman
    Justin Ashman 2 years ago +5

    The girl with the afro, shes so beautiful 😏

  • Stormie The Hutt
    Stormie The Hutt 2 years ago

    Those 102 people who disliked this video are the ones who abuse their significant other.

  • Andrew /\ H-TOWN
    Andrew /\ H-TOWN 2 years ago

    Because I love you I should murder you and your entire family. That's love

  • Raymond Long
    Raymond Long 2 years ago

    who's the girl at 0:48

  • Bowl OfCereal
    Bowl OfCereal 2 years ago

    why is this ad like this? like honestly, jealousy is good and it shows the care of it. just not too much.

    • SnowyWolborg
      SnowyWolborg 2 years ago

      Because many people go crazy with jealousy and can't control it. Too much jealousy reeks of insecurity, and you can't blame that on the other person.

    • Bob Pickleson
      Bob Pickleson 2 years ago +1

      Because this wasn't a cute little bit of jealousy this was controlling and isolating out of lack of trust. My little sister has no friends now because her bf told her she can't talk to anyone.

  • Anita Mozaffari
    Anita Mozaffari 2 years ago +5

    This is awesome, you guys did a great job with this. It's incredibly sad that people so often ignore these signs, plainly don't see them, or are in denial of them. I hope anyone that sees this realizes some of the unhealthy signs in their relationship and can either successfully address them with their partner, or leave the relationship safely.

    • Bob Pickleson
      Bob Pickleson 2 years ago +4

      Sadly the comments are majority in denial. They say it's not abuse it's being human. Hahaha fuck em. My little sister has no friends anymore cuz of her bf acting just like this.

  • Viva la Murica
    Viva la Murica 2 years ago

    0:42 looks like Kim Jong un's gay love child. Lol!!!

  • Viva la Murica
    Viva la Murica 2 years ago

    #daddyissues 😂😂😂

  • crzycolchris
    crzycolchris 2 years ago +6

    And honestly, this could be more "if you love me, then you wouldn't do stuff to hurt me"

  • Alexander Orta
    Alexander Orta 2 years ago +14

    this commercial was fucking whack. i'll show these hoes what love is

  • Jason Vi
    Jason Vi 2 years ago +2

    They all have crazy eyes

  • Lauren Joell
    Lauren Joell 2 years ago +13

    This is the dumbest commercial I have ever seen. If my partner was lunching with or texting another man...I am supposed to be calm and collected. Not upset and hurt...you people are stupider than you look!!! What world do you live or would to want to live if nobody showed appropiate emotion for a distressful situation. The only abuse here is the campaign!!!

    • Shell Tether
      Shell Tether 4 months ago

      There is a difference between flirting and being friends. If you have an issue with your SO being friends with the opposite gender, then you have insecurity problems that you need to deal with yourself, not take it out on them. If your SO is flirting (like telling others 'I want to makeout and sleep with you'), okay then yes that's cheating, break up with them. I was in an abusive situation where I had a stalker who accused me of wanting to date any man I hung out with, even in public and in a group. That was his problem, his insecurity. I wasn't doing anything wrong having a good time with friends at a convention. And the same applies to you, you should be allowed to have friends too without your partner going psycho.

    • Amy Jane
      Amy Jane Year ago +1

      I was kind of thinking the same thing. It's almost like the commercial is giving cheaters a free pass.

    • LRRVintage
      LRRVintage 2 years ago +5

      If someone can steal your man/girl..... they're doing you a favor. Remember that.

    • SnowyWolborg
      SnowyWolborg 2 years ago +3

      You sound like you overreact. There's nothing wrong with one's partner hanging out with people of the opposite gender. Once you start trying to control who somebody can and can't associate with, that's when the problems start.

    • MrxFDL
      MrxFDL 2 years ago +3

      When will this commercial stop playing on my tv????

  • Reid Edmondson
    Reid Edmondson 2 years ago +1

    My issue with this ad is it exists!! Never felt so embarrassed to be human.. dbap

  • Jkerns79
    Jkerns79 2 years ago

    Anyone know what commercial shows the girl smiling at first with the guy the. Shows her sad and abused???

  • Frank Cangelosi
    Frank Cangelosi 2 years ago

    this happened to me, back then she was going through alot and I stood by her side even when her friends made her leave me multiple times. later on in life she wanted my emails and my password to all my social media and deleted all my friends I went to church with and even called friends. I never did that to her at all Bc I trusted her but it's not fair she can't trust me Bc of my past. now I lost all my friends and I'm always alone😪

    • crzycolchris
      crzycolchris 2 years ago

      Bro, I'm with you... same stuff happens to me. But we have two almost three children together...

  • Mandolin Noir
    Mandolin Noir 2 years ago +1

    My ex got upset with me because I studied instead of giving him attention when I was going to college. I was shortly after court ordered to go to domestic violence victims classes. He would show up at my home, play his guitar and sing into my voicemail when I wouldn't answer, he didn't want me to be around my friends and family. It got physical too. I believe that going to those classes helped me to get out of the relationship. 6 years of hell. #thatsnotlove

  • itslundin
    itslundin 2 years ago

    Who is the girl at 0:49

  • Quinton G
    Quinton G 2 years ago

    between this commercial, the bullying, and the "no more" commercials I've come to realize that we Americans are really sensitive, soft and too emotional.
    Now domestic violence is one thing but if you are stuck with a girl "because she loves you" or you're tired of being bullied you need to man up and have your father slap some testosterone in you with a stupid stick.

  • Jay Dubz
    Jay Dubz 2 years ago +15

    This add seems a little extreme to me. Obviously people work or go to school with people and have to communicate with these people in order to do their job or to excel in school. Problem is people like this are rare. Those in relationships normally don't become insecure or possessive like this unless the contact is excessive. My issue with this ad is that it makes it seem as if a person who loves another can't set boundaries with how much time they spend with another person. As a guy, I would never be ok with a gf spending a bunch of time outside of work or school hanging out and texting another guy. Thats how feelings and ultimately relationships are formed. I guess I'm an abusive guy because I asked my gf to cut ties with her last bf. Something I think many guys who didn't do wound up regretting when they let themselves be that nice guy, fall in love with the girl and then lost her to her ex when they decided to try again. Its no wonder the divorce rate is so high in 2016 and climbing.

    • Roxanne Moultrie
      Roxanne Moultrie Year ago

      FINALLY! Someone With Sense!!

    • 1Dudette4Ever
      1Dudette4Ever Year ago +1

      Actually, this advert just shows you how absurd the excuse "because I love you," is thrown around to just control someone's life. If you can't trust your partner enough, then you shouldn't be with them. Crush on them from a far if you must, don't get yourself into a relationship you know will bite you is the ass. Trust is what's needed in a relationship, not control in case you think your partner might do something.

    • KansasFirefly
      KansasFirefly 2 years ago +6

      It's not so rare. But it isn't up to you to set boundaries for her - you can and should establish what YOUR standards are (that you won't tolerate cheating), but you can't police another person. Otherwise, you'll be paranoid and suspicious when they're not around.
      If your partner abuses your trust, that's another issue altogether. Time to cut ties. Nobody should ever tolerate cheating. And sneaking around IS cheating.
      Tell the world that you won't tolerate cheating, and never ever cheat. Put it out there. That's how you attract the right people.
      Check out facebook.com/CheatingCannotBeTolerated

    • JoeyTheRedKangaroo
      JoeyTheRedKangaroo 2 years ago +1

      The divorce rate is falling. www.nytimes.com/2014/12/04/upshot/how-we-know-the-divorce-rate-is-falling.html?_r=0

    • ed weer
      ed weer 2 years ago

      Prob because you had no clue any of them were sucking D while you weren't around

  • joey86bu1
    joey86bu1 2 years ago +9

    Because I love you I have to make commercials that suck.