• Published on Jul 5, 2019
  • TOP 6 Awesome Handmade Product for your Home and inventor inventions
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  • Benjamin Buttice
    Benjamin Buttice 3 hours ago

    What were you using to clamp the metal while you were making a clamp for metal, and where can I buy one?!?

  • Paulo Cesar Dias Figueiredo

    Idéias muito boas, esse tá te parabéns ...👏👏

  • Parkour Mostdays
    Parkour Mostdays 11 hours ago

    Your meant to prep before you paint utherwise the paint will peak of

    KRIMINAL PORTUGA 14 hours ago


  • Sapnap
    Sapnap 17 hours ago

    круть гвоздодер для ленивых

  • tenfyr
    tenfyr Day ago

    Or just use a claw hammer

  • Asad Qurbonov
    Asad Qurbonov Day ago

    yahshi gap yo‘

  • Andrew Ayling
    Andrew Ayling Day ago

    The first one is brilliant!

  • Владимир Л.

    Device from this video busted by dr. Dew .

  • Saul Carrasco
    Saul Carrasco 2 days ago

    The "tree puller" is so stupid. My kid can pull out those twigs faster. And none of this are DIY inventions they are coping something already exists.

  • Russell Simms
    Russell Simms 2 days ago

    6 things no one will ever need.

  • Franco Luis
    Franco Luis 2 days ago

    guau super guau super guau.....................

  • MDG
    MDG 2 days ago

    ключ для фитингов пмд не удивил, настоящий китаец. Ладно хоть задвижки "машкой" не учишь затягивать

  • Danny Buford
    Danny Buford 3 days ago


  • yosethemighty
    yosethemighty 3 days ago

    Awesome my friend ....
    More creative and stimulating to the brain than :
    3000 hours of cable news
    6000 hours of sports on T.V.
    10,000 hours of gawking mindlessly at a smart phone
    Continue .. carry on .. and show and teach a kid cool things like this... every chance you get ... :-)

  • Андрей Королев

    Здрасьте :) (c) Доктор Дью

    • Gildonos1945
      Gildonos1945 5 hours ago

      Андрей Королев Справедливо . Надо звать Доктора Дью - здесь его пациент !

  • N Kh
    N Kh 4 days ago

    Залупа полная

  • Bosco Jacko
    Bosco Jacko 4 days ago

    Russian collusion training video if you don't live near a Harbor Freight or a pawn shop?

  • Harvey Putnick
    Harvey Putnick 4 days ago

    i like the way he uses a saw motion into the metal with grinder ..like it helps..lol

  • RubTheRock64
    RubTheRock64 4 days ago +4

    Man, if only they could’ve invented a tool long ago that was capable of removing nails from wood. Even better if there was a way to drive said nails into wood as well

  • Czarny Arek
    Czarny Arek 4 days ago

    first thing really great idea(right now making my own but i use some other material soo it would be better to temper it :D} rest not so much

  • Warrior
    Warrior 4 days ago

    Данная самоделка полная хуйня

  • Истина Где-то рядом


  • Gandy8604
    Gandy8604 4 days ago

    4:26 what’s holding it together?

  • Matthew Miles
    Matthew Miles 5 days ago +6

    The welding in this video makes me wanna have a stroke. Invest in some lessons man

  • Creative Life
    Creative Life 5 days ago


  • Review media
    Review media 5 days ago

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  • дима овчинников

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  • The Technical Adda
    The Technical Adda 6 days ago


  • Stigma Max
    Stigma Max 6 days ago


  • Андрей Андреев

    Ипать он хуини наделал...

  • TimeLapsus
    TimeLapsus 7 days ago

    .. or you get a job and buy them for $2

  • Дмитрий Иванов


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  • Иван Морозов


  • Rinku Bs
    Rinku Bs 8 days ago

    Good job

  • david hodgkin
    david hodgkin 9 days ago +1

    what a waste of time.

  • Hush Kit
    Hush Kit 9 days ago

    You need to buy a mig welder my guy

  • El Hombre Mo
    El Hombre Mo 10 days ago +1

    Hey folks, need to pull out a nail? Why waste your money on a store bought nail puller when you can buy a drill, an angle grinder, a dremel tool, a vice, metal stock, threaded bar, some nuts and a mig welder+mask to make your own electric nail puller?
    I especially love this at - 2:04 - "How to make your own vice. Step 1: Put square stock in a vice."

  • Алексей Корнилов

    Все хорошо, только сварочный шов не очем!

  • DJ_Level_3
    DJ_Level_3 10 days ago

    How are these popular?

  • Hanihock - الهلاك

    وحش يا معيص 😄

  • Here to help
    Here to help 10 days ago

    This guy below me says it's "stupid things".....
    It's not the invention ...it's the intuition needed to think this way. This video gave me an idea on how to build a machine that pulls the fingernails off of people who call me stupid.

  • Charlie Farlig
    Charlie Farlig 11 days ago

    Stupid things... you can all buy these in a dollar store

  • Peco Pecof
    Peco Pecof 11 days ago

    I'm sick from this f...cking adds.... :(

  • Данил Бронин

    Хах ну и ебола

  • Serj Adamenko
    Serj Adamenko 11 days ago +3

    Практически все элементы из сыромятины))), особенно первая приблуда 1-2 гвоздя может и вытянет)

  • Liam
    Liam 12 days ago +1

    Koelllll maar Jelly is noep

  • Serhat DURAN
    Serhat DURAN 12 days ago


  • Grammar-nazi
    Grammar-nazi 13 days ago

    Don`t fuck your brain! Buy a good tool or make it professionally.

  • Briddy Hll
    Briddy Hll 14 days ago

    the first one nail puller what a splendid idea Thanks.

  • RPMan
    RPMan 14 days ago

    This is a classic case of overthinking a simple, already existing idea. Waste of time and materials.

  • Abdus Samad
    Abdus Samad 14 days ago

    very good i m Indian

  • Harendra Maurya
    Harendra Maurya 14 days ago

    Kya dimag hai aapaka

  • Harendra Maurya
    Harendra Maurya 14 days ago

    Gajab sir ji

  • انت الآمل
    انت الآمل 14 days ago

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  • Brandon Walsh
    Brandon Walsh 14 days ago

    Nail ejector is really good! I m tired of hammering my used nails, their form like "S" or "Г". Like and subscribe!

  • Алексей Сетченков

    Использовать тиски, чтобы сделать тиски ru-clip.com/video/4InaubkRlRg/video.html