• Published on Aug 13, 2018
  • Are travel-sized toiletries and cosmetics a scam? Let's look at prices and how they compare to larger bottles. Also, we cover what you can do to save your money and avoid buying over-priced toiletries.
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Comments • 125

  • Aanchal Baranwal
    Aanchal Baranwal 20 days ago

    Most of the products I use only come in full sizes so I just have to decant them anyway!

  • MasterOf4Elements
    MasterOf4Elements 2 months ago

    If I traveled often I would probably invest in the silicone bottles, but I rarely travel by plane.

  • Nicole Waring
    Nicole Waring 2 months ago

    I am Australian so as you know everything is exy. I cheated picked up the travel size on sale and have been refilling them for about 4 years now :) Hair spray is the only travel size i buy

  • Angelica Pickles
    Angelica Pickles 5 months ago

    I usually fly to 4-6 different cities on a single trip. I take my own product in smaller refillable containers for the first leg. Then if I run out, and the Airbnb I’m staying at doesn’t have product, I’ll buy full size product, use it while I’m in said city, and refill my smaller bottles before I fly again. I’ll leave what’s left of the big bottles behind in the Airbnb for the next guest. If I’m going to spend $1.50 on either a large or small bottle, I might as well get more product to share with others. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • vbhg mbnjhj
    vbhg mbnjhj 7 months ago

    Also, those mini toiletries are heavy because the bottles are bulky. Refillable bottles from Daiso are much lighter.

  • Melissa Clemens
    Melissa Clemens 8 months ago

    Omgggg the borrowers!!! 😍

  • Zari Michele
    Zari Michele 8 months ago

    I go to a dollar store and buy the little empty containers and fill them up from the bigger mama containers.. or I just buy toiletries once I arrive and avoid it all together

  • Away To Anywhere
    Away To Anywhere 8 months ago

    I haven’t read all the comments here, but I save some of the miniature shampoo I have collected in hotels over the past years.
    Then I refill them with cheap/favorite/on sale shampoo, when needed. Some miniature bottles are better than others. I think the oldest bottle is around 6 years. The writing on the front is all worn out, but I did pick it up in Milan at one point...

  • Allison Acosta
    Allison Acosta 8 months ago

    My takeaway is that hair care products are much cheaper in the UK than the US...

  • The Book Panda
    The Book Panda 8 months ago

    something that's always confused me though- how do you refill your bottles while you're traveling? You can't exactly buy a full bottle and use it to refill if you're flying carry-on only.

  • Erin H
    Erin H 8 months ago

    I'm so guilty of buying these, but I don't really travel enough to notice the price difference! I won't anymore, I'm pretty frugal and I'll decant from now on! Thanks for this video. But it makes sense, people are paying for the packaging only when they buy that size.

  • 26Bluegb
    26Bluegb 9 months ago

    I couldn't bring myself to buy for jobs (plus silicone interacts badly with some stuff),so I bought a couple of travel sized band sanitizers, used them, cleaned them, and refilled with my leave in conditioner. They fit in the quart sized bag really well, since they don't come to a point.

  • Pauline Beal
    Pauline Beal 9 months ago

    I love using go tubes and their knock offs competitors. It saves me so much. I sometimes buy the tiny tooth paste unless I'm staying with someone who will provide it. But i now bring the big tubes.

  • Bucket List Retreats
    Bucket List Retreats 9 months ago

    I say buy when you get there! XO Kelly

  • Zie Jackson
    Zie Jackson 9 months ago

    I don't bring anything I buy in country

  • Tash Saunders
    Tash Saunders 9 months ago

    Haha 😂 I know it’s mad how so many people don’t realise it. My backpack is only hand luggage size so I usually buy the 75p full-size shampoo and conditioner e.c.t once through security

  • 2 Geeks and a Backpack
    2 Geeks and a Backpack 9 months ago

    And that's why I always travel with solid soaps, shampoos, tooth tabs(solid toothpaste tabs and mouthwash) etc. Almost everything that is available in liquid is available in solid form!! Or hey, you can get the toothpaste at your destination!! I hate worrying about liquid allowances so I just avoid it!!

  • Suzanne Standish
    Suzanne Standish 9 months ago

    ive always fallen for the travel size why i dont know i wont from now on thank you for the info

  • Tao of David
    Tao of David 9 months ago

    I've never used these in my entire life (after 18 years being a manager at Tesco and seeing people buy them daily). I just use normal toiletries and chuck em in my check in luggage. I only take a small Vaseline in my carry on (which has been in my possession for the entire 2 years of my current travels LOL (SURVIVOR!). For long flights I just deal with it and generally just feel like hell with dry skin. A few months ago going from Phuket to Beijing to Mexico City I just took a small toothpaste from 7/11 to freshen up. Crazy how expensive these are!

  • Moonsugar Stardust
    Moonsugar Stardust 9 months ago

    what is your favorite brand of squeezy bottle?

  • Jinny Suh
    Jinny Suh 9 months ago

    I have acne prone skin so I am conscious of skincare products that goes on my face. I am just sceptical if the empty reusable travel containers are sterile? If they are not what will be the best way to sterilise them?

  • Rebecca Lockley
    Rebecca Lockley 9 months ago

    I do a combination to be honest. And I use a lot of samples, too.
    We also often buy things at our destination in the larger sizes even if we'll be abandoning them due to it being cheaper.

  • Bria
    Bria 9 months ago

    😬um yeah the thing with the toothpaste makes me feel silly, I have always picked up the little bottle of toothpaste.

  • Bria
    Bria 9 months ago +1

    This actually gave me something to think about for my next trip.

  • Dexter Hiscock
    Dexter Hiscock 9 months ago

    Hi Aly I'm looking to buy a go pro for travelling which one would you recommend

  • Travelwithchris
    Travelwithchris 9 months ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I love it! I've been on the road 2 years now and I do the same thing! You've inspired me to start vlogging! Keep it up!

  • jbaby007
    jbaby007 9 months ago

    I'm literally flying out next month and saw the same bullshit at my local grocery store lol! I'll just buy some empty bottles to pour stuff in.

  • Lessilu
    Lessilu 9 months ago

    Also, steal travel sized toiletries from any hotel room you stay in and reuse them when going on a short trip ;)

  • Travel With Mansoureh
    Travel With Mansoureh 9 months ago

    I Usually buy the empty small bottles and fill them at home.

  • Ritankar Sasmal
    Ritankar Sasmal 9 months ago +1

    I always wonder how is it that we are not allowed on flight with certain cosmetic products n stuff of particular sizes but if we buy from duty free stores then then we are allowed? Is it a business strategy or something?...dont fragrances though it's always better to buy bigger bottles for sure...

    • PsychoTraveller
      PsychoTraveller  9 months ago +1

      It's because past security all the liquids are regulated and controlled.

  • Rikki Gould
    Rikki Gould 9 months ago

    Seriously, this video should be a public service announcement! It’s a SCAM!! I have been guilty of buying travel minis in the past, but NEVER AGAIN!! X

  • Awais AHMED
    Awais AHMED 9 months ago

    Time flies ... wow 5 years. Congrats.

  • WTDI-Whats To Do In Your City?

    We were just talking about this! Sharing this with everyone! Lol

    Y IN THE WORLD 9 months ago

    zomg you got a dog!

  • livingdivanized
    livingdivanized 9 months ago +2

    I've done and do both. Which way I go seems to depend on the trip (no rhyme or reason) and my mood/frame of mind. I've also bought the travel size of a product and refilled those and I've tossed the almost done full size toothpaste or whatever in to my suitcase. The travel sizes of products are convenience and it's that convenience of not having to get travel size bottles, decant and label that you're paying the premium for. I like to use the products that I use at home when I travel and since most of them don't come in travel sizes I tend to decant. However, having said that I will say that I have yet to find travel size containers that I like and I've had both cheap and expensive ones. For me the benefit other than the convenience of buying the travel size version of a product is that you tend to get a smaller version of the container you have in your bathroom which is nice.

  • ahundredmillionstars
    ahundredmillionstars 9 months ago

    Omg, this is so true, I check out the travel size aisle and it's ridiculous amount to pay for something that in three squirts is then empty! You're so right and I also find it unfair how here in UK we get average to small sized toiletries where as travelling in different countries the bottles etc are always bigger! When I was in a Aussie supermarket I thought why don't we get the choice to buy larger items too here in England. Do you find that too where you travel to, that the toiletries are larger?

  • Pocket Trailblazer
    Pocket Trailblazer 9 months ago +8

    About bloody time someone pointed this out- not only are the prices insane but it’s just more plastic waste! Miniatures are a total gimmick and as a girl with long hair - unless I’m going away for just 2 days, what use is 100ml of shampoo anyway! I just pack normal size! Lol 😂 Awesome little hack video Aly! 👍

  • Hez_am_i
    Hez_am_i 9 months ago

    Hi puppy!

  • misswhiskeykittie
    misswhiskeykittie 9 months ago

    Can we just talk about how fab your nails look?!

  • Alain Pfaeffli
    Alain Pfaeffli 9 months ago

    Good i live 5 mins from germany where even the small ones are cheap. Well, compared to here( Switzerland) everything is cheaper. Most hotels have those anyway. If you ask the room service lady politely, they usually give you some for free. :)

  • Karen Walters
    Karen Walters 9 months ago

    I think you need Crunch in your videos more often 😉😉😉😜💚

  • Joachim Christensen
    Joachim Christensen 9 months ago

    I've done a pretty smart "hack" .... buying a 25ml sized deodorant, when it's empty I just buy a 50ml sized one, open it up and fill up the 25ml deodorant, so I save some space... but I travel super minimalistic and I travel with a 22L backpack :)

  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith 9 months ago

    love the borrowers. lol

  • 601salsa
    601salsa 9 months ago

    totally changed to coconut bar shampoo and soap about two years ago from one of your videos, best decision i ever made. the only expensive travel item i need to buy for holidays is 50+ sunblock

  • kateemma22
    kateemma22 9 months ago +3

    A video all first time travellers need. I learned this lesson the hard way! Damn you tiny portable bottles of cuteness!

  • Amy Proctor
    Amy Proctor 9 months ago

    I was so distracted by your gorgeous nails... love the black!
    I agree it's a marketing scam but what people have to decide is if they need that much product (shampoo/conditioner+body wash+toothpaste+hairspray) and if they want to carry it onto a plane, and if the extra weight is worth it.
    I went to NZ for a month last year and brought all the full-sized items because I knew I'd use that much. Some things I bought in NZ because the weight was too much. Most of this stuff you should put in cargo and not take as carry on.
    Now I had to lug two heavy suitcases around but they got lighter as time went by because I used the things I brought. It was a PAIN, but I ended up losing weight from the workout of lugging it through airports and into hotels!
    At the end of the day, I'm a believer in traveling light (I've learned the hard way) and I leave behind that 4th heavy coat or 3rd pair of hiking shoes the weight from bringing full shampoo is offset. So it all works out.

  • ShaniceThroughTheLens
    ShaniceThroughTheLens 9 months ago +1

    Oh and I also recently discovered about the toothpaste just before I went to Barcelona! I was going to buy a mini one because I thought the big ones were too big and was like how the hell do you decant those?! Then realised that the toothpaste we always buy is small enough so job done!

  • ShaniceThroughTheLens
    ShaniceThroughTheLens 9 months ago

    I came to this conclusion before I went to Belfast haha! I was going to buy the mini travel bottles because I agree they are so cute BUT then I noticed it was going to cost us much less to buy the empty plastic bottles and fill them with our shower gel that we already had in our bathroom! So that's what we did.

  • Ana Rijo
    Ana Rijo 9 months ago

    If I saw it I'd probably tell them.

  • Ashleigh Hogan
    Ashleigh Hogan 9 months ago

    normally decant but often suggest to people getting miniatures for things like birthdays and Christmas as I always forgot till like the morning before so always handy to have in! Also happy five years!

    • Rebecca Lockley
      Rebecca Lockley 9 months ago

      Ashleigh Hogan my family does Christmas stockings with mini toiletries. Sets you up for travel in the new year!

  • Panashe Gadaga
    Panashe Gadaga 9 months ago

    I’m so glad you uploaded this, because I’m traveling this weekend and I wasn’t sure what to buy

  • Sophie Williams
    Sophie Williams 9 months ago

    I'm going to new zealand in 10 weeks!

  • emeraldsroses
    emeraldsroses 9 months ago

    Happy travelversary lustrum on the 19th. That's a milestone.
    I used to be guilty of buying the travel size toiletries, but with the exception of toothpaste I now decant into smaller containers and only what I'll use. I use either small bottles or contact lens cases for my liquids. Toothpaste I'll get travel size only because my 75ml won't fit into my 1L bag. Don't ask what I pack in there 😳

  • Janelle Jordan
    Janelle Jordan 9 months ago +1

    You are so right. In my recent trip with Ryan Air (first time btw) i bought alot of travel size products thinking nothing of it only to be faced with having to fit everything in 1 plastic bag....and there was only so much travel size that can fit in their ziplock bag.....Lets just say....some things were thrown away only to be bought again in duty why!!!??? But yes good tip. Will definitely note next time

  • Hey Lauryn
    Hey Lauryn 9 months ago

    I agree, it can be a rip off. Though one nice thing about travel size is that you're able to try some products and not waste as much of you don't like for whatever reason. I'm cool paying a little bit more sometimes for then convience of not being as wasteful with a product.

    • Bradley B
      Bradley B 9 months ago

      Hey Lauryn you’re wasting less of the product, but when people buy the smaller versions it actually creates more waste from the packaging.

  • Youtuber 2018
    Youtuber 2018 9 months ago

    You will reap what you sow cause youtube say so

  • Andrea Haley
    Andrea Haley 9 months ago

    I always just take the hotel freebies and refill them.

  • Alyssa Arroyo
    Alyssa Arroyo 9 months ago +1

    The only things I've ever purchased travel size was bug spray for when I went to Costa Rica, aloe vera so I would have a container to use without it messing up any other container, and if I want yo try something but don't want to commit to a bigger bottle. It really is ridiculous how much those cost even in the USA.

  • TeedottJay
    TeedottJay 9 months ago

    Thanks for the informative video :) I feel like to make this better you should have bought all the products people usually take on a holiday (shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, toothpaste etc.) and done a side by side comparison of how much it costs in total to buy the travel versions, versus buying the empty containers to decant into and working out the cost of the amount of product to fill them, to show how much money this actually equates to, if that makes sense. Still enjoyed this though!

  • Deborah Conkle
    Deborah Conkle 9 months ago +6

    Convince my dear. I sometimes buy the travel size,use,and save the containers to refill with my full size products 😊

    • Angelica Pickles
      Angelica Pickles 5 months ago

      Sometimes I buy smaller bottles because I like the size and shape of them. Sometimes bottles can be big and bulky for what I need them for. But if I find a slim bottle thats rectangular and not too big for what I need it for, I’ll buy it so I can have the bottle to refill the next time.

    • Deborah Conkle
      Deborah Conkle 9 months ago

      Lore, to be honest I’m sure it was another word,but to save my life I don’t remember what! For instance just now when I put your name in it came up “Lord”. Gotta love spell correct,huh?

    • Lore
      Lore 9 months ago

      convince me that you meant to start your sentence with the word "convince"

  • Pégase G
    Pégase G 9 months ago +2

    I only buy travel size products to try it out ^^

  • pinykygirl1
    pinykygirl1 9 months ago

    I hope your bringing them back after the video. Lol

  • RockyRockz!!
    RockyRockz!! 9 months ago +1

    Finally someone addressed it 😝
    I went to wales for 5 days . I used 2 tiny shower gels .
    I learned my lesson ...

  • ABC_123
    ABC_123 9 months ago

    I totally agree with you on the atrocious difference of price, but I love travel size products! Haha! Great video and love your sense of humor! xx

  • Saint of Bacon
    Saint of Bacon 9 months ago

    Baggage fees are the real scam. Which is why I always make sure one bag is included if my ticket.
    But when I went on a trip last year, I was gone for a month and I have skin issues so I had to take a months worth of special shampoo. Your bet I abused that 1 included checked bag. As for Colgate, that's sold pretty much everywhere, I even found it when I was in Poland.

  • Meghan Fitness
    Meghan Fitness 9 months ago +5

    Solid forms of toiletries are the way forward for not only travel but LIFE!
    You can get all sorts in soles and it won't count towards liquids on the plane
    Reduces a hell of a lot of plastic too
    Can be cheaper (can even make it yourself)

    • The Wandering Wife
      The Wandering Wife 9 months ago

      Meghan Fitness yes! I use solid shampoo, conditioner, and laundry soap when I travel. I just did a video where I review them, and I love them so much, I’m actually using the hair products at home, too.

  • scootertd
    scootertd 9 months ago +1

    Don’t forget the plastic waste of the travel-sized bottles that are often designed to be not refillable.

  • Veronica Vatter
    Veronica Vatter 9 months ago +1

    I used the little bottles from Mio squirty water drops. And they don't drip. And to be honest, unless you are traveling for weeks or washing your hair three times a day, you aren't going to go thru 100mil of shampoo. Also you can you those sample packets of toiletries. One of shampoo lasts for 2-3 washes if you don't have super long hair. And you can fit a ton of those in your bag

  • Lucas Miracca
    Lucas Miracca 9 months ago +1

    This is basically a proof that business are laughing at people stupidity while they see the cash flow. It’s sad how most people don’t think of price per ml or even mg in the supermarket

  • Juha-Matti Viitanen
    Juha-Matti Viitanen 9 months ago

    I rather just buy a big bottle of shower gel and store it in my checked luggage :D

  • Joan E
    Joan E 9 months ago

    I decant or use free samples I've gotten in the mail! One and done and it lightens my bag in the trip home~ I'm ridiculous in that I challenge myself to get rid of as much as humanly possible during the course if my trip! Love ya Aly! Happy 5er.......

  • Jayne Vassar
    Jayne Vassar 9 months ago

    I always decant Ali, but I love the miniatures there soooo cute xx

  • shadanan
    shadanan 9 months ago

    same story everywhere, companies take advantage of regulations and need.

  • Claire H
    Claire H 9 months ago +1

    Great video, it’s so true yet sometimes I can’t resist buying them as they are so cute 🤦‍♀️. Where would the borrowers go on holiday? A model village of course!

  • Megan Olivier
    Megan Olivier 9 months ago +19

    I use the solid shampoo and conditioner from Lush which is great for travelling! Don't have to worry about the liquid restrictions and there's no packaging 😁

    • Angelica Pickles
      Angelica Pickles 5 months ago

      I bought some for my last trip but I was not a fan. They left my hair feeling gross and greasy. I ended up just buying regular shampoo and conditioner. 😕

    • Travel With Mansoureh
      Travel With Mansoureh 9 months ago

      I should try them

    • Megan Olivier
      Megan Olivier 9 months ago

      They're so good!! :D

    • Megan Olivier
      Megan Olivier 9 months ago +1

      I colour my hair and it's not an issue for me :) I do dye my hair black so that might be different to say red or another colour that fades quickly. I just make sure not to use any that contain lemon!

    • emeraldsroses
      emeraldsroses 9 months ago

      Megan Olivier I wish I could use solid shampoo and conditioner. I colour my hair and those are bad for coloured hair.

  • Hailey Rębisz
    Hailey Rębisz 9 months ago

    I always decant!

  • Karna Shaw
    Karna Shaw 9 months ago

    I usually decant but my Kathmandu bottles are failing me so I ended up falling for the cuteness (I know,I know) but it was 5 items for $2! But saying that it just gives me an excuse to go shopping at Kathmandu again!

  • Lizzeebuffy Sharrod
    Lizzeebuffy Sharrod 9 months ago

    We was only talking about these damn scams the other day but with food! (Wait... Was I an influence? 😮) but seriously though if I travelled, I would never fall for it... Neverrrr! But seriously them bottles were so cute! 😍

  • Martin Hall
    Martin Hall 9 months ago

    Aly marry me...

  • Ishii__
    Ishii__ 9 months ago

    I’m just so happy that we are still shower gel buddies 😂😂

  • 21CenturyLops
    21CenturyLops 9 months ago +8

    Probably the only product I could think of that you are more or less required to buy in “travel size” is shaving foam. Anything else usually comes way cheaper even after adding the price of travel-size refillable bottles. And the packing becomes easier too: you just need to refill the bottles with stuff you already have and use

    • Angelica Pickles
      Angelica Pickles 5 months ago

      Those cans are so big and bulky. I just use body wash to shave or end up buying regular size once I get to my destination.

    • Ellie Cowell
      Ellie Cowell 8 months ago +1

      21CenturyLops just use conditioner as shaving cream, it softens the hairs in the exact same way and is way cheaper

    • 21CenturyLops
      21CenturyLops 9 months ago

      Agreed, my only counter argument would be that this way by the time you leave you are left with a lot of product you are not going to use, nor take along and are then forced to throw away. :)

    • Rebecca Lockley
      Rebecca Lockley 9 months ago

      21CenturyLops you could buy a cheap shaving foam at your destination. My husband and I do this since i use his stuff at home anyway.

    • Joachim Christensen
      Joachim Christensen 9 months ago

      I would recommend Dr. Bronners 59ml travel sized shower"gel" :) you can buy a huge bottle, and fill up the smaller bottle.... it's 18 in 1, and it will take you weeks to finish the bottle :D

  • Madalena Caldas
    Madalena Caldas 9 months ago +8

    Happy five years of travel anniversary 😍😍😍

    “it’s policy “ pahahaha.legend

  • Eleftheria Chatzitheodoridou

    Thank you for the awesome, informative vids Aly! I freaking love your attitude!

  • Dale Watson
    Dale Watson 9 months ago +6

    With the deodorant, grab a stick deodorant, they last 3 billion times as long and they can fit in your hand luggage

  • Eftychia Kourempana
    Eftychia Kourempana 9 months ago +2

    Decanting is queen! even for toothpaste!

    • Eftychia Kourempana
      Eftychia Kourempana 9 months ago +1

      I bought the little tube once - when it ran out, I got a syringe from the pharmacy, took the needle off, filled the syringe from the big toothpaste tube (from the back, not the little opening in front) and then replaced the plunger and emptied it into the little tube. Repeated this until the little tube was full again.
      once a year, when the little tube is emptied, I put it in a large jug of water for a day or two to make sure the toothpaste remnants are washed out, then air dry it, and use again.
      You can also put toothpaste into a small pot and then dip the bristles of your toothbrush into the paste and use it as usual.

    • Em m
      Em m 9 months ago

      Eftychia Kourempana how do you do that with toothpaste?

  • matt46vale
    matt46vale 9 months ago

    I'd just take the larger containers in the suitcase. I'm in OZ now. Happy 5th anniversary

  • Anna Rehbinder
    Anna Rehbinder 9 months ago

    As to your question hm it depends I actually use travel to bring home new cool products in the Big luggage ( yes Ikea does recyclable mainly sugarcane plastic ziplock bags - they are excellent and yes im swedish - git a problem with that ?) And that becomes a travel memory because I will smell it and be like ahhh I remember When ( also I carry a tape thing to tape bottles shut ) I Will go for a smaller size if its something ive never used before and want to try it ? Yes ! Never for products I use like always though ! Actually realise My travel habits consists of two completely opposite ones 1) extreme minimalist with Cabin luggage and 2) the HAUL thinly disguised as longer vacation trip where I basically bring the clothes from the cabin luggage and go ape buying stuff including decor Ps check out before you do that the country does not have Anything nasty like termites or get stuff which is None insecty ds

  • Elizabeth Trapnell
    Elizabeth Trapnell 9 months ago +4

    I have always put shampoo and conditioner in a smaller container to take with me when I go away. However, last time I was going away I found my brand of shampoo, conditioner and a body moisturiser travel size. I was so excited I brought it and took it on my last trip. Sucked in or what!!!!!! I am such a sucker for small cute stuff.
    I now have the nice silicone refillable containers and they work much better than the travel sized bottles, and I am sure more economical in the future.
    Great VLog Ally 😊

    • PsychoTraveller
      PsychoTraveller  9 months ago

      It's so easy because I find the miniature ones so damn cute. But we must stay strong haha!

  • Vladimir Kudrak
    Vladimir Kudrak 9 months ago

    I know they are WAY more expensive but I still buy them.
    They don't make miniature version of products I normally use so I use these products while travelling.
    I know I can just buy small bottles and put it in there but that's just too much hassle and I usually buy my toiletries at the airport so playing with small bottles at the airport wouldn't be very convenient. (I only travel with my backpack so can't take the full size products).
    Thumbs up for the video 👍

  • kat
    kat 9 months ago +3

    I'm a huge fan of decanting.

  • Miraj MJ
    Miraj MJ 9 months ago

    Hey welcome back

  • Tamara Forbes
    Tamara Forbes 9 months ago +2

    I bloody love these vlogs! Thanks for being so wonderfully you :) I also fill little travel containers with bigger bottled products. I will not pay ridiculous prices for travel sized products!

  • Anna Rehbinder
    Anna Rehbinder 9 months ago

    Yeeeees ! I was first coooool! And yes I agree so much! Though as someone who has Done marketing the largest cost in production is actually the packaging even more for minatures but it doesnt justify that much of the cost - they are actually used primarily as a marketing ploy to get people to pay extra for trying something! Also its bloody horrendous for the environment if you use it for your normal toilettries just decant into the refillable ones you buy at the pharmacy or pound store!