The ALL-AMAZON BASICS Gaming Battlestation!

  • Published on Dec 14, 2018
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    We got every PC related item from AmazonBasics and made an absurd “battle station” desktop gaming setup.
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    Monitor Stand:
    USB Hub:
    Xbox Controller:
    Gaming Mouse:
    Mouse Pad:
    Sound Bar:
    Microfiber Cloths:
    Foot rest:
    Power Cord:
    Hard Drive Enclosure:
    External Hard Drive Case:
    USB Wi-Fi Adapter:
    USB Type-C Cable:
    Ethernet Cable:
    Cable Sleeve:
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Comments • 6 653

  • crazygamer 39
    crazygamer 39 21 hour ago

    tbh you bitch a lot about every thing and its annoying

  • Mr Memelord
    Mr Memelord Day ago

    You know what I don’t get if people only have a laptop and no desktop tower and they buy a keyboard and a monitor for there setup “me” 🤔......... what???!?!?

  • Im_That_Monk
    Im_That_Monk Day ago

    I accidently purchased a amazon controller lmao! Had no idea haha

  • Yella Dart
    Yella Dart 2 days ago

    Is it just me, or does most of that stuff seem perfectly good, if a little, y'know, basic? If you're on a budget, you could do a lot worse!

  • Anderson Zhang
    Anderson Zhang 2 days ago

    14:50 wtf

  • Hunter
    Hunter 2 days ago

    "little baby hands" XD

  • Matt Hawkins
    Matt Hawkins 3 days ago

    I wish I could do this stuff I really really want a pc but can’t afford one

  • Re Juurii
    Re Juurii 3 days ago

    The video is good but id like to see all the prices combined to know how much everything cost all together

  • Stephen Krempasky
    Stephen Krempasky 4 days ago

    14:52 ThIs Is FiVeThOuSaNd ShEeTs Of AmAzOn BaSiCs... pApEr

  • Max Slotover
    Max Slotover 4 days ago

    Amazon basics is ment to be basic, it is actually more complex because you have to keep changing it

  • Arnav
    Arnav 4 days ago


  • xXDJFusionFudgeNugetzXx

    make an Ebay version

  • James R
    James R 5 days ago

    You with your Corsair one i60 smh my head

  • RipCityBassWorks
    RipCityBassWorks 5 days ago

    Most of that stuff is way overpriced for what it is....

  • Fufner Keywheel
    Fufner Keywheel 5 days ago

    Actually i have that wall tap and it works great!

  • fanboy270
    fanboy270 6 days ago

    Lit My House On Fire......lmao

  • treymtz
    treymtz 6 days ago

    It wasn't mentioned but that speaker was pretty trash.

  • Beat Saber Videos
    Beat Saber Videos 6 days ago +1

    Aye fam dont hate on amazon basics. Ive had their 6 foot iphone charger for 2 years now and that shits still runnin fire.

  • charles ryan
    charles ryan 8 days ago

    Anker desk pad is much better for bout same price

  • Tom Diddle
    Tom Diddle 9 days ago

    Sooo what are on your fingernails?

  • Kai Suen Lee
    Kai Suen Lee 9 days ago

    Yay... Linus using huawei handphone!

  • ThIcC Ceedayyy1
    ThIcC Ceedayyy1 11 days ago

    In the thumbnail you look like papa bear from the bearenstain bears

  • AndrOultimus89 im a good man

    Oh snap!:0:21

  • Kusqen
    Kusqen 12 days ago

    i still use a 24 inch and two 22 inch

  • letsPlay1196
    letsPlay1196 12 days ago

    that usb wifi adapter is crap, i got it on sale for 8 bucks and it didn't even connected to any wifi!

  • Johnathan Hodges
    Johnathan Hodges 12 days ago

    If you have any parts you're tryna get off your hands please let me know. I am collecting parts to build my first gaming pc but it needs to be able to stream and play at a pretty competitive level. I'm try to go as cheap as possible and I'm really unsure as to what my next step should be. Could you please give me some advice.

    • Johnathan Hodges
      Johnathan Hodges 12 days ago

      You can email me at if you need to contact me!

  • Fernan Aris
    Fernan Aris 12 days ago

    I can have 25$ mechanical keyboard

  • Luis Alonso Dominguez Lopez

    I'd like to see an all-ali express setup

  • Cal Zonii
    Cal Zonii 13 days ago

    The guy on the left can hang himself.

  • momochan
    momochan 13 days ago

    the sandals...

  • Jarques Nig
    Jarques Nig 13 days ago +1

    Me and my dogs relationship: 7:31

  • Xjarlie
    Xjarlie 14 days ago

    What monitor did you use?

  • Rokosiano Sai
    Rokosiano Sai 15 days ago

    Basis 'Adequate' bitch😂

  • Jose Moreno
    Jose Moreno 16 days ago

    Can i have that PC

  • Chrome mustang
    Chrome mustang 16 days ago +1

    4:18 thank me later

  • DEMii
    DEMii 16 days ago +1

    Where is the webcam?

    • DEMii
      DEMii 16 days ago

      +Dan the Vlog Man my basic bitch webcam D:

    • Dan the Vlog Man
      Dan the Vlog Man 16 days ago +1

      Pfff what webcam

  • Seif Eddine
    Seif Eddine 17 days ago +1

    Can you translate your videos into Arabic?

  • Alek Yaw
    Alek Yaw 17 days ago

    Then it becomes a kinky mess. *laughs behind camera*

  • Legendary Mike
    Legendary Mike 17 days ago

    Add an AmazonBasics UPS to the setup

  • Itsme
    Itsme 17 days ago

    okay so... aussie here, and WHAT THE FUCK IS A POWER SQUID, i just saw that thing and what the fuck thats so amazsing

  • Effekt
    Effekt 17 days ago

    i *really* want that mic

  • Robin Wall
    Robin Wall 17 days ago

    Isn’t this supposed to be a tech channel not a chair review channel😶

  • WuzNab
    WuzNab 18 days ago +13

    That amazon basics mic doesn’t sound half bad, but for 60$ it just isn’t worth it.

    • ıllıringtingıllı
      ıllıringtingıllı 8 days ago

      Or u get a turtle beach off eBay for £10 more and easy switch for on and off and it’s much better

    • Colin
      Colin 13 days ago

      bought it on ebay for 50

  • ItsMitchelll
    ItsMitchelll 18 days ago +10

    Honestly the mic is a good deal for that quality.

  • Bepis Can
    Bepis Can 19 days ago

    I have a 24”...

  • John E.
    John E. 19 days ago +30

    Should've built a pc using "Amazon's Choice" parts too.

  • Joshua Cervantes
    Joshua Cervantes 20 days ago

    Subscribe to pewdie pie

  • Allyn
    Allyn 20 days ago

    I can relate to the power cable thing. I bought one, knowing I had an entire box full of them at one time and just couldn't find it.

  • makaveli2tt
    makaveli2tt 20 days ago

    These videos would be a bit more useful if you guys do a bit more reviewing of each item. I really wanted to know a bit more about how the Amazon Basics VESA stand works, how it is adjusted, does it have a height locking mechanism etc.

  • foto21com
    foto21com 20 days ago

    This is NOT a budget streaming desktop.

  • Captain Smoke
    Captain Smoke 21 day ago

    The dad sandals/socks was the most basic combo of all lol

  • x3 cuteanimegirl
    x3 cuteanimegirl 21 day ago

    this dude is wearing socks and sandals wtf

  • Snipes Gaming
    Snipes Gaming 21 day ago

    Who has a 24 inch I’m getting a 21.5 inch I’m on a budget it’s 90 bucks for the monitor

  • Elmer Escobar
    Elmer Escobar 21 day ago


  • Alpha MysticxYT
    Alpha MysticxYT 22 days ago +2


  • Sam Henderson
    Sam Henderson 22 days ago

    thats a fake orion g910 that is not mechanical

  • endless world
    endless world 22 days ago

    he was sponserd by origin but never uses origin but uses the corsair pc

  • Electra X
    Electra X 23 days ago

    Stop fucking wearing socks and Sandels

  • team katana
    team katana 23 days ago

    the corsair one now has a dick that can make good connection

  • Yolosoogie
    Yolosoogie 24 days ago

    9:48 dual fucking berettas

  • Hacker0_o
    Hacker0_o 24 days ago +1

    Suck at CSGO? Well you can now get the amazon basics csgo cheats. With a basic spin bot, aim bot, walls and lag switch.

  • Destrousshelf50
    Destrousshelf50 25 days ago


  • Michael Nowak
    Michael Nowak 25 days ago

    9:06 how did he say that without his lips moving???

  • Cucker Tarlson
    Cucker Tarlson 26 days ago

    Amazon has a true mechanical keyboard now. review it!

  • The Garden of Eatin
    The Garden of Eatin 27 days ago

    I don't know why Linus examining the paper amuses me so much.

  • GreenMachine
    GreenMachine 27 days ago

    Just a suggestion why don't you let a none games or guys in ur office who don't game try that over you??????

    • Andrew
      Andrew 25 days ago +1

      GreenMachine what

  • SJ37
    SJ37 27 days ago +2

    bro i have a 24 in monitor

  • Edward Bataitis
    Edward Bataitis 27 days ago


  • MonkeyPants676
    MonkeyPants676 28 days ago +2

    Linus I wish I could afford this kind of stuff 😢 I don’t even have a power supply for my old pc on windows xp

  • Rick
    Rick 29 days ago

    I brought the controller over a year ago, and the buttons are indeed loud, but if u have a gaming headset on while playing something the clicks become less obvious.. they’re also really good considering the price of them, and when u consider that microsofts official xbox one controllers are 1: wireless and 2: prone to breaking if u use them through ur pc via the charger wire. No word of a lie, i’ve had two official controller break on me through the charger port so neither of them connect/charge anymore, and thats from general use... so for £20 that controller is actually okay, i wouldnt go further to say they’re exactly the same as an official controller but its just okay if ur using it for online gaming and dont care abt the noise from the buttons that much which arent as loud as if u wear a headset :)

    MBF MBF 29 days ago

    It's funny how the ripped off the blue yeti mic 😆

  • Gsrxq
    Gsrxq Month ago +1

    Basic bxtches unite!

  • Steve Coyle
    Steve Coyle Month ago

    damn the guy throwing shit at you is the entire personality of the video. love your staff.
    please include a link and price to that mic, that actually pleasantly surprised me

  • Lalo
    Lalo Month ago

    To be fair, the AmazonBasics Soundbar *with subwoofer* is really good. On sale it cost $59.99 and it actually has pretty good Bass and volume. It's not going to blow away Sonos, but for $59 it's pretty damn good.

  • UcontrolledChao s
    UcontrolledChao s Month ago

    That sound bar sounds like honest sh*t

  • OlafttheGreat1998
    OlafttheGreat1998 Month ago

    I bought the Xbox poor Steam controller bit the dust.

  • Jeff
    Jeff Month ago


  • senselocke
    senselocke Month ago +1

    I don't know why, but his eagerness in smacking you with boxes was very entertaining =) On-topic, as a cheap-o poor person, I actually appreciate these kinds of videos. Thanks!

  • Lockzy
    Lockzy Month ago

    seeing these guys complaining about how stiff an ethernet cable is just like bruh

  • Aria Song
    Aria Song Month ago

    what if I'm a basic bitch that wants quality?

  • SimpleQuantum
    SimpleQuantum Month ago

    “But who has a 24?”

    I have a Sceptre 1080p 75 hz curved $120 monitor

  • VelvetEagleI
    VelvetEagleI Month ago

    White tube socks with sandles… You are basic

  • Nick Anderson
    Nick Anderson Month ago


  • Alexander Makarov
    Alexander Makarov Month ago

    Простите, но тут куча не нужных девайсов...

  • NewWorld
    NewWorld Month ago

    That mic is actually kinda nice

  • DeadHawk
    DeadHawk Month ago

    Should check out PowerA controllers. The wired ones are amazing for the price.

  • DeadHawk
    DeadHawk Month ago +2

    I use a 24 inch monitor :/ gimme that 27 inch if nobody uses 24 ;-;

  • SMOGGames
    SMOGGames Month ago

    Anyone know how to download the software to the mouse

  • TinyRodent
    TinyRodent Month ago

    That monitor stand might not really be "in demand", but the company I work at literally has hundreds of them, maybe we're their only market.

  • V Ando
    V Ando Month ago

    U missing the mic link...

  • travis keyes
    travis keyes Month ago

    dark haired dude is smokin hot

  • toad_on
    toad_on Month ago +1

    This is too basic for me. Would rather save up for better epic gamer pheripherals.

  • MJ CDY
    MJ CDY Month ago

    i think for budget keyboard id get the razer synosa chroma
    its RGB and its also not very expensive
    its like 10 or 20 dollars more expensive than the amazon one but you can get it faster by going to your local best buy and picking one up

    • Frederick Noe
      Frederick Noe Month ago

      MJ CDY Redragon have some good ones as well.

  • XX 17 XX
    XX 17 XX Month ago

    the amazon basic keyboard is now $13

  • Husky 21
    Husky 21 Month ago +1

    That's the same chair my school uses for our computer room

  • GNP Subaru
    GNP Subaru Month ago

    *Lit my house on fire*

  • Jason
    Jason Month ago

    Linus definitely uses two hands to staple things

  • Hobbes120
    Hobbes120 Month ago +1

    on a cable this short, 15 ft...
    in what kind of family was linus raised in

  • Shinobi Zach
    Shinobi Zach Month ago

    I have a 24 inch monitor

  • jb888888888
    jb888888888 Month ago

    I thought that James' contract stipulated that he's only in videos sponsored by *FRESCHBOOKCH!*