Turning a wooden Sphere on the Lathe

  • Опубликовано: 22 янв 2014
  • Sam Angelo shares his process for turning a near perfect sphere on the lathe.
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  • piggybladder
    piggybladder 7 дней назад

    'No beginning and no end'... to infinity and beyond...great vid fella!

  • Charles Dawson
    Charles Dawson 18 дней назад

    The project demonstrates great innovative skills for turning. Thanks

  • DrippyKidBrett
    DrippyKidBrett Месяц назад

    you have a fan base out here at our school.... #wyomingwoodturner

      WYOMINGWOODTURNER  Месяц назад

      Thanks, very cool. I worked in schools for 40 years.....The last 18 at our local middle school. Sam

  • Philip Dawes
    Philip Dawes 2 месяца назад


  • Benjamin McMillan
    Benjamin McMillan 2 месяца назад

    this guy was my guidance counselor in middle school. really good guy.

      WYOMINGWOODTURNER  2 месяца назад

      Ben, thanks for watching the video. It's nice to hear from you. And thanks for the nice comment later Sam

  • zippy
    zippy 3 месяца назад

    Vert precise sphere method

  • Neil Lawrence
    Neil Lawrence 3 месяца назад

    Thank you, I learned a lot

  • Richard Perron Jr.
    Richard Perron Jr. 3 месяца назад

    Another great video, as always.

  • Robert Hogue
    Robert Hogue 3 месяца назад

    Thanks for this. Good tips

  • Gabriel C
    Gabriel C 3 месяца назад +2

    11:10 the technique makes sense, but I doubt that the object will not end up off-center when it's positioned in the cups. Ideally a sphere should be done without un-mounting and re-mounting the piece

  • Cave Man
    Cave Man 4 месяца назад

    How do you make the tail live center with the wood jig? Thanks

    • Cave Man
      Cave Man 4 месяца назад


      WYOMINGWOODTURNER  4 месяца назад

      Look at 11 minutes and 13 seconds into the video. My live center has threads on the end of it that will accept various accessories that came with it. You can buy a nut at the hardware store that has the same threads per inch etc that will screw onto it. My cup center, wooden jig has the nut glued into it and screwed onto the live center. Oneway and powermatic live centers have this feature. Sam

  • Elmer Bback
    Elmer Bback 4 месяца назад

    Skittles, Croquette, lots of uses, very skilled machining work

  • farooq shaik
    farooq shaik 5 месяцев назад

    thumbnail looks like you are holding a baby.

  • Tim 1967
    Tim 1967 6 месяцев назад

    You made a sphere. And anyone who can accomplish this by what ever means has accomplished something. I think the dreaded skew would have been a perfect tool to this project. Nice work and accomplishment all the same. Thanks for your approach to the sphere.

  • Reece Zimmerman
    Reece Zimmerman 6 месяцев назад

    is he a pedo?

  • Ernie Schroder
    Ernie Schroder 7 месяцев назад

    Great video, but actually, you paraphrased Winston Churchill, not FDR

      WYOMINGWOODTURNER  7 месяцев назад

      “Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”: FDR’s First Inaugural Address 1932 historymatters.gmu.edu/d/5057
      I would venture to add that little is original- Churchill was in his 50's in 1932 when FDR made this speech. I am not sure what Winston was doing then and if he said those words. I could not find it.....interesting question. Thanks. Sam

  • 31Sparrow
    31Sparrow 7 месяцев назад

    glad I watched till the end for the Franklin quote

  • Ali Sh
    Ali Sh 7 месяцев назад

    Very good work

  • Darin Vaughan
    Darin Vaughan 9 месяцев назад

    What's the chalk for?

      WYOMINGWOODTURNER  9 месяцев назад

      The chalk shows where the high and low spots are on the surface of the wood. I can then turn down the high points to the level of the low spots. This is low tech but works very well. Sam

  • TheLouki68
    TheLouki68 10 месяцев назад


  • Chris Jacobsen
    Chris Jacobsen 10 месяцев назад

    I’m glad I waited until the end for that amazing Roosevelt pun!!! Also, great information as always Sam! Thank you.

  • Clara Obelenis
    Clara Obelenis 10 месяцев назад

    It´s such satisfying to watch this.... Thanks!

  • Aaron Wolfe
    Aaron Wolfe 10 месяцев назад

    Awesome video. Thank you.

  • terry Sullivan
    terry Sullivan 11 месяцев назад

    And now you can make your own bocce balls.

  • OneLiterPeter
    OneLiterPeter 11 месяцев назад

    Or... you could do it the easy way like this guy... ru-clip.com/video/PtIjFg_XarU/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE.html

      WYOMINGWOODTURNER  11 месяцев назад

      Interesting....but I think I will pass. Sam

  • Franchise City
    Franchise City Год назад

    We have nothing to sphere except sphere itself.

  • mrslayer92
    mrslayer92 Год назад

    Sounds like Raymond from everybody loves raymond

    • mrslayer92
      mrslayer92 Год назад

      I don’t understand the Kermit the frog either! But either way man your sphere is awesome

      WYOMINGWOODTURNER  Год назад +1

      No worries. I actually do a very good Ray Romano impersonation....How about Manny from ice age. I also get Kermit the frog---but I don't see that one. All good fun. Thanks Sam

    • mrslayer92
      mrslayer92 Год назад

      WYOMINGWOODTURNER nothin against you mate and your woodworking is exquisite!


      Yes I get that a lot.....

  • Alan Griffiths
    Alan Griffiths Год назад

    Love the wyomingwoodturner, very clear and precise instruction. From a greatfull Brit

  • William Pardoe
    William Pardoe Год назад

    Lol nice ending

  • will S
    will S Год назад

    01.15 AM, Sydney australia for me

  • Gaviano Fernando
    Gaviano Fernando Год назад


  • Sponzor
    Sponzor Год назад

    I live in Wyoming

  • Joel B
    Joel B Год назад +3

    Someone might ask 'why' make a wooden sphere or bearing... did you know that one of the hardest, most dense wood called "Lignum Vitae" was used to make WOODEN SHAFTS GUIDES and BALL BEARINGS for the first nuclear submarine (USS Nautilus) and other marine/maritime use? It was (and possibly, still?) used for propeller shaft bearings have been used in conventional ships, and for moving shaft parts hydroelectric plants. Resistant to both fresh and saline waters, and its natural oils provide a natural lubricant for the component...


      And....Lignum was also used for block and tackle on the old Tall sailing ships.
      Yep, great wood and really very pretty. Sam

  • A O
    A O Год назад

    Turning a wooden sphere, the hardest and much complicated possible way.

  • xMPOZIDISx 25
    xMPOZIDISx 25 Год назад


  • raymond goodman
    raymond goodman Год назад

    the FDR quote = subscribed

  • James Hager
    James Hager Год назад

    oh and good use for those spheres are wood bearings

  • James Hager
    James Hager Год назад

    i have to point out that theres no need to take multiple diameter measurements, if its a true sphere then the diameter is the same no matter the direction.


      Good point.....however my spheres are seldom round, haha.
      Yes I must agree I did one or two things in this video which were unnecessary.

    • James Hager
      James Hager Год назад

      in the video near the beginning he took multiple diameter measurements as if he were working on an elipse, a true sphere only has only 1 diameter dimension.

    • Joel B
      Joel B Год назад


  • Jack Miller
    Jack Miller Год назад

    Nothing to sphere but sphere itself

  • lebomm johnson
    lebomm johnson Год назад

    The cross-grain circumference of the sphere midway between the centers is accurately referred to as the equator. FYI

  • HamiltonSurrey
    HamiltonSurrey Год назад

    I have made a good few of these over the years using not dissimilar techniques but none have passed the acid test! For it to be a perfect sphere it has roll along a flat surface without any wayward movement. Have you made a good sphere or a perfect sphere? Just another 15 seconds need adding to the video to show the acid test:)

  • Guy Collins
    Guy Collins Год назад

    So nobody picked up on the pronunciation of sphere to spear? Nope just me.

  • Gg K
    Gg K Год назад

    keep up the good work Sam

  • 7SlotFever
    7SlotFever Год назад

    Thank you Sam! I am about to have a go at this and SO appreciate your guidance.
    My grandson has requested a Wizard's Staff, this will be on the top. Wish me luck!

    • 7SlotFever
      7SlotFever Год назад

      well.... practice makes perfect I guess. This is a lot harder than it looks!

  • Nunya Bidness
    Nunya Bidness Год назад

    Guess you haven't seen the holesaw guy.


      Guess you haven't seen all my "sphere-mailing videos"
      Using the hole saw is the oldest trick for making a sphere. You really think I haven't seen it? I just can't put everything in every video.

  • Wee gee
    Wee gee Год назад

    Boo this man for that pun!
    Interesting vid.

  • Mature Patriot / 2 BUSTED THUMBS

    It's been over 40 years since I've turned any walnut, but I can smell the sweet smell, just watching you. The mind is an amazing thing. I like your tool support. Great work. A true craftsman.

    • Joel B
      Joel B Год назад

      Nice comment, it is good to find appreciation for any artist's work.

  • Jack Morgan
    Jack Morgan Год назад

    The quote was from Winston Churchill

    • Joel B
      Joel B Год назад

      Franklin Roosevelt spoke this in his first inauguration speech. Falsely attributing quotes to Winston Churchill was once the national sport of England and remains a popular spectator sport...

    • Jack Morgan
      Jack Morgan Год назад

      When England was being bombed by the Germans


      Jack Morgan Thanks. When did he say it? I do believe you. Sam. I know a lot of quotes are just stolen from somebody else.

    • Jack Morgan
      Jack Morgan Год назад

      Churchill original said we have nothing to fear but fear itself


      Jack Morgan Churchill said ‘“nothing to sphere but sphere itself.” .? Seriously did Churchill say that first? Sam

  • NoCheating
    NoCheating Год назад


  • Tiffany Case
    Tiffany Case Год назад

    Awesome - loved watching this video and have taken away some great tips. Thanks

  • Пафа Эсперанто
    Пафа Эсперанто Год назад

    :) хорошая работа!

  • DiY Dof
    DiY Dof Год назад

    Nice vidéo.. good explainations, good images. Tks à lot !!

  • Cerne
    Cerne Год назад

    Some handy tips here. Thanks for sharing...

  • Colin Edwards
    Colin Edwards Год назад

    Many years ago I visited a museum in a fruit growing and wine producing area named Franchhoek, South Africa and one of the displays had a number of ball shaped wooden spheres and the curator told me that they were used to make depressions in woodwool during the off season so that the ripe fruit could be packed during the harvest. Modern packaging methods have of course gotten rid of the craftsmen who must have turned thousands of these moulds.


      Thanks, an amazing story from the past. Back in the day, they got things done and usually better than how we do it now.

  • Pat Lowney
    Pat Lowney Год назад

    That would be so cool a pyramid. That looks like cannonballs. I'm a wooden Cannon. to go with it. Wouldn't that be something every patriotic American would want display in the den in their house. Or in a Civil War Museum.

  • Karen laughing
    Karen laughing Год назад

    Back in the day, how do some of these butheads (asking why would you do that) they think they had crochet balls made. Makes them sorta dumb huh! Beautiful work. i love them. Thanks for sharing.

  • nike12000
    nike12000 Год назад

    That’s really cool

  • Jared Numbers
    Jared Numbers Год назад

    Ending with a dad joke. Nice! Great job. Gonna go make my own.

  • Ryan Haynie
    Ryan Haynie Год назад +2

    Pope Boniface VIII was looking for a new artist to work on the frescoes in St. Peter’s Basilica, so he sent a courtier out into the country to interview artists and collect samples of their work that he could judge. The courtier approached the painter Giotto and asked for a drawing to demonstrate his skill. Instead of a study of angels and saints, which the courtier expected, Giotto took a brush loaded with red paint and drew a perfect circle. The courtier was furious, thinking he had been made a fool of; nonetheless, he took the drawing back to Boniface. The Pope understood the significance of the red circle, and Giotto got the job.

  • Ergul Tasez
    Ergul Tasez Год назад

    Ne çok konuştun be alsana dislike

  • Brent Cooper
    Brent Cooper Год назад

    oh how much easier things have become. Have you every heard of the Perfect Sphere? Made by Carter Products in Grand Rapids Michigan. Check them out

  • Neville Landscaping
    Neville Landscaping Год назад

    I'm from Wyoming too!


      Where? Stop by for a tour if you are ever passing through.

  • famille de smet cariou
    famille de smet cariou Год назад

    une sphère sans sphèreuse .....MERCIIIIIIIIIIIII

  • Oscar Fuentes
    Oscar Fuentes Год назад

    The thumb nail looked like a baby's head being cradled

  • Cody Begley
    Cody Begley Год назад

    15:07 best dad joke ever


      CodyI add to go back and check that one out. Yep that is a classic that never gets old. It doesn't really get funnier it just doesn't get old. sam

  • nashcarlos
    nashcarlos Год назад

    Wooooooowwwwwwww...... he made a wooden ball. My life is now complete

  • elbay2
    elbay2 Год назад

    "Nothing to sphere, but sphere itself" .... Oh good grief!
    That being said... good job!

  • Kid Sundance
    Kid Sundance Год назад

    Fuck you old man

  • Aviel Yamin
    Aviel Yamin Год назад

    dont forget to mention how dangerous it is to inhale chalk

  • Gaming Construct
    Gaming Construct Год назад

    This is my herion 🙂

  • Alfred Stewart
    Alfred Stewart Год назад

    for what exactly...

  • Mary Stachowiak
    Mary Stachowiak Год назад

    WOW! Homemade Bocci Balls! Time must go at a
    far slower, more relaxed
    way, there, then here in Racine Wisconsin. Don't you have to worry about Militant, blacks sent by, Louis Farrakhan, from Chicago Illinois? Guess you aren't 1/2 hour away. Me? The 5'1", 113
    pd, white, old school Lady
    put to much of his Treasonous Speeches, on Facebook... Louis sent his folks... Zip 53403, on Main
    add one, to 911.

  • rimar2000 Osvaldo J. Schiavoni
    rimar2000 Osvaldo J. Schiavoni Год назад

    Beautiful work, master.

  • Mason Huddler
    Mason Huddler Год назад

    I'm 14 I have ete and we had a test to turn a sphere and I watched this video thanks for the help vro

  • TheOdontocetes
    TheOdontocetes Год назад

    But... Can you turn it inside out?

  • Fred Mott
    Fred Mott Год назад

    Thank you for an excellent presentation. Also, I love the "sphere blocks". Great idea.Fred

  • datsmexypieguy
    datsmexypieguy Год назад

    Would lowkey pay like 100$ for that sphere its so cool


      Do you want to purchase this sphere. I am not sure what lowkey mean? I would sell it. But I am not sure if it is worth $100. My e-mail is samandcheryle@gmail.com we can talk about it. Sam

  • icespeckledhens
    icespeckledhens Год назад

    Its a very useful guide to making a perfect sphere.

  • Quinn Sorensen
    Quinn Sorensen Год назад

    I was wondering wouldn't a hole saw use on the part on the lathe achieve the same thing


      Yes absolutely. There are many ways to turn a sphere. But you make a good Point. I am sure I showed this in one of my sphere videos. I just didn't show it here. Sam

  • Gary McCoy
    Gary McCoy Год назад

    Thanks ...now I just have to figure out how to make a perfect sanding block...another video?👍👍

  • ArtStreet 52
    ArtStreet 52 Год назад

    Thank you for sharing sir!!!

  • Ozzie Daboss
    Ozzie Daboss Год назад +7

    I feel way to young to be liking this kind of stuff but I just love it.

    • Lynn Mckenney
      Lynn Mckenney Год назад

      I can't speak to the cost of his machine, but I just picked up a used shop smith that functions as a lathe for around $250!

    • Ozzie Daboss
      Ozzie Daboss Год назад +2

      WYOMINGWOODTURNER how much does a machine like this cost?

      WYOMINGWOODTURNER  Год назад +3

      .....never too young

  • ThatOtherGuy 101
    ThatOtherGuy 101 Год назад

    if he would get a dollar for every time would say diameter he'd be a billionaire

  • Kyron King
    Kyron King Год назад

    have a shot every time he says diameter or establish.... bet youre drunk before video end.

  • GarageWoodworks
    GarageWoodworks Год назад

    That was really cool! Loved your process for this. Subbed.

  • Som T
    Som T Год назад

    Anyone else thought he was trying to make a globe?

  • Johann Korn
    Johann Korn Год назад +6

    Dad: So what are you gonna do with my daughter when you take her out ?
    Me: 11:11

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    i'm sorry what are you going to establish?

  • Mihnea Paun
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  • South Marlene
    South Marlene Год назад +4

    nothing to Spear but Spear itself

    • Sarah D
      Sarah D 6 месяцев назад

      +Tank time omg

    • Tank time
      Tank time Год назад

      ShiftSTL it's sphere not spear

  • hj Kim
    hj Kim Год назад

    말 존나많네 씹새끼가 걍 돌려깎는거나 처 집어너라 설띵충 좆극혐

  • ElationProductions
    ElationProductions Год назад

    NIce! I know who to go to for skee-ball balls now. ;)

  • Liam Lawson
    Liam Lawson Год назад

    Why is this in my suggested?

  • Max B
    Max B Год назад

    I was thinking of applications for wooden spheres. Is there anything practical or does it just go as far as bedpost toppers?

    • David Crowe
      David Crowe 11 месяцев назад

      Max B ;)

  • DeAndre Ross
    DeAndre Ross Год назад

    Fun to watch when high

  • Crusty Crust
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  • Angus Miguel
    Angus Miguel Год назад

    i have 3 papers due this week, and have to finish 2 projects… i don't even own a lathe

      WYOMINGWOODTURNER  Год назад +1

      Either finish those papers or go buy a lathe.....the lathe is more fun.

  • So Interactive
    So Interactive Год назад

    Now that you've turned Jupiter, I'm waiting to see you turn Saturn

  • England is my city
    England is my city Год назад +4

    what am i doing with my life?

  • george best
    george best Год назад

    why not just use a holecutter xD