Local Journalism is Crucial Now: What's BTS got to do with It? | James Ford | TEDxBeaconStreetSalon

  • Опубликовано: 10 дек 2018
  • At a time when news media have been called “the enemy of the people” by our country's leadership, journalism at the local level is as vital as ever.
    An Emmy Award-winning reporter in the nation's largest media market draws on his journalistic experience, which has changed lives and achieved justice, to show why local television news is critical to democracy now, and how it can be even more relevant in the future.
    Surprisingly, the K-Pop supergroup BTS offers insight into how and why local journalists and the public they serve need to be in greater communication in order to strengthen our democracy.
    James Ford is a reporter for the PIX11 News at 5 and 6 p.m.
    James joined WPIX in 2007, serving as the lead live reporter for the PIX11 Morning News, covering breaking news and feature stories.
    Prior to his position at WPIX, Ford was a reporter for six years at WNYW Channel 5 in New York, where his reporting on Sept. 11 was the subject of the documentary “Dreams Without Sleep,” which debuted at the Cannes Film Festival in 2002.
    Ford, an Emmy Award-winning reporter, began his television career at WTOC-TV in Savannah, Ga., where he was a reporter and fill-in anchor. He later moved to WFTV, Channel 9 in Orlando, Fla. He was the station’s Space Coast bureau chief, covering news in Brevard County, which is known as Florida’s Space Coast. There, he anchored coverage of 41 space shuttle launches at the Kennedy Space Center.
    Ford’s next move was to WRTV Channel 6 in Indianapolis, where he anchored the morning news and was a consumer investigative reporter.
    James is proud to have grown up in an Air Force family who moved to six different states and the U.K. over the course of 25 years. He, his wife and daughter live in Manhattan.
    Ford is a graduate of Yale University and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. He also studied Arabic at the International Language Institute of Cairo. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at www.ted.com/tedx

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    I remember hearing about BTS watching my favorite artist Steve Lacy on here, now both Steve and BTS have grown

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    I didn't see the last part of the title, so when he asked about BTS, I screamed.

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    Also know they they(BTS)are people to they do get stressed and depressed and pressured by the media and more.I know you guys want them to stay relevant. I've seen "some" celebrities just take pictures of them not really befriending them or supporting them. I just dont want them to be used or seen as a profiting source.

  • Aaliyah Sampson
    Aaliyah Sampson 11 часов назад

    Just don't use our babies for your profiting or Use them for their fame. Or disrespect them

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    This is the quality content I pay my WiFi bill for.

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    Came for the BTS content, stayed for the incredibly interesting talk. Thank you so much, Mr. Ford! Super enlightening. Since I'm not American, I tend to get most of my American news from bigger news sources. Well, I used to. When I became a fan of BTS, I noticed the complete lack of reporting of BTS from the bigger news sources - despite the immense success. It was actually local media that, at least in my experience, first started writing about it. And often because the journalist stumbled upon it, and decided to dig deeper!

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    I came here for bts but the whole video was a learning experience... I never expected bts to be included in TEDx talks

    Bts is indeed breaking barriers

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    best textalk ive ever sean

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    Eu tô emocionada e surtando!!!! Ohhhh talks about BTS WAS SO GREAT! REALLY IMPORTANT TO ME

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    seeing the title at first i was like "BTS? bangtan sonyeondan? no no it cant be. they probably mean behind the scenes. but then again that doesnt make sense. hmm i better click on it for scientific reasons to find out" and then i clicked and watched and sure enough it was Bangtan boys themselves

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    BTS theme on TED??????? This is AWESOME

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    At least people do recognise the fact that they're more than a mere eye candy boygroup.

    ARMY STREAM-DNA 6 дней назад

    it published 1 month ago???? why am i sooo late???
    BTS in TED TALKss.. sooo proud of them..
    people generally don't like them before listen to them and know about them..
    just break your prejudice and try to find out why??? for what the world is being crazy for a band who didn't even sing in english..
    i am sure no one can but fall for them also ...

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    херово, когда 95% того, что ог говорит -не понимаешь.

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    why tae have his hand holding his crotch 9:50

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    And how can you compare BTS to McDonalds after everything they've done

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    I remember when BTS used to be mistreated in variety shows at early debut years just because they came from a small company and recently they been getting invitations from variety shows and they don't even have that ample time since they really are busy.
    On top of that , they have their own variety show as of now. Thank you for featuring BTS on your talk .

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    *_when and where can i do my ted talk-?_*

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    12:08 "everybody say no!" 😂

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    I love watching TED talks and I love BTS. Fellow ARMY please watch the whole talk and not just the BTS portion, it is very interesting. The whole idea of this talk interesting. Fellow ARMY, if you enjoyed this talk, please watch more talks. Expand your mind and hear others ideas.

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    This guy really knows how to get us to pay attention

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    Other groups exist.

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    Anyone else find these sort of insights extremely interesting? It’s like seeing a different perspective of your community.

  • Mer ci
    Mer ci 14 дней назад

    I love how ARMY become pillars of BTS. How we act together to share the source of information to be known. That's how I understood it. That's how a citizen should learn from. And the journalism/media must do. Not to be the enemy of the citizen but rather be a pillar to support the democracy.

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    I was like screaming, there is a Ted talk about bts?! Like wow bts is really really a big impact to the world! I normally don’t like to watch a Ted talk cause I just can’t pay attention to the video and I think it’s boring, but this one I’ll watch the whole thing and pay 110% attention to the video

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    What's next, bts on national geographic?

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    Oh wow,,,, this is how you know bts REALLY made it

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    I talked about The Sam Willows and BTS in my public speaking finals 2 weeks ago. My lecturer told me its a very clever example and suits the audience and I was glad she was open minded about it :)

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    how to get a literal army of people to click on your ted talk: name drop kpop

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    Look at my boys💜 they’re not only being honoured at music awards but even at educational functions!!!! 💜💜💜

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    Oh my... this whole TED Talk 😳👏👏
    side opinion: we “armys” 🤧we love BTS because they are really spreading important messages with their unique music.. about self love and knowing yourself

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    Finally someone talking about BTS not just to get some views and actually trying to understand their message and their positive influence on millions of people around the world honestly I couldn't be happier to be an army and finally see BTS getting the recognition and respect they deserve 💜💜💜

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    Im honestly shook bts is mentioned on a Ted talk. They taught me a lot of things beyond a classroom.

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    local lies

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    *ok so i love how bts is used as an example for most of these public discussions that involve every subject or topic possible bcuz free advertisement* 😋 lol but honestly what this man explained is crucial to our society in general today and something our ancestors weren't able to have access to: platforms to reach wider audiences live. Journalism requires a platform that help spread stories and ideas, before it was the newspaper during Elizabethan Era but now they are various apps within a mobile device which are mostly free. One of the reasons journalism is looked down upon is the constant act of spreading any kind of idea which a select group of audience might not take in a positive light; which creates the enemies who at their best interests would like to keep things to theirselves. Privacy, which is a thin layer comparing to before, is almost a lacking resource nowadays as almost every app serves to spread personal information and this could be an actual threat to our democracy; though ironic. This man attempts to promote his platform in a positive light, but there are cons which a select group do pay attention to often.
    What I would really want to watch is a person discussing company-musician/artist relations in any entertainment industry using BTS, I would love to hear what the world says about freedom of speech in 2019 as it had just begun.

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    Lol I originally clicked just cuz I saw BTS in the title, but it turned out to be so interesting I am shook lol, I also agree the way BTS comunicate with their fans and stay in touch with them, doesn't only make them more famous but also closer to them and more trusted, whuch is a great strategy to influence people. And in BTS's case I am so glad they use their influence to promote positive idea's like self love to youth, and as they said be "youth's singers" and inspire the fans since they know we look up to them.

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    This was actually so interesting and informative wow,,,,,we love an educated and intelligent army!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    más historias->más información
    la comunicación y los medios tienen una gran tarea e importancia en nuestra sociedad.

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    Bts inspire me and i'm proud of them

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    I've always watched Ted Talks and the animated TedEds on science or social construct and now seeing BTS being talked about makes me so proud. This proves how BTS isn't just a K-pop band, they're inspirational people who have impacted so many lives through their music, performances and message.

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    This makes me feel so proud to be a part of a family that's beyond music and is filled with kind souls like the 7 angels we know

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    The reason why BTS have something that can be related to journalism is because of the way how they connect to people. BTS at first have been searching what the right medium to deliver their message but as the time pass by BTS have learn to connect to people sincerely with the purpose of delivering what they want to deliver to everyone with the help of the guidance of their company who continue to help them grow day by day. And ARMY help BTS and Bighit spread that music and message so in short with the help of the proper medium, way and purpose you can definitely deliver the message you want to deliver. You can relate it to journalism, if you find the right meduim, way or the right topic to deliver many people will relate and be curious about it. BTS also kinda want to think outside the box which us rare, they want to speak about topics that is taboos to others I hope media can consider talking about them. Social Media is really relevant especially nowadays, we need to use it wisely. We can make a change to every people's life, just like how BTS change many people's life with the use of their music and media. They use social media to be their medium which proves that social media is not all about gossips and etc, it can be useful if we use it in a good way. I just hope journalists will make use of the social media bcoz that medium really connect everyone. I'm not trying to offend anyone I'm just trying to say how we can make a change in every way we can, social media is very easy to access so we should make use of it. We the spectators should do our job too. We all have a role in this society and to make this place a better place to live in.

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