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  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
  • LAUGH!
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Comments • 33 786

  • Lonely Bean
    Lonely Bean 8 hours ago

    I had a slap n chop and I chopped my finger... twice

  • Galaxy wolf 98
    Galaxy wolf 98 8 hours ago

    9:20 in a grave

  • W h e e z e
    W h e e z e 9 hours ago +1

    6.6 Million views, and 6 months ago.


  • Cesar Modesto
    Cesar Modesto 11 hours ago

    Sausage party 2 a new sequel.

  • Benefits _ben
    Benefits _ben 12 hours ago

    Vincent offerson is kind
    Vincent offerson is powerful
    Vincent offerson is omnipotent
    Vincent offerson is life

  • DominicTKC
    DominicTKC 12 hours ago

    1:52 lol

  • DominicTKC
    DominicTKC 12 hours ago

    1:52 lol

  • eyezra
    eyezra 12 hours ago

    Jumpscare warning at 0:02.

  • panda boy fox
    panda boy fox 13 hours ago

    laugh if u know what is good for u

  • Cullen Caines
    Cullen Caines 14 hours ago

    The fuck do you mean it's all bullshit if it comes from canada? Hawaiian pizza is from canada.

  • Dendé Hehr
    Dendé Hehr 14 hours ago

    Spal chop!
    Now slap my nuts!

  • Leona-Trini Holland
    Leona-Trini Holland 15 hours ago

    5:44 Hahahaha so funny XD

  • Amanda Ross
    Amanda Ross 15 hours ago

    POTATO MAN WHY!!!!!!??????

  • Mark Suderman
    Mark Suderman 15 hours ago

    He knows how bacon is supposed to he eaten

  • Liza Awesome
    Liza Awesome 15 hours ago

    9:06 after I spaced out in class for only a few seconds

  • ScoriacTears
    ScoriacTears 15 hours ago

    But butter doesn't happen in that shape in Dorset.

  • CMG Smith
    CMG Smith 16 hours ago

    I'm from Canada screw you

  • Blaž vertovsek
    Blaž vertovsek 16 hours ago

    5:45 almost died

  • Kyle Boudreau
    Kyle Boudreau 17 hours ago

    Go to 11:15 for a surprise

  • donte frotten
    donte frotten 17 hours ago

    11:30why were the police at. Your door WHY

  • donte frotten
    donte frotten 17 hours ago

    9:55 I laughed so fucking badly

  • Joshua Cameron
    Joshua Cameron 17 hours ago

    SlapChop vs Flex Tape

  • Juliannalyn Malicdan
    Juliannalyn Malicdan 17 hours ago

    I love butter!!!😂😂😂

  • Camo Oper
    Camo Oper 22 hours ago +1

    You gana love my nuts

  • ZBF _YT
    ZBF _YT 22 hours ago

    Of the only greens you but butter on is green beans. Delicious

  • ShadoLely
    ShadoLely Day ago

    8:06 I saw dandruff and I kept staring at it 😂

    It's only if you look closely

  • Eleni Lima
    Eleni Lima Day ago

    I actually got the slap chop just a different brand

  • C.A.T
    C.A.T Day ago

    YoUr GoNna LoVe mY nUtS!

  • Animezingly
    Animezingly Day ago

    The face he makes at "Everyone love butter" is probably the best thing I've ever seen ever.

  • Hidden Rain
    Hidden Rain Day ago

    8:12 had me laughing for like 3 days straight 🤣

  • Amanda Meadows
    Amanda Meadows Day ago

    i was in and store and saw pocket hose XD and i was like " WOAH! its ReAL HOLY!"

  • Raegan Bloss
    Raegan Bloss Day ago

    The transition from bingo to LAUGH was sooooo smooth, nice job Jackaboy

  • The Crimson Gnome
    The Crimson Gnome Day ago +2

    6:45 did u see that bacon transformation god DAMN

  • Joel Palmer
    Joel Palmer Day ago

    That trasistion though

  • Maddie Millard
    Maddie Millard Day ago

    That butter has power

  • L From DeathNote

    Proof that swearing like a sailor will get you far 🤣

  • Sticky Buns
    Sticky Buns Day ago +2

    How dare you mock Richard Karn? You almost earned yourself a down vote.

  • sam dark
    sam dark Day ago

    4:21 jack your scaring me...jack..jack...JACK

  • Cash Smith
    Cash Smith Day ago

    You can make enything into a cuss

  • Yoongination
    Yoongination Day ago

    Says the dude that starts off his videos with a slapping sound!

  • Deontae G.
    Deontae G. Day ago

    I like bumpy backen Idk how to write it

  • Kevin Lynch
    Kevin Lynch Day ago

    kim possible at the beggining

  • TurtleToast25
    TurtleToast25 Day ago

    America: 4:11

  • Dark-sky the demon

    We had a pocket hose...
    The only thing I think that was a lie is...
    It can kink...
    But that's it...
    And it was very useful....

  • Cheyenne Phillips

    I love galick

  • Jackaboy Shean
    Jackaboy Shean 2 days ago

    He follows me on insta

  • Frizzy Izzy
    Frizzy Izzy 2 days ago +2

    I don't have a microwave!
    I can't get bacon wave!
    I'm vegetarian

    This probably wasn't funny
    I just wanted to make fun of bacon wave

  • Alma Carcasole
    Alma Carcasole 2 days ago

    Hmm y u hate Canada

  • Sae Sae gaming
    Sae Sae gaming 2 days ago

    Yo I laugh my butt of at the slap chop

  • Wofle
    Wofle 2 days ago

    Ouch. . .

  • Braden Henderson
    Braden Henderson 2 days ago

    Jack:THATS THE ONE!!!!!

  • Zex sumaiter
    Zex sumaiter 2 days ago

    Slap my nuts

  • Aries Flame
    Aries Flame 2 days ago +2

    Awe its precious how jackaboy can't handle another version of himself 😝

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  • Carter Brewer
    Carter Brewer 2 days ago

    Listen here bitch I’m from Canada

  • Cobie Bentley
    Cobie Bentley 2 days ago

    We actually bought one of those slap chops for Thanksgiving years ago and it literally broke the first time we used it.

  • Ali Loa
    Ali Loa 2 days ago +2

    9:00-9:16 that was my reaction to my first jacksepticeye video 😂

  • Hououin Kymeowma
    Hououin Kymeowma 2 days ago

    Butter isn't going to make you fat. Fat doesn't make you fat, sugar makes you fat.

    • Hououin Kymeowma
      Hououin Kymeowma 2 days ago

      Store bought, packaged bacon is bad, home grown bacon is good. Come on Jack! you're smart lol!

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer 2 days ago

    8:11 I don't think I've ever laughed harder in my damn life.

  • Thunderbolt 7
    Thunderbolt 7 2 days ago

    Sorry 4:44

  • Thunderbolt 7
    Thunderbolt 7 2 days ago

    4:45 you really should not LAUGH at that but that’s hilarious

  • tyler -mt10
    tyler -mt10 2 days ago


  • Dracalli Mirari
    Dracalli Mirari 2 days ago

    Okay but have y’all ever tried Irish butter

  • Mady
    Mady 2 days ago

    18:04 YOU CAN'T STOP US

  • Anna Conrad
    Anna Conrad 2 days ago +2

    Jack. It means there are four slices of the butter in 1 table spoon

  • tasislit bro
    tasislit bro 2 days ago

    Jack watch slap my nuts

  • amberite gamer
    amberite gamer 2 days ago

    Martini cheese what the fuck Vince

  • crazycade gaming
    crazycade gaming 2 days ago

    Vince is the end of the world

  • bryann the cat
    bryann the cat 2 days ago

    Jack when u were making that horror movie a ad came on XD

  • Dorky Dawn
    Dorky Dawn 2 days ago

    Fun fact the slap chop guy is a rapist and abuser

  • Hippie Chick
    Hippie Chick 2 days ago

    When he yelled LAUGH I was on the ground dying from laughter

  • Tommy Reed
    Tommy Reed 2 days ago

    1:53 look at the captions at this moment it's hilarious and true.

  • Joy Collins
    Joy Collins 3 days ago

    5:43 the loud music didn’t scare me it was jack screaming that did

  • TheRealDestroyer32
    TheRealDestroyer32 3 days ago

    when you liquefy butter and inject it directly into your vines

  • T AND S Gaming
    T AND S Gaming 3 days ago

    I just cAme from a GTA V video and I thought it was a different person