The BEST Money We've Ever Spent

  • Published on Dec 8, 2018
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Comments • 2 434

  • Balag
    Balag Day ago

    can you dissasemble the alexa and fit it inside the Bass

  • bryan thornburg
    bryan thornburg Day ago +1

    Anyone else hear it say “call of the wild”? I love that gane

  • Harry Mallett
    Harry Mallett 2 days ago

    Linus you should do a video taking apart an echo dot and putting it inside big mouth Billy bass

  • Myth!cッ
    Myth!cッ 6 days ago +1

    6:58 Galaxy S9 default notification sound

  • Elliot Wexler
    Elliot Wexler 9 days ago

    that trivia was easy and I am 13

  • Grant Ezell
    Grant Ezell 13 days ago

    Im BIG MOUTH BILLY BASS’s biggest fan! Prove me wrong.

  • YoYamairoGamed
    YoYamairoGamed 20 days ago +1

    You have to slap the BASS or davie504 Wil be mad

  • Josh Blade
    Josh Blade 20 days ago

    Is it in the LMG Lounge?

  • Zero Control
    Zero Control 22 days ago

    I have some very wet land to sell you , if your interested.

  • Wes Gale
    Wes Gale 27 days ago

    it isnt "Hey Alexa" please stop having him in videos

  • Aranea
    Aranea 29 days ago

    I don't know why, but I find hilarious watching a bass say: *that's a bad kitty*

  • Peter Siegel
    Peter Siegel Month ago +1

    Please do a video where you mod big mouth billy bass and an echo dot together into a Frankenstein to rule over all Frankenstein’s! Also when it’s done hang it on the wall of the kitchen set!

  • Logano McGee
    Logano McGee Month ago

    you don't need to say hey before alexa just so you guys know

  • Car Audio Inc
    Car Audio Inc Month ago

    I dunno why but I lmao when he called him Loud mouth Billy Bass.

  • mbntur
    mbntur Month ago

    Install one in the ltt lounge

  • Liberty Bell1776
    Liberty Bell1776 Month ago

    If I was Lucas film/Disney I would make a Darth Vader and get James Jones's to allow them to sample his voice make a Vader statue and make it a stand alone Alexa device but with a Vader Voice. And other characters as well, if TomTom can do it Amazon can make Alexa do it. imagine the possibilities call in Michael cane and Alexa becomes Alfred Pennyworth. Of course Amazon would have to allow the manufacturer or yourself to set the wake word.

  • Jeppe77
    Jeppe77 Month ago

    Linus experimenting with plugging usb type D in to the fish
    James: Hey Alexa!

  • Chris NoBrainz
    Chris NoBrainz Month ago

    next video
    Lets watercool it

  • believeidiomas
    believeidiomas Month ago

    Mine didn’t come with the lyrics. Can someone send a photo of the lyrics to me?

  • indyjons321
    indyjons321 Month ago

    "Hey Billy...."

  • Xen Trading
    Xen Trading Month ago

    This is fishy

  • The Opinion of Matt

    Everyone should tweet this video to Jeff Bezos. Then we will get a Billy the Bass Amazon Echo.

  • Seam Bunthayarat
    Seam Bunthayarat Month ago

    the pinnacle of modern engineering tech!!!

  • Steve Steele
    Steve Steele Month ago

    Watercool it.

  • Hans Wurst
    Hans Wurst Month ago +1

    may the best vid ive ever seen

  • Derek Miller
    Derek Miller Month ago +3

    Don't play this video if an Echo is nearby, mine decided to play along with everything they said and for some reason added " One James" to my shopping list

  • JNcustom35
    JNcustom35 Month ago

    *unironically bought for smart home*

  • cody rogers
    cody rogers 2 months ago

    No water cooling?

  • Nul Atlas
    Nul Atlas 2 months ago

    3:45 , I like to think that someone has a bunch of those all synced to Alexa and one giant room with like 50 on each wall and when you say Alexa all the fish turn and stare at you until they finish responding.

  • jameswalker199
    jameswalker199 2 months ago

    I wonder if it can work with other assistants

  • Ben Ryan
    Ben Ryan 2 months ago

    Notice the head and the tail never move together. One has to go back fully before the other can move. Thus, the motor turns one way to move the head and the other for the tail.

  • The Surfing Charmander
    The Surfing Charmander 2 months ago

    December 7 the attack on pearl harbor

  • Awesome Boy 201X Savage

    Is this lagit gemmy

  • Trap Vibes Forever
    Trap Vibes Forever 2 months ago

    i have no idea why but im looking for stuff to put in my room and this seems just what i was looking for as stupid as it is

  • Ethan Lundberg
    Ethan Lundberg 2 months ago

    my echo went off 7 different times throughout this video

    VIPUL ANAND 2 months ago

    Somehow James reminds me of Gilfoyle from Silicon Valley

  • Drake Ells
    Drake Ells 2 months ago

    My alexa kept replying to y'all

  • turquoiseflag
    turquoiseflag 2 months ago

    yes just yes

  • David Scott
    David Scott 2 months ago

    how much longer before they water cool it?

  • Samuel D'souza
    Samuel D'souza 3 months ago

    my worst dream is coming true (the rise of the talking fish)

    7EVEN 8IGHT 3 months ago

    Remember the rumors that Alexa is spying on everyone? Now you def see something *FISHY* about her.

  • CaptainCarthex
    CaptainCarthex 3 months ago

    I bought one when the craze started but am no good with electronics so couldn't figure out how to wire it up. Now you can just do it out of the box lol!

  • aymimi
    aymimi 3 months ago +1

    I got one of those (without Alexa) in 2016

  • tryekk
    tryekk 3 months ago

    Can you censor the word 'Alexa', please?

  • Eskamo Bob
    Eskamo Bob 4 months ago +16

    I am horrendously disappointed that it didn't respond in the Billy bass voice

  • Wojtas!
    Wojtas! 4 months ago +73

    Guys. Alexa can play Skyrim. This thing can play Skyrim. YOU CAN LITERALLY PLAY SKYRIM ON A FISH!

  • Aibos&IDogs&Animatronics41

    The first motor actually drives both the head and tail. It spins one way to flip the tail and it moves the other way to make the head lift. There's another motor further inside to run the mouth.

  • Aynsley Chaloupka
    Aynsley Chaloupka 4 months ago

    Had to mute my damn alexa

  • mnemennth
    mnemennth 4 months ago +1

    Oh BLEEP! When James came onscreen... I swear I heard "Kill it... kill it with FIRE!!!" FOFL!

  • NoZVeratu
    NoZVeratu 4 months ago

    Someone plz make a GIF of 1:50-1:54

  • Sinjakin
    Sinjakin 5 months ago

    Sopranos scene

  • Josiah David Marcelo
    Josiah David Marcelo 5 months ago

    This video probably f'ed up a lot of Alexa-enabled homes.

  • Luisin88
    Luisin88 5 months ago +2

    'Broadcasts your location to the NSA and CIA'

  • Tristian Bangert
    Tristian Bangert 5 months ago

    tell me about george soros

  • wolfmaster
    wolfmaster 5 months ago

    no that is the gear for the head, the tail and head gear are in the fish itself

  • Blah Blah
    Blah Blah 5 months ago

    money well-fucking spent

  • Bikitrel
    Bikitrel 5 months ago

    I bought one of these for my teacher I left it in his room and I've just been playing songs on it all day

  • LucasJed
    LucasJed 5 months ago

    Linus knows American history better than most Americans

  • Thomas Train
    Thomas Train 6 months ago

    Is it overclockable

  • Mr Danny Lane
    Mr Danny Lane 6 months ago

    Alexa... play don’t worry, be happy...

  • Mr Danny Lane
    Mr Danny Lane 6 months ago

    What if you intercom to it? Does the mouth move to your voice?

  • ExtremeGamer
    ExtremeGamer 6 months ago

    But can it run crysis? Where's the thunderbolt support and audio passthrough though

  • Reese Ford
    Reese Ford 6 months ago

  • ExpoXBL
    ExpoXBL 6 months ago

    Is Big Mouth Billy Bass black? Because this could be racist

  • Square Biscuit Productions

    This set of my Amazon Echo like crazy XD

  • Comeback Kid
    Comeback Kid 6 months ago


  • google inc
    google inc 6 months ago

    i prefer the twerking robot

  • Liam Gallagher
    Liam Gallagher 6 months ago

    Stop it, you're killing him!

  • STS1985
    STS1985 6 months ago

    You started a 15 second timer on my Alexa, thanks Jake...

  • *Good Vibes*
    *Good Vibes* 6 months ago +1

    All the comments are fish puns. I was gonna come up with a fish pun as the punchline of this comment but I couldn’t come up with any.

  • *Good Vibes*
    *Good Vibes* 6 months ago +1


  • benejgreen neergjeneb
    benejgreen neergjeneb 6 months ago

    Can we please get a future video where we water cool the fish?

  • Conor Maguire
    Conor Maguire 6 months ago

    Ive never had alexa or Cortana or any of the various voice help tools. But now Im heavily considering buying one

  • Marshall Huberts
    Marshall Huberts 6 months ago

    What’s so good about the money

  • Mergatroid Mania
    Mergatroid Mania 6 months ago