Should Harley-Davidson build a Factory, Club-Style Cruiser?

  • Published on Oct 19, 2018
  • There is a huge Sub-Culture in the Harley-Davidson world that might be Harley-Davidson's unexpected market to tap into. Matt Laidlaw goes into his insights and how he has seen this style and culture explode in the Free-style-meets-harley-cruiser world. What's your opinion on this emerging segment?
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  • Disco Donny 007
    Disco Donny 007 8 months ago +15

    I’m in Fresno, California and your the man Matt! Club style is an American thing and should be made at Harley to sell to the whole world. Everyone wants one. Young, Old, Men, and Women want to ride in a club on a club bike. Hands down...

      KIRBOSKI 2 months ago +1

      Tony R if it keeps attracting a younger crowd and bringing motorcross raised kids to the streets on Harley’s who then that should be a good thing. The style been around forever, back to the T sport. But keep enjoying that wide glide dood 😂

    • Tony R
      Tony R 4 months ago

      But this so called style is nothing more than an extreme riser and cafe fairing. Y'all making a big deal about a ridiculous change that screams "look at me" and does nothing. The WC can have it.

    • Xi Degel
      Xi Degel 8 months ago +1

      I live in Austin Texas 🤠, and yes, I've seen the " Club Style" motorcycles here as well. I personally like'em.

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw  8 months ago +4

      You’re right. I didn’t really think of that point before. This style is a purely American Style. Born and cultivated in America. Comment pinned.

  • Joseph Andreuccetti
    Joseph Andreuccetti 7 hours ago

    I really wish this stays in style for a long time
    It makes sense to build a functional bike
    They handle better with those bars and and suspension upgrades along with being fast

    Maybe the paint jobs won’t out last the club style but I really hope that also stays in style.
    It’s just awesome and is a mix of lower rider and chopperish paint

  • Steve Stevenson
    Steve Stevenson Day ago


  • Craig Gaulzetti
    Craig Gaulzetti 6 days ago

    Harley is a Midwestern Company that has always had an open mind while also always having a serious set of blinders on. They've never really gotten "cool". They've tried throughout their post AMF history to jump on to trends and styles that just never really jelled. It's ironic that any kid with an internet connection can build a club style bike or a street track style bike or a drag style bike or a chopper that looks far more balanced, deliberate and "right" than anything that comes out of Harley's product management team. I think they need a massive change in culture. These nice folks in their Chinos and ball caps are as out of touch with the kids doing wheelies on street glides as their predecessors in style less suits were when kids were building choppers in the '60s and '70s- or their predecessors were when the first ww2 veterans came home and started bobbing fenders and raising hell. Harley's bread and butter is still selling super profitable giant cruisers to old guys who like chrome and tassels- for the most part they'll adapt when Harley says black is the new chrome and matted denim is the new gloss- but any really cool our purposeful Harley has always come from folks at the margins. Harley has never driven any popular trends or really been able to co-opt them- but fortunately they've always made bikes that were simple enough to modify easily and even with the new Softail designs this is still the case.
    I just bought a brand new Street Bob instead of a brand new Fat Bob even thought Iiked almost everything about the Fat Bob better. I just felt that the fat wheels didn't handle as well and everything on the bike would be harder to update and make my own. I wasn't certain what direction I wanted my Harley to go- I've always been into Flat Track racing so that seemed an option- and having lived out here in San Diego for a few years now- the Club Style which I initially found hideous- had grown on me the more I rode my motorcycle. In the end- for the type of riding I do- a Club Style bike made the most sense and the Street Bob was the easiest candidate to make one from. I commute 50 miles a day on the highway- often in bad SoCal traffic so I want a narrow maneuverable bike so I can lane split and get out of trouble quick. Narrow reasonably tall T-bars or moto bars with a riser are perfect for that. They sit you upright enough to be able to see and be seen- they're narrow enough to lane split easily and they're solid feeling. The tall skinny fairing- I got a Memphis Shades- is a must on the highway if you want to stay moving just a bit faster than the rest of the traffic- which is the safest way to ride here. It greatly cuts down on turbulence and buffetting and keeps you much fresher and more comfortable. The Street Bob has mid controls- any real bike should have these. You can't ride a bike hard while sitting in a position that best mimics your wife in stirrups getting pap smear at her OGYN. Just replace the stock pegs with some type of aggressive mini platform or knurled racing style peg even. Ground clearance is your friend but so is grip and support! Club Style bikes are generally taller and have better suspensions. Here we've got lots of great twisty canyon roads that I still enjoy riding- good suspension though makes a bike more enjoyable everywhere. My Street Bob also got a Whiplash seat- these squared off seats give you more support during had accelerations and mine is grippy too. Ergonomically with long travel suspension, Lucky Daves San Diego Bars, a Memphis Shades fairing and windscreen, and my Whiplash saddle- my bike is pretty much a perfect bike to use as transportation in California now ergonomically. The next thing it needs is to be louder so people can hear it- (I was never a believer in loud pipes save lives bull until I snuck behind a MC guy with Thunderheads lane splitting and he was like Moses parting the Red Sea- cars just moved out of the way because they heard him. My bike with its stock pipes was almost never heard.) So I'm going to get some fancy RB Racing pipes and probably do a big bore kit and a cam and throttle bodies and an air cleaner and all the other stuff to get the thing up around 130-140hp and ft lbs of torque. Then I really won't even NEED my Aprilia RSV4 anymore- I'll have the perfect bike for me. I'm convinced that even if you hate the style- a Club Style bike is an ideal motorcycle for most folks who ride one-up and spend time on all types of roads and ride a lot. Harley should make a bunch of them. Do a cheap one- basically a Street Bob 107 with T-bars and a fairing and the longer shock. Then do a fancy one with a 117, add Ohlins Suspension front and rear, Brembo Brakes, a custom slightly shorter alloy swing arm with say 14.5" shock- and sell it as the performance model- Give it a cool fairing like the Memphis Shades but have it painted to match. Then do a Bagger version too. 114- T-Bars, a bigger fairing and some other cool aero stuff- and unique side cases that don't hide the tire and the swing arm- make it longer travel with fancy Ohlins shocks and USD forks too. SO yeah- Matt you're right. But Harley has no clue what any of this stuff even means-so they'll do massive missteps like that dumb crossbones springer thing- kind almost get it with bikes like the '48 and the new Fat Bob- or build bikes that look great but actually suck in real life like the new FXDR. Harley will plod along and figure it out on occasion though through no fault of their own as long as it remains easy to modify these things.

  • Allyson Saxe
    Allyson Saxe 9 days ago

    I’m from Colorado (Denver area!) and you see a lot of club style bikes! I love the look and wish HD would do something along these lines.

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw  7 days ago

      Cool. Thanks for commenting. I think they will soon. At least offer some parts and accessories to make your bike have this style.

  • Héctor Gomez
    Héctor Gomez 14 days ago

    I agree carnal !!

  • Greg Martin
    Greg Martin 15 days ago

    Arkansas it is the right stuff love it

  • Joseph Malick
    Joseph Malick 15 days ago

    East the Club Style scoot.

  • John Mercer
    John Mercer 16 days ago

    Customs kind of the culture I think it would be lame if Harley came out with stock style like that

  • Daniel Andrews
    Daniel Andrews 18 days ago

    I’m getting a 2013 street bob soon, and this is exactly what I’m gonna do to it! Love the look. When Harley took away the dyna they helped to grow the fascination with this look and style bike. NOW it’s time to harvest! Bring back they dyna for 2020 and club it out! I’ll buy one immediately!!!!

  • Trae UCity
    Trae UCity 24 days ago

    Though his style was more Bobber than Club Style, that's why I loved Indian Larry's bikes. They were quick, agile and made for RIDING in every day conditions.

  • Steven Thorpe
    Steven Thorpe 25 days ago

    yes! the guys here in IN that rock this style have some of the nastiest bikes on the streets. the sport glide def missed the mark. also make a fucking road glide ultra special, thats all blacked out. we get 3 ultra limited and 1 road glide ultra. dumb

  • Yves Cuillerier
    Yves Cuillerier 25 days ago

    Im in Montreal Canada
    Built my own club style dyna from a 1998 FXD converted
    I love the style and everybody is riding the baggers with the oversize front wheel.
    I like the versetality of my dyna club style,i can ride it all day long or hit the curves.
    Your are correct Matt HD mist the boat

  • Laszlo Szutor
    Laszlo Szutor 27 days ago

    I’m in Georgia, 44 years old and love my club style 2007 Dyna Super Glide Custom

  • Jayme Yates
    Jayme Yates 27 days ago

    Coming from a sport bike wanting a Harley forever couldn’t ever afford finally got a 2016 low rider and building a club style bike and love it

    • Jayme Yates
      Jayme Yates 27 days ago

      Also I live in Dallas Texas 24 years old

  • evil_muscle muscled

    Nope not into the dirt bike look and the handle bars ohhhh noooooo

  • club 1 loner
    club 1 loner Month ago

    It's growing here on long Island Ny. I've got 1990 fxr clubbed out .

  • Jan Andersen
    Jan Andersen Month ago


  • Ross Malagarie
    Ross Malagarie Month ago

    Not my style, (mine is chopper, fat rear, up angle gas tank, and 40-45 degree rake) but plenty of people like this style and I am sure they would sell. I have a 12' Yamaha Raider S but if I bought a HD it would be a Breakout. My second bike will be a Big Dog K9.

  • Ross Malagarie
    Ross Malagarie Month ago

    DANG those grips are sick! What is the make and model of them?

  • Adrian Pedrosa
    Adrian Pedrosa Month ago

    Love it. Sydney Australia. Been looking for parts

  • Aaron pittman
    Aaron pittman Month ago

    I’m from Georgia and just bought a softtail lowrider. And it will definitely have tbars and a fxrt fairing.

  • zachary023
    zachary023 Month ago

    alberta canada love the club style

  • Hugo Figueroa
    Hugo Figueroa Month ago

    New Jersey. club style dyna 👍definitely not just a cali thing

  • Ronald Swafford
    Ronald Swafford Month ago

    I'm in East Tennessee and I like it

  • Rafael Diaz
    Rafael Diaz Month ago

    2016 FXDLS, club style for life! Currently in Seattle but I'm originally from SoCal...Riverside!!

  • Josh Jones
    Josh Jones Month ago

    Lots of us in Colorado

  • paul Gibbs
    paul Gibbs Month ago

    Love this style! If the motor company did this and a tracker/scrambler line it would sell like crazy.

  • Kurt Avramovich
    Kurt Avramovich Month ago

    I agree with you. I live in ga and I ride a dyna. I see club style dynas everywhere not just in cali

  • Jamie Lodge
    Jamie Lodge Month ago

    I’ve got a club style fxdx I live in the uk love the look. Painted it twice since I’ve had it. Got it to the right level now paintwise. T-bars conelys fairing lucky daves seat. I see a lot of this style in Thailand. Would love to buy an fxr but they are getting really rare here in the uk.

  • David Almeroth
    David Almeroth Month ago

    Cleveland, OH
    That FXDR proof-of-concept looks great. Nice beefy styling with smaller fairing. Aggressive yet highway friendlier.
    Peace of Lord Jesus upon you and yours. Amen.

  • Road Rage
    Road Rage Month ago

    Club style dynas everywhere in nyc lowrider S was club style... now i moved onto a performance bagger...which i also see everywhere

  • Jeffrey Burrows
    Jeffrey Burrows Month ago

    In Finland I have seen zero bikes built in this style. I don't really like those T-bars and half fairings - though classic semi apes are rather common in Dynas and Shoftails here.

  • Marshall Williams
    Marshall Williams Month ago

    The Black Hills still ruled by baggers. I could see those making it out here though as theyd be great in the twisties. Personally ill never have one, much prefer deluxe lowriders and billy bikes.

  • Zachary Gibbons
    Zachary Gibbons Month ago

    No, do not make them from the factory. The best part of the west coast club style is building and making it your own. If any joe-shmo can buy one already built it takes the creativity and uniqueness of it.

  • T bone
    T bone Month ago

    Nor cal. Club style o8 fxd. I love it.

  • anthony FXBB
    anthony FXBB Month ago

    Slowly getting my 18FXBB to where I want it!

  • Adam 14
    Adam 14 Month ago

    I am from Australia
    I love the club style

  • Jared Reed
    Jared Reed Month ago

    I live in San Diego, I started on dirt bikes and went to street bikes. I’ve been seeing these club style bikes all over. Especially lane splitting on the freeway. Whenever one goes by I think renegade. I don’t have one yet but I want either a FXR or Low Rider S. Great vid.

  • Common Sense Camper

    Harley is slow to adapt....they are ALWAYS 3-5 years behind the customer demands. They will probably do a club style in 2 more years, then it will be out of style, then they will tell guys like you "see, you were wrong" HARLEY you want younger customers.....CLUB STYLE, period end of story! By the way I'm in the mid west and loves this style!

  • JoyRide Inc.
    JoyRide Inc. Month ago

    I have a 91 FXR club style, T bars, fairing, unfortunately in the Chicago area I dont see many.There are a bunch of 30" baggers around here.

  • Fake Name_MTG
    Fake Name_MTG Month ago


  • Anthony Siracuse
    Anthony Siracuse Month ago

    By the way Harley did this already it was the FXDXT

  • Mike W
    Mike W Month ago

    No, they should make a bobber style full electric bike...

  • Anthony Siracuse
    Anthony Siracuse Month ago

    It’s actually HA style but whatever. I don’t like the term club style because some clubs ride Viclas

  • BuellS1
    BuellS1 Month ago

    Wasn't the FXDXT the 'club style' you're referring to? They only made this model for a couple of years.

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw  Month ago

      That was and still is a popular bike that a lot of guys use as a base to build a club style bike on. It didn’t have any type of a fairing on it though.

  • ThatPvMGuy
    ThatPvMGuy Month ago

    Im fromNorth Carolina and love this style they had 3 used bikes at the harly shop down from my house sold 2 in 1 week they need to make this bike oem

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith Month ago

    I’m in Georgia and I see these all the time.

  • Greg Brewer jr
    Greg Brewer jr 2 months ago

    def must be a "west coast" thing not an appealing look at all,a stock fxr or fxst looks 100xs better..just my worthless opinion coming from Massachusetts..

  • ItsDicko
    ItsDicko 2 months ago

    I think you’re understating the influence of SOA. That show definitely impacted on the style being picked up more broadly. But that aside, the “Club” or “West Coast” style bikes are big everywhere, especially amongst the stunt scene. And it’s not limited to dynas and softails. Clubbed out sportsters are pretty popular in Australia too.

  • Peter
    Peter 2 months ago

    It`s an age thing. Bagger owners might buy one as a second bike.

  • Antti Toivari
    Antti Toivari 2 months ago

    I live in way up in Scandinavia, I have Club Style FXDCi with some parts powdered black 2-1 BRR, Tall raiser with Iron Sporty´s bar raised up suspension rebuild FXDX combined with progheavyduty front, lil´supd up tune Qfairing and bits and pieces with personal customization. This Matt´s vid was spot on and HD should make club/thug thing for market demand.....My idea of this beast: reengineered FXR frame with FXDX-T and FXDLS in the mixer bowl blacked out sauce with it and maybe ever throw the new 2020 liquid cooled engine in, and blend in with full power for awhile......awot should be bitchin ride and would certainly cater for younger gen as well !

  • Dyna Dan
    Dyna Dan 2 months ago

    I’m in jersey and this is my style. I have a 14 dyna low rider that is club style. I grew up riding dirt bikes and the club style set up makes a full size bike feel more like a dirt bike in my opinion. Also it just looks badass lol. But I would say it’s deff not just a west coast thing. Guys rocking wheelies or that just ride hard I think like this style and i agree it’s mostly an under 50 crowd that rocks this style but hey us guys In our 20’s- 40’s I think need our own style. Thanks for another great vid my friend

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw  2 months ago

      Thanks for the comment. Good to know the community is speaking about how they like this style.

  • Phieagles76
    Phieagles76 2 months ago

    Seems to be growing in Upstate NY still not a huge market but definitely potential and I personally love it definitely the style and performance I want with my street bob!

  • Dylan Muldovan
    Dylan Muldovan 2 months ago

    Central NY, love clubstyle. Once I get my fxbb, it's gonna slowly become a club

  • David Mcdonald
    David Mcdonald 2 months ago

    I'm from Columbus Ohio we love that style here.

  • brown dawg
    brown dawg 2 months ago

    they should build what the public wants and this makes it

  • CJ
    CJ 2 months ago

    Their biggest and youngest market and they stopped production on it 🤦‍♂️ Think the new softail chassis will conform to replace the dyna over the years 🇺🇸

  • Mrs Hudson
    Mrs Hudson 2 months ago

    there is one man that could make this happen and that's willy G. this is a great idea but your talkin to the wrong people

  • Paul Gibbard
    Paul Gibbard 2 months ago

    Hi I love the style. I am MC
    I own a club style street bob DYNA and I am a ex motocross rider and have had all the super bikes so your right on all counts. But I can’t see myself riding the new soft tail street bobs . Shout have kept the Lowrider s in the range I love the dyne, I like everything that’s right with it and everything that’s wrong with it. Dyne riders ride hard.
    We need DYNA s and FXRs Lowrider super sport . HARLEY aren’t building bike for me anymore or any club or DYNA rider the FXRS 114 or even 120 would be bang on. Just offer spiked wheels option Paul in the uk

  • Anthony P
    Anthony P 2 months ago

    The Dyna is REALLY popular in New England. Big in Massachusetts where I live.

  • Anthony P
    Anthony P 2 months ago +2

    YES. Absolutely. Harley Davidson should bring back the Dyna platform. Or revamp the Dyna in a more modern style but keeping that spirit.

  • matthew casler
    matthew casler 2 months ago

    Corpus christi texas. Yes i like it and i see them around. Im looking at getting a dyna or softail street bob to make a club style.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 months ago

    Amazing bikes

  • Matt Grey
    Matt Grey 2 months ago

    I'm in Auckland, New Zealand. This style has been popular here for a while. I'm on my third dyna, the last two I have made club style

  • 69captmike
    69captmike 2 months ago

    NYC A stock club style I feel will take away from the bikes draw you have to build your bike or by one used that fact that u can’t walk in to the dealer and walk out with one is part of what makes them cool

  • Jordy Lew72
    Jordy Lew72 2 months ago

    buffalo NY, love these bikes

  • Kaptain K
    Kaptain K 2 months ago

    Isn't that basically what the Sport Glide is?
    As for whether or not I like I've never been a fan of fairings, really. I've even said that if I ever make the jump to "tourer" class, it's 100% GOT to be a Road King, because it's the only one Harley makes without a fairing. I just prefer the more classic 70s - 90s cruiser style.

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw  2 months ago +1

      It’s quite a bit different than a sportglide.
      Yea, more power to you if you don’t like the fairing stuff. I had to warm up to it too.

  • Paul Messer
    Paul Messer 2 months ago

    "club style"...😂😂

  • Screags
    Screags 2 months ago

    Hey Matt i'm from France and i love that style, so i customized my vt600 in a club style and i met a lot of riders that love it too and ride that kind of bike

  • Timothy OHara
    Timothy OHara 2 months ago

    You are exactly right about the sport glide. They missed the mark.
    A bike with T bars, small fairing, great suspension. Would be a great bike. Offer an all blacked out version, then some custom colors.
    I live in South Carolina. Cool is cool. It isn't a geographical thing. Club style bikes would be such a nice option for the people who don't want a street glide. A lighter, high performance bike. You were right when you said the overdone baggers are no longer what is popular. Performance baggers are popular because people want performance. Club style bikes look the part.

  • Cole VerSteegh
    Cole VerSteegh 2 months ago

    From Kentucky and Colorado and I have a club style bike and so do the guys I ride with! You see it all over it’s not just in Cali anymore

  • thedchams
    thedchams 3 months ago

    It’s catching on in NJ. I personally ride a 17 FXDL with a 110, 10 inch riser set up, Lucky Dave’s step up, T-Sport fairing. Looking at getting LeatherPros soon. I work at a Harley dealer out here, and ride with a bunch of Dyna and FXR guys, who have all went Club Style in the past three years, right after I did.

  • Jeff somersby
    Jeff somersby 3 months ago

    At least it is a Ridable bike and that explains WHY (I don't agree with your reasons why they exist in the first place at all) The were customised like that to RIDE, more road clearance, it looks good, it is a reasonably bear bones, it is a functional bike and many have mid pegs the ones that don't are guys missing the point of why they exist.
    To say they exist because of flat tracking dirt riders and MX etc ...bullshit....Also, don't call it "freestyle" come on ... They are like that because people want to be able to ride the goddamn bikes a Harley is a slow bike I don't care how you put it. So, make it quicker, make it able to go around bends, the fairing is o their not only looks it is so you can ride all day. The suspension is longer I could go on but I would sound like you the way you rabbit on and on saying the same thing over and over....tall 'T' bars look shit. especially when you have 12 inch risers holding up drag bars.
    ...and don't you dare tolk about hard bags...why the fuck do you think they took them off? ...Baggers are the most useless of any HD ever most of them can't even follow the curve of a mountain road.

  • EK Farrow Daily
    EK Farrow Daily 3 months ago

    I'm 42 florida had a 18 street glide special got stolen paid off by insurance blessing in disguise. Paid cash for a 13 street bob couldn't be happier with the weight difference and I dont travel far so gonna club it some but not full out.

  • Philip Bugge Johnsen
    Philip Bugge Johnsen 3 months ago

    You are right on the money Matt.
    Faroe Islands North Atlantic Ocean located between Island and the Shetland Islands and rides a 2018 Harley Davidson FXBRS-Breakout Black tempest STAGE III 117ci with Dr. Jekill and Mr Hyde exhuast and TTS Mastertune 2

  • Beau Bernhoft
    Beau Bernhoft 3 months ago

    Surprisingly not popular in Milwaukee, home of Harley. You’ll see one rarely but I would love a stock club style bike for under 15k

  • Lance Pittman
    Lance Pittman 3 months ago

    I’m from Texas and I love that style of bike , stock bikes suck lol what’s the first thing everyone does when they get a Harley start changing it , pipes , bars seat ect why is that ?

  • Daltons _97
    Daltons _97 3 months ago

    Its for sure a west coast style but it is 100% making its way around the country. Im from the east cost from atlanta georgia and me and a couple buddies have clubstyle dynas.

  • Savin Nou
    Savin Nou 3 months ago

    I'm in Texas and I just got a little nightster but I made it a club style and I'm probably the only one I've seen around here in central Texas hopefully to see more club style bikes soon

    SALTYNUTS 3 months ago

    I agree with you dude 🤙🏽100%

  • Jake Bogan
    Jake Bogan 3 months ago

    I am in Orlando, FL and I see quite a few people over here have club style bikes. Myself included! I do agree with it being a west coast style bike but that doesn't matter because its a sweet style!

  • Josh Hall
    Josh Hall 3 months ago

    I love this style! I am personally working on getting my 18' FXLR more like that! Check it out on my Insta: thejosh1616. I work for Smoky Mountain H-D in TN! I agree with your point that this is definitely how to grab younger eyes! Especially if it makes sense with $$

  • Craig Bygrove
    Craig Bygrove 3 months ago

    This club style with out a doubt screams what HD should always be about. Tough, badass, and highly customizable. Even our new transgender generation will need a man in there life at some point. Rocking the 07 FXDL done up this way here in good ol Canada eh.

  • Sam R
    Sam R 3 months ago

    This style is just starting to catch on in Milwaukee. Theres a couple “club style” Dynas and FXRs around but not a whole lot

  • fireball1322
    fireball1322 3 months ago

    Need 1978-82 style Super Glides and low Riders and Wide Glide.Softtails would be nice. Call it "traditional" for lack of a better term. H-D is straying too far for some of us older long time riders of our beloved American motorcycle. But not all of us want a fulldresser. I only see one I'd even be interested in these days. And still not sure I'd buy it over a warmed over older shovel or early Evo then. Let's remember, most of us are not trying to be front nor rear wheelstanding attention kings. We want to riiiiiiide. A bike that leans and is very swift in the curves normally encountered on public roads. Yet gentle on one's ass for a couple to three hours. Or a tankful.

  • Thomas Akers
    Thomas Akers 3 months ago

    Like you, Matt, I believe that Harley is missing some great opportunities to increase not only their new bike sales, but also the sales of their parts for club-styled HD conversions. For example, why should Harley owners have to seek out information about "Bung King" brackets, and make a separate purchase from Bung King, just to make the HD Quarter Fairing they want, work as a quick release fairing on their club-styled Low Riders, Street Bobs, etc. HD "should" have revised that 1/4 fairing a while ago. And for those who like the Club-Style look, the two bikes I mentioned are the entry level bikes into the soft-tail category, which HD should be striving very hard to encourage. Few younger riders are going to start with a BRAND NEW Road Glide for their first Harley... but if they pick-up a used Street Bob, to create a Club-Styled bike, they have made the jump to Harley (as I did, from Honda and Kawasaki). And not far down the road they may buy a new HD, after they made the initial switch to Harley via a used HD (as I have done). HD has to think of more (and less expensive) examples of getting younger riders to ENTER their market, and a USED HD is a proven pathway... and since many younger riders are embracing the Club-Styled bikes, HD should support those riders with club-styled & blacked-out parts for their conversions of used HD's. Then, add to that mix, a brand new Club-Styled model for those who can afford a new bike. I entered the HD market by starting with a used Sportster, and then moved up, eventually to my current (and 4th Harley). Along the way I moved from used HD's to a new HD, and I currently have an all blacked-out, 2016 Low Rider "S" which was very easy for me to turn into a great looking club-styled bike! By the way, I live in Illinois, and the number of club-style (and blacked-out HD's of other types), that I'm seeing here, indicates to me that there is some segment of the market that is making that same change in the mid-West, that you have been seeing there. I suspect California is ahead of the Club-Bike curve, and if I'm right, that means this trend still has a lot of sales left in it world-wide for HD.

    KC DE FACTO 3 months ago

    Shout out to clubstyle_thailand

  • busa 1911
    busa 1911 3 months ago

    This fairings would match up a cafe racer so I think that why they have listed as sports fairing but love how they look on new dyna

  • busa 1911
    busa 1911 3 months ago

    From GA and love that style I think you are absolutely correct it's big out here. Exactly as you said. Pastrana fan I turn 30 this year time to calm down raise family and have bike for road but I'm not on the bagger seen yet and just coming off the superbike scene the street Bob and fat Bob converted to club style. You got my vote. Next bike I'm getting is one of those very soon

  • Jimmy Garcia
    Jimmy Garcia 3 months ago

    Keep that shit in LA bro

  • DynabroSki Adam
    DynabroSki Adam 3 months ago

    Love it from New York I got a 2017 dyna

  • Tbunish1
    Tbunish1 3 months ago +4

    Only way to ride, purpose built, performance bikes. I agree with you completely. I’m in Colorado , I see it everywhere not just west coast. I rode Crotch rockets, until I seen some club style bikes. So I bought a Harley and started building my bikes like this. I was the black sheep in my family for along time because I grew up on Harley’s but they didn’t make a bike that performed well like these. It would help Harley out a lot as Harley’s aren’t cheap, and it took awhile before I made enough money to by one let alone spend the money on it to turn it into something that performed well. It’s for people who like to ride hard not just cruise. Harley is really missing the buck if they don’t hit this demographic. I have a 2017 FXDLS, that I built this way but I put inverted Ohlins Front end and shocks just to make a bike handle better. Harley needs to think about performance and looks not just the style of bike to putting out.

  • Satan_Neil
    Satan_Neil 3 months ago

    Hate it !! Nice paint jobs but fairings needs to stay on the imports or the big Street Cruisers.. If you like this style then customize your Harley, One of best thing about owning a Harley is making it look the way you want it .. Harley's should be as they are.. Toledo, Ohio

  • andrew dugan
    andrew dugan 3 months ago

    42 years old from Indiana. I don't like. Looks very 70s to me. I don't like the fairing or the paint jobs. Those fairings remind me of the wind jammer fairing on my step dad's old kaw from way back when.

  • Johan Andrade
    Johan Andrade 3 months ago

    Tampa bay Florida area. I honestly don’t see too many bikes of that style but I do like the look very much. I have a Sportster 48. With the sportsters potentially going away I think this would be a great styling to replace the sportster in some ways. NY and CA always seem to get the newest trends before any one else so that’s probably why it’s not so big in Florida but that will definitely attract 20s and early 30 Harley buyers

  • Johnny V Online
    Johnny V Online 3 months ago

    all the wheelie/drift dudes in Connecticut rock a similar style

  • Matt Wright
    Matt Wright 3 months ago

    I personally do not like this style but a friend of mine has been building his FX like this. Mid-late 30's in Orange County, CA.

  • RJ 650
    RJ 650 3 months ago

    Hell yes! It’s bad ass! I love this style. I’m 56 years old and guys like me see a lot of club style bikes ridden by younger riders. West Coast

  • Daniel Monger
    Daniel Monger 3 months ago

    I live in Washington and have an 05 Wide Glide with a Road Warrior fairing. I love the "club" style with the exception of the t-bars. I absolutely hate those bars and run 14in Burly apes. But I am gonna pick up taller suspension and a thunderheader exhaust