Juventus 1-1 Atalanta | The Bianconeri hold Atalanta in Barzagli’s last home game | Serie A

  • Published on May 19, 2019
  • Atalanta's hopes of a first Champions League qualification remain in their hands after they drew at champions Juventus.
    They looked set to hold on for a win after Josip Ilicic gave them a 33rd-minute lead but Mario Mandzukic equalised 10 minutes from time. | Serie A

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Comments • 418

  • Irakli Samsonia
    Irakli Samsonia 9 days ago

    33' Josip Ilicic (0-1); 80' Mario Mandzukic (1-1); 90+2' Federico Bernardeschi (Red card Juventus)

  • FLEX Yt
    FLEX Yt 10 days ago


  • Huawei Phoje
    Huawei Phoje 17 days ago

    I swear I almost fainted when I saw that miss by cr7😱😨😨😨

  • muhammed muhammed
    muhammed muhammed 21 day ago

    Insta : sa_hal010

  • Vijay Kumar
    Vijay Kumar 22 days ago

    Thankx for ur service Barzagli

  • Vigilancia KBL
    Vigilancia KBL 25 days ago

    Que golazo de Mandzukic

  • kamal mohammedi
    kamal mohammedi 25 days ago

    forza milan
    milan champione

  • foot finster
    foot finster 26 days ago

    Кто фан Юве вам сюда

  • Top vídeos Mundial
    Top vídeos Mundial 27 days ago +1

    Muito top da hora

  • cliff woodbury
    cliff woodbury 28 days ago

    That goal by Juv was magisterial.

  • Gilbert Colacicco
    Gilbert Colacicco 28 days ago

    Whole thing looked planned & rigged. Hopefully I'm wrong.....

    ALIF JR 28 days ago

    C. Ronaldo makes the youtube channel automatically beat the pewdiepie

  • Abi Shihab
    Abi Shihab 29 days ago

    Why the hack Ronaldo moved to Juventus now Ronaldo's career is going down

  • Giovanni Cannizzaro
    Giovanni Cannizzaro 29 days ago +1

    Goodbye legend. You will always be one of my biggest idols ❤️

  • Game of Starks
    Game of Starks 29 days ago

    red card for nothing

  • Tomas Niewiadomski
    Tomas Niewiadomski 29 days ago

    3:37 Anyone knows why the flags are hanging upside down? These are Juventus flags lol

  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski 29 days ago +1

    Manzukic with an outstanding golaso!

  • Emiliano sala
    Emiliano sala 29 days ago

    Il a new jersey of juve

  • 1 to 3
    1 to 3 29 days ago +3

    i saw ramsey sit there 😀

  • Nicolae Moisei
    Nicolae Moisei 29 days ago


  • Mateo Correa
    Mateo Correa 29 days ago +1

    Great assist from Cuadrado 👌🏾

    AZIZBEC OSMONOV Month ago +3

    Ronaldo 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Will Smith
    Will Smith Month ago +1

    Gd luck ramsey once a gunner always a gunner . FORZA JUVE

  • Prasasta Widiadi
    Prasasta Widiadi Month ago +1

    oh no

  • Karl Johansson
    Karl Johansson Month ago

    What’s up with the outfits? Terrible.

  • Ethan tan
    Ethan tan Month ago +2

    Did anyone not realized mandzukic nutmegged the keeper?

  • Robert Ruiz
    Robert Ruiz Month ago +4


  • Piyush
    Piyush Month ago +2

    This is the first time CR7 was playing and he was not in the thumbnail.

  • Jan Nelle
    Jan Nelle Month ago

    Cuadrado on fire

  • Jensy thomas
    Jensy thomas Month ago +2

    Grazie barzagil goodbye.

    FEMTO Month ago

    sadly Next is chiellini to retire

    RODE RONALDO Month ago


  • Clinton Reang
    Clinton Reang Month ago

    How juventus won its 1-1 how????

  • gopinath nath
    gopinath nath Month ago

    It is an unlucky jersey😑😑

  • Артем Гакер 2019 ッ

    How did Juventus win?! Account 1-1

  • Victor Gomez
    Victor Gomez Month ago

    Cr7 decadencia ,: jugar en una liga de un solo equipo y quedar de cuarto como goleador ..... echenle ojo a ese dato

  • Ivan Manullang
    Ivan Manullang Month ago

    Next Matia perin

  • Southie
    Southie Month ago +3

    Mandzukic always scores in big games. Honestly, he just came back from an injury and off the bench he comes and scores an equaliser. If not this substitution then Juventus wouldn't even gain a point.

  • Giorgio Mtn
    Giorgio Mtn Month ago

    Y la despedida de Andrea barzagli..?

  • Ian Ivan Seven
    Ian Ivan Seven Month ago

    Juventus lift 37 Scudetto actually ⚫️⚪️

  • Cok Duvak
    Cok Duvak Month ago

    Very very brave with the new kits, by juve.

  • Aneesh Cr7
    Aneesh Cr7 Month ago


  • Shjihan.P.U Shajihan.P.U

    New jersey is not lucky

  • Eduardo Ramirez
    Eduardo Ramirez Month ago

    Ac Milan fans are really blaming Juventus for their team not qualifying for UCL.. Atalanta did better, barely lol

  • R m
    R m Month ago +4

    The new kit is horrendous.

  • R33z
    R33z Month ago +8

    Juventus would have won the champions league if they had chiellini and mandzukic!!! Nice goal from mandzukic.

  • A Mitra
    A Mitra Month ago

    Nice Video..Congratulation New 1 connected you.

  • Matteo  Sammut Chambers

    Forza. Juve

  • Mr RightNow
    Mr RightNow Month ago

    0:47 "what just happened ? did I just miss.. could I .. possibly.. be human ? "

    PARV GAGARANI Month ago

    When I saw Ramsey, I felt so sad that he is leaving Arsenal

  • Mohasin Majid
    Mohasin Majid Month ago

    00:43 WTH

  • turino ik
    turino ik Month ago

    Cuadrado out. kedira out matuidi out! Ndombele in, isco in, de rilght in

  • turino ik
    turino ik Month ago +3

    Grazie barzagli!!

  • King Eros18
    King Eros18 Month ago

    35 it is 37

  • Frenk Hidri
    Frenk Hidri Month ago

    Ffs juve just win once i beg

  • dialmojordan
    dialmojordan Month ago

    BISCOTTO vs Milan

    PAPIA BISWAS Month ago

    Can I get dislikes?

  • Tigorah
    Tigorah Month ago +1

    Goal of the (Juventus) season by Manchukić. The way he nestled it in there. Just sweet. No chance for the keeper or the would-be goal thief.

    • Snake X
      Snake X 29 days ago

      Tigorah Mandžukić*

  • manuel maleza
    manuel maleza Month ago +1


  • Kassim Dadi
    Kassim Dadi Month ago +1

    I saw Ramsey on the stand,,,

  • Pritish Appadoo
    Pritish Appadoo Month ago

    This game wasn't so much about the result than an occasion to say a big thanks to Max Allegri and Barzagli. Forever part of Juve's history.

  • malsawmdawngzuala chinzah

    I sure, he can play well till 2020

  • Dede Adult
    Dede Adult Month ago +1

    Juve team mafia. Var notfungsi to juve

  • Dino Delfino
    Dino Delfino Month ago +1

    We still can't defend set pieces

  • Krunoslav Šimunec
    Krunoslav Šimunec Month ago +17

    Extraterrestial goal from Mandžukić

  • Legend of Nibbaheem
    Legend of Nibbaheem Month ago +2

    Players to get more goals than Ronaldo in the Serie A this season:
    Quagliarella, 26
    Zapata, 22
    Piatek, 22
    Players to get more assists:
    Gomez, 10
    Suso, 10
    Mertens, 10
    Callejon, 9
    Players with more big chances missed:

  • Josef Jourdan
    Josef Jourdan Month ago

    o come on juve... !!! again ? you dont want milan going to UCL

  • 10K subs without any videos

    Wow you didn’t even take when Ronaldo got the yellow card...

  • Rosario 777
    Rosario 777 Month ago +12

    Wait.. Ronaldo was playing??? I thought he was just watching

    • Mr Pipo
      Mr Pipo 28 days ago +1

      Viral Videos At least he is the golden boot.

    • AudioSLAV
      AudioSLAV Month ago +1

      @Nate Messi was just walking at anfield😂

    • Nate
      Nate Month ago +5

      Messi is also just watching against Liverpool

    • Yajna007
      Yajna007 Month ago +3


  • Yasrul Huda
    Yasrul Huda Month ago

    nice jersey

  • Juventini Per Sempre
    Juventini Per Sempre Month ago +2

    *Grazie max*
    *Grazie barza* 😢

  • Adama Jarju
    Adama Jarju Month ago +3

    Atalanta deserved it all

  • Aidil Fatahillah
    Aidil Fatahillah Month ago

    Barzagli 2006 Grazie Campione

  • Oumarik Saralapov
    Oumarik Saralapov Month ago

    Team juventus

  • Mr football fan
    Mr football fan Month ago

    Who allegri is going to

  • David Aleksidze
    David Aleksidze Month ago +3

    Make no mistake about it, Atalanta going to the champions league will further delay Serie A becoming competitive.

    • mj-rim
      mj-rim 25 days ago

      Yet they drew at Juve's place, the champions of serie a?

  • Thug Love
    Thug Love Month ago +16

    Mario is a freaking beast.. hope him and caudrado (sp) are around next season.

  • Chandu Gopi
    Chandu Gopi Month ago +12

    Any indian fans😄😍🇮🇳

    • eb 01
      eb 01 Month ago +1


  • Việt Anh Vũ
    Việt Anh Vũ Month ago +1

    0:42 And someone said He is best player in the world. Thats funny

  • Goblin gamer
    Goblin gamer Month ago

    Bye 👋 Barzagli

  • anil misra
    anil misra Month ago +2

    I think Dybala should be in such a team which values him more and offers him more chances to showcase his talent

    • anil misra
      anil misra 20 days ago


    • Legend of Nibbaheem
      Legend of Nibbaheem Month ago +2

      This is what happens when you have to be a slave for the Portugese poacher. Look at Benzema. Individually he had better season than Ronaldo

  • Denzel Jefferies
    Denzel Jefferies Month ago +23

    Mandzukic's goal was crazy

  • nocternalD
    nocternalD Month ago

    That Juventus Rovers kit is rubbish and I hate that they are wearing it way before the season ends.

    • Snake X
      Snake X 29 days ago

      nocternalD ikr, and barcelona new kit is even worse

  • Es Teh Manis
    Es Teh Manis Month ago

    i want rich

  • Dave P
    Dave P Month ago +4

    that cuadrado cross was sensational. He should get more praise.

  • Rockister Dos Santos
    Rockister Dos Santos Month ago +1

    F*** juve all you had to do is beat Atalanta

  • vemund tandberg
    vemund tandberg Month ago +9

    Mandzukić > Ronaldo

  • emanuel thang
    emanuel thang Month ago +8

    Juve won it so many times even the commentor sounds bored from saying it 3:45😂

    • MTA 10
      MTA 10 29 days ago +1

      @Emmanuel Jose I dont even like Real Madrid and im a Barca fan but how is Liverpool a loser team,they thrashed Bayern bfr us too and its just one year you get to win it so chill

    • Emmanuel Jose
      Emmanuel Jose Month ago

      @MTA 10 hey that beacuse real got ronaldo that time but now look your real mandrid team even loose to ayax for 4-1 and barcelona yet again a loser team

    • MTA 10
      MTA 10 Month ago +2

      @Emmanuel Jose just this year mate,all other years it was Laliga

    • Emmanuel Jose
      Emmanuel Jose Month ago

      Now this year both champions league and europa league is ours

    • MTA 10
      MTA 10 Month ago +1

      @Emmanuel Jose in your dreams

  • Atiq Firdaus
    Atiq Firdaus Month ago +9

    mandzukic could win puskas award

  • Bakew Steby
    Bakew Steby Month ago

    Welcome to champions

  • Sandro
    Sandro Month ago +1

    Penalty for Atalanta?

    • Iwin K James
      Iwin K James Month ago

      No. The hand was not intentially made. So

    TAMIJUL HOQUE Month ago


  • Robinson Vega
    Robinson Vega Month ago

    que asistencia mas barbara la de juan guillermo Cuadrado

  • rugmgg
    rugmgg Month ago +12

    Grande mamzuki of juventus champions of serie A of Turin Italy

    INTROVZ Month ago

    200th comment

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader Month ago +3

    Sadly, all the original Juve that promised to win the CL is gone. Higuain went to find greener pastures in Chelsea and about to retire. Mandzukic is too old, no longer vice captain and probably moving this summer. Dybala can't fit in with Ronaldo and is leaving soon. Their defensive trio, Barzagli, Bonucci, Chiellini are all leaving the next few years. Buffon, the most loyal goalkeeper and one of the greatest captains, left last season and is retiring any time. Least they have Cancelo and Pjanic, Sandro, Cuadrado.

  • ทวีผล บัวทิน


  • Odaine Campbell
    Odaine Campbell Month ago +1

    I think juve is related to PSG lol

  • Alan Cardona
    Alan Cardona Month ago +1

    Puro CR7

  • Билол Турсунбаев

    кто любить маму ставки лаийк ❤❤❤❤