Things Science CANNOT Explain

  • Published on Aug 18, 2018
  • Don’t get us wrong. Science has told us a lot of things we wouldn’t be where we are without people learning about technology, biology, astronomy, chemistry--but even with all that, there’s just some things that elude even the smartest scientists.

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    8. The Legend Behind Stonehenge
    Looks like we haven’t figured out what in the world Stonehenge was made for. Archaeologists seemed to have booted out all those theories about it being aliens that made Stonehenge and concluded that it was constructed by good old, plain humans. Why was it made though? Have we come any closer in figuring out the purpose behind this ancient monolith formation? Lately, everyone’s been saying it’s a resting place. What’s even more mysterious is that we also haven’t figured out how humans could make something this monumental without industrial tools.

    7. Clock, Wheel, or Gear?
    The answer to the function of the Antikythera Mechanism? All of the above yet not really at the same time. This mechanism surle is a clockwork wheel with at least 30 meshing bronze gears. While we know that it must have been used as a navigational device, on that informed the Ancient Greeks of the movement of the moon, sun, planets, and could predict eclipses, historians also find it hard to fathom that something so old could be so advanced. In layman’s terms, this thing is a super old analog computer. It was said that it could even signal when they would host their next Olympic Games.
    6. The Matter With Dark Matter
    The universe is a vast,wide open place. With all our technology and all the humans investigating everyday and looking into the mystery of outer space, humans only know about 5% of what’s out there in the whole world. Out there in that darkness is dark matter, a form of matter that remains hypothetical when it comes to our planet’s understanding of it. Or this plane-of-existence’s understanding of it, anyway. We don’t know much about dark matter, but we do know that it seems to take up about 80% of the universe.

    5. The Placebo Effect
    Mind over matter, right? It seems that that phrase rings true sometimes in the medical world. All you need is some belief this stuff is working when it’s really sugar pills they’re feeding you. The mind is a powerful, the most powerful thing in your body at times. Scientists can point to instances where the placebo effect helped people recover from whatever they were feeling by simply believing they were taking pills that worked to combat their condition. Entirely convinced of the effectiveness of pill, the mind seems to heal your body. Doctors can’t even tell us with certainty why this works.
    4. The Deep Hole On Mars
    Sounds weird that there’s this huge hole in our neighboring planet but there it is. There’s a huge hole on Mars, one that astronomers over at NASA didn’t know was there until about 2001. A photo taken over the Mars’s south pole reveals that among this terrain full of half a million meteorite impacts is a hug circular pit. The photo, taken by a High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment, or a HiRise camera, gives us a better, more detailed view of the planet’s surface even from up to 250 miles up. The position of the sun also let scientists see there’s some ice near the bottom on this hole.
    3. Tabby,The Megastar
    A new star has arrived on the scene, except this one-name wonder won’t be knocking anyone off the top 40 Billboard charts. Instead, it’s knocking out everything else. About 1,500l light-years away from Earth is Tabby’s Star, an alien megastructure star also known as KIC 8462851. The average star will dim down atan average rate of 1%. This megastructure star, however, has been experiencing these dimp dips at about 22%. IT can be found in Cygnus constellation. The weird fluctuations in brightness even lead some to believe aliens might have to do with all the dimming since they don’t know what else it could be.
    2. The Fantastical And Supernatural
    One thing scientists have never been able to completely disprove or prove to the rest of the world is the existence of figures such as ghosts, vampires, and even giants. From cryptid legends, strange fossils, to haunted houses, the idea of the fantastical and the supernatural has been a longtime enemy of science since that stuff goes against logic. People who claim to have seen ghosts are convinced of what they saw, even if they can’t prove it afterward. However, there are some scientists that, rather than say people are lying, explain that seeing ghosts is more of a mental phenomenon than something physical.
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  • DZNUTZ 2003
    DZNUTZ 2003 3 months ago

    9th planet

  • Aileen Dela torre
    Aileen Dela torre 4 months ago

    What is the em flights?

  • christopher robinson
    christopher robinson 4 months ago

    Dimming Star? You mean a pulsar?...

  • Jesse Spellmeyer
    Jesse Spellmeyer 6 months ago

    Someone please explain to me how it's expected the surface of the Sun would be hotter than the core like when you flick a lighter the blue part of the flame is at the very base or even on the Earth core is hotter than the surface why would it be any different on the Sun

  • Percy Elgar
    Percy Elgar 7 months ago

    Woke up as I smelled something bad and couldn't fall back to sleep and now I'm watching this and feel sleepy. Thanks... Still don't know what was this bad smell?

  • Octavia Dennison
    Octavia Dennison 8 months ago

    wayyyyy too many ads for a short video literally 30 sec in...AD...Really??!! wtf!

  • nickacelvn
    nickacelvn 9 months ago

    The BLOOP was most probably a chunk of terminal moraine or other large piece of ice flow breaking off and falling into the sea

  • luvkountry
    luvkountry 11 months ago

    How can two unrelated persons see the same entity at the same time? Logically the only suspected theory that I can think of is another dimension. We both experienced a temperature change just before seeing what we saw.

  • Chip Whackerman
    Chip Whackerman 11 months ago

    Imagine, no television, no internet back then
    You had to do something to kill the boredom. .lol

  • Chip Whackerman
    Chip Whackerman 11 months ago

    That girl's voice needs to be on this countdown, so annoying. .

  • Gerald Himmelspach
    Gerald Himmelspach 11 months ago

    At 6:30 heard it was ice shelf separating.

  • Viking Mob T.V.
    Viking Mob T.V. 11 months ago

    Stone henge was built by giants

  • حضارة العراق Mesopotamia

    I love science

  • Julie Figueroa
    Julie Figueroa Year ago

    Talltanic The minute you started spewing that BULLSHIT that the Great Pyramid was a tomb for Khufu, I stopped the video, downvoted it, unsubscribed, AND added your channel to my shit list - a feature I hope to see Google add in the near future: the ability to complete block entire channels.

  • Gracie Gold
    Gracie Gold Year ago +1

    I saw a picture of people back in early 1900 cranking Stonehenge scaffolding(chuckle, chuckles)
    You do compare placebo with supposedly active drug to determine efficacy. Placebo is psych, yup. Our body is one thing, interconnected by different systems. Why don't doctors consider that.

  • Ruth Elisa Luna
    Ruth Elisa Luna Year ago +1

    Interesting video, thank you for sharing.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Should retitle things science cannot explain yet as new discoveries are made everyday.

  • White Wolf
    White Wolf Year ago +1

    You still talk about the age of the Great Pyramid in Giza as mainstream is preaching, when present evidence gives it the age of pre last ice age! It was already in the Giza plateau during the Younger Drias, so...
    And the Sphinx is way older than the Great Pyramid, geological proof beinc pretty extensive water erosion. The building technique of the Great Pyramid simply could not have been executed by copper tools in use at 4000-2000 BC. They don't cut into the rose granite and just as comparison, think about the Colossi of Memnon, huge pieces of stone weighing tons and having scortch marks and signs of melting from extreme heat. Just a few examples to open your eyes to the facts presented of the age of Giza and Egyptian civilization.

  • CrazyBear65
    CrazyBear65 Year ago

    Straight off, Pluto is the 9th planet. You're talking about Planet X. You know, the planet where Monster Zero terrorizes the native population, who, strangely enough, all look like identical Japanese people, in glorious black & white, until Godzilla saves the day...

  • dirt bag
    dirt bag Year ago

    #12 how can they claim they know the center of the sun's core is 15 million degrees Celsius
    #9 the noise was an underwater nuclear detonation that the government wants to conceal
    #5 that simply people who feel they need medication when really they don't the body will heal itself but try to give a drug addict a placebo and see what kind of results they will have. I would put any amount of money on it they're still going to have very bad withdrawals.
    #2 I have heard and seen several things I cannot explain at my mother's old house one of them being what look to be like a teenage girl on all fours on my bed looking over my shoulder when I was unlock computer or several times where I would be upstairs and sound like somebody put a fork or spoon in the sink go downstairs and there's absolutely nothing in the sink and even one time I had left my computer downstairs and when we got up that morning and had went downstairs my computer was playing this old sounding music with a very heavy violin but the screen was folded down to the keypad which should have made it completely inactive on top of I listen to heavy metal so I'm very skeptical about ghosts. it does not seem feasible therefore I don't want to believe that they can exist when I have heard and seen things to contradict what I want to believe




    This is freaking

    WASHI WEP Year ago

    Only science can explain this

  • Ryan Thanasse
    Ryan Thanasse Year ago

    I believe we yawn to decrease body temperature. People sleep more comfortably cooler. Dogs vent their heat by panting but humans decrease their heat by sweating and yawning. Sweat sleep would just be uncomfortable so we vent our heat through our mouths.

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer Year ago

    most people knew that virtually everyone is right handed, but you forgot to mention those of us, like myself, that are ambidextrous.
    there was a guy several years ago that discovered another dwarf planet just beyond the asteroid belf that he named eris. so maybe this giant that scientists are looking for should be called the 10th planet. unless dwarf planets still dont count.

  • Adam Dorris
    Adam Dorris Year ago

    The 9th planet is called Pluto. Check your 1990 science book! I looked it up. That shit is 100% infallible, FOREVER! Fuck, the book cost 230.00 dollars. This book's information has had to have been researched to the extremety of the entire universe for it's publication and it's gloriousness resulted for kids to learn from, in the 1990's. FACTS are FACTS! Fuck you! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

  • Krystal Clark
    Krystal Clark Year ago

    so I'm wondering WTH does the thumb nail have to do with the video!!!

  • Jon Haugland
    Jon Haugland Year ago

    #9 "The bloop" was proven to be *"ice falling into the ocean"*

  • Jon Haugland
    Jon Haugland Year ago

    The sun's atmosphere is hotter BECAUSE heat rises! ...I think

  • Jon Haugland
    Jon Haugland Year ago

    #14 It's to *"cool the brain"*

  • Jon Haugland
    Jon Haugland Year ago

    WAIT! #18 is MORE LIKE "What Science CAN EXPLAIN, but can't prove/show!"


    gee us poor dumb humans cant figure things out, its a wonder we manage to tie our on laces, ffs shake your head at such a dumb statement as the title of this click baity clip video

  • Pjb75
    Pjb75 Year ago

    There was a theory before the planet formally known as Xena was discovered that Pluto & Charon were once moons of Neptune that were knocked out of orbit by the gravity of an Ice Giant planet that still hasn't been found. They think this Ice Giant planet is also on an elliptical orbit that is similar to Pluto's.

  • trevor anderson
    trevor anderson Year ago

    Cool time traveling jellyfish! I think they were serving a mission!

  • georgiaman1926
    georgiaman1926 Year ago

    B.C.E. Before Christ Existed

  • jesse merrill
    jesse merrill Year ago

    Nice propaganda..

  • JAYO525
    JAYO525 Year ago

    The doctor in the clip for #5 looks a lot like Robin Williams.. He could be Patch Adams for real lol

  • just a hero for fun
    just a hero for fun Year ago +1

    Planet Vegeta

  • MenaCe LoC
    MenaCe LoC Year ago

    i cant stand narrators that use a gimmick voice to talk to their audience. It's insulting as a viewer...

  • Alexander Krizel
    Alexander Krizel Year ago

    #11 - Space Force!

  • Algiz Rune
    Algiz Rune Year ago

    Earth “globe” curvature hasn’t been proven

  • Scott Westergren
    Scott Westergren Year ago

    Hey Talltanic...I don't think three commercial interruptions during an eleven minute were quite enough. Why don't you add a few more to ensure even greater profits, and annoy viewers even more.

  • Benjamin Bui
    Benjamin Bui Year ago


  • Daniel Becker
    Daniel Becker Year ago

    at 6:33 "N-O double-A"? Um it has been pronounced "Noah" since, like forever.

  • Liam Mc Kenna
    Liam Mc Kenna Year ago

    Stonehenge is a tent missing it's cover due to wear and tear,simple.

  • Beth Tyree
    Beth Tyree Year ago

    Greenbank telescope! Not greenback. Geez

  • Cave Jug
    Cave Jug Year ago

    Thank the Providence, you have an explanation! What would we do without you?

  • Jakub Mašek
    Jakub Mašek Year ago

    I would suggest change from "cannot" into "has not yet"

  • ZeroGaiaForce
    ZeroGaiaForce Year ago

    This video is pretty bad.

  • Andrew S
    Andrew S Year ago

    Anyone else notice the communist logo?

  • Sun Mai
    Sun Mai Year ago

    Who the hell made the captions(For English)? Like it is some random words in English, like WHY MAN?! TALKING OFF TOPIC THINGS! I just want to read ;(

  • bisbeejim
    bisbeejim Year ago +1

    Things a scientist would not possibly waste their time explaining.

  • Brian Jacobi
    Brian Jacobi Year ago +2

    Anyone notice the two bright lights travelling above the giza pyramid.

  • Wurm
    Wurm Year ago +1

    You can't explain something created by pure imagination. Everything else can be or will eventually be explained by science.

  • paul ritzen
    paul ritzen Year ago

    The bloop was Poseidon passing gas!

  • Hiram Abiff
    Hiram Abiff Year ago


  • bnigh5495
    bnigh5495 Year ago

    Deja Vu

  • Rich Bones
    Rich Bones Year ago +1

    3:46 My new Halloween Costume. (^_^)

  • Zom Bee Nature
    Zom Bee Nature Year ago +3

    ALL of those things have been explained by Science. 100% of them. 100%

  • chiicken pox
    chiicken pox Year ago

    Is it gay to eat popcorn? You're basically eating a busted nut...