Top 10 Historical Objects Ruined by Morons

  • Published on Feb 22, 2018
  • Top 10 Historical Objects Ruined by Morons
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    They survived the ravages of time - but not acts of stupidity. From a priceless Chinese Vase, to the Star-Spangled Banner, to the Senator, these artefacts were destroyed by some real idiots. WatchMojo counts down Top 10 Historical Objects Ruined by Morons.

    #10: Chinese Vase
    #9: Statue of the Two Hercules
    #8: Star-Spangled Banner
    #7: 5,000 Year Old Cave Painting
    #6: The Senator
    #5: Monet Painting
    #4: El Paraíso Pyramid
    #3, #2 & #1???
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Comments • 6 297

  • kkk Rebelion
    kkk Rebelion Day ago

    Who here calls it vase and not vass

  • Robert Logan
    Robert Logan 5 days ago

    Want to know the difference between genius and stupidity is ? genius has its limits.

  • The garbage you put in your couch

    where's ISIS? destroying things because they "contradict muhammad and alah"

  • Trevor Sabinson
    Trevor Sabinson 16 days ago

    leave it to a meth head to burn down an ancient tree...

  • James Nangle
    James Nangle 17 days ago

    I don't see anything wrong with the American flag being destroyed.

  • vexile12
    vexile12 22 days ago

    Number 6 should be jailed for every year the tree lived

  • Ole Bras De Ruiter
    Ole Bras De Ruiter 24 days ago

    What about the Guy that stabbed through rembrands de nachtwacht

  • Christy Stewart
    Christy Stewart 28 days ago

    The Taliban destroying the ancient giant Buddha statues with tanks. The idiots in Utah pushing over a rock formation then posting their idiocy on RU-clip.

  • HURAKA Game
    HURAKA Game Month ago

    4:38 "El Paraiso" (pre-Inca)
    #PERUVIAN #pyramid 😖

  • #1 Ravens' Fan
    #1 Ravens' Fan Month ago +1

    It seems that construction companies will destroy anything to make a quick buck.

  • #1 Ravens' Fan
    #1 Ravens' Fan Month ago

    A crackhead/tree hippie burns down a tree. How ironic.

  • The communist noob
    The communist noob Month ago +1

    Imagine building a pyramid just for some idiot construction workers to bulldoze it

  • Nature Imposter
    Nature Imposter Month ago

    I can't believe how incredibly dumb people can be!

  • Gæ
     Month ago

    Notre dame is ruined now...

  • Me, an idiot would like to say

    They used Kate McKinnon for clickbait...

  • Joshua Goldenberg
    Joshua Goldenberg Month ago

    You had an snl thumbnail

  • jeanette mayer
    jeanette mayer Month ago

    the saying "history are doomed to repeat itself" !!!! there has to be GOD stupid people could not make through the day !!! :(

  • Sklik
    Sklik Month ago

    Am I seriously the first person commenting about Notre Dame

  • CanadaDragon1
    CanadaDragon1 Month ago

    If WatchMojo makes another list like this, they should include the renovators at Notre Dame.

  • MaríaElena1989
    MaríaElena1989 Month ago

    What's the name of the background music you have used in your video?

  • robert carey
    robert carey Month ago

    I can just imagine were those people that destroyed Chinese tombs ended up

  • Antony Stark
    Antony Stark Month ago

    Human stupidity at is finest !

  • XxToxicshadowsxX
    XxToxicshadowsxX Month ago +1

    Not morons but *IDIOTS THESE DAYS!*

  • Shosu Celadon
    Shosu Celadon Month ago

    This is why morons shouldn't breed

  • FuriousHydra252
    FuriousHydra252 Month ago +1

    Literally yesterday I saw that flag at the Smithsonian and also some snippets of it.

  • Abbas Haidari
    Abbas Haidari Month ago

    I don't know if anyone else feels this way.. but whenever I get a chance to visit a historical monument.. I get this feeling of awe.. like a person so far away in time from me was standing at this exact spot and spent so much of his time in creating this... He too had an entire life like mine... Happiness and sadness... And all and all.. I just get lost for a moment and it just gives me a feeling of awe.. but these morons surely don't care...

  • Daniel Bermudez
    Daniel Bermudez Month ago +1

    Bob Ross would have made these pictures all beautiful and possibly even duplicates so they have a friend

  • Srajan Dikshit
    Srajan Dikshit Month ago

    four muslim destroyed a part of our ancient temple in Hampi

  • Mr ae
    Mr ae Month ago

    RU-clip ruined by watchmojo

  • stinky wizzleteats
    stinky wizzleteats Month ago

    We should off humans

  • Lux
    Lux Month ago +5

    Who else wishes all these people went to jail

  • BU3 D
    BU3 D Month ago

    Drunk driver killed my brother got 3 months in prison. Some guy punches a painting and gets 5 years?

  • Ireikes
    Ireikes Month ago

    Remember, this lady calling people morons is the same one who doesn't know that you can't photoshop videos.

  • The Outdoorsmen
    The Outdoorsmen Month ago +1

    This makes me extremely angry

  • Jodi Puterbaugh
    Jodi Puterbaugh Month ago

    your right flax tape guy

  • doop00
    doop00 Month ago

    This is sad but really why do they not protect some of these better? seal of the cave with a steel door, have the painting in a glass case etc the world is full of idiots and the precautions would cost a fraction of what these ancient objects are worth.

  • Man Super
    Man Super Month ago

    Wow what a surprise. Its human again 😒

  • FuriousMan226 Videos

    America ruined by Donald Trump

  • Markuslovesdogs 5
    Markuslovesdogs 5 Month ago

    Tell that to the fish’s home

  • Markuslovesdogs 5
    Markuslovesdogs 5 Month ago

    Tell that to the fish’s gomet

  • Grey Eisenwolf's YT channel


  • Lydia Bell
    Lydia Bell Month ago

    I better see Isis on this list

  • Pumpkin Palacepet
    Pumpkin Palacepet Month ago

    Wow the American flag hurt me the most, I dont care about the other sculptures it was the American that was painful.

  • Mason Does airsoft
    Mason Does airsoft Month ago

    Anyone else look at the title and think it said mormons not morons

    PLVS VLTRA Month ago

    And now we cand add most of the George Cook collection here..

  • Xenofilms productions

    Who would win
    Tree that is older than Jesus or one crack addict

  • SeanyBoy
    SeanyBoy Month ago

    The thumbnail is SNL

  • Ofbaserion
    Ofbaserion Month ago

    Oh yeah of course sure prefer us to sit and watch scratches on the ground instead of shredding.

  • Mafic
    Mafic Month ago

    I finally got to go see the actual Star Spangled Banner in D.C. I was so surprised to see how much got cut off.

  • Roigoger Obmoloc
    Roigoger Obmoloc Month ago

    What about Leonardo's 'Cenacolo'. The monks literally drew a hole through the wall and part of the painting to make an extra door for their monastery!

  • Alex Chieng
    Alex Chieng Month ago

    Jesus Christ, you think people in the past are worse than you, mothaf*cka? (Not to, but to the morons)

  • Chicken Patty
    Chicken Patty Month ago

    The thumbnail is SNL lol

  • Evan Ravin racer
    Evan Ravin racer Month ago

    1:07 dominoes fallin

  • Caitlyn H
    Caitlyn H Month ago

    I saw a quote by Albert Einstein that went something like this:The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits

  • Sam Runch
    Sam Runch Month ago

    E makes the a say it’s name like in the word make or like

  • Abdul Aamir
    Abdul Aamir Month ago

    Where are those Isis guys destroying ancient sculptures in name of idolatory

  • Blaze King905
    Blaze King905 Month ago +6

    Whoever burned that tree, I will find you, and I will burn you

  • Drew Pierce
    Drew Pierce Month ago

    Where are the Sacred Texts being burned by Jake Skywalker? That should be #1

  • Vacc CHIP
    Vacc CHIP Month ago

    The emojo movie ruined 2017

  • YT_Super_Saiyan69 Super_Saiyan69

    Not joking how do you you say this vase or vaaaaaaaase

  • Oranges 1228
    Oranges 1228 Month ago +3

    I thought that the title said “Historic Objects Ruined By Mormons” 😂😂😂

    • Drew Pierce
      Drew Pierce Month ago

      You wouldn't be able to contain that to a single video

  • CHESTER zimmerman
    CHESTER zimmerman Month ago

    as a history lover this vid hurts

  • Pred Ediciuis
    Pred Ediciuis Month ago

    What did we learned?
    Girls and Government can't be trusted

  • Stevie Nicholson
    Stevie Nicholson Month ago

    I recently wrote my name on the Berlin Wall...

  • Vince Thai
    Vince Thai Month ago +1

    If idiots could fly Earth would be an airport

  • Otaku_ Panda
    Otaku_ Panda Month ago +1

    Thumbnail wasn't included

  • Veronika
    Veronika Month ago

    you forgot the monkey jesus

  • Brandon1629ESUHSD
    Brandon1629ESUHSD Month ago

    You're increasing WW3

  • Michael Palmieri
    Michael Palmieri Month ago

    These stories remind me of that episode of "I Love Lucy" where Lucy and Ethel destroy John Wayne's footprints in cement when they try to steal them from Grarmum's Chinese Theater in Hollywood.
    Anyway, it doesn't surprise me that so many artifacts are "ruined by morons." Some people act as though they own the whole world, that they can just do whatever they please with any historical item, no matter how careless and destructive. They simply have no respect or regard for other peoples' cultures and customs. It's like, for example, if someone from a Western country visits an Asian nation like China, but instead of trying to find a place where he can find authentic Chinese food, he asks where the nearest McDonald's restaurant is.
    This is probably why a lot of places all over the world are actually closed to tourists, either permanently or until further notice.

  • Barry Smith
    Barry Smith Month ago

    A nature Enthusiast burned down a tree the irony

  • The devil within
    The devil within Month ago

    I’m just gonna conjecture the title and say that you’re pretty mad about it.

  • Masta Theif
    Masta Theif Month ago

    Dumb people in Peru? Who would have thought

  • xXEpicDudeXx
    xXEpicDudeXx Month ago

    These people are so corrupt that they decided to ruin priceless pieces of history.

    The most notable one is the woman who burned down a tree so she could cook her drugs. How stupid.

  • Cerinaya
    Cerinaya Month ago

    Greed, stupidity and ignorance have destroyed many things throughout history.

  • TheShadowParliament
    TheShadowParliament Month ago +1

    This is one of the most depressing videos I've seen in a long time.

  • Aaa Aaaa
    Aaa Aaaa Month ago

    This video is depressing

  • ThePandaPrincess96
    ThePandaPrincess96 Month ago

    I thought the title said "mormons"


    I love history and to me these people should be in prison for a lifetime.

  • Cheeto Fries 27
    Cheeto Fries 27 2 months ago

    I hate people

  • Absynthe
    Absynthe 2 months ago

    Some people be like “who cares, history is in the past, we need to get over it and move forward” but little do these people know. We need to study history and understand it if we want to know where we are going in the future.

  • Mister X
    Mister X 2 months ago

    Too much attention and the url does not say how many seconds in

  • Andre Montoya
    Andre Montoya 2 months ago

    This lost should get a part two

  • Kallista Metro
    Kallista Metro 2 months ago


  • Antboy 925
    Antboy 925 2 months ago +1

    Number 1: the 14th ammendment, by Donald Trump

  • Pointlesshie
    Pointlesshie 2 months ago

    Am I the only pissed that she says vose and. It vase

  • José Carlos Flores Saraiba

    The Tree of La Noche Triste, in this emblematic tree the spanish conqueror Hernan Cortes, after his defeat on Tenochtitlán in 1519, he cried under that tree in Popotla and became a patrimony of mexican history, until in the decade of 1970 a drunk guy incinerate that tree.
    The lines of Nazca ruined by a selfish truck driver, who didnt want to pay, and tried to seek another way but it ended ruining the Nazca lines in Perou.

  • jp bart
    jp bart 2 months ago

    why wasn't the destuction of the mayan calendar left out? i remember hearing on the news after the date of the end of the world that a bunch of disgruntled morons had destroyed the relic because of it being false. personally, i think the mayans stopped the calendar at said date because they couldn't be fucked continuing it any further. it's only that centuries later, historians had assumed said prediction.

  • Caden Hall
    Caden Hall 2 months ago

    i have been to fort macon

  • Ed Masterson
    Ed Masterson 2 months ago

    how about the varangian guard doing graffiti (if you want to call it that) on the walls in the hagia sophia. thats history now

  • SRB Vitez
    SRB Vitez 2 months ago

    I learned in my religion class about the woman who failed to restore the jesus picture, saw the thumbnail of this video and thought I'd learn some more about it. I spent 7 min 26sec only waiting for this specific story to be brought up and now I'll never get back these 8 mins of my life... There should be a button on youtube that says "Report Clickbait".

  • Hit or Miss I guess they never miss, huh

    I. Hate. People.

  • CelticWarrior 18
    CelticWarrior 18 2 months ago

    How hard is it to teach your kids to look but not touch?! My brothers & I learned by the time each of us was 4 that if it isn't yours you don't touch it unless given permission. My parents succeeded by saying that if we wanted people to respect our stuff, we had first respect their's.

  • Gojiro7
    Gojiro7 2 months ago +1

    im not down voting because I disliked the video, its because you lied by click baiting.

  • Byte and Barq
    Byte and Barq 2 months ago

    They forgot honarble mentions

  • T Prime
    T Prime 2 months ago

    (Me at 14 throwing a temper tantrum at my older brother)
    (Stomps on brand new, unopened KOTOR box, because little shit syndrome)
    **12 years later...*
    Appraiser: You know, this game in mint condition and unboxed is worth like, $300 smackers.
    (Brother slaps me 300 times)

  • Reiko Suzuka
    Reiko Suzuka 2 months ago

    My ex and i owned a house which had the largest willow i've ever seen (not tallest but most vast.....and spread) It had about 11 trunks coming out. there were two deep bowls where you could sit among the trunks and read a book in piles of among five and one among six....due to how the main trunks spread.... It wasn't touching the wires, but the electric company came through and cut off massive portions of it anyway. I was severely disabled and very weak at the time due to nerve damage, but also prone to adrenal attacks for the same reason....and this.............drove me into a total rage..normally i could barely stand.....or move...i was shaking and yelling and raging....I don;t even know if my words were intelligible or proper english....and was just very grief stricken. It was on my own property, but it didn;t necessarily "look" like someone's property because we'd made it look like a small park separate from our yard....and i made paths and small fire pit areas for socializing, near it......with stone paths...etc etc. I am not certain if i have ever been more angry in my entire life, but part of that would have been due to my severe adrenal disorder at the time...which is what made it so i could actually get out there and rip them a new one. The bastards who cut it were likely very glad they were up in their truck......cuz i likely seemed like a crazy person. But this shit was so raw. It was a very beautiful tree and they cut it very jagged and it was a pretty bad job, and they left the pieces just laying about. and i raged at how disrespectful they were about my property. They didn;t really care but i still scared them a little. The burning tree reminded me of that. I was so upset and i wished something could be done but all they had to say was they were doing their job. Lots of forest and people who cut wood in that area, so there would have been little compassion for this. I felt it was very wrong, and a crime. Nobody else really did, but my ex. it was very upsetting. I had a quite a few seizures over that.

  • Josh p
    Josh p 2 months ago +1

    Not accidents, the ruling elite are constantly trying to erase our history. Deliberate sabotage of ancient monuments and temples is the standard operating procedure for these people.

  • Mahesh Raju
    Mahesh Raju 2 months ago

    hell yeah they are morans

  • { BaronGaming }
    { BaronGaming } 2 months ago

    I saw an ad of pocket politics in this video

  • Marshal Tenner Winter
    Marshal Tenner Winter 2 months ago

    Yeah, IKEA didn't know about the tombs, just like they still don't know about the child labor their suppliers still use.