We found the Fastest GTR in the WORLD! (wItH a PaRacHuTe)

  • Опубликовано: 20 фев 2019
  • Year after year, the GTR World Cup impresses us! This is the third year of the event, as well as the third year we have covered the event! The cars are getting absolutely INSANE! There were MULTIPLE cars that were capable of running a 6 second pass! George’s GTR (which you will see in this video) comes insanely close to running a 6 at this event and his car is a stock location car! That’s unheard of! On top of that, Gidi even runs a 6 second pass the very last run of the event! (To see that, check out his feature here: ru-clip.com/video/rNOktnFyk4U/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE.html ) We could go on and on about all the action at this event, but you should take a look for yourself and tell us what you think!
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Комментарии • 789

  • Darkknight _704
    Darkknight _704 День назад

    R.I.P to the great Kimbo Slice! @4:56 🙏

  • Lowerhaightstreet
    Lowerhaightstreet День назад

    2:14 Going for the stock windshield wiper record.

  • Mic Krout
    Mic Krout 2 дня назад

    "1000hp street cars" wow stuff is changing really really fast lmao

  • Logan Taylor
    Logan Taylor 2 дня назад


  • Disruptedable
    Disruptedable 4 дня назад

    Now I'm no drag expert, but I do understand that a sticky track is needed for grip in order to transfer the insane power of these cars into the ground. But I can't stop wondering if a track can become too sticky (Those guys getting literally stuck on the asphalt)? I mean, great tracktion is one thing, but too much friction should cause the cars to loose speed.

  • MDKArtist
    MDKArtist 10 дней назад

    A lotta rice was burned that day

  • Anthony Laudano
    Anthony Laudano 13 дней назад

    Couldn't imagine 2000hp my Shelby supersnake makes over 800hp and for the street it's crazy. If I want to get one of my cars too huge power it's very possible

  • Anthony Laudano
    Anthony Laudano 13 дней назад

    It's crazy to think of the power numbers that cars cake today.

  • Anthony Laudano
    Anthony Laudano 13 дней назад

    That's insane for the street ONE WORD TECHNOLOGY

  • Chappo
    Chappo 16 дней назад

    Why are some of these GTRs rear wheel drive?

  • cjshaker
    cjshaker 18 дней назад

    The "New Record With Stock Headliner" crew back at it.

  • cjshaker
    cjshaker 18 дней назад

    The "New Record With A Purple Parachute" crew back at it.

  • cjshaker
    cjshaker 18 дней назад +1

    The "New Record With Carbon Fiber Door Handles" crew back at it.

  • Win Win
    Win Win 19 дней назад

    i want see the new supra can do this

  • mistic mind
    mistic mind 19 дней назад

    jaw dropped when he said ac

  • Adam Dmac
    Adam Dmac 19 дней назад

    To get the fastest times has to be a night time. Cars love cooler air more than hot air. Learn from the kiwis and aussies.

  • Barra GU
    Barra GU 19 дней назад

    Wowww.... most of those cars are running low 7s... the slowest time for the day was a 8.90 with a chute in tow ,
    That's insane!

  • Adam Dmac
    Adam Dmac 19 дней назад

    there should GTR world cup event for r32 r33 r34 and r35 in one festival. I'm guessing the final race would the best best R32 vs the best R35.

  • MAXNAZ 47
    MAXNAZ 47 19 дней назад

    How long did it take for owners to tell you to fuck off after you've gone to interview them when their motors blew? Just a curiosity :-D

  • MAXNAZ 47
    MAXNAZ 47 19 дней назад

    @ 17:32 GTR lifting front wheel off the ground.

  • DoObs
    DoObs 19 дней назад

    Surely a very sticky track will harm those times ...?

  • Gunnar Marr
    Gunnar Marr 20 дней назад

    8.7 at 113? Funky

  • Richard Hanssen
    Richard Hanssen 20 дней назад

    Is this 1/4 mile?

  • Bryce Czirr
    Bryce Czirr 20 дней назад

    Tesla will smoke that thing.

  • Rooneyboiii
    Rooneyboiii 20 дней назад

    Brad and ppc making it! Ha amazing bunch of smart dudes

  • Royale dejdmlvr
    Royale dejdmlvr 21 день назад

    VR38 heaven

  • Joshua e
    Joshua e 21 день назад

    everybody always says,ITS GOT MORE IN IT!! DOUCHEBAGS

  • Apex
    Apex 22 дня назад

    Check out our channel!! We have similar content. Make sure to subscribe if you enjoy our content! Thanks

  • Domino52o
    Domino52o 22 дня назад

    Can someone explain to me the point of converting an AWD gtr to rear wheel drive? Once you do that it's not really a gtr any more, you could stick any body on it and it's still just a rwd racecar.

  • yjjeeper1
    yjjeeper1 23 дня назад

    Fastest shoot time? Really? I think the same genius should do the fastest disconnected brakes pass next

  • Buildinup6
    Buildinup6 23 дня назад

    No way im pretty sure i met the guy at 1:30. If im correct he had a black C7 corvette a few years back. We all went on a cruise together

  • 22vx
    22vx 23 дня назад

    shoes inextricably stuck to the track is surely one of the rights of passage

  • 22vx
    22vx 23 дня назад

    This was seriously as good
    as an episode of The Office

  • titaniumtags&rc
    titaniumtags&rc 23 дня назад

    9 seconds w a chute hold up

  • phuc ewe
    phuc ewe 23 дня назад

    I have not been to a drag strip in about 30+ years.
    What is this sticky stuff all over the track?
    When did that become legal?
    Reminds me of that stickum stuff they banned from football.

  • Sam klien
    Sam klien 23 дня назад

    The dude with complete interior and ac running a 7.9 that's awesome. Bet you he's a bad ass barber too.

  • gashthrasher v.2
    gashthrasher v.2 23 дня назад

    Women will always get served in every thing.

  • Nationof300
    Nationof300 23 дня назад

    This is every drag lobby in gt sport 😂😂😂😂😂

  • GeraldRisch
    GeraldRisch 23 дня назад

    Why don't you change your name to 1000video. Seems to be all we see now is 1000ft. BTW state in your description the distances.

  • Anggit Purnma
    Anggit Purnma 23 дня назад +1

    Yeah wItH PaRacHuTe 1!1!1!1

  • Ding Chavez
    Ding Chavez 23 дня назад

    those cars would probably go faster with smaller people driving them

  • WifeBTR123
    WifeBTR123 23 дня назад

    I'm interested in how they do RWD burnouts and do AWD down the track, assuming some do that.

  • Straw Berry
    Straw Berry 23 дня назад


  • ss Sg
    ss Sg 24 дня назад


  • vinifoguinho
    vinifoguinho 24 дня назад

    Hey man, these GTRs are very fast, especially what turned 7.01, they are getting faster !! Have you seen the races and records of Brazil? To get an idea, the record turbo rear wheel drive, stock chassis, without interior, and shifting gears on the lever (with the help of Fueltech gearcontroller), turned 7.260 @ 342kmh, the boom here in Brazil is evolving a lot too! You need to come to Brazil to follow our races, you’re welcome!!

  • Jacob Ford
    Jacob Ford 24 дня назад

    The world needs more people like George at the track.

  • Jason Jennings
    Jason Jennings 24 дня назад

    How can you allege the fastest when there was not enough area to even find that out. E.t is not mph btw so figure out the definition of the words you use

  • Ron F
    Ron F 24 дня назад

    What are you smiling about?
    Dude, I almost had you! You almost had me? You never had me! You never had your car! Granny shiftin', not double clutchin' like you should. You're lucky that hundred shot of NOS didn't blow the welds on the intake. Almost had me? Now I and the mad scientist gotta rip apart the block, and replace the piston rings you fried! Ask any racer, any real racer, it doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning's winning.

  • M773
    M773 24 дня назад

    why are allot of those fast GTR`s converted to rwd ?

  • iNTOXiCATED Aer0
    iNTOXiCATED Aer0 25 дней назад

    That black gtr with the massive wing is my favourite gtr on earth

  • 0netyr
    0netyr 25 дней назад

    I love how sticky the road was

  • 0netyr
    0netyr 25 дней назад

    LmaoO shut up fred he still did a good impression tho number 11 with that 7.01 he's a beast

  • Eric Andersen
    Eric Andersen 25 дней назад

    I miss leroy😑

  • Red Rolo
    Red Rolo 25 дней назад

    Were there no 4wd GTRs?

  • Red Rolo
    Red Rolo 25 дней назад

    He was so Impressed with the 7.5 GTR that he could barely talk.

  • Red Rolo
    Red Rolo 25 дней назад

    But is it the Fastest GTR in the world with a parachute, in the stock location?

  • The2001cobra
    The2001cobra 25 дней назад

    Not trying to throw down hate but put them on a normal track this one is a little over prepped to say the least just to hit some records. I think I'd knock off 1.5 seconds off my runs if I went down this track!

    • Erik Britz
      Erik Britz 24 дня назад

      don't believe that big off a difference but 0.6-0.8sec yes the gtrs are not developed enough to run on any track anytime and run monster numbers this is why i see gtrs legit is still in their testing phases as in only can run this quick consitently in practice compared to most domestics running good numbers mid competition with quite a bit better reliability and sometimes with less power

  • Cars Tube
    Cars Tube 25 дней назад

    I mean this car is having endless power and doent say no.

  • Hotlatina4ya
    Hotlatina4ya 25 дней назад

    He was so excited that he ran 7.9 u couldn’t even tell he was

  • mattdrips
    mattdrips 25 дней назад

    now thats how you prep a track, cant even walk on it lol

  • Sheadon Kalei
    Sheadon Kalei 25 дней назад

    “I’m estatic” still has a dull face😂😂

  • Cj Foust
    Cj Foust 25 дней назад

    1:55 2:05 that ass tho....🍑

  • F-350 Guy
    F-350 Guy 25 дней назад

    I previously till now did not like rice rockets, but dang! These thangs are smokin'!!! 😀👍

  • Russell Bluewolf
    Russell Bluewolf 25 дней назад

    what amazes me more than anything is these cars use a V6 and twin turbos..to make that much power out of that is pretty astonishing..

  • Jeremy Williams
    Jeremy Williams 25 дней назад

    @16:15 that’s what happened to all the wooly mammoths

  • HighDef Gaming
    HighDef Gaming 25 дней назад

    Epic video

  • 01GTB Daily
    01GTB Daily 25 дней назад +1

    I remember when everyone hated the GTR when it came out “But it doesn’t have a RB” ........ makes me wonder what the MK5 Supra will be capable of in a few years when all the tears dry up.

  • The LakesideView
    The LakesideView 25 дней назад

    That track is why you don't skip leg day.

  • Sagen TheSergal
    Sagen TheSergal 25 дней назад +1

    17:32 A GTR doing a fucking POWERWHEELIE?!

  • mechwarrior13
    mechwarrior13 25 дней назад

    this car is like the Alfa Stradale of Forza motorsports lol

  • Orion Prows
    Orion Prows 26 дней назад

    The red gtr with the chute. That dude is from utah. He kills it out here

  • KEN
    KEN 26 дней назад

    12:14 is what your here for lol

  • John Hinojos
    John Hinojos 26 дней назад

    You always say not bad for a run.. Put the camera down and run your shit ...... You aint got NOTHING

  • RobiB
    RobiB 26 дней назад +1

    The more DRAG race GTRs I see, the more I dislike them somehow...

  • Malcolm Reynolds
    Malcolm Reynolds 26 дней назад

    GTR's launch like shit. Their ET is all out the back-end. None of these cars are tubbed, because the engines make shit for torque. All screamy screamy out the back door. MEH. YAWN.

  • MindCrime
    MindCrime 26 дней назад

    10:46 lifts a front tire in third or fourth, not sure how the shots were edited.

  • The Benz Driver
    The Benz Driver 26 дней назад

    Hey ! I love this Black GT-R R35 . It's just so cool .

  • Loud Mike Productions
    Loud Mike Productions 26 дней назад

    i need subscribers

  • John stafford
    John stafford 26 дней назад

    👍 nice racing

  • Brad Fairbanks
    Brad Fairbanks 26 дней назад

    This world needs more George's

  • Rasmus Just
    Rasmus Just 26 дней назад

    Anyone that knows a way to get i contact with them?

  • Roman Move
    Roman Move 26 дней назад

    На анлим бы их

  • Luski Bendyfork
    Luski Bendyfork 26 дней назад

    @1320Video You should get a slow motion camera to catch the violence of these 7 second cars. It happens so fast, it would be cool to be able to see how these things launch!!!!!!!

  • Smita
    Smita 26 дней назад

    Can you please explain to the Bulgarian, what 'a stock location car' means? I lnow there are faster GTRs in the 1/4, so saying we found the fastest, means stock internals and gears, tune with bolt ons, or what.

    • Kayode Miller
      Kayode Miller 25 дней назад

      Turbos are mounted in the same location as from factory. Instead of moving them forward or back etc

  • Mark C
    Mark C 26 дней назад

    At 12:00 stay safe with that red hat brah

  • chuimon slp
    chuimon slp 26 дней назад

    Nice test times, just for laughs, I noticed a big booty chick at 1:57 and 2:07 spying on interviewed driver, she's either a fan of his or his ride or all the above.

  • LandRoverLife
    LandRoverLife 26 дней назад

    Gotta say i'll stick to Aussie drag racing real GTR's because these are ugly and they sound terrible. I appreciate they're fast but they're no RB at 9k rpm on radials running 7's

  • Ian Cris Ellajah Victoria
    Ian Cris Ellajah Victoria 26 дней назад

    Why nobody's watching gtr world cup?

  • Jdm jay
    Jdm jay 26 дней назад

    Wassup with his lips?? They look odd don’t they?

  • MadCarTK
    MadCarTK 26 дней назад +8

    12:12 if you're impatient
    00:00 if you're not impatient
    26:11 if you don't even care

  • oxxsteel
    oxxsteel 26 дней назад +3

    I often wonder what these folks do for a living to afford these toys.

    • sidsyz85
      sidsyz85 24 дня назад

      i want to assume their banks have a big hand into the car. if not- these dudes are just big ballers with bank rolls to spend.

  • Kerry Clark
    Kerry Clark 26 дней назад

    Aren't GTR's All Wheel Drives?

    • iQuattro1
      iQuattro1 26 дней назад

      Kerry Clark yes but they converted them to rwd

  • Robman1286
    Robman1286 26 дней назад

    58mm turbo record@@@...

  • K M
    K M 26 дней назад +6

    People hate on Gtrs for having the same burnout and launch noise everytime...but all I see that as is consistent engineering.

    • Gunnar Marr
      Gunnar Marr 20 дней назад

      They are hand built motors thats why i love them

  • Akeem
    Akeem 26 дней назад

    Full interior black one was the most impressive to me

  • Boo Radley
    Boo Radley 26 дней назад

    Badass... but it still wouldn't beat that 5 second Supra...

  • Joe
    Joe 26 дней назад

    Chute out shootout

  • Nitemare 200
    Nitemare 200 26 дней назад

    I love a GTR!

  • Lifted_Above
    Lifted_Above 26 дней назад

    Just seems like eventually trying to coax more out of a V6 reaches the limit. And gets stupid expensive.

  • Neostead 2000
    Neostead 2000 26 дней назад

    Check out Hqen2000 scatpack procharged 426