Performance degradation - is it real?

  • Published on Jul 5, 2016
  • Yes we're testing some 480s today - no, they are not of the "RX" variety. Let's see if hard use really causes performance degradation!
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  • SolidSonicTH
    SolidSonicTH 5 days ago

    You played GTA5 on a GTX 480 at108 FPS? Hot diggity damn.

  • Shaun playz-gamez
    Shaun playz-gamez 8 days ago

    I like Anthony please make him host more vids

  • Neszoux
    Neszoux 13 days ago

    I form 4050

  • cookie the chicken
    cookie the chicken 14 days ago

    The music though

  • Games TV
    Games TV 18 days ago

    Performance degradation is noticeable in people too.

  • Mhel Mabayo
    Mhel Mabayo 18 days ago +1

    I guess it's time for a new head.

  • Clonecoder
    Clonecoder 20 days ago

    I thought it was a train at the start...

  • Moua Xiong
    Moua Xiong 22 days ago

    I warmed up my whole room because of my gtx 480

  • JonW
    JonW 23 days ago

    I wish you had of tested it with it's launch drivers vs the current drivers with these two cards to see if fps got better or worse. My guess is the older drivers would have been faster (at least up until a certain point) but yeah.

  • jesse schmidt
    jesse schmidt 26 days ago

    anyone know where I can get the background at 7:43 ?

  • Sgt. Kamarov
    Sgt. Kamarov 28 days ago

    GT 420 :)

  • Paul G
    Paul G Month ago +1

    That intro quote gave me some tech-yes vibes

  • Λ Z Ξ R G Λ M I N G

    the problem of old gpu is only the fermi update if nvidia keeps on updating the fermi the old gpu will still be game on on modern games

  • Kudoshi
    Kudoshi Month ago +2

    Does that mean its good to purchase secondhand pc parts? Sincs they dont degrade

  • Charles Burgess
    Charles Burgess Month ago

    Would it help gaming performance to cluster 2 or more computers together?

  • EdgyShooter
    EdgyShooter Month ago

    Hehe Vessel

  • xFuurocious
    xFuurocious Month ago +3

    i want these old type of vids again

  • Chefies Bass Boosts
    Chefies Bass Boosts Month ago +1

    I have a sealed GT 710 from asus lol

  • Pavel Drumev
    Pavel Drumev Month ago +3

    6:21 yeah they really did graph on chewing gums :D

  • Najd Al-Oqaili
    Najd Al-Oqaili Month ago

    I even saw HDD degradation after several writing, reading, and wiping data, correct me if i am wrong here

  • LazyPlayingID
    LazyPlayingID Month ago

    The Cheap Heater Boi

  • The Savage Banana_
    The Savage Banana_ Month ago


  • Rory Mag
    Rory Mag 2 months ago

    Would had loved to see the same test with a CPU

  • Jack Caldwell
    Jack Caldwell 2 months ago

    Linus with bangs was a look

  • OffOnOne
    OffOnOne 3 months ago

    I'd love to have an original 480, I've always thought they looked really cool

  • ExecutorQ3
    ExecutorQ3 3 months ago

    before watching (yes, i'm watching this first at 2019, who cares): nah, don't believe in hw degradation (based on usage, sure there may be some based on really poor component choise by manufacturer... for example bad capacitors that dries out even before the first use), it's more like software (be it intentional or not)
    after watching: glad i wasn't misguided for a change...

  • FL Biker
    FL Biker 3 months ago

    Pulled a 1070 from my mining rigs that mined full blast for a year. Its now in my gaming computer running like a champ and benchmarking where it should. Used mining cards can be ok as long as they were taken care of because a lot of miners were only in the game a few months and we crank down the GPU power to save money and reduce heat. Mine were in a cooled room and never went over 60-65c while mining.

  • Deyvson Moutinho Caliman

    My GTX460 became stronger with time. I used it up to The Witcher 3, when I realized it was time to buy a new one. But to be fair I had a 16:10 monitor, with a 1680x1050 resolution, so it was easier to run.

  • AlphaCentaurian Person
    AlphaCentaurian Person 3 months ago +1

    Actually, my iphone 4 is running pretty well.

    If you ignore not having any apps which can be put on it.

  • Edgar Andres Garcia Hernandez

    What's that disgusting reggaeton playing. Yuck.

  • Franz Neumeier
    Franz Neumeier 3 months ago

    it would be more interresting to load an 480 with an old driver and one with a brand new and see then if the driver makes the cards slower over the time

  • John G.
    John G. 4 months ago

    I bought a GTX 1070 from a miner and there's no difference in performance. The only thing that can really wear out is the fan(s). Thanks for putting this to rest!

  • UrbanaticLemonade
    UrbanaticLemonade 4 months ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Karl Rhodes
    Karl Rhodes 4 months ago

    Cool. What about batteries? not relevant for PC equipment, but certainly for handheld tech such as mobile phones?

  • Khalid Hebshi
    Khalid Hebshi 4 months ago

    Run them in SLI

  • Niranjan S.A
    Niranjan S.A 5 months ago

    this video is good. thanks a ton

  • David Brandenburg
    David Brandenburg 5 months ago

    linus does anyone make a heatpipe cooler with copper fins instead of steel or aluminum?

  • Hashirama Senju
    Hashirama Senju 5 months ago

    the thermal compound/pads would degrade over time too so if you get a used card maybe replace that if it runs terribly

  • Amellia Mendel
    Amellia Mendel 5 months ago

    Makes me feel better about buying everting used on eBay for my pc

  • Redalpha 333
    Redalpha 333 5 months ago

    6:20 ha ha ha ha ha; how well does it do over clocked?

  • Gary Craft
    Gary Craft 5 months ago

    I keep using my Samsung Galaxy S4 from 6 years ago XD

  • Sir Nicholas
    Sir Nicholas 5 months ago

    I will only accept tunnel bear as your sponsor.

  • Griffin the food dude
    Griffin the food dude 5 months ago

    Put those gtx 480s in sli!

  • Odd Eleven
    Odd Eleven 5 months ago

    That card was probably like. "What happened. Who are these powerful monsters i have for colleagues. I want my mommy".

  • Alphonse Kenswick
    Alphonse Kenswick 5 months ago

    I think it's incredibly irresponsible that you didn't cite your sources for the obviously bias results of your "chewing gum tests".
    You should be more careful before you spout off information you obviously know nothing about.

  • lordraptor11
    lordraptor11 5 months ago

    you sure you want people to know you think of Jacob as a friend? I wouldn't not after he refused to fix it when EVGA manipulated my products page to get out of honoring my warranty. I said good bye to evga and as my parts fail I am moving to MSI or gigabyte.

  • Zach Bedard
    Zach Bedard 5 months ago

    Linus tech 2016: return of fermie

  • seankkg
    seankkg 5 months ago

    It was hard to watch him defile that tomb.

  • Ryan Toomey
    Ryan Toomey 6 months ago

    Performance degradation is real with storage devices such as SSD's and Hard drives because they develop bad sectors over time. They are only designed for a finite number of writes.

  • BlackVolusia
    BlackVolusia 6 months ago +1

    That was my first gpu and I only just got rid of it the other week and replaced it with a PowerColor Red Devil RX580 mine was the same model as Linus’ an msi gtx480

  • Aidan Forrester
    Aidan Forrester 6 months ago


  • Nat Walwas
    Nat Walwas 6 months ago

    What about the RTX 2080 TI

  • Carlos Ferrari
    Carlos Ferrari 7 months ago

    6:59 - Thank you! It's amazing how many people wants to run up-to-date software in over 6 years old hardware and want it to perform well…
    Cool you have a 5 y/o computer? Install 5 y/o or 4 y/o software on it not anything newer than that unless you want it to slow down ¬¬

  • Krystal Myth
    Krystal Myth 7 months ago

    Maybe the secret to eternal life is figuring out what software is for human hardware...
    Food? Nutrition? Things we add to hardware to utilize it to its maximum performance. Often can install malware (junk food) or programs intended for boosts in performance at the cost of heat, bugs, crashes. (drugs)
    Stress? I suppose stress would be usage and maintenance related (registry issues, disk integrity) Ensuring good mental health, (file backups, clean system) Exercise (Dust-free, cable management) Fluid intake (cooling).

  • Evon Franklin
    Evon Franklin 7 months ago

    Ill buy that gpu from LTT

  • Gustavo Espadas
    Gustavo Espadas 7 months ago

    Wow this is real old.
    You @linus tech tips need to create in 5 years a museum :D

  • Aika Innet
    Aika Innet 7 months ago

    2 years later, and linus' drop hashtag, it was kinda nice seeing that clip at 0:47 where the other guy drops the thing.

  • Theman703
    Theman703 7 months ago

    How much a brand new GTX 480 would cost if one would pop up today.

  • Aadharsh K Praveen
    Aadharsh K Praveen 7 months ago

    My GPU(8600GT) is degraded a lot , it runs at 120 °C , the memory clock is down to 400Mhz from 700Mhz and I can't even clock it back to 700 MHz with MSI afterburner, the maximum limit of mem clock with the Afterburner is 520Mhz. ;)

  • Raymond Lo
    Raymond Lo 7 months ago

    Apple did it in the OS... apparently.

  • Johnnymushio
    Johnnymushio 8 months ago

    at 7:55 he starts shaking this working guy in his chair. just stop. ive seen similar behavior from him before. no one wants to be shaken around. its awkward. i know you think you are just playing around being friendly. just stop.

  • Intrspace
    Intrspace 8 months ago

    Damn that's a sexy video card :p

  • Ed Gar
    Ed Gar 8 months ago

    My gaming laptop used to give me 100-120 fps on pubg and now i get 50-60 the laptop is around 1 year old please help what should i do

  • Ishan Mondal
    Ishan Mondal 8 months ago

    can earthing cause harm to cup or gpu over time ?

  • Pablo
    Pablo 8 months ago

    Microsoft windows = Performance degradation

  • The King
    The King 8 months ago

    Simple, the big companies install software that slows down the performance. Just like some sort of virus. So people KEEP BUYING NEW STUFF. Same for Graphics cards, and so on.

  • FazeTacticツ
    FazeTacticツ 8 months ago


  • Arda Çalışkan
    Arda Çalışkan 8 months ago +3

    im still using a gt 620 with max overclocing
    lots of bluescreens and now i started to accept 17fps as smooth

  • Maxon Goudy, Jr.
    Maxon Goudy, Jr. 8 months ago

    The temps were horrid with Nvidia's Fermi line to begin with.

  • Justin Koenig
    Justin Koenig 9 months ago

    what about cards used by miners?

  • Shadoninja
    Shadoninja 9 months ago

    I really don't think you can compare your benchmarking to someone running a graphics card at 100% for literally 2 months straight. Crypto mining is no joke.

  • michal versluis
    michal versluis 9 months ago

    I would like to see more tests then just one on this. For example if you still have some of the 1080 bitcoin mining after a year or so i would like to see how that is going on when it was for a year straight going

  • A person decent at  games __Supergamer__Da best

    I gust had a dream about a 480

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C 9 months ago

    Heatsink gets stained by fingerprints, brand new cos heatsink is pristine.. proceeds to pick it up by said heatsink. DAFUQ?

  • Nolan Heistad
    Nolan Heistad 9 months ago

    Honestly, I'm still using all used hardware. I got a xeon x5450 (q9650 equivalent) 8gb ddr2 ECC FB dimms and currently a 1gb 9500gt from evga (don't settle for the 512mb in that one) and trying to upgrade to a 1060. I have a total of 80 bucks invested and I play pretty damn near anything I want, including GTA 5 at 600*800 and lowest settings. I can't even seem to find a ps3 cheaper and it runs smoother on my setup anyway.

  • Robert Grubb
    Robert Grubb 9 months ago

    Its all the updates for sure. They make software harder to run as time goes on.

  • Terminal World
    Terminal World 9 months ago +1

    'Well used card' is not a card tortured by mining so this comparison is bogus.

  • LouFiasco
    LouFiasco 9 months ago

    what do you have on your right Pocket that you need to touch all the time?

  • graydi66y
    graydi66y 9 months ago

    The biggest reason is lead free solder.

  • Seijuro TheAlastor
    Seijuro TheAlastor 9 months ago

    wtf? with the regeton?

  • Ben Dragon
    Ben Dragon 9 months ago

    Didn't you replace the thermal paste in both cards?

  • TAPriceCTR
    TAPriceCTR 9 months ago

    Any performance degradation not due to thermal compound is going to be from software updates

  • Shawn Elliott
    Shawn Elliott 9 months ago

    It's not hard to do a performance-degradation test. Run one piece of hardware at 100% for 6 months and then compare it to an identical piece of hardware that was never taken out of the original packaging.

  • The Eclectic Dyslexic
    The Eclectic Dyslexic 9 months ago

    Ya software is the big culprit here.
    Moore's law has a flip side. Software gets slower over time at a proportionate or even worse rate to how much faster hardware gets.
    It's called Wirth's law.
    I have spent a reasonable amount of time looking at the software people write... and honestly, I think there are some good arguments to be made here. The speed at which software can be shit out has increased, but the quality isn't always there. It is perfectly possible to make performant software using modern tools... it just doesn't usually happen.
    Often, it is more important to get software out quicker than it is to make software performant and focused on a particular task.
    I think if we expect our crazy race to insanely powerful computers to continue, it is going to take much more innovation from the software side of things. The hardware guys have been holding our hand for a long time.

  • Kofi Mensah
    Kofi Mensah 9 months ago

    Do you have any app on playstore that will enable us to talk more

  • Tremor244
    Tremor244 9 months ago

    now I want to try overclocked chewing gum haha

  • ulph97
    ulph97 9 months ago

    TIL If you get water on your head, you need a new head. (6:56)

  • Gareth
    Gareth 9 months ago

    No shit Sherlock. I thought this would be a video specifically about software updates, batteries, protection, etc.

  • Andrew Rattle
    Andrew Rattle 9 months ago

    i think its generally accepted that nvidia has shit drivers.

  • Pablo Castillo Quezada
    Pablo Castillo Quezada 10 months ago

    What was that crappy music?

  • SoleSamulous
    SoleSamulous 10 months ago

    Not surprised that people talk out of their ass about computers

  • The Poor Gamer
    The Poor Gamer 10 months ago

    I have overclocked my gum and now it never loses flavor.

  • Observer
    Observer 10 months ago

    RTX 480???

  • Jamie Rice
    Jamie Rice 10 months ago

    This is a good video however...
    First thermal compound should be re applied to both cards for consitanicy as we know how much thermal paste can effect the temps of cards.
    would be cool to see if the new card can overclock to the same settings as the old card.
    And I feel you should have made more of point to say that cards do wear out over time however normally fail in an epic single moment than slowly start to slow down. Miners are always claiming that there cards are no different than any other and they mining doesn't effect the cards. Each card has x amount of time before they crap out. So if you run it for 2 hours each day then it will last 10 years but if you run it none stop it will only last 2.

  • Arda Çalışkan
    Arda Çalışkan 10 months ago

    its real
    i have a really old pc and it was running run crysis 3 at highest settings when i bought it
    now i can play it only at medium settings

  • Go Clunker
    Go Clunker 10 months ago +1

    The answer is BLOATWARE. Developers are getting dumber and lazier with faster hardware. Speed tricks are no longer needed, so modern code doesn't work so well on aged devices.

  • surviveasl
    surviveasl 10 months ago

    lol still rocking gtx460 hawk

  • Barak Kozia
    Barak Kozia 10 months ago

    You need to check overclocking potential for the two of them...

  • Dylan East
    Dylan East 10 months ago

    I used a GTX 560 until this year. That was a great card

  • TheErciyaslar
    TheErciyaslar 10 months ago

    Now, a year ago i got a free GTX 770 from the company i work at because the thing had been sitting around for 5 years untouched. Never been used. I tried it for like a week but my computer would randomly show a black screen. It was later determined that the card was broke. So, i guess it varies from card to card. Some cards can go on for years without problems, and some will break after some time.
    Now what i am also wondering, does mining degrade performance on cards?