What Cristiano Ronaldo may have said to a fan who wanted to take a selfie with him | Oh My Goal

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • Cristiano Ronaldo is close with his fans. He very rarely refuses to sign an autograph or take a photo. But during the game between Juventus and Bayer Leverkusen, Cristiano Ronaldo pushed a fan away and refused to take a selfie with him. Why did Cristiano Ronaldo react like this?
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Comments • 522

  • appu vava
    appu vava 13 days ago

    I saw that match he was crazy that nan was catching ronaldos neck hardly uf it is correct please like

  • Pandros the great
    Pandros the great 24 days ago

    Ronaldo hasn't been to south africa

  • Animish Kalita
    Animish Kalita Month ago +2

    Think what Zlatan or Ramos or Costa would have done to the fan😂😂😂

  • Boby Talha
    Boby Talha Month ago

    That's not a excuse even when Messi national team or club is losing a game Or is under pressure, when fans intrude messi Doesn't do that. U can't give a excuse like this sometimes cr7 has been arrogant

  • arctic gamer254
    arctic gamer254 Month ago

    Why was Africa not included 🤔🤔

  • Krazy Videos
    Krazy Videos Month ago +1


  • Alikhaan Ali
    Alikhaan Ali Month ago +1

    Forgive him? Wtf u on about it’s his life and his choice to do whatever he wants.

  • ZaynASMR
    ZaynASMR Month ago +5

    just imagine if that was ibrahimovic
    he would have killed him

  • premice kalenga
    premice kalenga Month ago

    Where is Africa

  • Meron Edmon
    Meron Edmon Month ago

    So what did Ronaldo say ?

  • Mesei Monsengwo
    Mesei Monsengwo Month ago

    Oceania: am I a joke to you?

    • Ryan Ahmed
      Ryan Ahmed 29 days ago

      antartica:am i a joke to you

  • Alexander McCarthy
    Alexander McCarthy Month ago

    lads imo ronaldo didnt really do anything wrong. We all know Ronaldo as the worlds best (messi fans dont @ me) but the game was into added time and ronaldo still had a drive to get a goal,ghe fan was just wasteing time. If the fan waited until the time was up and ran over to him and just asked politely Ronaldo wouldve done it no problem,cop on lads he is a hungry player looking for goals not fights

  • kenny last
    kenny last Month ago

    He gives about €50000 to Nepal when we suffer earthquake. So basically he is nice guys. We love cr7.

  • Aveira A.
    Aveira A. Month ago

    Stupid oh my goal, so Africa isn't a continent to be mentioned where Cristiano is so much loved and adored, in fact I can say most of his die hard fans are from the African continent.
    Are we still doing this in 2019. That's so foolish oh my goal.

  • Ali Ajami
    Ali Ajami Month ago

    Let him travel to the USA and will see how much he'll be welcomed?
    They love him sooo much that they will keep him for few years in the USA five star hotel .

  • JustSaying Entertainment

    Oh my goal is more dramtic than eastenders

  • gojek tube,HD
    gojek tube,HD Month ago

    I love you CR7

  • Legendary Lincoln
    Legendary Lincoln Month ago +1

    What is going on with this music? xD did Ronaldo have the fan put to death or something haha.

  • Miraç Mehmet çelik

    Ronaldo is arrogant 😏

  • cartoon funny
    cartoon funny Month ago

    Juventus vs Calcio ru-clip.com/video/v8wXBFh0sag/video.html
    Ronaldo amazing goal vs Calcio

  • Ridwanul Islam
    Ridwanul Islam Month ago +2

    Did anyone realised that africa was missing?

  • Maria Lourdes Yepes Diaz


  • Jeonghun Han
    Jeonghun Han Month ago +1

    2:20. Well, not in S.Korea🤗🤗

  • Pisquila 99
    Pisquila 99 Month ago

    He always takes selfies with his fans, even when the security is trying to take them off, you just can't be a stupid

  • Nischal Sd
    Nischal Sd Month ago

    Fans are not entitled for a selfie, and that also on a ground where he has been playing and is in stress.
    Don't be a hater

  • cuLiref
    cuLiref Month ago

    2:06 girls are fine af... Yea, I said it

  • CT7-Christian
    CT7-Christian Month ago +1

    Oh My Goal says every continent in the world but leaves out Australia
    Mad video btw

  • Youl Amanuel
    Youl Amanuel Month ago +1

    They don’t even know who CR7 is in United state

  • Ahmed’s Life
    Ahmed’s Life Month ago

    What about comment of the week?

  • Im not the one you are looking for

    He is just butt hurt lol

  • VampireDucks
    VampireDucks Month ago

    Are these videos put out by Cristaino Ronaldo's PR firm or what?

  • Giancarlo Tubal
    Giancarlo Tubal Month ago

    If that happens to messi he will just smile and take a selfie with the fans

    • Menahel Sultan
      Menahel Sultan Month ago

      Giancarlo Tubal no he won’t bruh
      Srsly I don’t care which footballer it is
      If someone pulls your fucking neck u don’t smile and take a selfie
      Messi ain’t an Angel and u know it

  • Muhammed Yaseen
    Muhammed Yaseen Month ago

    CR7 is best

  • WB S
    WB S Month ago +1

    Actually the guy showed him Messi with his sixth ballond'or

  • Him Shrestha
    Him Shrestha Month ago

    What’s up with the music?😁

  • cholorockabilly
    cholorockabilly Month ago

    From what i have been able to grasp European ultra fans and some general ones need to chill and learn their place which behind the football pitch lines and remain in their seats.

  • Erdem
    Erdem Month ago

    I’ll be honest, since 2003 im obsessed fan of Ronaldo. Big inspiration. If he would’ve act like that to me, it would be the last day of being a fan

  • Morty Smith
    Morty Smith Month ago

    This Channel getting worse by the day

  • Cuh Baby
    Cuh Baby Month ago

    The third fan probably said Messi is the best 😄

  • kimi7mrking pipi
    kimi7mrking pipi Month ago

    ru-clip.com/video/V2bHSNixrD0/video.html 🔥🔥✨

  • Beqir Fetahi
    Beqir Fetahi Month ago

    this video edit is wack...dont waste your time on watching it i did it for you.

  • charly austin
    charly austin Month ago +1

    0:50 Higuain invaded the pitch to hug Ronaldo.

  • runforest run
    runforest run Month ago

    Ronaldo has been shit to his fan for a long time. People are just starting to talk about it as Ronaldo’s form is plummeting

  • Kirito Azumi
    Kirito Azumi Month ago

    Ronaldo's wife grab his neck for a kiss
    Ronaldo with a surprise look : ARE YOU CRAZY?

  • Muhammad Afzal
    Muhammad Afzal Month ago

    1:56 what about madrid

  • Israel Ayoade
    Israel Ayoade Month ago

    This channel videos has been getting on my nerves recently. if i were your class teacher, 'I'll give you -1/10. it seems like you are obsessed with Ronaldo and don't read through news content before posting

    MABLO GATES Month ago

    You guys couldn't right Africa??haha racist idiots

  • Hassan Shariff
    Hassan Shariff Month ago

    Imagine Ronaldo in Africa 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Paulo dybala HD
    Paulo dybala HD Month ago

    Fack you ronaldo dybala is best

  • New Design
    New Design Month ago

    If That Was Zlatan
    That Fan Would Be In Hospital From Now🏥

  • ThePark 627
    ThePark 627 Month ago

    You CR7 fans are something else. You guys complain for anything and every little shit. Messi fans too but you guys out them.

  • Arshil CR7 Gaming
    Arshil CR7 Gaming Month ago

    Messi is much kind then cr7 but IAM a CR7 fan

  • Delia Martinex
    Delia Martinex Month ago

    CR7 does not control their security...even if he had agreed to a picture..security could have said no...CR7 is very nice with fans..one of the few that always stops to take pictures with fans...but..c'mon they were playing...the last one CR7 didn't even know the fan was running towards him..n then he felt ..someone pulling him ...what if that guy was not a fan n wanted to hurt him?? Security was really bad!!!! Juventus should file a complaint.

  • Ali Abo
    Ali Abo Month ago

    Your vids becoming a waste of time.!!!?

    CR7 PRODUCTION Month ago +1

    Messi : Like
    CR7 : Comment

  • A guy
    A guy Month ago

    not really in asia after that match against korean stars

  • Khadar abdirahman
    Khadar abdirahman Month ago

    Don’t defend Ronaldo no body grab him we saw all what happened that night

  • Yankie frenz
    Yankie frenz Month ago +2

    the man is still salty about loosing the Ballon d'or 😆😆😂

    • Voltaik
      Voltaik Month ago

      and I'm salty bcz u don't know the spelling of "losing"

    • popcorn
      popcorn Month ago

      @ronaldo messi shuddha neyamar relax , he cracked a joke. Stop giving your boring ass life lessons about "dreams"

    • ronaldo messi shuddha neyamar
      ronaldo messi shuddha neyamar Month ago +1

      Well unlike you he strives to be the best. Anybody would get upset. Well if he doesn't have dream like you then it's a different story

  • Little Frenchfries
    Little Frenchfries Month ago

    I don’t blame cr7

    USTREAM Month ago

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