Fatal Encounters - Season 2 Episode 1 ''Fatal Voyage''

  • Published on Jun 18, 2016

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  • sgtdemanda
    sgtdemanda Month ago

    Wow so Kelly had no other aspirations other than to marry a rich man, have kids, live in a mansion and not have to work. When she finally got what she wanted, she was disappointed. How did she think rich people got money?! They have to work for it! I have no sympathy for this superficial gold-digger. I feel awful for the children. What a mess.

  • Dee Marie
    Dee Marie Month ago

    This was a bit ridiculous

  • Christina Bakley
    Christina Bakley 7 months ago

    Thought the woman speaking was a male.SMH wasn't watching just listening😮Thankyou😜

  • Yvette
    Yvette 9 months ago +1

    Why does the pic have an overlay / filter?

  • Damian Starks
    Damian Starks Year ago +1

    Wish this video was more clear.

  • robin dewling
    robin dewling Year ago

    what the hell is goin on brain damage stream

  • Anna Pink
    Anna Pink Year ago

    Terrible quality - don't bother watching.

  • ibrahin odonis
    ibrahin odonis Year ago

    Yo conocí a Guillermo y me cuesta creer ese semejante crimen

    ANTIQUEFOTOS Year ago +3

    The reason the video is smokey is because the poster did it on purpose to avoid copyright infringement and getting his video deleted.

    • Zarya Moonwolf
      Zarya Moonwolf Year ago

      that is note how it works he uploaded a tv show episode in it's entirety he did not parody it or change the meaning so it does not fall under fair use

  • Happy Sally
    Happy Sally Year ago +2

    Great story cheers

  • Tuna Free Dolphin Meat

    It is like having glaucoma, only with an irritable noise

  • Anna Jones
    Anna Jones Year ago +15

    please fix smokey video,,, love it but too hard to see

  • karen81986
    karen81986 Year ago +4

    Hard to see

  • Michelle Ann Marie Presley

    I agree with you that the video is poor quality and the sound is off and you can’t see anything about the crime that took place 🤨 ummm makes you think about it right?

  • cherry1785
    cherry1785 2 years ago

    ? Hate when this happens, especially when you havnt seen the episode

  • snuffelsuf
    snuffelsuf 2 years ago +3

    god, its soo light you cant even make stuff out in the video...why bother making a video that is not even watchable

  • Nubian
    Nubian 2 years ago +1

    Wow that sucks ! He believed the guy and got caught up in a life sentence. @41:15 Even so, she's right 1 person can't take over 4 people. That guy should have looked up facts before believing that scum smh.

  • Dana Puckett
    Dana Puckett 2 years ago +8

    The video quality is too poor and most of the time the audio is way off!

  • Ori Gami
    Ori Gami 2 years ago +1

    The Cuban a total idiot

  • Bfdidc
    Bfdidc 2 years ago +5

    Yikes. This one could almost be made into a movie.