The Hindu Newspaper Analysis 16th September 2019| Daily Current Affairs

  • Published on Sep 16, 2019

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  • Mercy Yadav
    Mercy Yadav Month ago +1

    1) yaman
    2)part 17

  • Surbhi Gadai
    Surbhi Gadai Month ago

    Kpde ka thela use kr skte h

  • arati mishra
    arati mishra Month ago

    The best hindu analysis and very helpful.

  • arati mishra
    arati mishra Month ago

    Any individual's tolerance does not matter at all. So please keep on revising the contemporary topics for good of all. Thank you so much for your eloquent lecture.

  • vaibhav nikhare
    vaibhav nikhare Month ago

    Yemen, part 17th, all of the above I think

  • Amit Prakash
    Amit Prakash Month ago

    water revolution related to hong kong

  • Rishu Rajput
    Rishu Rajput Month ago

    Nice example of capacity utilisation

  • Kajal Ranjan
    Kajal Ranjan Month ago +1

    Water revolution is related to special administrative city of China ," Hong KonG"

  • Gayatri Kheralia
    Gayatri Kheralia Month ago

    Thanks a lot sir

  • IAS Aspirants
    IAS Aspirants Month ago

    Sir please more Discuss about editorial Thanks sir for your efforts

  • anubhav raghav
    anubhav raghav Month ago

    Dear sir, pdf of give video is highly required. Otherwise mere seeing video is severely wastage of time. Please consider my request. Thank you.

  • Amninder Singh
    Amninder Singh Month ago

    A. C. D

  • ram gopal
    ram gopal Month ago


  • Kushagra Singh
    Kushagra Singh Month ago +1

    No sir it's very good to be revise same thing frequently by your analysis it's go into head

  • Priyam Sharma
    Priyam Sharma Month ago

    Thanks sir

    RISHI PANDEY Month ago

    Very nice discussion my sweet sir😊😊😊💐💐💐💐💐👌👌👌👌

  • Jahnvi Kapoor
    Jahnvi Kapoor Month ago

    Sir please provide the August pdf ASAP.


    Sir..plz requesting u to speak in English too

  • Sanjay Patil
    Sanjay Patil Month ago

    Telegram link??

  • Sanjay Patil
    Sanjay Patil Month ago

    Best HINDU analysis . No waste of even a second . Great job sir

  • Abhishek Raman Jha
    Abhishek Raman Jha Month ago

    north indian mein agar skill ki kami hai toh - iska zimmedar kaun hai?

  • Anuradha Kumari
    Anuradha Kumari Month ago

    Hong Kong

  • Abhishek kumar saini

    thank u sir

  • Sanket Jha Jha
    Sanket Jha Jha Month ago

    Thanks sir

  • Aneeh Spark
    Aneeh Spark Month ago +1

    Thanks a lot sir. Nice explaination

  • Swapnil Pawar
    Swapnil Pawar Month ago

    Sir is finance minister come's under finance commission?

    • ram gopal
      ram gopal Month ago

      No minister comes under a ministry.. A Minister is responsible to the govt as well as parliament..

  • Ankit
    Ankit Month ago

    U really do hard work....Keep it up..

  • Meena Rani
    Meena Rani Month ago +2

    Water revolution related to Hong Kong

  • Roopa Biradar
    Roopa Biradar Month ago

    Godavari flows through Karnataka also, having 2 tributeries i.e Manjra and karanja.

  • Nitish kr Singh
    Nitish kr Singh Month ago

    Question no 1:- Yemen
    Question no 2:- part 17
    Question no:- 1,2,&3
    Thanks a lot sir 🙏

  • Asha Kevat
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  • fame
    fame Month ago +9

    "Lack of skills not the lack of jobs is the major problem of india" because skills emerges from experience and learning and in india we generally prefer a experienced person over a fresher when a company offers a job this results into lack of job as well as skills for amateur.
    jobs are less because of high population and competition giving opportunity only to few i.e. for 1 job position a company generally calls for 10 candidates, we can see this from both perspective that is a person having given set of skills will get the job from his perspective skills are less but jobs are there but if see from rejected candidates view points jobs are less as much as we are densed.

    Lack of skills is the result of less number of opportunities in india, as we have reservation/quota system not allowing the equal opportunity of learning to all when it comes to taking admission in any government institution.

    jobs are limited in india because its still a developing country and unemployment rate generally remains high in such countries despite of having young and highly educated citizen.
    recession in the market, economy slowdown, high dependency on overseas products, less startups are also some contributing factors of it.

  • Manisha Nagpure
    Manisha Nagpure Month ago +1

    Aap economy ki news discuss nhi karte

  • Sachi Yadav
    Sachi Yadav Month ago

    Please go little slow

  • priyu mali
    priyu mali Month ago

    Good evening sir
    I'm your new student
    This video is help full for me 😇
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  • suraj prakash Behera

    1. Yemen
    2. XVII

  • deepak majhi
    deepak majhi Month ago

    Thank you sir ...
    If possible please provide the background note what ever you said in every news.
    Please sir it's make so many helps to us 🙏🙏

  • Neha Siddiqui
    Neha Siddiqui Month ago

    Great efforts sir.
    God bless you.😊

  • Bhawana Tomar
    Bhawana Tomar Month ago

    1.Houthies = Yemen
    2.Official act = Part 17
    3.Chahu , Sankirtana n Kumbmela = UNESCO Intengible sites

  • Naresh Rajput
    Naresh Rajput Month ago

    water revolution is related to Honkong

  • Swarna Swadhin Das
    Swarna Swadhin Das Month ago

    Thanks sir

  • Anurag Jain
    Anurag Jain Month ago

    Sir ji ek number......

  • Reetwika Pandey
    Reetwika Pandey Month ago +6

    Its my request sir ki jab aap kuch static information repeat krte hain like NGT, Rivers, ED etc. To plz sir uske liye sorry na bola kre... this is the beauty of this analysis...ek din me dher sari chize bta kr to sab nikal jate successful to wahi hoga jo max time revise karega... Sir jiske liye aap sorry bolte hain vahi to sabse achhi baat plz don't say sorry for that...
    I am very thankful to u for repeating information again & again...plzzz never ever stop that...

  • Reetwika Pandey
    Reetwika Pandey Month ago +1

    Thank u soooo much sir for such a beautiful analysis & especially for repeating information again and again...It will help us to retain info & will take less time to process it in exam...

  • Venky Komera
    Venky Komera Month ago

    Hi Sir, can you share this highlighted Hindu paper daily so that we can read the paper very fast and effective manner. if possible post the pdf here itself or in telegram channel, please

  • Divya Tripathi
    Divya Tripathi Month ago

    Best explanation 😃

  • The Roxtar
    The Roxtar Month ago

    Suraj chand apne favour mein gedhiyan lagare
    Asal zindagi mein tough, sirf video mein naa re 💎
    For you sirji

  • Ganesha Chavhan
    Ganesha Chavhan Month ago

    Water revolution in hongkong

  • Dinkar Goyal
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    Thank you sir great explain

  • Daniya khan
    Daniya khan Month ago

    Hello sir ☺
    1⃣ A
    2⃣ C
    3⃣ D
    Thankyou sir ☺

  • Abhay Pratap
    Abhay Pratap Month ago

    I think his is not gangwar infact he is gawar

  • Deepika Yadav
    Deepika Yadav Month ago

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  • Harshit Trivedi
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  • Rajashree Singh
    Rajashree Singh Month ago +13

    Best Hindu analysis I ever seen in on RU-clip

  • Kartik Talawar
    Kartik Talawar Month ago +1

    In June Month Date Of UPSC Exam 2020.... Published Which Dates Paper In The Hindu Paper?

  • Arvind kumar
    Arvind kumar Month ago +1

    Thora aaram se bola kro yaar kahi jaana thori hii hai

  • Mudit Yadav
    Mudit Yadav Month ago

    Your discossion on hindi awesome maine kal hi aapka chanel suscribe kiya lagata hai aap muje best person mile ho mere upsc ke suffer me

  • Anjali Soni
    Anjali Soni Month ago

    Sir plzzz y bta Diya kriye konsi news kis gs se related h bignners ki bhttt help ho jayegiii isko smjne m... Kbi kbi ksi ksi news ko lkr confusion ho Jata h kis gs se related h that's y I'm saying??? It's a request sir..

  • Rahul Kumar
    Rahul Kumar Month ago

    Sir Please provide PDF of August current affairs, please reply Sir

  • Gitu Kumari
    Gitu Kumari Month ago +3

    Water revolution related to Hong Kong ( China).