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    • Asta Westh- Kristensen
      Asta Westh- Kristensen Год назад

      Next time you make one of these episodes, you should put "Fame" in it. That would be awesome

    • lizette carbajal
      lizette carbajal Год назад

      REACT do college kids know music from the 40s or react to 40s music!!!

    • El Caldy
      El Caldy Год назад +2

      I ❤️ musicals and have wanted you to do another one since I saw the first one. Do more! So many great one left out: Mary Poppins, A Star is Born, The King and I, Funny Girl, Fame, Moulin Rouge, Grease, Guys and Dolls!

    • 미셜비
      미셜비 Год назад

      The "Dreamgirls" description you gave was wrong. It's only LOOSELY based on the Supremes but also based around that era of motown female groups. And it was adapted from a stage play with Jennifer Holiday as the original Effie.

    • Laura Del Vasto
      Laura Del Vasto Год назад

      REACT Teens/adults react to Duran Duran!!!

  • Amy
    Amy 11 месяцев назад +3

    I was really excited to see newsies on here!

  • Tatum Atkins
    Tatum Atkins 11 месяцев назад +2

    DO A PART 2

  • Abby Ní Loingisgh
    Abby Ní Loingisgh 11 месяцев назад

    I knew all except the Newsies 😊

  • MOONWOLF7395
    MOONWOLF7395 Год назад +2

    I only know the last one cause will sang it to uncle phil

  • Lexa Balius
    Lexa Balius Год назад +2


  • Andrea ˊᗜˋ
    Andrea ˊᗜˋ Год назад +185


  • Emily Star
    Emily Star Год назад +4


  • VambzBat
    VambzBat Год назад

    Brandon, Ethan and Tom are my favorites along from all the others.

  • triquetra 123
    triquetra 123 Год назад +1

    Yes! Cellblock Tango from Chicago!!! Love that musical so much 😍😍😍

  • Elsa Baxter
    Elsa Baxter Год назад


  • Elsa Baxter
    Elsa Baxter Год назад

    I’ve never even seen Hello Dolly, but I guessed it right somehow!

  • Anastazia Lee
    Anastazia Lee Год назад +1

    I got Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,The Wiz and Dreamgirls

  • Richard McIntosh
    Richard McIntosh Год назад

    teens or college kids react to rocky horror picture show

  • Tara
    Tara Год назад

    Thoroughly Modern Millie Musical had some amazingggg songs in it!

  • Amber McLaughlin
    Amber McLaughlin Год назад

    The last five years with anna kendrick and jeremy jordan!!! (btw he’s a god amongst us)

  • Rivi Sanchez
    Rivi Sanchez Год назад

    That ending though A++

  • Shania Davis
    Shania Davis Год назад +2

    Brianna's shirt is really cute! & I can't believe that I haven't seen Little Shop of Horrors yet!!

  • Josh Adams
    Josh Adams Год назад +17

    Am I the only one who didnt care for Jennifer Hudson in Dream Girls?

  • Alexander Edward Williams
    Alexander Edward Williams Год назад +3

    OMG can you have one of the react groups react to the rocky horror picture show that would be awesome

  • Ashley
    Ashley Год назад +3

    " This is funky as hell" Best comment of the video

  • Teon Quant
    Teon Quant Год назад +16

    Y'all wrong for that opening.....😂

  • Meg Bee
    Meg Bee Год назад +34

    He said "when did they redo the wizard of oz"😧😒

  • McKenzie L.
    McKenzie L. Год назад +12

    What about Singing in the Rain? It would have been nice to see one of Gene Kelly’s movies in there. Definitely make another musical episode!!! 👍🏻

  • Amanda Hansen
    Amanda Hansen Год назад +1

    lol i got them all in the first second. I love it when they do these.

  • Victoria Medel
    Victoria Medel Год назад +2


  • Becca Lynne
    Becca Lynne Год назад +5

    React to Hayley Kiyoko!

  • bcgrote
    bcgrote Год назад

    Every 4th of July, we watch 1776. Dated, but a great story.

  • Ernie Schmick
    Ernie Schmick Год назад +6

    Tf didn't they put Phantom of the Opera

  • Calmonie Guilford
    Calmonie Guilford Год назад +12

    wow ...... when did they remake the wizard of oz 🤦🏾‍♀️ smh

    • Calmonie Guilford
      Calmonie Guilford Год назад

      Iminii Amour no i’ve seen it lol , i was saying wow to ethan not knowing about it

    • Iminii Amour
      Iminii Amour Год назад +1

      Calmonie Guilford this was madeeee a long time ago and is prolly the best movie growing up, its in all black cast and a AMAZING movie highly recommend to watch

  • Thomas Wormgoor
    Thomas Wormgoor Год назад +1

    soo... why no bluesbrothers?

  • tess
    tess Год назад

    i might be crushing on kennedy

  • Kevin Stubbs
    Kevin Stubbs Год назад +3

    Jennifer Hudson's can not only be match but out done by the original singer. Don't get me wrong Hudson is great but nothing compares to the originalвидео.html

  • TCT
    TCT Год назад +1

    Reat ABBA plz

  • Amy Henwood
    Amy Henwood Год назад

    I knew all of them except Gentlemen prefer Blondes !

  • King of Pop
    King of Pop Год назад +17

    “No wonder why that scarecrow had moves” 😂😂

  • Sajjad
    Sajjad Год назад +2

    Do ancient musicals please

  • Hannah Hays
    Hannah Hays Год назад +5

    Rent would have been a good one

  • LittleLibraryKoala
    LittleLibraryKoala Год назад +7

    Mamma Mia, Hairspray, Wicked, Into the Woods, West Side Story for the next one please.

    • CY Chow
      CY Chow Год назад

      The greatest Showman and La La land.

    • lexi shefelbine
      lexi shefelbine Год назад

      LittleLibraryKoala i agree.

  • Blackmagic1088
    Blackmagic1088 Год назад +5

    The WIZ FTW

  • SuperHee2
    SuperHee2 Год назад +3

    So sad. I thought I knew musicals...I was wrong

  • addict4dramitics
    addict4dramitics Год назад +2

    My inner theatre geek was screaming the answers lmao I did musical theatre from 3rd grad through graduation.

  • SorryImHere
    SorryImHere Год назад +4

    We need Heathers next time

  • SorryImHere
    SorryImHere Год назад


  • Bunny Foo Foo
    Bunny Foo Foo Год назад

    I only knew little shop of horrors

  • Fibily
    Fibily Год назад +6


  • Skyler Maves
    Skyler Maves Год назад +3

    I'll admit I got all of these right except for Gentlemen Prefer Blondes just because I've never seen it. Also more musical reacts please.

  • alyciam5
    alyciam5 Год назад +6

    pleaseee make more of these for musicals!

  • Elvira Eleli
    Elvira Eleli Год назад +9

    The wiz!!! Yayyy

    REBORNFIRE GAMING! Год назад +1

    Please teens react to muse

  • Eric Ho Tak Kung
    Eric Ho Tak Kung Год назад +2

    All of my favourite reactors in one video!
    Thank you!

  • Karenna Patterson
    Karenna Patterson Год назад +5

    React to across the universe

  • Camila Kowalczyk Skoropatdsky
    Camila Kowalczyk Skoropatdsky Год назад +5

    Is Grease an option

  • Htes L
    Htes L Год назад


  • Matt da witch
    Matt da witch Год назад +20

    We need another with Rent, Rocky Horror, and Hairspray!

  • luke tube
    luke tube Год назад +3

    Brandon is my FAVORITE 😂😂

  • dontletmetell
    dontletmetell Год назад +8

    What about Moulin Rouge?

  • lexi samtoro
    lexi samtoro Год назад +1

    And I'm in love with jade's shirt

  • lexi samtoro
    lexi samtoro Год назад +15

    you need to do another one and include rent, mamma mia, and hairspray

  • Ray Kenny
    Ray Kenny Год назад +7

    If you do another part include the greatest showman

  • Leah Marie
    Leah Marie Год назад +2

    😂The Wiz

  • Anthony Bullock
    Anthony Bullock Год назад +4

    more musicals please!!!

  • shamille724
    shamille724 Год назад +13

    Omg the girl singing at the end!!

  • Adr¡ Is Different
    Adr¡ Is Different Год назад +11

    Do modern musicals!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sanders
    Sanders Год назад +2

    The only one I knew immediately was Dream Girls.

  • fletchermj392
    fletchermj392 Год назад +13

    definitely need another one of these! I mean we got Rocky Horror, Hairspray, RENT!!!

    • Leah Marie
      Leah Marie Год назад

      ohhh ok, i see what you meant now.

    • fletchermj392
      fletchermj392 Год назад

      Leah Marie the one in the video was but they need to include rocky horror in the next video they do

    • Leah Marie
      Leah Marie Год назад

      I thought it was Little Shop of Horrors

  • s0lifted
    s0lifted Год назад +3

    Repo the Genetic Opera would be a good one for them to guess too.

  • TheOtakuKitten
    TheOtakuKitten Год назад +3

    I've always been partial to Cats. It was my granny's favorite, so I grew up with the songs and watching the tape with her.

  • Nick Silva
    Nick Silva Год назад +3

    Y’all should do another part to this, *include Oliver!*

  • Gabriel Barliga
    Gabriel Barliga Год назад +1

    If I hadn't already subscribed, Alyssa's singing would have convinced me to subscribe!

  • Niamh Costello
    Niamh Costello Год назад +5

    Please do Mary Poppins in your next video

  • April Lam
    April Lam Год назад +5

    I only knew newsies

  • UnsimpleFangirl
    UnsimpleFangirl Год назад +11

    React to greatest showman! Any generation:)

  • Michael Cooper
    Michael Cooper Год назад +4

    PLEASE MAKE MORE OF THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katie Handschug
    Katie Handschug Год назад +8

    Can you do broadway musicals please

  • Andrew Wyrre
    Andrew Wyrre Год назад +3

    8:36 my reaction to the whole video

  • disneyfriendinme
    disneyfriendinme Год назад +37

    Ok.. there NEEDS to be a part 2! Into the Woods, Last 5 Years; the list goes on!

    • Dave Hz
      Dave Hz Год назад +1

      I second this and am hoping for Be Italian from Nine. I know it's not as iconic but it's a damn good number.

  • Sephora Chevalier
    Sephora Chevalier Год назад +1

    Please do teens react to young don the sauce god ~ My Horibal Spelling ~ 4:21 - 7:35 || please!!!!

  • indiiedreamer
    indiiedreamer Год назад +19

    no Rocky Horror? :(

    • Niamh Costello
      Niamh Costello Год назад

      has to be the original UK version when they do it

    • Sho81
      Sho81 Год назад

      Was fairly bummed about that as well. Not to mention no Repo: The Genetic Opera, The Devil's Carnival, or the great Sweeney Todd.

  • analei iotamo
    analei iotamo Год назад

    Being pretty

  • Haley Faragalli
    Haley Faragalli Год назад +6


  • Krystal Schulze
    Krystal Schulze Год назад +3

    Them (all generations actually) would be fun to watch reacting to Celine Dion music and her story!

  • Letícia Borges
    Letícia Borges Год назад

    Barbra ♡

  • mediaguy king
    mediaguy king Год назад

    I knew 4/7

  • Kanenite Forever
    Kanenite Forever Год назад +2

    Can you do College Kids react to No Headbang Challenge

  • Gregory Eatroff
    Gregory Eatroff Год назад +2

    Movie starring Diana Ross.. movie about Diana Ross. :)

  • Gregory Eatroff
    Gregory Eatroff Год назад +3

    Another movie musical episode that starts in the 50s? Come on guys, the 30s was a frickin' GOLDEN AGE for musicals!

  • Ultimate Pursuit 1400
    Ultimate Pursuit 1400 Год назад

    Teens/College Kids React to Remy Zero

  • m tm
    m tm Год назад +6

    react to the greatest showman

  • nonchalantd
    nonchalantd Год назад +1

    Alyssa has a great voice and sense of humor.

  • Rachel Garcia
    Rachel Garcia Год назад +14

    What about Grease or Singing in the Rain?!

  • Beckyboo
    Beckyboo Год назад +6

    React to The Greatest Showman

  • 30secondstomarsMBH
    30secondstomarsMBH Год назад +2

    I knew absoloutely none of these except Dreamgirls. And it was pretty easy to guess Chicago. I've seen none of these, and hadn't heard of most of them.

  • bailey cain
    bailey cain Год назад +7

    Do teens react to The Greatest Showman please!!!

  • Iyana Whitener
    Iyana Whitener Год назад +4

    Omg no one knew little shops of horrors 😭

  • Susan Huss
    Susan Huss Год назад +1

    part two of 70s horror movies

  • Susan Huss
    Susan Huss Год назад

    do they know 80s horror movies

    zREVENANTz Год назад +2

    Since when does Eric wear female underwear... on his head? o_o

  • KartoffelChan
    KartoffelChan Год назад +1

    Kennedy would look AMAZING in a blue green highlight/eyeshadow!

  • Bluedragon
    Bluedragon Год назад +4