How to Bake a Cake with COOKIES & ANTACID - 4-Ingredient Eno Chocolate Biscuit Cake

  • Published on Aug 13, 2019
  • Here's how to take cookies, milk, and #antacid, and make a chocolate #cake. Thanks Violet for sharing this one with me.🍰
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    My recipe is based on CookingShooking's found here:
    This video is NOT sponsored. Just making antacid cake.
    Eno Antacid (Amazon affiliate link):
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    'Home Decorating' by and 'Sprightly' from iMovie. Hello, there! Comment: "Time for cake! *burp*"
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  • Cordelia Splatastic
    Cordelia Splatastic 3 days ago

    15:16-15:21 what is that song?

  • The Group Abides
    The Group Abides 3 days ago

    Shortbread cookies make for an amazing cheesecake crust!

  • Ape
    Ape 4 days ago

    please dont buy antacid, ants suffer a lot in ant farms where they milk their acid

  • Mitochondria IsThePowerhouseOfTheCell

    wow i thought it meant the whole bottle at once and i got so alarmed

  • di butler
    di butler 9 days ago

    If ingesting mass amounts of antacid was harmful, I would have croaked way back in the 80s.

  • Thora F
    Thora F 9 days ago

    That's amazing, you could make a huge oreo with butter or whipt cream in the middle.

  • Leah McGrew
    Leah McGrew 12 days ago

    Too bad I can't eat these. The cookies have corn starch and I'm SO allergic to corn protein. Probably a good thing I'm not much of a cook, probably even better that I do know what's in most of my foods and I can spot that corn protein fast.

  • Graham Burchell
    Graham Burchell 13 days ago

    I do enjoy Emmy making some very nice food. She’s not boring and she makes it all interesting, thanks Emmy! 😉👍

  • Ryan Clark
    Ryan Clark 13 days ago

    Do we need a new shirt that says Pet the hockey mom? 😂

  • Manda Bme
    Manda Bme 14 days ago

    Now I got to go make brownies for some chocolate!

  • Vj SWAMY
    Vj SWAMY 14 days ago

    I love eno... Orange flavour, lime, and coke

  • Pj Belton
    Pj Belton 14 days ago

    imagine making this using ground gingerbread cookies or tim tams

  • HitsuKabu
    HitsuKabu 14 days ago

    Oreo cookie one looks like the chocolate cake from Matilda!

  • Oli
    Oli 17 days ago

    Bourbon cookies are the best 😍😍

  • Greg Feneis
    Greg Feneis 17 days ago

    11:10 Perhaps the difference in density is due to the difference in ph of the two different cookies. Such a simple ingredient list and process, these would work well as glamping dessert options.

  • Christine's Creativity Cabinet

    I made a Dollar Tree version of this, using only Dollar Tree ingredients. It was a success!

  • Ciara991x
    Ciara991x 19 days ago +3

    I love how every time Emmy takes a bite of something, she adjusts her glasses. Why are little quirks like that so adorable?

    • Jim Burke
      Jim Burke 16 days ago +1

      I had not noticed that before. Now that will be all I will notice. :-)

  • Scratch Pad
    Scratch Pad 19 days ago

    Uh, OK... I guess this is fine if you want to prevent yourself from getting acid reflux while enjoying dessert. 😒

  • nobbie01
    nobbie01 20 days ago

    When I read cookies and antacid I thought "oh, I wonder if she's using digestive cookies!" (x

  • Matthew Witherington
    Matthew Witherington 20 days ago

    Chocolate gives me heart burn pretty bad.

  • Moon Shadow Essentials soap’s and more

    Basically it’s a bath bomb with milk n cookies lol

  • Shanti Shanti
    Shanti Shanti 20 days ago

    Okay girl I gotta say...I love that you have subtitles AND some how you managed to not yell into your camera to where I can manage the volume easily on my phone and keep it low for when my husband is asleep. I love this channel. So informative and fun to watch. Keep doing your thing!! This channel needs more attention. You're so much better and calming to watch than the stupid fake influencers!

  • Gabi
    Gabi 21 day ago

    Idk if that’s hard times or just sad, I think it’s more sad

  • Jim Saccoman
    Jim Saccoman 22 days ago

    That reminds me of a Lolly Cake from New Zealand.

  • MackerelCat
    MackerelCat 22 days ago

    The oreo cake will probably be nicer after 24 hours, super dark choc things often do.

  • Krafty Kreator
    Krafty Kreator 22 days ago

    Love the sciencey explanation on why the antacid works. :D

  • Krafty Kreator
    Krafty Kreator 22 days ago

    I wonder Enos is the only antacid one can use or can others be used...?

  • Josh Kruser
    Josh Kruser 23 days ago

    What if you steamed the Oreo cake and baked the Bourbon cake, do you think it would change the consistency or flavor?

  • SimonaLyne Enderz
    SimonaLyne Enderz 23 days ago

    I wanna try this windmill cookies or Nutter butter cookies!!!!😉

  • Leading Life
    Leading Life 23 days ago

    Hey Emmy love your videos they are very nice to watch after a busy day. I don’t really watch tv or get sucked into social media or the problems and drama of the world. It’s so nice to watch a curious and genuine person ♥️ I learn a lot from you ! Keep up making videos and being you

  • jungpunk
    jungpunk 23 days ago

    Sounds like you got a little indigestion at the end there... You may need some ENO! ;)

  • Hannah Mayo
    Hannah Mayo 24 days ago

    Your personality is so refreshing and lovely!! Thank you for sharing your kindness with the world!

  • Kim Quinn
    Kim Quinn 25 days ago

    I wonder, as we don't have the same antacid where I live, could you use any unflavored powdered antacid? Bromoseltzer? This is a great episode! Thanks, Emmy😚

  • Gianluca Daniele Di Maggio

    Reading antacid always makes me uncomfortable, it's just way to similar to ant acid..

  • tiki riot
    tiki riot 25 days ago

    The biscuits are pronounced bore bon, not like the drink

  • Ellie TheBrit
    Ellie TheBrit 27 days ago

    I'm from England and bourbons are much darker and are great with tea.

  • Amanda Shelton
    Amanda Shelton 27 days ago

    I know I am odd but I hate Oreo cookies. I tried Oreo cookies when I was younger and it was horrible. They leave a waxy taste in my mouth and they are too sweet. I threw up after eating one Oreo cookie. I don't like real chocolate so that might be the reason I don't like Oreos. I am not sure. I would rather eat baby carrots with ranch dressing.

  • Bee Whistler
    Bee Whistler 27 days ago

    The only unusual ingredients I ever used really weren't that odd. Like Wacky Cake or whatever it's called in whatever region you're in, which was created during war time and tastes like chocolate cake without using a lot of rationed ingredients. So it has vinegar in it and to me that was a surprise. Also putting "sweet" spices into savory foods... years ago that was a shock to me but it worked. No biggie now, of course. So yeah, it doesn't take much to surprise me.

  • reynagold
    reynagold 28 days ago

    lol! cake burp! hahahaha!

  • John Bozzo
    John Bozzo 28 days ago

    I looked up Eno on Amazon and it said "Fruit Salt." Some of the entries specified, fruit salt and antacid, but those were tablets. Are they all the antacid?

  • John Bozzo
    John Bozzo 28 days ago

    Cool recipe. i have never baked. Maybe i could try this. Can I use a blender instead of a food processor? How about vanilla sandwich cookies ad butterscotch chips?

  • Ashanti Perkins
    Ashanti Perkins 28 days ago

    Ooooo science class with Emmy

  • Janice Walker
    Janice Walker 29 days ago

    LOL! Checked out the biscuits on Amazon, at the bottom where they have what other ppl bought with the biscuits, there was Eno. Emma influenced mega Amazon! Btw, $9.00 for the cookies. 😯

  • CutestHeidi
    CutestHeidi 29 days ago

    This is brilliant!

  • Heaven Green
    Heaven Green Month ago

    Why does she look so depressed the whole time? 😂😂😂

  • Meera Jaikumar
    Meera Jaikumar Month ago

    Eno is my go to antacid solution! I love the cola and lime flavoured one! It works like a magic! Wow! This recipe sounds interesting! I second you Emmy, this might taste something like a banana bread

  • Lantanana
    Lantanana Month ago

    Now I wonder if a person could use that same recipe, but use baking powder instead.

  • Madel Cerda
    Madel Cerda Month ago

    Maybe you can adjust the sweetness of your oreo cake by removing some of the fillings before you crush the cookies. Just my thought. 😊

  • Like it Matters
    Like it Matters Month ago +1

    This sounds like a prison recipe dressed up as a fun baking project
    probably what Martha Stewart was baking when she was booked 😂

  • StillHuntre55
    StillHuntre55 Month ago

    Emmymadeinjapan AND cookingshooking? My two fave channels together??? Awesome!

  • E Kelly
    E Kelly Month ago

    Lol! My daughter and I always wait till the end to see what funny blooper you have in store. Her laughter is an indication that you have failed to disappoint once again! 😅

  • OldTractors
    OldTractors Month ago

    Now, if we could only get Hydrox.

  • Journal With Dolly
    Journal With Dolly Month ago

    I love you Emmy but the way you pronounced Bourbon made my heart hurt 😂 Here in the UK, they're really common and it's said 'Boar-ben' xxx

  • Kammy Marie
    Kammy Marie Month ago

    So then could you make this recipe with baking powder instead of the antacid? Would it be the same amount? That oreo cake looks amazing!

  • R.R. Lohmeyer
    R.R. Lohmeyer Month ago

    Our family really enjoys this Indian dish using Eno. We learned about Eno from watching this video, and we have been making this recipe just about every other week since. It's delicious and easy!

  • tihi
    tihi Month ago

    I wonder if you could use any kind of cookies

  • Getaway's escape
    Getaway's escape Month ago

    This is an gastronomy and a revelation, I'm gonna put it on my bucket to do list!

  • Eyeswideshut
    Eyeswideshut Month ago

    Have you ever made the 7Up cake? A cake mix and 7 Up. It's good.

  • Sergio Romero
    Sergio Romero Month ago

    I love your videos !!!!! Also I learn a lot of American English expressions!

  • stephanie scarlett
    stephanie scarlett Month ago

    The antacid made you burp suffer from super intense heartburn if I dont have my acid reflux medication, but before I was diagnosed, while working my nights away bartending, I'd always grab a box of baking soda (straight sodium bicarb) from tha kitchen, swirl a bit into ice-cold h2o and chug it down to cure tha burn...its salty and works like a charm, but it'll make ya belch like nobody's business. When the base of tha soda hits tha acid in your tummy poof- GAS! Only there's no batter or dough in there to raise so it just erupts into well, you know "cake burps" hahaha! When you have heartburn or have had too much to eat, this gassy respite is quite delightful in terms of relief even if it is a bit uncool. There are actually directions for how to use icessityt as an antacid on the side, er back i cant remember, of the arm and hammer box. I think its an 1/8 to 1/4 tsp NaCl2 to 8oz h2o, It can be over done though, and too much sodium is no bueno as it can raise blood pressure or in some cases if waaaay overdone can give you what pro's call an electrolyte imbalance and take it from me- who HAS been there and done aint cool at all. a bit scary actually, even if you think yourself pretty bad ass... and that an ingredient couldn't really harm ya....think again...For instance,this is getting close to off topic but still- too much nutmeg and you'll be trippin/hallucinating- I'm trying to think of other quasi dangerous ingredients but I just drew a blank. Oh yeah, how folks in the middles ages sweetened wine by adding lead- they were unaware of the consequence originally I believe- but still. We human beings seem to constantly find "off label" uses for things. Now, if i could just get these beans to grow something besides giant beanstalks....