Trevor Lawrence vs. Tua Tagovailoa: Who's the better quarterback? | First Take

  • Published on Jan 8, 2019
  • Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Marcus Spears get into a heated debate on who has more of the "it" factor at quarterback after the 2019 National Championship, Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa or Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence.

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Comments • 870

  • Hugh Janus
    Hugh Janus 2 days ago +1

    Coming back to this to Trevor not even in the Heisman race. Y’all clowns for putting Trevor over tua after one game. 😂😂

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark 16 days ago +1

    I'd take Trevor Lawrence all day long over tua..

  • Michéal O' Caoinlean
    Michéal O' Caoinlean 17 days ago

    For the love of goodness would this Lawrence get a haircut.

  • Lusky_42
    Lusky_42 19 days ago +1

    We seen who’s better last year!!! By a long shot

  • tito von erik
    tito von erik 23 days ago

    Tua played on one leg st the end of the season . At one point both his ankles were injured . Vs Georgia

  • HaloRockes4life
    HaloRockes4life Month ago

    Ok trevor was never even considered in the Heisman running beats Alabama in nc game now hes better than Tua? Gtfoh Tua hands down sheesh

  • Markel Payne
    Markel Payne Month ago

    Keep laughing at Us. RTR.

    OXZGEN 2 months ago

    Thats not fair....Clemsux had a phenomenal offensive line that had many 4 year of course Lawrence would look good....Now this year is different bc now the that whole defense and offensive line is gone....let see what Clemsux looks like and what Lawrence look like taking hits...every time last year..Lawrence under pressure threw the ball away bc he is scared to get hit.....

    • joseph reynolds
      joseph reynolds 2 months ago

      At least get your facts straight if you are going to present an argument. Even a lame one at that. Clemson had ONE 4 year starter on the offensive line. Mitch Hyatt. I hate to bust your bubble but the other 4 starting offensive lineman all will be back this year. The D-Line is gone. Venebles has lost multiple players off top ranked defenses thru the years.He just reloads and coaches them. To say Lawrence is scared to get hit is ridiculous. He got hit plenty of times in the NC game. He was just good enough to get the throw off before being sacked. And by the way a QB is supposed to throw the ball away if no one is open as opposed to taking a sack. How long have you been watching football?

  • Tim Henderson
    Tim Henderson 2 months ago

    Both guys are even better people than QBs and that's saying a lot! ESPN sucks! Blah Blah Blah, and say nothing!

  • Daniel Beavers
    Daniel Beavers 3 months ago +1

    I guess they don't remember the game before that Georgia man handled tua and injured him.

  • Daniel Beavers
    Daniel Beavers 3 months ago

    Tua was dominated by Georgia too!

  • Daniel Beavers
    Daniel Beavers 3 months ago

    This is so obvious!!!!!!!! He is the most overrated player all time in college football!

  • Troy Crane
    Troy Crane 3 months ago

    Grow up you commentators! Tua and Bama will be dominant again, they just had a bad game and I'm not even a Bama fan! If Bama and Clemson play again this coming season (and they probably will), it should be a great game and probably a real close one. I like the rivalry but I hope someone in the SEC can bring Bama down. Bama has an easy schedule (except 1-3 SEC Games) so they should be in the playoffs with all that talent! Clemson should be great also if their defense is good. Teams may be able to run on Clemson this year.

  • Rick Raider
    Rick Raider 3 months ago

    Trevor Lawrence, Dat Ga Boy!!!!

  • Pam Mckellar
    Pam Mckellar 3 months ago +1

    Tua is punk cry baby !

    CHIEFS MATAI 4 months ago


  • zTitan Gaming Studios
    zTitan Gaming Studios 4 months ago

    I think the real question is who's name is easier to pronounce

  • Greg Deemy
    Greg Deemy 4 months ago +1

    It was one game Steven A. Give me an f’n break! This guy needs to find a new job. Max, too.

  • Mark Stevenson
    Mark Stevenson 4 months ago

    Stephen A is a total asshole!!

  • jrvbamafan1
    jrvbamafan1 4 months ago

    Oh boy this shit again...every damn time Alabama loses we hear this "is Alabama not the best" bullshit anymore. Alabama has 5 nattys in the past decade. When Clemson does that, then let's talk. People act like Alabama didnt move the ball all over the field....they just didnt score but made it to the red zone 4 or 5 times with nothing to show for it. All trevor did was make his check down passes. Clemson gets to prepare half the year for Alabama and the playoffs. Alabama had just played their biggest rival in Auburn, Georgia for the SEC championship, Oklahoma with the Heisman trophy winner all in a row. Clemson played fucking notre dame, who had no business even in the playoffs. Give me a break. I love it though because everytime these morons write bama off, they literally win another national championship the very next year. every single time. Clemson has to win 3 more championships in the next few years to be the top team. Alabama is still the gold standard, like it or not

  • Da Phetdala
    Da Phetdala 4 months ago +1

    They were all saying how a mistake it was to bench Bryant for Lawrence not how great Lawrence was

  • gary jameson
    gary jameson 4 months ago

    does stevie smith spit every time he talks????????

  • unapologeticwhiteman Winner

    I don't really think the sample size is large enough to answer this question. Trevor is going to be a fantastic QB as long as he stays healthy. No question about it, and Trevor may be better than Tua, and he may not end up being better than Tua. I guess.. gun to head if I had to choose one I would probably go with Trevor. At this moment, but that doesn't mean Trevor will end up being better through his career than Tua.

  • Rendell Omoniyi
    Rendell Omoniyi 4 months ago

    Who would y'all pick: Trevor Lawrence or Tua????. who? i'd pick Tua ummmm.. i'd pick Trevor Lawrence.. ummmm, they are both solid qb's. i don't know who the hell too pick lol??. I'm a Skins fan and I'm certainly excited for our 15th rookie pick in Dwayne Haskins. I just hope we can keep him healthy and safe from injuries knowing our history. Everything is uncertain for now. If Redskins never selected a QB in the 2019 draft and waited until the 2020 draft. with the option to select a qb in the first round if our teams chances were lucky, due to a horrible previous season. I'd take either Tua or Trevor Lawrence. both posses special talents. i wouldn't be mad at either pick!

  • Amanda Morton
    Amanda Morton 4 months ago

    Justin Rose?? I thought it was Ross??

  • Greg Davis
    Greg Davis 4 months ago +1

    Trevor Lawrence is NOT a better QB than Tua! Some of these guys are naturally bias against Bama. It's called being green with envy.

  • Call me Ishmael
    Call me Ishmael 5 months ago

    If Clemson had joined the SEC in 1992 instead of South Carolina, they'd still be regarded as a second tier program. Alabama has staying power, we know this. Can Clemson repeat? Clemson played an Alabama team that had been damn near bored with winning lol. I mean, really, how fired up could bama be?? They'd just won a national title, where they smoked Clemson in the first round. I mean, it's not really a rare thing to see Alabama play the 2nd best team in the country and beat them by 40. So I'm not taking credit from clemson. I'm just saying let's see what they can do against A hungry Bama team. Not a complacent, success-drunk team that just got through blowing you off the field the year before and had no reason at all to think you'd be any better this year. (I'm an Auburn fan and it really pains me to say what I just said so please forgive me. I already regret it lmao)

    • MrTron
      MrTron 4 months ago

      Staying power? They were mediocre for years on NCAA probation between the Stallings and Saban eras, and they'll go back to that soon enough.

  • Micronesian Viral
    Micronesian Viral 5 months ago

    Trevor Lawrence has left the chat

  • Sam Perry
    Sam Perry 5 months ago

    Trevor Lawrence is one of the most talented quarterbacks of our generation, and he will be a future top-10 pick and has the major possibility of being in the CFB and NFL HOF. However, I believe the same of Tua. Tua was not completely healthy in either the SEC or National title games. Yet, even if you take that factor out, Tua was facing the #1 defense in the country coached by the best defensive coordinator in the country. Yes, Tua has an immense amount of weapons around him. However, so does T-Law. Lawrence is throwing to two physically gifted receivers in the likes of Justyn Ross and Tee Higgins, who at their size and athletic ability, match the speed and the route running ability of the Alabama receivers. As well, Trevor Lawrence has the benefit of a stronger collective offensive line and has an extremely talented backfield to work with, much like Alabama had with the Harris duo and Jacobs. Then, if you look at Alabama's defense, the 2018 defense was one of the weaker units Saban has had at Alabama. The secondary had been making mistakes all year that never got fixed, mostly because any mistakes that were made were bailed out by Alabama's offensive play throughout the season. Clemson exposed all of the holes Alabama had on defense, and they took advantage of Alabama's injuries at key positions, more specifically the lack of depth at pass rusher do to Christian Miller's injury in the Oklahoma game and the absence of the long, disciplined, and athletic Trevon Diggs at corner. Trevor Lawrence, quite honestly, did not beat Alabama on any spectacular throws or on many explosive plays, barring the Justyn Ross bomb off of blown coverage by two Alabama DB's. Trevor utilized his weapons, thrived off of his health, and enjoyed some of the best offensive line play Clemson had all season. Not to mention, it helps that his team's defense played an outstanding game and capitalized on all of the Alabama offense's mistakes. Tua, by no means, had his best game against Clemson. However, he had no help from an Alabama defense that was decidedly flawed and from an O-Line facing All-American and future first round pick defensive lineman, amongst other veteran defenders under the brilliant coaching of Venables. Sorry for the encyclopedia of a comment here. However, while I do believe that Tua receives a ridiculous amount of hype, Trevor Lawrence does as well, and Tua is being both overhyped and overcriticized. Both of these guys are phenomenal quarterbacks, strong leaders, and great people.

  • Salvatore Sultana
    Salvatore Sultana 5 months ago

    Tua is going to Tennessee next year.

  • Tim Her
    Tim Her 5 months ago

    I want Sushine to carry his team without the elite defense this year. And I don't want all these ppl praising him go into hiding.

  • Adrian Crawford
    Adrian Crawford 5 months ago

    Clemson had 3 DLs who will be drafted in the first round and 2 more that will be drafted. That is huge. And Saban was outcoached. Tua is a beast and will be the first pick in the draft as long as he doesn't come out the same year as Lawrence. 2 Can't Miss products if you ask me.

  • Neil Grooms
    Neil Grooms 5 months ago

    Alabama coming off winning the national title and Ross choses a team Alabama destroyed 24 -6 on their way to winning that title. It makes you wonder what kind of benefits Ross got for signing with Clemson.

    • MrTron
      MrTron 3 months ago

      @Neil Grooms well, they've had so many NCAA violations that it's not surprising he was on the staff for some of them. lol

    • Neil Grooms
      Neil Grooms 3 months ago

      @MrTron .. Our worst NCAA violations happened when Dabo was on our staff and recruiting. Not saying he was responsible but probably had knowledge of the infractions.

    • MrTron
      MrTron 4 months ago

      @Neil Grooms yes but nowhere near as much as Alabama.

    • Neil Grooms
      Neil Grooms 4 months ago

      @MrTron ... Not true , I believe Clemson has been in trouble before with the NCAA and steroids..

    HAVANA SCP 6 months ago

    Is that even a question.? Lawrence hands down. Duh

  • Melissa Sellers
    Melissa Sellers 6 months ago

    Tua is going to Miami. And will carry them back to the top.

  • John Tempest
    John Tempest 6 months ago +1

    IDK why people listen to these fools.

  • Tom McCarthy
    Tom McCarthy 6 months ago

    Justyn Rose?

  • Hineyman
    Hineyman 6 months ago

    We really askin this question?! Did we all not see the championship game n what Trevor did to Alabama as a freshman

  • T&M Eternal Perspective

    I can't believe you people are actually considering Trevor Lawrence to be better then Tua🤦🤦🤦

  • daddydaycare
    daddydaycare 6 months ago

    Shaggy Doo sucked today in his spring game, if u blitz him he is terrible. Footwork was awful, he didn't go through his progressions, and still throws off his back foot. He locks in on 1 wr and unloads for the 50/50 ball. 1 td 1ints should've been more ints, alots of bad passes today. Shaggy Doo needs alot of work this summer. His back up Bryce looked like he should be the starting. Shaggy Doo was uncomfortable all game. Tua Three Quarters is the truth and if he stays healthy he will win the Heisman.

  • Sole MyUce
    Sole MyUce 6 months ago

    A lot of Tua haters on here!!! Put money on it, this year Tua won’t even compare to the rest of the qb. Definitely perfect record. Tua already learned from last year mistakes . That’s how good Tua is!! Any bets?

  • Amanda Morton
    Amanda Morton 6 months ago

    Thank you justin rose

  • Cool Breeze
    Cool Breeze 6 months ago

    Clemson watched film and figured out that Tua wasn’t reading the defense and was just throwing to a spot.

  • Tim L
    Tim L 6 months ago

    Kellerman's full of s***. Half way through the season, Tua was peaking and Lawrence was just starting to get into a groove.

  • daddydaycare
    daddydaycare 7 months ago

    The best qb was runner-up for the Heisman and won the Maxwell award.

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark 7 months ago +2

    Peyton Manning coached Trevor Lawrence up some, was blown away by Trevor Lawrence..said the kids ready for NFL right now if not for eligibility..

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark 7 months ago +1

    Trevor Lawrence is waaaay better, anyone saying different don't know nothing about a good qauterback..

    • Marky Mark
      Marky Mark 7 months ago +1

      @Bradley Sad Falcons Fan And Alabama Fan Trevor Lawrence beat Tua/Alabama easy..he smoked them.. Trevor Lawrence is waaaay better

    • Bradley Sad Falcons Fan And Alabama Fan
      Bradley Sad Falcons Fan And Alabama Fan 7 months ago

      Mark Jacob don’t know what a qauterback is but Tua is who I’m taking

  • Javier tavera
    Javier tavera 7 months ago


  • Jerry Manigault
    Jerry Manigault 7 months ago

    T Lawrence

  • Phillip Blackwell
    Phillip Blackwell 7 months ago +1

    Clemson Quarter back twice as good as Alabama quarter back!!

  • Sarah Lloyd
    Sarah Lloyd 8 months ago


  • Zeus Von Rafiel
    Zeus Von Rafiel 8 months ago

    Trevor is the best qb in college in a long time.. Tua was lucky all year where trevor was just great all year!!! God Bless

  • 3finger10
    3finger10 8 months ago

    Bammers suck....

  • thatboy dre
    thatboy dre 8 months ago

    Tua reminds of matt leinart good in college not in nfl

  • Jacob Donald
    Jacob Donald 8 months ago

    Justin rose😂😂😂

  • Jacob Donald
    Jacob Donald 8 months ago

    Trevor Lawrence winning heisman

  • Bobby Blessed
    Bobby Blessed 8 months ago

    It’s not really a QB discussion bc we’ve seen Bama get torched by a QB on quite a few occasions. Trevor Lawrence played a fabulous game, but Alabama couldn’t execute in crucial situations: red zone or 3rd down. Lawrence having a good game and Tua having one of his worst has to be analyzed separately. The Bama secondary was atrocious, and Clemson came in with a wonderful game plan for Tua. I just don’t think this is the narrative as far as comparisons.

  • Savi Enriquez
    Savi Enriquez 8 months ago

    Trevor is a better QB

  • Big Nizzle
    Big Nizzle 8 months ago

    Trevor all day long and tomorrow too.

  • A W
    A W 8 months ago +2

    Lets be real here. Lawrence is very talented but Bama played him straight up and he was throwing to his first read every time. Some of those were great throws BTW but its not like he was having to check down to his second or third receiver. Two long TD's were flat out blown coverages. On the other side of the coin, on both of Tua's INT's Clemmy's D played a gimmick D. They left receivers wide open because to Venebles credit, they schemed well and predicted what Tua would do. They know he is more inclined to go for the deep shot so they roll the CB deep and leave someone wide open in the flat. This all happens split second and Tua is expecting the CB to stay with the short WR like all sound defenses do but again, thats not what Clemson did. Same thing on the first INT. They read the play based on something they had seen and jumped the route. The other guy was wide open had the CB stayed on his man but the ball was already out. The reason I say this is to stop the stupid "who is better" conversation. They are both really good and both will more than likely be number one picks their respective Jr season. Clemson's defense played lights out and their DL did not seem to get tired at all. They seemed to get stronger as the night went on. Same with their OL which I did not anticipate.