Trying On Cheap WISH APP Wigs! 💕💇 OMG LOOOOVE!!!

  • Published on Feb 28, 2019
  • Today we are trying on some cheap WISH APP wigs! Some even have a lace front - which one is your favorite?! I am pretty stoked with most of this so YAY!!
    👉 My Boyfriend Buys My Outfits Challenge
    #shaaanxo #wishapp #wigtryon


    Wish Gadgets AGAIN
    Buying ASOS Outfits You Sent Me
    Hamish Bought My Makeup
    Natasha Deanna First Impression
    Bad Bhabie Makeup
    My Boyfriend Buys My Outfits Challenge

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  • shelzo
    shelzo Hour ago

    I feel sorry for men today

  • HannaForMakeup
    HannaForMakeup 4 days ago

    Omg you should wear the blue wig in one of your rainbow videos 😍💙

  • Meg Lenyard
    Meg Lenyard 5 days ago

    This is a good video, but you talked a little too much in this one.

  • yenz branden
    yenz branden 5 days ago

    If ur already bleaching ur hair to get it blonde u might as well just dye it a fun color cus depositing the color doesn't do much damage

  • Caitlin The Destroyer

    How do I detangle a wig that is really messed up? I’m thinking soak in conditioner??

  • CeeCee1962
    CeeCee1962 10 days ago +1

    You're a lovely, beautiful girl - PLEASE quit saying "LIKE"!! I'm sure you don't even realize you're doing it.

  • Detroit West
    Detroit West 11 days ago

    LIKE ..

  • Veyoncee Algee
    Veyoncee Algee 13 days ago

    The second wig is cute can u send me it

  • earthandfire
    earthandfire 16 days ago

    I would deffinitly be interested in a "i fix my cheap wigs" video but you talk so long for only like 3 wigs!!

  • Erica Love
    Erica Love 18 days ago

    Love the wigs

  • wendypatricio
    wendypatricio 18 days ago

    You make me laugh so hard at your side comments, Kat! More videos like this, please. 😄

  • Squishys World
    Squishys World 19 days ago

    You should make a fixing cheap wigs video

  • iiiAshley xox
    iiiAshley xox 21 day ago

    Hey,guys feel free to use my wish code: mzjlwdl for 50% off! :)

  • Lauren Schmiemeier
    Lauren Schmiemeier 22 days ago

    The black and blue wig looked sooooo good on you you should die your hair like that

  • sara cristina
    sara cristina 22 days ago

    Living and loving the blue and green

  • Cleide Estrela
    Cleide Estrela 23 days ago

    Ilove 😍

  • BTS A.R.M.Y
    BTS A.R.M.Y 24 days ago

    Take a shot every time she says "like"

  • Braeleigh Caldwell
    Braeleigh Caldwell 26 days ago

    Not to be rude, just curious... But would it be weird for an 11 year old to wear wigs to middle school? 🤨 NOT FOR ME😎

  • Cadijah Irving
    Cadijah Irving 28 days ago

    Wait. No links to the wigs?? :(

    SHYGIRL GAMER 29 days ago

    Note, people actually have thick hairlines like the black wig you were showing

  • xX_Iris_Mage_Xx
    xX_Iris_Mage_Xx Month ago +1

    The red one looks like if areil and merida from Disney had a child ;-; (ignore my spelling)

  • Miriah Trinidad
    Miriah Trinidad Month ago

    That red wig looks like gypsy roses’ red wig from the act.

  • Tierra McCullough
    Tierra McCullough Month ago

    No the models hair was not real she just got bundles and a frontal that’s not synthetic 😂💯

  • Vala Crestscale
    Vala Crestscale Month ago

    I've got the long red one. Please do a video how you fix it!!!!

  • Akeelah
    Akeelah Month ago

    You're soooo cute 😍

  • Karina Belal
    Karina Belal Month ago

    nice looks

  • Ivasa Daniël
    Ivasa Daniël Month ago

    She aint putting the wigs good . Nasty ass 😡

  • Victoria Intravartolo

    Please do amazon wig reviews 💕

  • ᵀʰʳᵉᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵃ ᴷⁱⁿᵈ

    Jesus christ that accent is horrific

  • nickayla gayle
    nickayla gayle Month ago

    Dat red wig gives off a cat from victorious vybe

    LYZZY LOVE STAR Month ago

    Put a flat iron to them on 310 and get them nice n straight

  • Kassandria Taylor
    Kassandria Taylor Month ago


  • Angie Marquez
    Angie Marquez Month ago

    Also you look like Jaclyn hill in the first wig lol

  • Angie Marquez
    Angie Marquez Month ago

    You should watch Brad Mondo video on how to make a cheap wig look good!!! I enjoyed that video!!

  • MsPachecoSpeaks
    MsPachecoSpeaks Month ago

    Go on my first wig. Or on alliexpress.

  • Emily Ann
    Emily Ann Month ago

    I lovee you but it was so hard hearing “like” every two seconds

  • Rebekah Hill
    Rebekah Hill Month ago

    I like the mint
    Green one

  • Rebekah Hill
    Rebekah Hill Month ago

    It would be awesome if you tried to make your own wigs

  • ChloesWigs
    ChloesWigs Month ago

    the black one is lovely on you

  • Nerissa Hair
    Nerissa Hair Month ago

    Honey, next time you can try a wig from this store. It's really great(

  • Kawaii Slimes
    Kawaii Slimes Month ago

    The second wig I have but it is a 360 from amazon and I really like it but I’m to scared to wear it out it was used for Halloween cuz I had to do a ponytail look soooooo it’s super realistic but u look very pretty in all the wigs

  • April Lockaby Radford

    I love the long black wavy one!!

  • SexxxyStarGirl
    SexxxyStarGirl Month ago

    Why do you talk like you are trying to copy and mimic all the other stuck up youtubers??? ?? ..lyke leterrallly 🙄

  • Nicolle Lamadrid
    Nicolle Lamadrid 2 months ago

    You have the strongest Australian accent I’ve ever heard and my head is going to esplode

  • ᵀʰʳᵉᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵃ ᴷⁱⁿᵈ

    That wig Cap looks so uncomfortable I just don't understand how anyone can use them how does the wig attach? How does it not just slip right off your head? Head bands and caps just slip straight off my head I can't even get them on

  • mia squade
    mia squade 2 months ago +1

    You look so cute with black hair part 3 please

  • Tired Siren
    Tired Siren 2 months ago

    Sis send me the wigs so I can help your life. You won't recognize it after I'm done with it. 😺

    REESE 2 months ago

    The second wig the most decent one.

  • Dang Gurl Apparel
    Dang Gurl Apparel 2 months ago

    Brad mondo uses a hand held steamer to change the part and hair line...

  • leila lalala
    leila lalala 2 months ago

    you say "like" too much. like..too much. like

  • LaneWalkerz
    LaneWalkerz 2 months ago

    Also if you really wanted to invest in an expensive wig like you said that looks like you are hair look up Freedom Couture on on Instagram those wigs are amazing custom made and the gal who makes them is Australian she ships worldwide

  • LaneWalkerz
    LaneWalkerz 2 months ago

    40 dollars??? You can get a human hair for like 100 dollars in some places I found few on amazon

  • Awenda
    Awenda 2 months ago

    Stop brushing it like it’s a dog. Carefully trim it, not chop it with scissors. Why are you cutting off the lace. Well you have to keep the Lon’s you trimmed, because that would be disgusting if you sent back a damaged wig. I don’t know why but you just rub me the wrong way.p with your aggressive wig chopping. Get rid of that huge paddle brush and bet something way smaller. I can’t believe you use that on your own hair....okay maybe it says a lot. Calming.

  • sicc Fang
    sicc Fang 2 months ago

    MINT HAIR on you is super cuteeeee

  • Bee Kosmoski
    Bee Kosmoski 2 months ago

    No hate these videos are some of my favorites but please please stop pulling the wigs to the side when the part is supposed to be in the middle

  • Just L:lly
    Just L:lly 2 months ago +1

    𝙞 𝙙𝙞𝙙 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙤𝙣 𝙢𝙮 𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙣𝙚𝙡! ☺️

  • gacha lanie
    gacha lanie 2 months ago

    You should die your hair black it looks nice

  • Dahmer Did_it
    Dahmer Did_it 2 months ago

    “HALF LACE FRONT” 😂😂😂😂😂
    oh hunny no

  • tearbag
    tearbag 2 months ago

    Love the white one

  • Lucy T
    Lucy T 2 months ago

    Love the curly hair. Ps ya way prettier than carli barbl. Love the red curly ps ya have beaut eyes. Brown eyes are super beautiful xx

  • Brooke Henthorn
    Brooke Henthorn 2 months ago

    All the wigs are good n all lace wigs need u to cut baby hairs unless it already comes with baby hairs!! Stop cutting it until u watch some videos or something!! They are all wearing wigs in the pics they just have it all glued on n cut baby hairs girl!!

  • Fyza Sharma
    Fyza Sharma 2 months ago

    I freaking love your face. 😍 And I'm straight af. Lolololol!

  • Emilythepuppylover
    Emilythepuppylover 2 months ago

    For the first one you cut the pace to short that’s why it kinda looked off

  • Vanina Rodel
    Vanina Rodel 3 months ago

    Has anyone like... counted how many times we hear like... when like she says “like”
    At 8:49mins. I gave up on the video altogether. 🙄

  • Moranguinho Channel
    Moranguinho Channel 3 months ago

    Brazil 🇧🇷💜

  • Jojo Ralte
    Jojo Ralte 3 months ago

    It's not great but not bad at all... If you're a black girl you would probably know how to make it work...

  • Karen Wess
    Karen Wess 3 months ago

    Love how ur make up fits all the wigs 🥰

  • I don’t know man
    I don’t know man 3 months ago

    First of all.. DONT COME AT ME PLEASE, second, GIRL.. WHY DID YOU CUT ALL OF THE LACE OFF ON THE WIGS.. and third, cut off SOME of the lace if you need to, glue it on, and put concealer on top of the lace to cover it

  • Courtney McQueen
    Courtney McQueen 3 months ago +1

    For some reason the first one gave me Demi Lovato vibes

  • Faith Xoxos
    Faith Xoxos 3 months ago

    She just needs use all that money she spent on fake wigs and buy a real one

  • Sami Jo
    Sami Jo 3 months ago

    Girl. That red color looks so pretty on you

  • suzy686868
    suzy686868 3 months ago

    the long black curly wig looks hot on you girl i wouldnt give it a 7 its a 10 black really suits you

  • Anna Cocozza
    Anna Cocozza 3 months ago

    Let's not pretend, those wigs look so fake. For all that money you could've buy a real one.

  • Claudete Santos
    Claudete Santos 3 months ago

    du have a link of your laces ???? please help-me

  • Edwardian Girl
    Edwardian Girl 3 months ago

    Its annoying the times you go through the hair, stroking it. had to click to when you actually put it on.

  • Michaelann Dahlman
    Michaelann Dahlman 3 months ago

    The blue one is awesome!! The white with black roots is also very pretty!

  • hbuw
    hbuw 3 months ago

    Please do a video where you try to fix the wigs with baby hairs and stuff would love that 😍

  • hbuw
    hbuw 3 months ago


  • Lauren Barbee
    Lauren Barbee 3 months ago

    I would love to see you fix a wig in a video.

  • cayla sellers
    cayla sellers 3 months ago +6

    The whole time I was like just put on the damn wig

  • AmethystEyes
    AmethystEyes 3 months ago +2

    Wish always has a whiff of formaldehyde and other carcinogens.

  • JJ's Makeup Obsession
    JJ's Makeup Obsession 3 months ago

    The white haired wig, I have a pink one just like it. I bought it for fun, lol. I liked the long blue/purple wig.

  • Tiffany Stonick
    Tiffany Stonick 3 months ago

    Can you post links?

  • don cameron
    don cameron 3 months ago

    Thankyou for your beauty demonstrations 😊

  • goal bitch
    goal bitch 3 months ago

    Use this "HJNVXZX" discount code of up to 50% on your first purchase # 2019

  • Cecilie Linea
    Cecilie Linea 3 months ago

    “No one have hair this thick” A LOT of people actually do 😅

  • exstaci
    exstaci 3 months ago

    Yes do a wig upgrade video!

  • Stephanie Dello Buono
    Stephanie Dello Buono 3 months ago

    OMG i looove the third blue one!!!

  • SandraOlufsen
    SandraOlufsen 3 months ago

    The platinum one gives me Storm from Xmen vibes 😅🙈Also the mint one the color is so pretty! I am so indecisive myself on wigs. There is so many different ones and it is almost impossible to choose. Great video Shannon 🙈

  • Rebekah Hill
    Rebekah Hill 3 months ago

    I like the mint one better than the others.

  • CarlyJ M
    CarlyJ M 3 months ago

    Honestly the first wig is no the best quality but omg that colour and style looks great on you! So classy and sleek. Super sexy looking, reminds me of old school posh spice.

  • suzie torres
    suzie torres 3 months ago


  • misses wicked
    misses wicked 3 months ago +3

    How many times did you say like in this RU-clip tutorial cuz that's all I can hear it's real aggravating

  • Jess P
    Jess P 3 months ago

    You won’t regret buying from Francesca, she owns freedom couture:) she’s a gorgeous person inside and out x

  • Jiajing Lu
    Jiajing Lu 3 months ago

    U look good in black hair

  • Pamela Noel
    Pamela Noel 3 months ago

    You are to kind with the scoring.

  • Darlene Andrade
    Darlene Andrade 3 months ago

    Is it me or she doesn’t know how to put a win on

  • Darlene D
    Darlene D 3 months ago

    DINIFER This store product is really great!

  • Darlene D
    Darlene D 3 months ago
    DINIFER This store product is really great!

  • Alison Leigh
    Alison Leigh 3 months ago

    Lizzislox on insta!! Affordable, very high quality, tons of options and I'm pretty sure she takes custom orders too.