Scooter's Ramp Feb 1989 with the Sad Posse and Blockhead Crew

  • Published on Feb 14, 2015
  • Scooters Ramp, Garden Grove, CA Feb 1989
    Great session follow up to my last Sadlands video I think shot the same day.. The Sadlands "Sad Posse" and the Blockhead boys headed to Scooter's just a few miles down from Sadlands....
    Skaters include Lester Kasai, Dave Church, Terence Yoshizawa, Jim Burns, Richard Salazar AKA Sal, Baird Bergenthal, Adrian Demain, Dave Bergthold, Ron Cameron, Jim Gray, Roland "Cholo" Sanchez, Lloyd Darwin Chase, Daddy Smooth "Ed", and more...
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Comments • 8

  • Jetwasp
    Jetwasp 4 months ago

    Cholo always had radio style!

  • beattodeath
    beattodeath 4 months ago

    That laid back grind had so much style to it.
    I miss that aspect of skateboarding.
    The tricks might not have been as technical but they had way more style than they do now. Imo

  • Abe Gutierrez
    Abe Gutierrez Year ago

    Awsome session...great footage...that was a great decade of skating man...miss those days...great video.

  • Mack Hannon
    Mack Hannon Year ago

    Thank you so much for this stuff Jim. Awesome vids. Raw history

  • bairdco
    bairdco 2 years ago

    that's the best "anti-Baird" edit ever! I get three bails in 20 minutes. :)

  • A WB
    A WB 2 years ago

    Where's Greg Hernandez?

  • Lego Builder
    Lego Builder 4 years ago

    looks like the perfect ramp size. any idea on dimensions/trany?

  • Jeff N
    Jeff N 4 years ago +1

    Lol , at 7:00, " don't be doing that shit" hahaha