Returning FAKE Nike Air Mags Worth $10,000

  • Published on Feb 17, 2019
  • Returning Hypebeast Sneakers $10,000 Nike Air Mags!
    What's good Legit Nation! Thanks for watching and supporting the channel! I am a 21 year old guy living in San Antonio, Texas grinding and working harder each day to make my dreams become a reality as a latino influencer. With The Lord and my family and friends by my side, nothing will be able to stop us. Let's get it Legit Nation!
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  • Preston Garvey
    Preston Garvey Day ago

    BrO bRo BrO brO

  • casualsweater
    casualsweater 3 days ago +1

    Why the hay would he tell them to make the bottoms yellow ??

  • Debra Avi
    Debra Avi 4 days ago

    Now I’m side eyeing his hoodie and everything else he has on 🧐🤔

  • Matt410 Zendog
    Matt410 Zendog 5 days ago

    Did u get those from professor sneaker?

  • Dontae Anderson
    Dontae Anderson 6 days ago

    From the thumbnail i thought you were fat

  • Joe Reynolds
    Joe Reynolds 7 days ago

    I wouldnt care they look good for reps so whats the info so i xould cop a pair

  • Katie Lou !
    Katie Lou ! 7 days ago

    🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 UGLIEST SHOES I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!

  • CamGarganta
    CamGarganta 8 days ago

    Ephesian 3:19 - " And to know this love that surpasses knowledge - that you may purchase thousands of dollars worth of clothing and shoes to measure the fullness of god."

  • Scottar9
    Scottar9 9 days ago +1

    Noice lil bible verse at the end👍🏽

  • Aiden G
    Aiden G 9 days ago

    thats lit bc I live in san Antonio also

  • L Distributor
    L Distributor 9 days ago +6

    The camera is way too hidden we need a clearer angle

  • shu ramirez
    shu ramirez 10 days ago

    Legit do your airmags self lace

  • Dany Audet
    Dany Audet 10 days ago

    As if this guy is not already known from each sneaker store ...😂

  • Quốc toàn Lý
    Quốc toàn Lý 12 days ago

    2:25 whao bape

  • David Tomyn
    David Tomyn 13 days ago

    So...basically this is a retread of scams that shady eBay buyers attempt all the time.

  • matthew brandt
    matthew brandt 13 days ago +4

    Idk what's funnier, this video, or the fact that there's grown men that collect sneakers 🤷

    • matthew brandt
      matthew brandt 10 days ago

      +shu ramirez Oh no, I didn't mean to tell you to grow up, haha. My bad

    • shu ramirez
      shu ramirez 10 days ago

      matthew brandt didn’t mean it to be offensive I was just saying what it’s called

    • matthew brandt
      matthew brandt 10 days ago

      +shu ramirez Whatever you want to call it, it's ridiculous. Grow up

    • shu ramirez
      shu ramirez 10 days ago

      matthew brandt it’s called a sneaker head

  • Vmlc L.
    Vmlc L. 14 days ago

    Annoying voice!!!

  • john collins
    john collins 14 days ago

    bruh your outfit is kinda wack something i would wear if i was 14 again and had too much money to spend from youtube

  • Amanda Lord
    Amanda Lord 14 days ago

    What!!! Where was I.....20 years old. I still got it yo.lolololo💖

  • Russell Donor
    Russell Donor 14 days ago +2

    The fact that you said they light up gave it away. Saying something so obvious just gave you away LOL

  • Andrew Morgan
    Andrew Morgan 15 days ago

    And the end of is near

  • eyang7
    eyang7 16 days ago

    Those r fugly asf, how in the F do people even thought to buy one of those?!... 🤦‍♂️😂

  • stopnotplayin
    stopnotplayin 17 days ago

    LOL bunch of fucking nonsense

  • Roger Fed
    Roger Fed 17 days ago

    He would be returning the legit thing still he would look suspicious...something wrong with this idiot

  • Daniel Baker
    Daniel Baker 18 days ago +2

    How can I get in contact with the guy who made the fakes?? I want a pair for real

  • The Aztec kid
    The Aztec kid 19 days ago +1

    young people can't appreciate the value of a dollar by buying junk instead of saving for a house, retirement, you know the important things in life

  • JM CC23
    JM CC23 19 days ago

    Just go straight to the point, fucking dumbass. We don’t care about what you think with other stuffs

  • Joseph Neville
    Joseph Neville 19 days ago

    you asked the other owner of the store you should have just asked a regular worker

  • Jack Wiseman
    Jack Wiseman 20 days ago

    Love your videos legit flogs.

  • jefferson flores
    jefferson flores 20 days ago

    Yoyoyoy send some heat here in the philippines

  • Jeffin Xavier
    Jeffin Xavier 21 day ago

    I love you bro you post one of the best videos

  • Flippa Man
    Flippa Man 21 day ago

    Bro do you cheer? With the infinity back pack🔥

  • True Colors
    True Colors 22 days ago +1

    I had to make a down payment on a house but instead bought a SINGLE PAIR OF SHOES becauseeeee I HAD TO BE THE FLIEST. Should have said "The McFlyest". Dude you NEEED JESUS CHRIST not a pair of shoes that nobody will ever even care you have on. Are you trying to Turn other dudes on with your shoes or something? Seriously yo your perspective in lifeis soooo Shallow and Empty. Jesus man Jesus. Truth 👍

    • True Colors
      True Colors 20 days ago

      +Natalia you for 1 dont speak for ALL by saying Nobody cares....for 2 u need Jesus as Well.👍

    • Natalia
      Natalia 21 day ago

      It's not your money and not your business what he does with them. Nobody cares what you would buy for this money and I bet JESUS CHRIST would be REALLY HAPPY if you will take care of yourself not anybody else who doesn't ask for your advice.

  • Vinz RR
    Vinz RR 23 days ago

    Dumbass RU-clipr... You're the internet cancer.

  • Master Tablet
    Master Tablet 25 days ago


  • Idraki Radzi
    Idraki Radzi 26 days ago


  • Patrick Covert
    Patrick Covert 26 days ago

    pranks in the hood part 2

  • Patrick Covert
    Patrick Covert 26 days ago

    your a asshole

  • Mi Name
    Mi Name 26 days ago

    4:07 curry??

  • Jaslyn 0_0
    Jaslyn 0_0 27 days ago

    Did anyone notice he was wearing a nfininty cheer bag I would know because I have one in the mini mouse bow on it lol

  • Piotr Szarkowski
    Piotr Szarkowski 27 days ago

    8:06 shows a guy laughing cuz this is staged guys and that's why he zooms in so you don't see the other guy giving it away, how much did that store paid you to advertise them?

  • Burnt Toast
    Burnt Toast 27 days ago


  • BBallKing
    BBallKing 28 days ago +3

    I wonder how much he got in his card prolly about 2 mil

  • PaVal Dangle
    PaVal Dangle Month ago

    Flies to Vegas to go to a mall, respect man ✊🏽

  • quinn. lazx84
    quinn. lazx84 Month ago

    get a real mic

  • Salvatore Lauria
    Salvatore Lauria Month ago

    Bruh,hate to kill ya vibe,but u copped them off eBay,cuz I got the same ones and the bottom is yellow on ALL OF EM REPLICAS BRUH. Who u told to make em look worn? Congratulations,u played ya self,now u get a thumbs down 👎

  • Zahra laranti
    Zahra laranti Month ago

    You should come to san Antonio Texas and do some pranks

  • Tyler Jay
    Tyler Jay Month ago

    why do u have a cheer bag?

  • Syed Mohammed Shah
    Syed Mohammed Shah Month ago

    I swear u look like a dush bag with that purple trouser, and that gucci hoodie, I know u spent fucking hundreds of dollars to buy it, but you look like a dush bag, sorry

  • M4st3rZon3
    M4st3rZon3 Month ago

    Where is the #ad?

  • denvanta King
    denvanta King Month ago

    Can I have then air max shoes Pease.

  • Rodman Ronaldo
    Rodman Ronaldo Month ago

    Audio is Aids

  • Mike Kings
    Mike Kings Month ago +1

    Man you didn’t even try to argue your receipt thing thumbs down for effort

  • Vlad G
    Vlad G Month ago +1

    Maybe if he didn't yellow the soles lol...

  • Fresh panda Is the best

    They be flying economy 😂

  • Alfie Makinson
    Alfie Makinson Month ago

    @1:46 the tongue on the shoe is different

  • MUJEEBUr Rahman sharrief

    Bro I want Nike air mags yes I want replica please help me I wanna buy it

  • McDoodle
    McDoodle Month ago

    South side SA wassup

  • ItzZephrr
    ItzZephrr Month ago

    10:13 cj socooll

  • mr orange wew
    mr orange wew Month ago +1

    The why you talk bro like dope bro I think it like bothers me bro dang bro

  • Tomas Van dorp
    Tomas Van dorp Month ago


  • John Michael Ligtas
    John Michael Ligtas Month ago +1

    The way you speak? It's so annoying

    LRGYB Month ago

    @cjsocool kids have the highscore

  • Dan Age
    Dan Age Month ago +54

    Just the way this guy talks I'd think he was suspect even if they were real.

  • iTheGeek
    iTheGeek Month ago

    Bruh this dude is the most annoying hypebeast ever. Literally a brain dead dumbass.

  • Black Prodigy
    Black Prodigy Month ago

    Can you give us the information of the guy who made the fakes

  • Tray Teague
    Tray Teague Month ago

    Lmfaoooooooooooo he really at urban

  • aweirdfilipino
    aweirdfilipino Month ago +3

    People forget the dude in the cashier is also the co owner

  • lit man
    lit man Month ago

    Accidentally mixes up the shoes

  • Angad Oberoi
    Angad Oberoi Month ago +1

    I don’t like this guy tbh

  • Janago White
    Janago White Month ago

    Why do I feel like he flexin so hard with that Gucci hoodie 😂

    • iTheGeek
      iTheGeek Month ago

      He's the dumbest hypebeast ever.

  • Erika Russell
    Erika Russell Month ago

    It’s not nice to play pranks like that if someone was to ever try that to me joke or not I may shoot you or have you dealt with

  • David Chavarin
    David Chavarin Month ago +3

    That dude at the register wouldn't know if someone was wearing fakes from far. He's full of shi@@!!

  • Ethan, Just Ethan
    Ethan, Just Ethan Month ago

    Legit thought Sandra Bullock was behind him on the escalator 😂😂

  • Carl Jetrick Canela
    Carl Jetrick Canela Month ago +1

    Can you hook me up with the one who did the replica?

  • Shisui Uchiha
    Shisui Uchiha Month ago

    He shoulda said they are stale

  • jinelife83
    jinelife83 Month ago

    You dress and sound like a fucking clown bro lol

  • Trent Johnson
    Trent Johnson Month ago

    People wonder why they dont like you? Maybe it's because you lie for publicity.

  • Trent Johnson
    Trent Johnson Month ago

    The soles are yellow dead giveaway

    • Trent Johnson
      Trent Johnson Month ago

      But even if I didnt show the cutscene the yellow soles would give it away

    • Trent Johnson
      Trent Johnson Month ago

      +Juan Serna yes I did

    • Juan Serna
      Juan Serna Month ago

      did you watch the beginning of the video lol

  • Eliseo az
    Eliseo az Month ago +1

    Hype beast be like....

    POKERLOVER Month ago


  • Vesion
    Vesion Month ago

    This guy is so annoying.

  • Dankmemesfor thirstyteens

    i wish i could go to that store

  • Happÿ
    Happÿ Month ago

    Starts at 6:12

  • Zach Carter
    Zach Carter Month ago

    This is illegal

  • donkyuhbuhts540
    donkyuhbuhts540 Month ago

    This is the most annoying pointless video ive ever seen.

  • MilfHunter96
    MilfHunter96 Month ago

    I piped the urban necessities Asian daughter

  • Rob TV
    Rob TV Month ago +2

    Wait who’s the guy that sold you the fakes lol

  • Lance Troh
    Lance Troh Month ago

    Someone tried to sell the same on my marketplace for $1200.00 Removed because it did not add up.

  • Christian Hopper
    Christian Hopper Month ago +1

    The title is baffling

  • Nosmoke papi
    Nosmoke papi Month ago +5

    Hes gonna get arrested for this one day

  • Jay 420
    Jay 420 Month ago +2

    Can i have those air mags fam i love you forever

  • higuyforlife ree
    higuyforlife ree Month ago

    Add a dislike because no one ever dislikes someone comment so... DO IT!!!

  • Joe A Tellez
    Joe A Tellez Month ago

    Best part! ❤️❤️ EPHESIAN 3:19 ❤️❤️

  • sham sham
    sham sham Month ago

    so many grown men watching boots .. in this shop

  • Ben Perry
    Ben Perry Month ago +125

    This guy flexes in the store acting like he’s gonna buy everything, then buys nothing 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sneaker_ geek614
    Sneaker_ geek614 Month ago


  • Terrence Munyangaru

    2:55 that nigga wacka flocka ryt there

  • millhouse313
    millhouse313 Month ago +7

    Never actually buys anything.

  • waylon allred
    waylon allred Month ago +1

    I like how you put the verses at the end