How To Hit The Perfect Knuckleball | Tutorial

  • Published on May 8, 2015
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    In this video Konzi from freekickerz reveals all the secrets behind hitting the perfect knuckleball! He has mastered the knuckleball technique & has been performing amazing knuckleballs for years! We asked him to break down & explain to everyone exactly how he does it...This is your chance to learn from the best! It is a very difficult technique but after watching this video you will know everything you need to know to get out there & start smashing knuckleballs into the upper 90! :)
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  • Bilawal Ahmed Rahim
    Bilawal Ahmed Rahim 15 days ago

    The "expert" hits most of his "knuckleballs" with the jabulani football from the 2010 world cup, and we all know what the jabulani can do so he doesn't hit the knuckleballs, the jabu.ani makes the movement itself

  • dexnnツ
    dexnnツ Month ago

    I thought I lost my left ear

  • Joanna Sze
    Joanna Sze Month ago

    The dislikes are the goalkeepers

  • Frostbyte Gaming
    Frostbyte Gaming 2 months ago

    F2 wears nike and puma but not adidas
    This is history in the making

  • Hugino Helge
    Hugino Helge 2 months ago


  • Avalos B
    Avalos B 3 months ago

    I find the knucleball kick so satisfying!

  • Soccer Tube
    Soccer Tube 3 months ago


  • Aditya Kapadia
    Aditya Kapadia 3 months ago

    I got this my first try, but then I was not able to do it. After 6 months of practice I got it

  • Get Cucked
    Get Cucked 3 months ago

    What boots are the boots billy is wearing ❤️
    Please tell me

  • Yeah Boi
    Yeah Boi 4 months ago +1

    I can do it its a bit tricky

    HUNTER GAMER 4 months ago

    Music at the last moment plz

  • Messi Fans
    Messi Fans 5 months ago

    konze can not score perfect top corner like ronaldo

  • figo figo
    figo figo 5 months ago

    I learn in 5 minutes

  • WhatRDose
    WhatRDose 5 months ago +1

    pls do a tutorial of how to master “the Neymar dive”

  • SenseiDoSan
    SenseiDoSan 5 months ago

    Good old Times😍

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person 6 months ago

    i get a knuckleball 1 out of 30 tries

  • MW7
    MW7 6 months ago

    I’ve been trying for about 2 weeks just got one. It takes practice

  • The African YouTuber
    The African YouTuber 6 months ago +1

    The haircuts lads 😂😂

  • Sergio Garibay
    Sergio Garibay 6 months ago +1

    I hit a kuckleball off a corner trying to curl it.


  • Jomani Leee
    Jomani Leee 6 months ago

    FIFA 19 FUN

  • Kenou Gram
    Kenou Gram 6 months ago +2

    I tried this everyday an I cant learnt it

  • PokzzPlayz Not
    PokzzPlayz Not 7 months ago

    The dislikes are from the goalkeepers lol

  • Haiau Phạm
    Haiau Phạm 7 months ago

    to awesome

  • P Q Y N
    P Q Y N 7 months ago

    Billi’s haircut😂

  • Darth Maul
    Darth Maul 7 months ago

    Is it just me that goes for their whole top foot for free kicks/penalties and then almost break their foot

  • Mikael Sobuber
    Mikael Sobuber 7 months ago

    Knuckle This amazing

  • Adi s
    Adi s 8 months ago

    2:17 is a nightmare for headphone users

  • Andrew Dodoo
    Andrew Dodoo 8 months ago

    I am very good with the knockle short

  • Abu_ PlayzYT
    Abu_ PlayzYT 8 months ago

    Jeremy looks freezing

  • Chronic Clan
    Chronic Clan 8 months ago

    I’m arching this now

  • Ronaldinho
    Ronaldinho 8 months ago

    This is extremelly hard to do

  • Malc Doge
    Malc Doge 9 months ago

    Been trying this for hours but not once have I got one with a low amount of spin

  • Zeeshan Bashar
    Zeeshan Bashar 9 months ago

    Videos like this help me a lot on my last game I scored 4 goals

  • Southampton Kid
    Southampton Kid 9 months ago

    What boots is it?

  • PLS2
    PLS2 9 months ago +1

    f2 i watch your videos every day you guys are awesome

  • khushi khan
    khushi khan 9 months ago

    I. Like lt

  • Jabba The Hutt
    Jabba The Hutt 9 months ago

    what happened to your hair billy

  • JSGuider
    JSGuider 10 months ago +1

    Hmm never knew freekickerz and F2Freestylers had a relationship

  • TheRedRaph
    TheRedRaph 10 months ago +1

    I used to hit knuckleballs without any video. I just tried it. I was good at it. Then my friends told me it is called knuckleball. Then I saw tutorials and tried to copy them. I couldn't hit knuckleball with RU-clip techniques and I forgot how I used to hit them.

  • N10 A12
    N10 A12 10 months ago


  • Mahendranath Saren
    Mahendranath Saren 10 months ago

    At least the Gk is Good 🌚

  • football n fun
    football n fun 10 months ago

    I tried and also made can watch in my channel...if I get 50 subscriber I will do it under 4 month 😎

  • Alif Fahim
    Alif Fahim 10 months ago

    Your mom gay

  • Alif Fahim
    Alif Fahim 10 months ago


  • Sazid Hossain
    Sazid Hossain 11 months ago

    What is that soccer ball called, the one that “freekickerz” is holding at the beginning of the video

  • EBADE 2017.1 1o SEMESTRE
    EBADE 2017.1 1o SEMESTRE 11 months ago

    2:18 DA SWEET SPOT,
    Bro im dying....

  • EBADE 2017.1 1o SEMESTRE
    EBADE 2017.1 1o SEMESTRE 11 months ago +1

    *Sees this vídeo
    *Feels Confident
    *Goes There and tries ir
    *Loses The Ball
    *Give’s up and turn on tv
    *People on TV say:

  • Keetanoo
    Keetanoo 11 months ago

    Tunnel trouble music

  • Eshaan Nair
    Eshaan Nair 11 months ago

    I learnt how to knuckle ball in 7.5 days

  • thepro bob
    thepro bob 11 months ago

    Have u noticed, that’s a lot of jabulani type balls

  • Raidiary
    Raidiary 11 months ago

    my legs broken jk ;-;

  • Ben Ben
    Ben Ben Year ago

    I can shoot the ball without any spin but it doesn’t change direction when I hit. But I’m 100% sure that it does not spin.

  • Sumit Rajbhandari


  • Assamese comedian

    How to learn it

  • Omar ABOU HAIB
    Omar ABOU HAIB Year ago

    80 monthes

  • Dani Boy
    Dani Boy Year ago


  • Annomila Conix
    Annomila Conix Year ago

    Thx bro i have tried it and i had lots of free kick goals

  • Himanshu Bhatt
    Himanshu Bhatt Year ago

    Good free kickerz..

  • Fearless NinJa
    Fearless NinJa Year ago

    5 steps
    Right left right left right.

  • Ben Mclaughlin
    Ben Mclaughlin Year ago

    I took about 20 shots a day for 3 months and I have the best knuckle ball on my team, but that’s probably because I’m 13