Jason Mantzoukas Will Be Your Cult Leader

  • Published on Nov 14, 2018
  • 'The Long Dumb Road' star Jason Mantzoukas is a comedian, a podcaster, and an aspiring cult leader.
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Comments • 623

  • RebeccaAsUsual
    RebeccaAsUsual 6 days ago

    All I here is Jay from Big mouth💀

  • Stephan Truck
    Stephan Truck 9 days ago +1

    "I couldn't be in a cult" says the catholic

  • Κατερινα Χατζησταματη


  • MrDrewseph
    MrDrewseph 22 days ago


  • Czo Lo
    Czo Lo 22 days ago

    Still waiting for that penis scene...

  • Michael Brannan
    Michael Brannan 23 days ago

    Sign me the fuck up. I love him.
    He's so charming he can say wtf ever he wants and no one will stop him.

  • 1000 subs with 1 video
    1000 subs with 1 video 24 days ago +1

    I can only hear Jay help

  • Jamie Tancowny
    Jamie Tancowny 24 days ago

    I already have a cult leader is name is @chrisdelia
    #cooda #congratulations

  • Eduardo Galindo
    Eduardo Galindo 24 days ago +1

    2 Long 2 Dumb, Long & Dumb: Tokyo Drift... etc. Lol

  • David P
    David P 25 days ago

    Second city is sketch not improv. I think zouk knows this and steven knows this but both were willing to play on.

  • Alpha Sierra
    Alpha Sierra 25 days ago +4

    Wow, Pimento goes deep when he's undercover!

  • CC Mi
    CC Mi 25 days ago

    He really looks like funny version of osama.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 26 days ago

    Wasn't Tokyo drift the 3rd one?

  • Amy M
    Amy M 26 days ago

    Bring this dude on the show on a regular basis just to make Stephen squirm.

  • Evan Walker
    Evan Walker 26 days ago

    Colbert wasn’t ready for the Mantz Man.

  • Joseph van Wyk
    Joseph van Wyk 26 days ago

    This actor is super super entertaining. I remember his The League days.

  • Mordy g
    Mordy g 26 days ago

    Over throw the rich Steven looks shook.... he looks like hes actually scared then someone will stab him

  • miz .k
    miz .k 26 days ago

    hi, jason? I have feelings for you

  • Sen Chi
    Sen Chi 26 days ago

    fuckin love this guys comedy. he was hilarious in The House & The Dictator as well.
    he needs more roles showcasing his talent. same with Jason Sudekis.

  • Vince K
    Vince K 27 days ago

    Rafi bomb

  • Brian B
    Brian B 27 days ago

    Stephen is now HIV Aladeen

  • Shrim 420
    Shrim 420 27 days ago

    All I can think of is character Jay from big mouth when I hear him talk hahaha

  • sortilegus
    sortilegus 27 days ago

    i love this man.

  • Monkeyman5550
    Monkeyman5550 28 days ago

    He really is Ralfi

  • Miss Beauitful
    Miss Beauitful 29 days ago

    My head immediately reacted to Charlie manson is he taking a piss out of him lol

  • Kane O'Connor
    Kane O'Connor Month ago

    Omg he seems like the friendliest guy ever!

  • CodeeXD
    CodeeXD Month ago +3

    He explained exactly why I love the fast and the furious

  • Tywain Burris
    Tywain Burris Month ago

    Colbert got awkward after the “Overthrow the rich” comment lol

  • Alfareon
    Alfareon Month ago

    Pimento is Jason's good murder side, Rafi is his ID. Jason is all, jerks.

  • finn995
    finn995 Month ago +2

    "You can fondle my tie, Stephen"

  • Caleb Lane
    Caleb Lane Month ago

    Heynong man

  • Matthew Lister
    Matthew Lister Month ago +1

    *So now we know what Tormund Giantsbane would look like if he was born in Dorne...*

  • kc yousee
    kc yousee Month ago

    This guy is some kind of dynamite lol

  • TaterTotsandChocolate

    “They are now more powerful than the avengers” 😹

  • L B
    L B Month ago

    I want to fondle his tie too...

  • Girl Gadot
    Girl Gadot Month ago +1


  • TheSwitchXPodcast
    TheSwitchXPodcast Month ago

    He’s absolutely Rafi 😂

  • Iki Niuhulu Green
    Iki Niuhulu Green Month ago

    Longer and dumber
    Adrian - much dumber😂

  • Booyaka9000
    Booyaka9000 2 months ago +1

    Jason Mantzoukas is my favourite of Adrian Pimento's characters.

  • Alex Kess
    Alex Kess 2 months ago

    Love this man. Hilarious. One of a kind.

  • Dillon Davis
    Dillon Davis 2 months ago

    If there's a balcony, Mantzoukas will play to it.

  • Queenie Kat
    Queenie Kat 2 months ago

    jay bilzerian

  • S R
    S R 2 months ago


  • Alex Shepherd
    Alex Shepherd 2 months ago

    Party Wolf!

  • Raz
    Raz 2 months ago

    Love this guy 😂

  • Vlasis T
    Vlasis T 2 months ago

    Mantzukas and Zak Galyfanakis are the funniest people in Hollywood.

  • TheAnthraxBiology
    TheAnthraxBiology 2 months ago

    He's Rafi and Pimento at the same time

  • Dominic Bambi
    Dominic Bambi 2 months ago

    He is every character he’s ever played

  • emericaclay1
    emericaclay1 3 months ago

    “Nailed it”

  • filip borg
    filip borg 3 months ago

    i would def join his cult

  • Mia
    Mia 3 months ago

    this was posted on my birthday :) not that anyone cares lol

  • Carrie Klemm
    Carrie Klemm 4 months ago


  • Dani Rodl
    Dani Rodl 4 months ago +1

    He has a damn sexy voice

  • DeltaFrost117
    DeltaFrost117 4 months ago

    Where can I sign up for the cult of Pimento?

  • SaetiStrakur
    SaetiStrakur 4 months ago

    Omg you can get straight up high from just watching this guy!

  • Juank05
    Juank05 5 months ago

    I love that man!!!!!

  • Inuyasha TT
    Inuyasha TT 5 months ago

    long 2 dumb 2

  • PewPewGrrr
    PewPewGrrr 5 months ago

    ok but tokyo drift is my fav fast and furious movie

  • ExileOnDaytonStreet
    ExileOnDaytonStreet 5 months ago

    “If you can imagine, I play that drifter”

  • Chace Murphy
    Chace Murphy 5 months ago +1

    Jason Mantzoukas and Demitri Martin in the same show? I would’ve died a happy man that night.

  • Ryan Halien
    Ryan Halien 5 months ago

    Jason always about the balcony monsters 😂 for real one of the funniest people in the world, he’s so great

  • Jonathan Hogg
    Jonathan Hogg 5 months ago

    I want that suit.

  • Zach P
    Zach P 5 months ago


  • Duke Wheeler
    Duke Wheeler 6 months ago

    He talks like Gil Faizon

  • Skram Amme
    Skram Amme 6 months ago +1

    NEGL, I would engage in class warfare for him any day, messianic beard or no.

  • Ian Stephenson
    Ian Stephenson 6 months ago

    "We should always be worried when he's around"- Jake Peralta on Adrian Pimento

  • Aurum Daystar
    Aurum Daystar 6 months ago

    All I hear is sexy behind jay from big mouth omg 😍

  • danielle co
    danielle co 6 months ago

    Love Jason but Chris Delia is cult leader

  • Nicholas De Pinho
    Nicholas De Pinho 6 months ago +3

    Stephen conservativeness actually showed, huh. Also not gonna lie, I love the Tokyo Drift reference. Its my guilty pleasure too

  • jeffrey gockel
    jeffrey gockel 6 months ago

    But I’m the rich.-sdog

  • BlastBeats1
    BlastBeats1 6 months ago

    Most underrated person in comedy

  • aaron harris
    aaron harris 6 months ago

    Hey nong man!

  • zevvay
    zevvay 6 months ago

    Oh hey there Rafi.

  • Fortified Enhancements
    Fortified Enhancements 6 months ago

    Jake Johnson?

  • Darka Panovska
    Darka Panovska 6 months ago +1

    Rafi bomb!

  • chase perdue
    chase perdue 6 months ago +1

    Zouks is my favorite celebrity in the world.

  • James Radke
    James Radke 6 months ago

    You realised his character name in the long dum road means Toilet.... lol

  • Harold Cáceres
    Harold Cáceres 6 months ago

    This guy is like Joe Manganiello on meth.

  • Scott Lufkin
    Scott Lufkin 6 months ago +2

    He is a damned treasure.

  • aCWOURN •
    aCWOURN • 6 months ago +1

    I only hear Jay bilzerian

  • alfred delatourquipenche

    nah. That's too much hair.

  • Ailish Fitzgibbon
    Ailish Fitzgibbon 7 months ago

    this was amazing

  • Gabby Mortellaro
    Gabby Mortellaro 7 months ago +1

    all i hear is jay bilzerian sorry

  • James
    James 7 months ago

    This guy is my hero 😂

  • Sara Dunard Reuter
    Sara Dunard Reuter 7 months ago

    LOVE ME SOME MANTZOUKAS! Relive the Gilly-experience from time to time.... priceless! #GilmoreGuys
    And I know you're out there, M'Zouks... Somehow love that you're not on social media... 😉

  • bek flood
    bek flood 7 months ago +4


  • bloodsling
    bloodsling 7 months ago +1

    I've had to learn not to blink, because every time I close my eyes, I see a fresh horror.

  • Frieda A
    Frieda A 7 months ago +4

    I've always enjoyed Jason Mantzoukas' energy. He totally could be a cult leader.

  • Brett E
    Brett E 7 months ago +9

    this audience must be 50+ yrs old because nobody understands his humour whatsoever.

  • Kyndel Xayda
    Kyndel Xayda 7 months ago

    all i can imagine is jay from big mouth

  • Coffee And A Book
    Coffee And A Book 7 months ago

    Is this movie a cross between The Graduate and The Fast and The Furious?!?

  • Dave McGuckin
    Dave McGuckin 7 months ago +3

    Long Dumb Road: Tokyo Drifter

  • Lisa
    Lisa 7 months ago +1

    Stephen obviously didn't do his research as to who Jason is 😂😂

  • Brandon Christopher
    Brandon Christopher 7 months ago

    So fucking funny😂😂😂

  • Tonya Thompson
    Tonya Thompson 7 months ago

    T to B, top to bottom, I love Zouks, I’m bonkers for him and I would join his cult in a second. Let’s do this!

  • Jeppe Frolund
    Jeppe Frolund 7 months ago

    Jason is hilarious. His stint on Brooklyn 99 had me genuinely laugh out loud several times. He has an intense energy that kills.

  • Booma151676
    Booma151676 7 months ago

    Love that guy

  • Christopher Godfrey
    Christopher Godfrey 7 months ago

    Convinced this guy could be bankable if Hollywood would give him roles other than 'strangely likable deviant'.

  • Shahul Usman
    Shahul Usman 7 months ago

    Rafi bomb!

  • Jonathan Vallerand
    Jonathan Vallerand 7 months ago

    I'll buy out a theater if it increases the chance of a Long Dumb Road octology with the Rock coming in halfway through.